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These snakes won't bite.........lets put some venom back in your iron game.......your ball won't slither into the woods with these irons.  Enough snake puns?  Ok, lets get to the review.




Fozcycle                     Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


Joey East Coast        Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


Ashton Plumley         Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


dnj7911                       Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three



Let us know what you think!


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Cobra King F6 irons – Stage One – Official MGS Forum Review by Fozcycle



I am 65 years old, with a 17 – 19 Handicap, play golf every week and have been playing since I was 8 years old.  In 1959, the City of Frankfort Kentucky opened a new city park called Juniper Hills.  Located just west of the city, Juniper Hills included a Par 72, 18 Hole rolling terrain golf course.  My Grandfather and his buddies joined and began playing every week.  I was only 8 yrs old, but my Grandfather decided I was old enough to be his caddy.  So I began my golfing career pulling a Bagboy cart filled with PowerBilt golf clubs up and down the rolling terrain of Juniper Hills.  My first set of clubs were a hodgepodge set of old hickory shafted clubs.  Sadly, today I only have the putter left, so it hangs on the wall above my desk at home.  I progressed from the hickory clubs to used PowerBilts that were my Grandfather's.  At age 10, I got my first set of cleats(steel spikes of course).  I felt like I was king of the world when I walked around the clubhouse area going clickety click, clickety click.  I spent my summers at the club, caddying in the mornings then either hawking lost balls or playing in the hot Summer afternoons.  I witnessed a Hole in one at age 13 when one of my friends aced the 140 yard Par 3 #6.  When I moved to Florida in 1987, I was a 10 Handicap.  Unfortunately, I was either working, or playing with my 24yr old daughter.  Fast forward through the years to now, I have been playing with a 6” steel plate, 13 screws & an inch of my left hip bone in my left wrist (ice skating accident in 1998).  Because of the injury, my handicap ballooned to the mid 20's for several years, so I moved to graphite irons to reduce as much vibration as possible.  I was able to get my handicap back down to 13 for a few months in 2011, but that did not last.  For the past several years, I have been bouncing between 17 and 19.  My drives usually range from 180 to 210, with an occasional 220 and my 6i is my 150 yard club.

For the past two years, my bag has carried the Cobra Bio Cell irons with the Bio Cell Driver, Fairways & Hybrids….all of them Blue, of course.  I do pay homage to my roots and my beloved Kentucky Wildcats.  Last year, I replaced the lightweight stiff steel shafts with Project X 5.0 blue graphite shafts.  Lately, I had been hitting them very well when the new Cobras were delivered.  I was actually hesitant to pull them from my bag, but I knew the review period had to begin.


I had the clubs shipped to my wife's hair salon as I did not want them dropped off when nobody was home.  Here they are….waiting for a perm (a permanent home, that is)



I was very impressed by the packaging  ….. no rattling around in this box.



As I am only 5' 7'' tall, my clubs were ordered 2* Flat.  Here are the production specs…..





Below is a pic of the Bio Cell 4 iron versus the King F6 4 iron...as you can se the heads are the same size and shape, albeit totally different.


The Technology…..

Cobra designed the new King F6 Tecflo irons with four distinct clubs……a Hollow Body, Half Hollow, Cavity Back and Blade.  This is a new concept for mainstream golf clubs and will probably take additional time to get the feel.  The pictures below will give you a better idea of the distinct design concepts…The F6 irons also feature a Speed Channel that promotes faster ball speeds from impact points across the face, as well as a progressive groove pattern that imparts less spin with the longer irons and more with the shorter irons.








Stay tuned, there is more to come….

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*) & 5-6W(20*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft 

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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Stage Two - The Review



Performance at the Range


I have spent two afternoons at a couple ranges, where I was able to compare the King F6 irons with the Bio Cells.  After a short warmup, I began comparing one club at a time, first hitting the Bio Cell, then trying the King F6.  I started with the Gap Wedge and traveled up the set, skipping the even clubs, then would go back down hitting the evens.  I hit 4 or 5 balls with each club, always beginning with the Bio Cells.  One of the first differences was the feel from the graphite shaft.  The Project X 5.0 has a slightly different kick point than the Matrix Red Tie.  

  • Accuracy – I have to say they are both pretty accurate.  I really don't recall if the new F6's were more accurate.  Both sets look about the same at address, with the heads the same size.
  • Distance – After the “break-in “ period, it was evident that the F6's were a few yards longer.

  • Trajectory Characteristics – Ball flight was the same for both sets, with the 4 & 5 hollow irons definitely easier to get up in the air.

  • Forgiveness – Miss-hits were definitely very different, as each style of iron has a different “feel” when you miss the sweet spot.  There was a definite vibration when you hit on the toe or “thinned” the shot

  • Control – Even when you missed the sweet spot, if you stayed the course with your follow through, the ball travels very straight and rolls out to almost the needed distance. When I missed, there was a definite vibration to let me know if I toed it or hit it thin.


Range Score: (94) 



Performance on the Course


At this point in time, I have gamed the King F6's 13 rounds (3 weekends + a 4 day Buddy Trip with 6 rounds). My scores were about the same as I had experienced scoring in the mid 80's to low 90's.  As I stated earlier, it took a little getting used to the different graphite shaft.  How did it work out?  My 3rd Saturday with the new Cobras, I shot a 43/33….76!  Wow! What was the difference? My irons were spot on.  I was hitting the greens and making the putts, or most of them.  On the back nine, I Birdied holes 10, 11, 15, 17 & 18!

  • Accuracy – On three holes I used the 4 iron off the Tee, 170+ yards…That put me in the right position to go for the greens on the Par 4's and kept me out of trouble on the Par 5 #17.  The 8 iron was absolutely nailing the 125 yard approach shots.
  • Distance – with several rounds behind me, I can now hit the irons, knowing the distance …several holes last week saw me chipping from off the back of the green.  I am getting 5+ more yards when I stripe the irons.

  • Consistency – Right on the money with shot after shot….Did I say money?  I won over $200 last weekend by gaming the King F6's and shooting a 43/33…76 followed by a 40/41…81 on Sunday.    

  • Shot Shaping – There were several times when I needed to hit a low stinger or one with a fade to bend around some trees….I found that the 5 iron has been great for this on my course.

  • Carry versus Roll – Lately we have been playing a lot of roll, so my setup has been to use the roll.  I have also experimented with going for the pin and trying to stop the ball at the pin…Success!  Especially the Gap Wedge with the multiple sized grooves.  I jarred a 54 yarder with the Gap Wedge on Friday for an Eagle on a Par 4, using a half swing.  Advantage Cobra King F6 Gap Wedge!



Course Score: (98)


Performance Notes

  • How did it perform? Very accurate for a Game Improvement set.
  • Were you pleased with how the club(s) performed?  Absolutely

  • Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently playing? Similar in size & shape but structure is different from Cobra Bio Cell irons.

  • What factors were you pleased with? Two-tone metal, look at setup, feel and performance.

  • How did it compare to your current gamer(s)? Better feedback on miss hits.

  • Did you notice better production on the range or on the course more? Definitely on the course.

  • Could you use it in both settings? Yes, both range and course showed definite progress in club refinement.

  • What factors did you find lacking? Color options not available as in other F6 irons. Would like option to order with Project X graphite shafts.

  • What improvements would you like to see? would like identical badging for all four designs.

  • What would you do away with? Change PW from CB to Blade to match with GW.









The F6 irons have the same basic shape as the previous Bio Cells that I gamed for the past two years, The club heads are the same size and thickness. 




The thickness of the top line is comparable to many game improvement irons. At address, there are no distractions.  What is different? The makeup of the irons. There are four distinct designs within this set.  The badging is quite distinct, with the gun metal coloring and the thin orange stripe on the 4 & 5 to the Orange lettering on the 6 thru Gap Wedge, that is identifiable as Rickie Fowler's favorite color (Go OSU?).  










