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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Callaway XR 16/XR 16 Pro Driver/FW Combo

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RJ Ostrom/TX


Callaway Big Bertha 815Alpha/Fujikura Motore Speeder 565 R


Love my BB-A-815 but would be interesting to see how it compares with the XR 16!!!


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Four Testers Wanted!!

Callaway CR 16/XR 16 Pro Driver/FW Combo

Callaway XR16 - bnr.jpg

We Want YOU!!

There's a saying in Minnesota that's popular among golfers: Long and straight off the tee? It's better than sex and almost as good as sweet corn.

That's a sentiment Callaway captured perfectly in what has to go down as a classic piece of golf marketing.

Testers Wanted:

If you want long and straight, Callaway is always at or near the top of the must-demo list. This year, Callaway teamed up with Boeing to create the XR 16 and XR 16 Pro driver and fairway wood. The result? Aerodynamics, Hyper Speed Face Cups and a Danny Willet win at Augusta.


Do these things really make your shots soar like a 747? We need 4 of you to test the XR 16's out and let us know.

How To Apply:

MyGolfSpy wants 4 golfers to test and review the XR 16 or XR 16 Pro (whichever fits you best) driver and fairway wood combination (both will be yours to keep).

We take our testing very seriously, so please read this applications instructions carefully.

In this thread, please tell us:

Your name and home state/province

Your handicap

​Your current driver/shaft

Your current driver swing speed

It's that easy!!

We'll announce the testers right here on Friday, June 3rd!


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10 hdcp

Exotics XCG7 Beta / Matrix Red Tie (senior flex)



Time to get a lady's perspective.


Our family support and appreciate the honest views expressed by the 'spies'!

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Detroit, MI

Handicap - 15

Callaway XR 15 - Diamana s+ 60g stiff

Swing speed - 104


Love Callaway drivers. Would love to compare the XR 16 to my current XR 15. I love the forgiveness and increase in swing speed of the XR 15 but spins a little high with my negative attack angle. Been working on it! Very excited about the possibility of testing these! Have been reading up on them since they came out.

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Richard Bronson

La Quinta, CA

8.3 handicap

Tailor-made M2

Graphite design AD-EV 6S

97 mph swing speed


I almost bought The Callaway XR!6 would like to try it again to make sure I have the best driver for my game

Thanks for considering

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