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(3) TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 hi Long Irons

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Fredericksburg VA

Handicap: 20

I am comfortable hitting irons down to 18°.

I am super excited to either test these myself or read feedback about them as I fall into this exact group of people. Good luck all!

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1. Kelly /  California / San Diego

2. Handicap:  5

3.  Longest iron:  2 or 3 iron...I cannot hit hybrids!


I appreciate the Hogan Company and of course MygolfSpy!  I have applied on multiple sites to give these bad boys a try...please be the one.   I am in between irons at the moment and I would love to make these my gamers.



My Bag:


Stolen clubs....in between!   

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Jett, Fort Worth, TX


4 iron


I live in Ft Worth and would love the chance to hit the new Hogans. 4 iron is my most comfortable long iron and I can't hit a hybrid to save my life.

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Nick, Texas



Irons: Ping i200 - Standard Lie, X Flex, 3/4" Long

Driver: Callaway Epic - 10.5, X Flex

Dexterity: Right-Handed

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Handicap: 5

Other Clubs: Epic 3w, 58 Ping iGlide, Ping Sigma Tyne Putter


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