The picture below shows the slight offset of the 4 iron.  The Cobra King F6 on the left and the Cobra Bio Cell on the right…As you can see they are the same.



Looks Score: (15/20 points)


Sound and Feel


How does the set sound & feel?

  • Each club sounds & feels a bit different, hollow body, half hollow, cavity back & blade.
  • You will definitely know when you mishit….nice vibration.  If you stay online the end result will still result in a straight shot with reasonable distance. 

  • The best feel is like cutting through soft butter when you find the sweet spot.


Sound and Feel Score: (15/20 points)


The picture below shows the Cobra King F6 4 & 5 alongside the Bio Cell 4 & 5.



Likelihood of Purchase


How likely would you be to purchase this product? 

  • These are most definitely a step up from my Bio Cells.  Once you get the feel of the 4 different irons, you can better judge the miss hits.  This will provide excellent feedback for your next iron shot.


LOP Score: (18/20 points)




Subjective Notes


Going into this review, I was unsure how the King F6 would perform against my Bio Cells.  After  gaming the Bio Cells for two years, I was very fond of them and knew what they could do.  The King F6 provided a totally different concept and feel for each iron in the set.  The more I played them, the more I understood their characteristics and liked them.


After 16 rounds of golf (4 weekends, a tournament and a 4 day Buddy Trip) I have found a replacement for my Cobra Bio Cells.  Why?  Because one of my golf buddies, who is also a 2* flat gamer, is getting the Bio Cells!  The new Cobra King F6 irons present a challenge as they are not just a game improvement set, but a hybrid set without hybrids.  The four distinct designs in one set allows you to utilize different clubs aspects in order to provide better control and distance for your game.  You can order the F6 irons with 2 hybrids in place of the 4 & 5 irons.  I, for one, am enjoying the play of the 4 and 5 irons and most assuredly enjoying the Gap Wedge.  


Total Score: (94 + 98 + 15 + 15 + 18) = 240 out of 260, or 92%.

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*) & 5-6W(20*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft 

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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Stage Three - The Follow Up & Value Question.


The Five


1.    Will this product go in your bag? Absolutely!  They replaced the Cobra Bio Cell irons that I installed Project X graphite shafts in and were hitting them great.  I have adjusted my lag time with the Matrix graphite shafts and have been striping the short irons very well. BTW, my Handicap is trending down....from 19 to 16.....:)


2.    To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Any 5 to 20 Handicapper.  You can fade, draw & straight shoot these.  Feedback is terrific, especially if you hit them thin or on the toe.



3.    How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Cobra?  No change as I already had a great impression of Cobra.  I applaud them for doing something different.  The four styles of irons in one set was out there on a limb, so to speak.  Their willingness to give it a shot just shows their commitment to the game for us mid handicappers.


4.    What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? I would make the “Badging” the same on all four models, moving the thin orange line on the 4 & 5 to the seam just under the “cobra” logo.  That way the orange line could be present on all 4 iron types.



5.    What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? I would make the PW a blade style, like the GW, rather than a cavity back. The GW is money in the bank as I know I can hit it 95 yards every time.

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*) & 5-6W(20*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft 

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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I've entered a great deal of give-ways and product testing selections, but this was the first that's ever really come through, excluding a sleeve of test balls here and there. When I first received the news that I had been selected to test the new Cobra King F6 irons, I had to work through my disbelief that it was all some elaborate prank or email scam. Once the reality set in, I was very excited and also humbled that My Golf Spy and Cobra would trust me to review their product for others to see. The opportunity and generosity is greatly appreciated, and I hope you, the reader, gain something from all this as well.


f6-arrival-door.jpg?w=690 f6-arrival-open.jpg?w=690


Following a grueling Sunday night of food poisoning from a local chicken joint, I arose from my death bed on Monday morning after promptly calling into work to find a FedEx package carefully laid by the door. I expected a much longer transit time from the day I was notified of my selection, but it was only two weeks round-trip, which was a pleasant surprise after wishing for a swift and merciful death just hours previous. I eagerly rushed the goods inside, remembering to document what I could, and began the unboxing process. As seen in the Bio Cell reviews, Cobra's packaging isn't anything glamorous, but it is practical, and I can appreciate that. A simple 4x4 stacking of clubs, each head and grip wrapped in bubble wrap, and tucked in nice and cozy with some crate paper. I had requested all clubs to be cut 1" shorter due to my long arms and they were spot-on. The first impression out of the box was that of a high-quality iron, despite some of the misconceptions that accompany game-improvement irons. I'm a married man with a 5 year old daughter, so you know I'm on a budget. At roughly $800 a set brand new, these are clubs I would never normally own unless I caught them two or three years down the line on sale, so I was absolutely buzzing at this point.


5i-profile.jpg?w=690  5i-face.jpg?w=690



Previously, I had been playing with the Cobra Baffler Irons. These were frowned upon by most at their initial release for the increased lofts and shovel-head appearance. I had demoed them at release and really liked the weighted soles, as well as their "shaved toe" look, and acquired a new set of them a year or so later at a discounted price. Comparatively, the F6 irons were more traditional in their profile, which was a nice change. Amusingly enough, the enhanced lofts that the Baffler irons were so heavily chastised for have become the norm and the comparative lofts of the two sets are now only 1/2*-1* difference. No shaved tips on the F6, as that was a feature that din't even make it into the Baffler XL line.




I've been golfing on and off for almost 20 years. I carry a handicap of 12, but I usually shoot in the low 90s with the occasional train wreck over 100, and a sneaky trip into the 80s now and again. I would describe myself as a sort of "Zen golfer", appreciating the game for what it is on an individual level of reflection and testing yourself mentally. I most always walk when I play, unless the course or pace of play dictate otherwise, as I believe that was the way the game was intended to played where one can take in not only the intricacies of the effort, but also that of the course and the natural landscape it is molded in. Over the years I've tried to model my swing after the late Payne Stewart, as he was a big influence on me in my younger days. I loved his style and fluid swing, and still to this day I find myself watching his rounds on youtube and trying to glean whatever secrets I can. The F6 irons have been more conducive to that goal thanks to a more even weight distribution and considerably less bulk than the older Baffler line. 


7i-sole.jpg?w=690  7i-channel.jpg?w=690



At the time of the first stage review, I have tested the F6 irons on three separate occasions. Once on the back nine of a local muni with my usual group, once for 15 holes at a par 3 course near my house, and finally a hodge-podge of range time at the aforementioned courses and my backyard. I frequent the par 3 course as a time-friendly option, so I would say that a strength of my game is definitely iron play from abut 150 in. The corresponding weakness, however, is definitely the tee box and my driver. I've always lacked confidence in that area and have just never really been able to make things click in that department. Just this year I've opted for a higher lofted driver and have been trying out Anthony Kim's swing and grip, only from the tee, which has worked surprisingly well when executed correctly. Having said that, a quality set of irons is key for me as I'm usually trying to remedy some sort of trouble caused by a wayward tee shot, and the F6s have proved to be up to that task so far. 




Cobra bills the King F6 irons as a "progressive set", meaning that the irons are designed with four different methods in mind to better assist your game with the that iron's desired performance. They call this "Tecflo construction" and it breaks the set down into full-hollow 3-5 irons, half-hollow 6-7 irons, cavity back 8-PW, and the crown jewel of the set, the GW/SW. All the irons, save for the GW and SW, come with a speed channel sole, nickel chrome plating with a gunmetal coating, and aluminum caps to redistribute weight for better ball flight. The CNC milled grooves throughout the set range from V-grooves on the 4-6 to reduce spin, to U-grooves on the 7-PW to optimize spin, and wedge grooves to deliver green-side spin up close. While I'm still unconvinced on the 4 and 5 irons, the 7-GW deliver on their groove promises as I've seen the 7i check-up on a punch shot and the GW spin back way farther than I'm usually capable of achieving.





While my experience with the F6 set is limited thus far, the progressive set concept isn't entirely seamless. I have the regular flex FST steel shafts in my set, and have yet to swap out the standard size grips for my usual oversize variety, so please take that into consideration as you read this. The progressive concept is applicable in its own right, but I feel as if the set plays as a mixed bag of irons with four different theories intermingled. The full-hollow 4 and 5 irons are the most difficult to hit with a muted feel and a more piercing flight pattern, despite the advertisement of higher ball-flight in this department. My first thought was "Man, these might be kinda boss with a graphite hybrid shaft installed", but more on that in stage 2. I'm also under no illusion that my swing and lack of experience with a 4 iron are not entirely at fault here as well. The half-hollow 6 and 7 irons are my favorite, and a small part of me wishes they designed the set around this concept with the weight shifted to the sole and a noticeably swifter movement from the top of the swing and through. I also just like the term half-hollow. Can I get that stitched on the side of my hat somewhere? 




The 8, 9, and PW are more of a traditional cavity back, and the feedback is pure with spin that really surprised me for a game improvement option. The weight is balanced well compared to my old Baffler irons, which felt heavy and sometimes cumbersome in this range of the set. The GW is the overall star in my opinion. I would place its design and quality on par with Cobra's other wedge offerings similar to the well-known Trusty variety. We are reviewing the 4i-GW set option here, but if you're considering buying these, I would encourage you to opt for the 5i-SW option simply for the versatility and quality of the F6 wedges. If anyone from Cobra is reading this, you could take the F6 wedge design and repackage it as a quality price-point wedge option below the King and Trusty models and I promise people would eat it up. It is hands-down the best in-set wedge option I've ever used. 





I'm generally a tinkerer with both my clubs and my swing. I like to stay up on what's coming out and how companies update and alter their product lines. With that in mind, I do think Cobra is onto something here. I can see the influence of the Bio Cell and Amp lines in the F6, as well as what may become new and even more forgiving lines in the future. Compared to my previous Baffler irons, the F6 set is miles ahead of their game improvement offerings from less than three years ago. The F6 set really shines on mishits as well, producing commendable distance on toed shots, as well as those that come out a bit too fat. The distance in relation to my old irons is close to the same, but the F6's weighting and reduced profile have given me a surprising amount of accuracy and control, as well as a certain amount of green-side spin that I'm unaccustomed to.




While I'm still feeling these clubs out, feel free to ask any questions that were not initially addressed, but please know that a more in-depth look is coming in the latter stages of the review. Again, special thanks to Cobra, everyone at My Golf Spy, and the forum community for the opportunity. Stay tuned for more...

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ogio_logo1.jpg?w=690Shredder Stand Bag /  :taylormade-small: TP SLDR S Mini 16* /  adams-golf-logo.jpg?w=690Pro DHy 18* /  :cobra-small: Baffler 7w 20* /   :cobra-small: King F6 irons 5i-GW /                                     bsglogo1.jpg?w=690 J15 54* /  putt.jpg?w=690 Sierra 101-Soft /  :srixon-small: Z-star balls / all shafts regular flex / Lamkin Crossline Ace 3GEN oversize grips 

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Now that the initial shock and awe of winning a new set of irons has worn off, its time to get down to brass tacks.  If you would like to see a pictorial comparison with my previous set of irons, as well as a bit of player profile, my stage one review above this post has all that and more. Again, special thanks to My Golf Spy, Cobra Golf, and the MGS forum community for the opportunity. 


Performance at the Range


Full disclosure, after the stage one review I had to strip off the stock grips and replace them with some oversize models. I measure for a midsize grip, but I really like the feel of an oversize and have used them for about three years now. The stock F6 grip is a Cobra branded Lamkin REL 360 and I replaced them with the Lamkin Crossline Ace 3Gen oversize. So no complaints with the stock grips at all, aside from a size preference. They are pretty close to the same, as you can see below. I think if you preferred a standard size grip, the stock model would be more than adequate for a season or so.




~ Accuracy ~ Coming from previously owning a set of Cobra Baffler Irons, I found the accuracy of the F6s to be the first thing that grabbed my attention. With my bafflers, I usually bled the ball a bit right on most shots, but the F6s were definitely point and shoot. I would possibly attribute the difference to the varied weight in the sets as the Bafflers feel heavier on the downswing. The exception here, however, would be the full-hollow model 4 and 5 irons. I still have trouble hitting these with any consistency and they almost seem alien to the set, comparatively. 


~ Distance ~ I hit these clubs at least a full club longer than my previous ones. Its awesome and confidence boosting on the range, but troublesome on the course until you get used to it. I usually gauge my club selection around my 7 iron, which I used to hit right around the 150 mark. I would say that has increased to about 165 and the 8 is a safe 150. Sometimes I can get the 5 iron out around 180 or so, but the 4 iron is a continued mystery to me, even off the tee. I'm not entirely sure I've been able to see what the 4 iron can do, and at 20* loft I usually reach for my trusty ol 2012 Baffler T-rail 7 wood.


~ Trajectory Characteristic ~ For the 6 iron through GW, the trajectory is definitely high. Not ballooning-high or cutting-under-the-ball-high, but nice up-and-over type high. The 4 and 5 iron, despite being advertised with a more responsive face and lower CG, did not produce the same ball flight for me. Their trajectory was more piercing and the feel often hard and muted. I had trouble getting them to perform in a similar fashion to the other clubs, but that could equally be on me as much as the variance in their design.


~ Forgiveness ~ My mishits with F6 are far less tragic, circumstantially. When hit fat or thin, they stay on line with he intended target. When pulled or pushed left and right, the distance remains the same, which is good and bad depending on the layout. I like that I could "feel" what happened on mishits before looking up to the ball flight. Most times, even with the 4 and 5 irons, I knew where the problem had occurred once I made impact with the ball. 


~ Control ~ With the exception of hitting some stingers off the tee, or coming out from under a tree, I generally can not shape the ball intentionally. I did have some success with the 8 iron through GW in hitting the odd draw or fade, and I would probably attribute that to the grooves and easy weight on the down-swing. I could vary the height of my shots with the 4 and 5 irons, but the overall contact on those was too erratic for me to even act like I was shaping any shot on purpose.


Range Score: 15 out of 20


Performance on the Course


~ Accuracy ~ Hitting greens, or fairways when coming out of trouble, has been more achievable for me with the F6 irons. I'm more often longer on shots, which has lead to an adjustment period ,but that's not the worst problem to have. I have to be sure to check my line after addressing the ball, because the ball is often going where intended. Also not a terrible "problem" to adjust to.


~ Distance~ As you may have gleaned from the review thus far, I'm hitting these stickS a club longer than my previous set. I've never been a big hitter or overpowered a course, but I feel like I can do some things out there that previously were not at my disposal. Could just be a mental thing I suppose, but its been pretty consistent for me, especially after the re-gripping I mentioned at the start of the review.


~ Consistency ~ Distances and trajectory are pretty consistent through the whole set, including the 4 and 5 iron which I consistently hit terribly. Even on mishits, I get the same distance even if its too far left or right. I have more confidence in my iron play from 175 in, where it was maybe only 130 and in previously.


~ Shot Shaping ~ No problems in hitting shots lower or higher as needed, and even some success in drawing and fading the ball. Excluding the 4 and 5 irons, I feel like this could be an area of improvement with some more practice and experience. With my previous set of irons, I wouldn't even take shot shaping into consideration.


~ Carry vs Roll ~ More often than not, shots with the F6 irons get airborne quickly, fly true on-target, land a spin back marginally. In the bottom part of the set, say maybe 9 iron to GW, you can really put some spin on the ball if you're inclined to do so. I have a par 3 course close to my house and like to play there when I'm strapped for time. With the F6 GW, I have hit greens and spun them back way farther than intended, as the pic below illustrates. As mentioned in my stage one review, someone at Cobra needs to get the F6 wedge design into single-sale production.




This hole from my local par 3 course plays at about 95 yards. I landed the ball at the labeled pitch mark, spun the ball back through the dodgy turf spot, and rested it a couple feet into the fringe via Gap Wedge.


Course Score: 17 out of 20


Performance Notes


Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of the King F6 iron set. They are an indisputable improvement from the Baffler irons I played previously in all categories of testing. With the exception of the full-hollow 4 and 5 irons, I like the progressive set concept and feel like the set performs well on both the range and the course. I think the set as whole could benefit from one specific head design instead of the four different ones, but the traditional wedge design should be a staple in all sets from here on out. If I could pick and choose, a set of half-hollow heads similar to the and 6 and 7 iron could be something really special, even more so if the GW and SW retained the single piece forged look and feel. My only real criticism, if you couldn't tell yet, is the foreign nature of the 4 and 5 iron. They just don't vibe with the set, although I'm considering reshafting the 5 iron with a graphite hybrid shaft and seeing how that plays out. 




To avoid redundancy in the reviews, I will direct you to my stage one review in regards to the looks of the F6 irons and how they compared to my previous set. I will add, however, that everyone I've played with since acquiring the set has commented on how sleek and clean they look, especially for a game-improvement option.


Looks Score: 16 out of 20 


Sound and Feel


This is an important category for me, and largely the reason that I've always been partial to Cobra irons. From the SSi, to the Baffler irons, and now the King F6. In my opinion, the sound for the F6 set is very crisp and clean, on line with what I want my ball striking to sound like. The 4/5 are not quite as crisp, but they sound better than they fly, for me at least. The feel is very responsive as well. As I mentioned before, I generally know what the ball is doing as soon as I hit it, which leaves me more options to include some Tour Sauce moments in my regular municipal course games. After hearing and feeling the F6 set, I kind of cringe at hitting my old set of Baffler irons because its just not the same now. Not the best I've ever felt and/or heard, but very good regardless.


Sound and Feel Score: 17 out of 20  


​Likelihood of Purchase


This part of the review is tricky for me for a couple of reasons. First of all, I'm a budget golfer. Rarely, if ever, do I buy anything at full price the year it is released. I love to demo clubs, make note of what I like, and scoop it up a year or so later, maybe with a discount and a coupon code to boot. Secondly, these clubs were generously given to me free of charge, so that colors my opinion of them a bit. Having said that, were I to take my own hard-earned money and buy the King F6 iron set, you're probably looking at around $600 once you shop around and hustle up a coupon somewhere. Tack on trimming them to fit, new grips, and we'll call it $700 course ready. Had My Golf Spy given me $700 cash and said "Go buy yourself a set of irons", the F6 would probably be in the lower portion of my top 10 choices. I have nothing but love for Cobra, and I am in no way ungrateful for the sticks (because I'm 100% gaming them), but sets like the Fourteen PC-555, Nike Vapor Fly, Exotics EXi, and Srixon Z 545 irons all fall into the same price range and are equally as enticing. Plus the 4 and 5 iron in the F6 set are like the two guys who show up to the party already trashed and make it hard for everyone else to have a good time. 


Likelihood of Purchase Score: 10 out of 20


Total Score ~ 75 ~


Having written this, and added up the total, I feel like the overall score of 75 is misleading. Maybe I'm cheap, but the price tag at this point of release is higher than what I would pay for the product. That's not to say the clubs are not great, because they are, even the 4 and 5 iron I've been so critical of. However, if you handed me this set with no labels or branding, and after I hit them you told me they would cost $700 to bag, I would politely decline because I feel like I could get more bang for my buck. I'm internally conflicted about saying this because I do really like the clubs, but I'm thinking as a consumer, not someone who was fortunate enough to review this product at no cost to himself. If you can find these clubs at around $500, have hit them previously and like what you experienced, I say pull the trigger and you won't regret it. Until then, $700 could get you something a bit more special. Come back for the Stage 3 review, there's more golf to be played and its only late June... 

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ogio_logo1.jpg?w=690Shredder Stand Bag /  :taylormade-small: TP SLDR S Mini 16* /  adams-golf-logo.jpg?w=690Pro DHy 18* /  :cobra-small: Baffler 7w 20* /   :cobra-small: King F6 irons 5i-GW /                                     bsglogo1.jpg?w=690 J15 54* /  putt.jpg?w=690 Sierra 101-Soft /  :srixon-small: Z-star balls / all shafts regular flex / Lamkin Crossline Ace 3GEN oversize grips 

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1.    Will this product go in your bag? No question. The quality and craftsmanship of the F6 irons is top notch and they are a considerable upgrade from my previous set of Cobra Baffler Irons. I have been partial to the Cobra brand and this particular set of irons only reinforces that belief for me. 


2.    To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? As always, if you're buying new clubs, hit them first. If you hit the F6 irons and like the way they feel, then I would recommend them if you are a mid-to-high handicapper looking for a versatile set to help you improve your scoring and distance. Since their initial release the price has dropped to around $450 per set, which is much more reasonable than the $700 tag they started with.  


3.    How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Cobra? I've always been partial to the Cobra brand and this set of irons only solidified that for me even more. My all-time favorite club is a 2012 Cobra Baffler T-rail 7 wood, and I have found memories of getting a set of SSI irons back in 2003. Cobra has always supplied a bit of "Ooomph" in the distance department for me, and the F6 irons have added almost 2 clubs additional distance for me at times.


4.    What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? The one thing I would change, should the progressive set concept continue, would be the full hollow technology employed in the 4 and 5 iron of the set. On their own, these clubs are situationally passable, but in conjunction with the feel and performance of the other irons they are clunky and dull. A half-hollow 3-5 iron should be the option, or maybe a driving iron type 3/4/5.    


5.    What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? The specialty wedge design of the GW/SW is hands down the best feature of the set. I really feel like I received a wedge that was crafted on its own and not just lumped in with the other clubs like iron sets from years past. If you do decide to purchase the F6 irons, I would suggest the 5-SW option as it optimizes the wedges available and limits the full hollow clubs. 

ogio_logo1.jpg?w=690Shredder Stand Bag /  :taylormade-small: TP SLDR S Mini 16* /  adams-golf-logo.jpg?w=690Pro DHy 18* /  :cobra-small: Baffler 7w 20* /   :cobra-small: King F6 irons 5i-GW /                                     bsglogo1.jpg?w=690 J15 54* /  putt.jpg?w=690 Sierra 101-Soft /  :srixon-small: Z-star balls / all shafts regular flex / Lamkin Crossline Ace 3GEN oversize grips 

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I am so excited to have been chosen to review the COBRA F6 irons. I am the guy that normally wins my money back on a lottery ticket and that is the highlight of my week. As soon as I found out I was selected I called like a million people and about 3 of them believed me. I didn't care I was on cloud 9. So just a huge shout out to MGS for even doing these tests and thank you so much for the opportunity I hope I do you proud.



I live in central Ohio so I get to play whenever I get to play. I have been super blessed to have played on my brother-in-law's birthday (DECEMBER 16) the past 2 years in a row. I'm sure you southerners have no idea why that is so cool but hey it is to me. I am not a great scorer yet. I have been tracking my short comings here recently and I have found some of my weaknesses in the game. I am currently a 16 handicap. I can hit a golf ball contrary to the scores I create. My 9 iron is my 150 club, it always has been since I started this game 12 years ago. I started with a set of clubs called PAR-FECT. I received my first set of name brand clubs as a gift from my mom's boyfriend and they were a set of King Cobra Oversized. So with this test I will be coming back to the company that helped shape my game.

I have since graduated to some newer clubs and I have landed on the best iron I have ever played and these are in my bag today, NIKE VRII ProCombo. I love these guys. These are more of a players club than what I should probably play, with the limited time I play. I  am excited to play these COBRA F6 irons because these combine the Combo technology with a game improving iron, basically the child of the clubs I need and the clubs I love.

The box has arrived!!! I can't wait to unbox it. I get off at 6 and it can't come any sooner!!




I am HOME! Okay wife, I don't have time for you right now, I have to unbox these clubs. LOL, Just kidding give me a kiss, Ok now I have to go!!


Unboxing was so fun. I have never purchased a set of irons brand new before so i took this part very serious. By the way, Thanks again MGS for picking me. So i already have some idea of whats coming. I got the standard length and lie because I normally play 0.5" long and these are already at the lengths that mine are with the standard lengths. I play a stiff shaft and these are coming with the Cobra Stiff Shafts. I also know these are probably going to have a really thick top line which I do not like and I know they are an offset club which I also do not like. 


Everything was well packaged. I do have to note that i expected some sort of advertising material. The only thing in the box was the golf clubs. The only thing that said cobra was the outside of the box. I wasn't expecting anything for free but I thought this would be a prime time for a company to push more product. I don;t know maybe I am thinking too much but at least a thank you for your purchase card or a flyer that says, "Hey, we sell drivers and shirts and stuff, TOO!!'' like I said, I don't know maybe just thinking too much.


Wrapped up super super well. No chance of damage or scrapes.


So after taking everything out and laying them nicely on the table, I proceed to unwrap them.


I am so excited at the very first club I unwrap. I unwrap the Gap wedge, which is a work of art. If the entire set looked just like this Gap wedge I would own 38 sets, today!


WOW!! I can't stress enough how awesome this club alone looks!!

Crazy turn of events here!

I am super excited to get some balls hit with these clubs. Initial reaction is the balls feel hard with these clubs, but I am used to a forged club. Well, the fun just starts and after a few dozen balls I heard a rattle in my 8-iron.



So I get ahold of MGS and we decide to contact COBRA customer care and the were very quick to solve the issue. i sent the club back to them on their dollar and they were going to send it back to me, ONE CLUB DOWN.

So i send this 8-iron out and I decide to go to the driving range and get a feel for my distances with these clubs. As I am going through the chain of command starting at the Gap wedge and working up to my 4-iron. i find no change for me in my distances. I am putting some good hits in and i switch to my 4-iron. I hit it a few times and then the next hit sounds a little odd. as i look up to see the ball flight I realize the club is a lot lighter, I also realize there is a race in the air between the ball I just hit and the head to this 4-iron.




I still went to the course with only 6 clubs and I really like these guys on the course. I will tell you more about that in Stage 2.


UPDATE!! I received an entire new set of clubs and I got them 0.25" long and 2 degrees upright and I am pumped. I have already been swinging them and all pieces and parts are intact and they feel even better than the original set. My first recommendation is get fitted for these clubs if you can because the fact these clubs' standard length is longer than most irons messed my original decision up. I am fortunate the clubs were messed up because they let me get a whole new set and I was able to change my settings.


Please comment and ask questions, these reviews are fun but they are only here for you guys so lets keep this thread active. Thank you again for this humbling experience MGS.

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"What better gift from God than acres of neatly manicured scenery to chase a ball on!"

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My first King Cobra with a little paint fill.



My very first set of good irons were King Cobra Oversized so these take me back to my roots. My current irons are the Nike Vrll ProCombo those are definitely more of a players iron but I loved the progression and the forged feel. Currently I have a 16 handicap but working on it. I got married to the love of my life in October of 2014 and this September we are expecting our first baby, it's a girl!! I am playing a lot less than I used to so my clubs need to change to fit my game. I am here to show you how these Cobra KING F6 changed my game!





Oh, that's where the sweet spot is?!? LOL!



If you have not read my first round then let me catch you up. The first set of these F6 irons were a little bit of a mess. I had a rattle in my 8 iron and the head flew off my 4 iron. With the assistance of Barbajo we were able to reach out to Cobra and they got a new set in my hands ASAP. Also I switched the length and lie to ¼” long and 2 degrees upright.



Thank God that He turned what originally seemed bad into something great!




Another Side by Side of my first King Cobra Oversized and my new Cobra King F6



OK here we go!








  • Accuracy- Cobra King F6 is the most accurate iron I have ever gamed, my miss-hits were still in the intended direction.

  • Distance- I seemed to get the exact same distances

  • Trajectory- Cobra King F6 has a much higher ball flight for me but that is only going to help me be more accurate so that is not a negative for me.

  • Forgiveness- I didn't lose much distance or accuracy during miss-hits. Just a vibration when you miss-hit though, my ProCombo I could probably show you the exact pinpoint location I miss-hit on the face.

  • Control- I can move these a little bit, nothing like with my ProCombo, but very playable.


Range Score (14 of 20)




Here are some shots of my current gamers and the Cobra King F6






You should know for this portion that I have completely removed my ProCombo from my bag, I have been gaming them for years and I normally play mid 80s low 90s. With the Cobra King F6 I started out pretty much the same and then stuff started going crazy. I started really catching the sweet spot (Should be renamed the Warm Butter Spot on this club) and my distances were so far off. I should've had more range time.


  • Accuracy- The gap wedge is my new friend. The last course I played I was 115 out and I stuck this little guy 4 feet from the pin. I found myself using it around 125 and I ended up short a couple times. My issues was I didn't have my distances dialed in as much as I thought I did. Long irons were just as accurate, I tee'd off 4-iron and was sitting center of the fairway!

  • Distance- I love the distance with these but I regret not really spending more time knowing them. My 4-iron has always been good for my 200 club, well 199 out and I landed on the backside of the green. So with not dialing these in better I was short and long all day. Every time I had one dialed in I used the same thought for the next and it would end up just a little short. I am super excited to keep dialing these in though. Very long!!

  • Trajectory- High=Soft. When you spin a 5-iron back 6'' you know you can deal with that trajectory.

  • Forgiveness-These are more forgiving than Cleveland was when LeBron returned, Go Champs! I had a long par 3 that I tee'd up a 5-iron, hit off the toe and still stuck the green about 12 feet to the pin. What else do you need to know?

  • Control- My range time was not as great as the course for this. The Cobra King F6 is very controllable. They actually give you Jedi mind powers. If I want a low cut then I grab a 4-iron and I cut it. Need 7-iron high fade around a tree? Yes that too! Like I said, Jedi.


Course Score (19 of 20)





As you can see this is a much bigger club



Performance Notes


  • How did it perform? Above expectations, my new set of irons.


  • Were you pleased with how the club(s) performed? Very pleased, I will be gaming these.


  • Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently playing? These fit my personal game better, higher trajectory and more forgiveness. I still have love for my ProCombo but they are too advanced for my game. I still like the feel of a forged iron though.


  • What factors were you pleased with? I love the added distance (who wouldn't), I really like the trajectory.


  • How did it compare to your current gamer(s)? Me vs Myself with each set I would win by 5 strokes with Cobra King F6 at least.


  • Did you notice better production on the range or on the course more? I had my best production on the course.


  • Could you use it in both settings? Yes but until you have a real target and real trees and real greens to hit the range can't do these puppies justice.


  • What factors did you find lacking? I would prefer more feel on miss-hits.


  • What improvements would you like to see? I would love this whole set to look like the gap wedge. Maybe some other accent color choices, green!!


  • What would you do away with? I am sure it adds to the help but I would like to see thinner top lines.



Yeah, those look good in my bag!







  • The general shape looks good, they don't look as bulky as most Game Improvements do. However, they are much bigger than my ProCombo.

  • I am not used to an offset and I remember the old PING offset and I am not a fan. The offset on the Cobra King F6 is there but it doesn't bother me.

  • The Graphics on the Cobra King F6 are very subtle. The thin orange line fades as you go from 4 to Gap. I would prefer a green line.

  • I love the Gap Wedge, If this whole set looked just like the Gap Wedge I would be absolutely JACKED!! Other than that I love the Charcoal color of the club.

  • The slow change offers and very cool look and shows the progression of the clubs easier.

  • Out of other Game Improvements I would say these have one of the best looks. I love the dark look of these clubs.


Looks Score (18 of 20)



I guess the top-line isn't that thick in comparison





Let's point out that a lot of my hits are miss-hits. So the feel of the miss-hit is a little more harsh than what I will describe.


The sound when I am in the sweet spot is everything you want an iron to be, that perfect sound of a small sonic boom being surrounded by a heavenly swoosh and that only starts the juices flowing as the feel is even better.


The feel is honestly probably the same as teeing up a stick of butter on a hot 108 degree day, just feels so so right. Did I already say heavenly?


Sound doesn't change that much on a miss-hit but your main feedback is feel. Thin shots are pretty harsh vibration, hitting fat does provide a thud sound and feel.


My worst feel was a toe hit and I quickly forgot about it once I saw the result of the shot was 12 feet to the pin.


I had an amazing 6-iron shot that I don't know if I will ever forget, perfect golf swing sound that was tour pro quality, and the distance, trajectory, and control followed suit.


Sound and Feel Score (19 of 20)









I would love to purchase these irons. I do plan on gaming these babies. I would say the only thing keeping me from purchasing is the price. I would probably wait a couple years and get them on a 299.99 special or maybe less used.



LOP Score (14 of 20)








I have been wanting a darker set of irons and my game has changed to where I only get to play 4 to 5 times per month and I needed a Game Improvement Iron Set. These fit all of my needs and I didn't even know it. When you look down at these they look very dark and still shiny, I love it. The Game Improvement will do just that, my last round was in the 80s and that is awesome for me.


Let's Summarize

I love these irons. I have been a Nike fan for years and I have picked up many Cobra clubs in the past but I never liked them once I hit them. Then once I was blessed to be able to review these I knew I would be very fair and just review them without any bias. Well then once the first 2 clubs broke in the first 4 days of ownership I had a bad taste in my mouth. Cobra quickly made it right, no questions asked!! Now after playing them, the Cobra King F6 has changed my outlook on Cobra as a company. I am so excited to see how these change my game for better.



Total Score (84 of 100)


This score is somewhat because of my lack of range time and I think they are priced very high at $799.00.




I love the Gap Wedge

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"What better gift from God than acres of neatly manicured scenery to chase a ball on!"

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The Five

1. Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not? These babies are in my bag and they will be staying there. By the way my Nike ProCombos are for sale (SOLD), LOL. They just fit my game perfectly. I don't have the time to devote to practice and these forgiving little guys help me still play good golf.
2. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why? Personally I would recommend these to anyone. A high handicapper is going to see how easy it is to play the game but so would a low handicapper. I can turn the ball, I have beautiful ball flight. My distance is crazy far.
3. How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of [brand]? I have never disliked COBRA but I never played there stuff. These irons have completely changed that. I not only now have a good opinion of COBRA but I just bought a Fly-Z+ Driver last week! Now with Nike out of the game I might have a new GO TO brand.
4. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? I would only change 2 things, I would add the option to make the progression start and end at different clubs, ie.( I would match the GW and PW and the 9, then I would go to the next level at 8,7,6 and 5,4 same) I would also love to see color variations, I don't love orange. I would love to see green.
5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future
models? LOVE the GW it could be the coolest looking club I have ever owned. I would like to see this as an entire set, that would be a great seller in my opinion.
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"What better gift from God than acres of neatly manicured scenery to chase a ball on!"

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Okay, y'all, how do I explain the elation that accompanies the arrival of that beautiful, long, brown box to one's door step?  I must say that it is a child-like joy that a middle aged man seldom gets!  So many MGS reviewers have expressed this in so many effective ways, I don't know how to say it any differently.  In 1982 Santa brought me an Atari 2600.  That was as good as it gets!  I was convinced at the time each year would bring even greater delights!  I was wrong.  It was all down hill from there.  Not that Santa didn't keep trying.  He did.  And he did a pretty good job, too.  It was my fault.  Nothing could compare.


Then that box.  Oh, how it excites!  I mean, people...ship your next club purchase to your house.  If you insist on picking it up at your local retailer or [hopefully] you proshop, then ask for the box.  Bring it home and ask your significant other, neighbor, or even a stranger to put on a brown shirt and short set and ring your bell.  They need to wait for the right moment...a moment you least suspect...and then DING DONG!  It's here.  IT'S HERE!!!


So there she lay, motionless yet full of energy, on my living room floor

F6-1-2 (1).jpg


They're beautiful.  They really are.  The finishes, the colors, the details, the clean lines...all very appealing to the eye.




The Gap wedge is the belle of the ball.  She is an object d'art.



I immediately found myself heading to the range.  I HATE practicing.  I'm not good at it.  I tinker on the range.  I'm not nearly good enough to tinker by myself on the range. It's dangerous.  Each swing feels different.  A LOT different.  I'm just not good at practicing.  


But there I was, beating balls.  At first, I was just swinging these babies...trying to get a feel.  They feel distinctly lighter than the SpeedBlades I've been gaming.  They're also about a half an inch shorter.  They don't feel bad, just different.  A few swings and I like the lighter feel!  I decide to compare side by side.  They're a half an inch shorter...and a half a club shorter.  High launching, too.  The very first swing was with that gorgeous gapper.  I thought it was coming off the face into MY face!  Seriously, I thought I popped it up.  Of course, it was no where near my ugly mug, but it definitely jumped off the ground like it was kernel of corn in hot oil.


I can't take any more of this "practice."  Practice?  We're talking about practice?  Not any more, we're heading to the first tee!


Yep, where I was hitting a wedge, I need a 9.  Where I was hitting a 9, i need an 8.  (You get the picture)  That said, they are STRAIGHT with a capital 'RAIGHT'!  I hit some of the prettiest 5 yard draws you've ever seen.


A couple of mishits resulted in pretty good results, too!  No complaints at this point!


I shot a 39 that evening on the front side of Spring Ford CC.  My first of the season!  Maybe there's something to these things!


Cleaning them up post-half round, I notice the finish on the face shows a little wear.  Mind you this pic was taken after several more rounds, but there was immediate affect to the face.  We just got new range balls so it's not the hairy jobs you get at the local drive in driving range.  Still, there was evidence of shot struck well and not so well on my new F6s.  


(I seem to have lost the ability to post additional pics...I'll continue and try to insert later.  Here you'd see the face showing the signs of ball strikes i just described.)


I don't believe this is of major concern, nor is it unique to Cobra.  I don't think it's a design or finish problem.  I don't even think it's a bad thing!  i do, however, think it's worth pointing out.


Anyway, to date I've play 9 holes twice, 4 rounds, and 2 customer outings with the snakes.  I'm mentally still adjusting to grabbing an "extra club" on approach shots and par 3s, but they have thus far been well worth the effort!


More to come, and I hope to resolve the picture issue for you.  Stay tuned!




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Taylor Made M3 driver

Callaway Rogue 3+ fairway

Srixon 565 4, 6-A

Titleist H1 4 and 6 hybrids

Vokey 54 and 58

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STAGE 2...from me to you!


F6-1-16 (3).jpg


As with my other fellow reviewers, I'd like to again point out to all the loyal MGSers out there what an honor this is.  Going into it, I had a couple of preconceptions.  First, this would be easy.  Friends, it is not!  I hope you can see from our efforts that we're taking this pretty seriously for you!  Second, that I would be able to formulate an educated opinion right quick and then move on.  Nope!  I laughed at the struggles of Tiger, Rory, Zach, etc. when changing equipment.  Truth is, it takes a LOT of swings to adjust to new sticks, even if those sticks are an upgrade!


It is with these thoughts that i came to truly appreciate what this forum contributes to scrapers like me though loyal participants like you (you...the one reading this right now!).  By providing opportunities like this - even if you aren't chosen as a tester - MGS fosters thorough reviews for guys and girls who may not have the resources to buy the latest and greatest each spring.  I mean, really...you have nothing better to do than to read MY ridiculously humble opinion on whether or not you should shell out $800 on F6s?  You probably do, but this is important to you!  As such, it's important to me, too!


Let's get into it!


As a reminder, I'm sitting on a 8.3 (tending 7.9L since gaming the F6s...just saying).  Like most players in the 8-12 range, I make some bad swings each round.  I sit over my "2-iron" post round (goose-club-splash of cranberry...spread the word!  Let me know what YOU call it at your club!) and opine over what might have been had I NOT caught that limb on my recovery shot on 5 or that missed 4 footer on 9.


That in mind, let's talk about THE RANGE!


It's worth mentioning that my complete inability to commit to meaningful practice is a limiting factor to my index.  Oh well, call me what you want!  


ACCURACY:  I think I mentioned in stage 1 that these things are kinda point-and-shoot.  Even heel and toe hits track pretty straight.  There's nothing wanky or tricky about them, just line it up and thar she blows!  Don't get me wrong, if you get your hands out in front, it's going right.  Shut the face and a low, left screamer is heading at the unsuspecting bev cart girl.  I believe physics would dictate that.  One note worth mentioning is that my "perfect" swing typically yields a 5 yard draw.  This was less pronounced on the range.  18 out of 20


DISTANCE:  I've also mentioned that these are 1/2 to full club shorter than my current gamers (SpeedBlades).  There's a signifcant blow to your ego to pull an 8 where you pulled a 9 yesterday.  Worse when you need to choke down on your 3 hybrid because you can't reach that par 3 with a 4 iron.  Egomaniac that I am, this has been the single biggest - shall we say "concern"? - with the F6s.  Of course, brute force is only half the story.  CONSISTENT distance should be rather important as well.  These guys are top notch in that area!  There are no surprises here - put a good swing on it and it's going to fly in a very similar fashion every stinking time.  I would call this an improvement over the SpeedBlades (heretofore referred to as SBs).  14 out of 20  (remember, I admittedly gauge my manhood on hitting the shortest iron out of my foursome!)


TRAJECTORY CHARACTERISTICS:  My very first swing with these babies on the range was with the gap.  It's stunning to look at, plus I always start with the shortest club and work my way up.  (I read that somewhere.  You know, to do that.  So I do that.)  Anyway, I thought it was going to bounce off my chin, knock out my teeth, bloody my nose, then trickle off the practice box.  Of course, I'm at least slightly deranged (pun intended) so this was a silly notion.  I did not, however, imagine a high launch.  Higher than the SBs, at least on the gap.  SPEEDBLADES.JPG



As you can see, the specs are pretty similar on the gap (or AW).  Maybe the offset threw my eye off?  Who knows, and who cares.  Club by club thereafter, the flight was quite similar to the SBs.  Flighting them down proves no more difficult than any other irons I've recently played.  17 out of 20


FORGIVENESS:  Who hits bad shots on the range?  Me!  I frequently know it's time to depart the range and head to the first tee when I shank 2 in a row and then manage to punch a choked down 5 iron 120 yards.  That said, you can feel a mishit and a good swing feels REALLY good!  I mean effortlessly good.  Of course, a good swing doesn't really factor into "forgiveness" now does it?  I have a better story for this one on the course...  17 out of 20


CONTROL:  I usually try to hit a couple punch hooks, a couple high draws, a couple high fades, and a couple punch fades before a round.  I figure I'm going to need at least 3 of those 4 shots today, and I'm probably (sadly) going to need them more than once!  I find these irons to be straight.  Really straight.  Did I mention that before?  (that's a test, YES I did!)  As a result, these are a little tougher for me to shape.  Distance control is great!  Right to left control, not as much.  14 out of 20


RANGE SCORE:  84 out of 100


THE COURSE!  (Yay!  Fore!  Comin' through!)


ACCURACY:  I had to convince myself to take dead aim at pins with anything longer than a 7 iron.  Took me more than one approach shot to get it through my teeny, tiny granite-like brain so I hung a few quality shots to the right.  No left misses here!  With the SB long irons, my 5 yard draw frequently becomes a 15 yard left bunker-finder.  That was a lovely surprise here!  Also worth mentioning that one of my buddies took a few swings and he's got a 20 yard left to right shot with every club.  Well that's not fair...he rarely slices his putter.  Anyway, there was noticeably less left to right spin on these for him.  He wasn't nearly as impressed as I was, but I made a mental note to let you know that.  It makes sense:  I'm not hitting the same kind of draw (or hook) so he's not hitting the same kind of fade (or slice).  Make note of this, Slicers and whatever you call a righty that has a too-dramatic right to left shot but that isn't a pseudonym for the "oldest profession in the world"!  19 out of 20


DISTANCE:  I'm throwing the distance CONTROL into this because my insecurity among my friends should not weigh as heavy as it does.  Distance CONTROL is great!  Distance is a slight disappointment.  I've convinced myself it's okay...I don't need a prescription to continue to feel manly here.  In fact, #16 at Spring Ford CC is a 193 downhill par 3.  Plays about 188.  We can typically play the yardage or the yardage plus due to the typical head wind.  I can still get there with a well struck 4.  No one even asks me what I hit.  I shouldn't even care.  16 out of 20


CONSISTENCY:  Distance wise, GREAT!  PREDICTABLE!  REPEATABLE!  Mishits are pretty solid, too.  See pic below.  This is a badly-toed 8 iron (if you look really close you can see the dimple marks) that still made the approximately 135 yard journey to the front of the green.  A solid hit would have likely made the whole trip to the flag (145yd), but pretty sweet for a near whiff!  20 out of 20



SHOT SHAPING:  This one kind of snuck up on me.  I've played 11 rounds and (2) 9s with these things.  I only recently realized it wasn't me...these things are tough to bend.  I know, I know..."what the heck are you doing under a tree anyway??" you say.  Trudat.  Unfortunately, I find myself there a couple times here and there, and I pride myself on these recoveries.  I'm just not getting the same turn as I've been with the SBs.  Considering these are in the game-improvement category, this shouldn't be scored too harshly, but so are the SBs and those babies go left or right for me with relative ease.  14 out of 20


CARRY VS. ROLL:  No, this is not a supreme court case hopelessly deadlocked due to an even number of justices.  It's a tough category for me though.  I hit a high ball, our course is typically not condusive to run outs, even with drivers, and we have false fronts coming out the wazoo.  Of course, we're verging on a drought here in south east PA so the ball is rolling.  I really don't know how to grade this one.  I would guess it's about the same as what I'm used to.  I guess?  Wish I had more for you here!  I mean, maybe this means more if they launched low?  They don't.  They are consistently high with a fairly steep descent to the earth.  18 out of 20


COURSE TOTAL:  86 out of 100




LOOKS:  You've seen the pics.  They're really nice.  I mean, particularly for a game-improvement set, these things look like they're for grown ups.  Side by side, they're dimensionally similar to the SBs, but with a more sophisticated look.

F6-1-9 (1).jpg

A slightly shorter face length makes you feel like a player without sacrificing confidence!


The progression from 4-5-6 to 7-8-9-W is subtle, but if you look close, there it is!


20 out of 20


SOUND/FEEL:  Having very limited experience with forged irons (2 seasons with MP-H4), I am not exactly an authority on this, but I would say these fellas, when struck correctly, have that "muuuuush" of a forged club!  You absolutely do not hear of reel anything unpleasant with these guys!  Mishits are mishits, and I think the "feel" there has as much to do with the temperature, the ball, even the grip you choose to game as the club itself.  I really, REALLY like these things in this category.  Tough to find a GI set with this kind of feedback!  20 out of 20


LIKELIHOOD OF PURCHASE:  Going into this, my interest was piqued no further than the recent review (last summer I think?) of the Cobra fairway woods.  I believe our very own Barbajo was a fan!  I figure he's smarter than me so there must be something to this Cobra thing.  If not for that and the Ricky Fowler good looks of the F6s, I wouldn't have even applied.  No joke.  And I certainly would not have predicted that I'd keep these in the bag this long, much less post-review.  So before hand, I would have given these a 10 out of 20 for LOP.  After 6 weeks of beating them up, I'm going with the seemingly arbitrary number of 15 out of 20




TOTAL TOTAL:  84 + 86 + 54 = 224 out of 260 = 86!


Guys, these are worth considering!  I'm looking forward to putting a bow on this for you in stage 3!  Keep an eye out for my new bestest friends Joey East Cost, Ashton Plumley, and fozcycle...they're doing an AWESOME job so far!  I hope you'll come back for mine, too!


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Taylor Made M3 driver

Callaway Rogue 3+ fairway

Srixon 565 4, 6-A

Titleist H1 4 and 6 hybrids

Vokey 54 and 58

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Sweet looking forward to this one. I even tried to get Foz to play with me tomorrow so that I could hit his. :)


He didn't bite, claimed he was working too much. :(

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Taylor Made Sim2  10.5 (Opened 1 click) Ventus Blue 5  R flex

Ping G410 5-9 wood  Alta 65 R flex

Wilson D7 forged 6-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

Edison Wedges 54 and 59 KBS Tour Graphite 80's

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

Tour Exotics 3 wood is in the bag because we are allowed 14 clubs.  It's a great club for pulling balls out of the water or from bushes - you never want to put your hand into anything in Florida unless you are absolutely certain that it's safe.  There are rare wind conditions when I might hit it off the tee on a few holes that I play.  

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I got to hit the King CB and king wedges at a demo day with c-taper stiff and those felt soooooo nice, looking forward to seeing whatcha guys think of this line



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app

What's in my  :cleveland-small: bag:

Driver :  :cobra-small: F9 10.5, Fujikura Speeder 757 TR 

Fairway  :cobra-small: F9 15.5° Oban Kiyoshi Black 75 05 (X)

Hybrid:  :cobra-small: King F7 18° KBS Tour PROTO Hybrid 95 S+

Irons:   :srixon-small: z585 4i - 6i,  z785 7i-PW, Nippon Modus 120X

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX  50.11, 55.11, 60.10  TT DG S400 Black

Putter:  post-53756-150768041262.jpg Honey Badger 34" 

Ball:  :srixon-small: Q-Star Tour


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Sweet looking forward to this one. I even tried to get Foz to play with me tomorrow so that I could hit his. :)


He didn't bite, claimed he was working too much. :(

Ha, yeah - "w-o-r-k" is a four-letter word...!



If you find yourself on Long Island, NY - lemme know! Bought a set and LOVE 'em!!


Oh (duh), PS:

Hope to soon contribute an actual [descriptive] review; have not actually gotten to play all that much yet since getting them .. still recovering from muscle and ligament tears / strains....


But... briefly, based on a few shots playing an "easy" 6 holes last Sunday - I am hitting these much more consistently (mishits are still mishits but way tighter dispersion on the good hits) and, yes, much further - at least one club at the lower end (GW, PW) scaling up to TWO clubs for the mid-irons (7i, 6i; fyi: my 5 is a Ping Crossover).


* Also need to mention that I changed to steel shafts in the F6s (still R flex), so that prob enhances the distance a bit, too.

WITB of an "aspiring"  😉 play-ah ...
..Callaway Epic Speed 4W (Project X Cypher)
..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 7W (Tensei CK Blue)
..Callaway Super Hybrid 23 (PX Catalyst) and Big Bertha 19 5H (Recoil ZTR)
..PXG 0211 6i-GW (Mitsubishi MMT) 
..Cleveland CBX2 54 and CBX 60 (both Rotex graphite)
..Evnroll ER5 (33", 385g, P2 Reflex Tour)
..all in a Datrek bag on a Bag Boy Quad XL push an MGI Zip Navigator electric cart.

Forum Member tester for the ExPutt Putting Simulator

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Hey Rev, the work is done.....and I got to play with these abbies three rounds this past weekend....all comments will be reserved until the reviews are posted..... :)

Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*) & 5-6W(20*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft 

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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Joey East Coast:

Great narrative! And great initial review (@... http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/15995-official-forum-member-review-cobra-king-f6-irons/?p=206703).


Although I also only have limited use so far of my set (6i-GW), totally agree with your assessments about the 6i thru PW but especially the GW - just so easy to hit nicely!!! I believe it's a bit lighter vs. most traditional wedges by 1/2 swingweight - D2 vs D2.5 (is that right?) - and for me, at a much less than pro-standard 5'7"/157lbs (but fit), it feels 'right'.


You'd mentioned about the transition between "models" in the set - cannot speak to 5i vs 6i but can going from 6i/7i half-hollow to 8i-PW cavity-back: yes, there is a noticeable difference. I understand this will not appeal to many players but for me - in the GI-but-improving-rapidly-but-not-yet-playah category - the forgiveness / 'help' is the benefit I'm looking for to help me with my game.


Here's an illustration....

I feel like I'm improving each time I go out, and my technique has unquestionably progressed, but .... last time I played I hit the 7i off a tee that goes 150-ish (from the tees that day) into a 90-degree dogleg right, guarded by a very tall old oak. I've seen guys try drivers, hybrids, etc. over the tree but they pretty much all catch it... Anyway, my shot went straight into the middle of the dogleg, with a very slight fade at the finish, to catch the downhill slope towards the green - SWEET! Have not hit that shot like that previously. Ever.


The second shot - which according to the unwritten rules of golf, after an awesome tee shot should be a complete and utter duff/hack/sloppy failure - was 156 out, with a smallish pretty flat green a few feet lower than my lie but also into a light, steady breeze. Took the 7i again, ball very slightly below my feet, and ... hit the freakin' green right next to the freakin' flag!!! Balll bounced and rolled a bit, but was still on the green! (Yea me ;0 !!).


So yeah - so far I'm a fan of the "progressive" engineering!

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WITB of an "aspiring"  😉 play-ah ...
..Callaway Epic Speed 4W (Project X Cypher)
..Tour Edge Exotics EXS 7W (Tensei CK Blue)
..Callaway Super Hybrid 23 (PX Catalyst) and Big Bertha 19 5H (Recoil ZTR)
..PXG 0211 6i-GW (Mitsubishi MMT) 
..Cleveland CBX2 54 and CBX 60 (both Rotex graphite)
..Evnroll ER5 (33", 385g, P2 Reflex Tour)
..all in a Datrek bag on a Bag Boy Quad XL push an MGI Zip Navigator electric cart.

Forum Member tester for the ExPutt Putting Simulator

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Great initial write up Joey......those irons are beauties

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Driver:   :honma: TR20 10.5*

Utility Iron: :cleveland-small: UHX 18*

Hybrid:   :callaway-small: Epic 4h 23* 

Irons:    :mizuno-small: JPX900 Hot Metal 5-GW

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX2 52* 56* 60*

Putter:  :mizuno-small:M Craft Type V

Ball:   :bridgestone-small: Tour BXS





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What's in the bag:
Driver:  Sub 70 639D - 9.5; :cleveland-small: Launcher HB Turbo; :mizuno-small: ST 190 
FW Wood: :tour-edge: Tour Edge EXS 220 - 15*; :mizuno-small: ST 180 14*
Hybrids:  PXG 0311 22
Utility Irons: :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Utilities 18, 21, 24*;  Lynx VT Stinger - 16*
Irons::wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged; :benhogan-small:PTx Pro, :macgregor-small: VIP 1025 V-Foil MB/CB; :wilson_staff_small: Progressives (circa 1993)

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX -2, :benhogan-small:Riviera 52-56-60; :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model
Putter:   :edel-golf-1:  Willamette,  :bettinardi-small: BB8,  :benhogan-small:Baby Ben

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X (2020); :srixon-small: Z-STAR XV

Stat Tracker/GPS Watch: :ShotScope:

Follow @golfspybarbajo

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