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(3) TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 hi Long Irons

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I am a huge fan of Hogan, his legacy and the brand.

My name is Wayne and I am in Tennessee.  

I am an 18 handicap.

My longest comfortable iron is the 5-iron.


Thank you

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I'm Matt a new member at Ipswich CC in Massachusetts. I have been using the Taylor made demos and striking them well for a 22handicap. I hit 4i on the 200 y par three. Help me obi wan ben hogan, you're my only hope!

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1. Your first name and home state/province


Lin - home state TX, stationed in CO


2. Your current handicap




3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting


4 iron


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Phoenix, Arizona

Current H/C 8.2

4 iron


My image.png.0c570714622de82cddbc49a0cf0428f9.png C-130 cart bag currently includes;

Driver:  image.png.fe9149ee2dbe2d9f25d69eab8145dc8c.png  ST190G
Fairways: image.png.d831bcd50637cfd3f651fe8c70ff3c57.png  Rocketballz Stage 2
Irons:   image.png.9e3a3bf7a1aee330b6453f8a912d4f77.png  I-25
Wedges: image.png.2b014e8e825376ec28fba6e9104704b0.png50*, 56*, 60* Dynamic Gold W-flex 
Putter: image.png.543e45de642f822ebeeadd18979f45e5.png   Newport 2.0
Ball:  image.png.e95c705c27fed8582d2946fd00b9c3ed.pngMTBx 

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(3) Testers Wanted!!!





Ben Hogan FT. WORTH hi Long Irons



So let's say you're one of those golfers who can't hit long irons like Jason Day, but who also tends to hook any hybrid made slightly to the left of Bernie Sanders.


Kinda limits your options, doesn't it?

A New Kind of Long Iron:

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company thinks it has something that could help the hybrid-hating long iron-phobics out there – the FT WORTH hi.

Hogan says the FT WORTH hi is a hollow-bodied long iron that has the look of a forged player's iron but with enough perimeter weighting to provide just the right amount of forgiveness.


Does the FT WORTH hi sound like something that could help your game? We need three of you to test them out and let us know.




MyGolfSpy is looking for 3 golfers to test and review the new Hogan FT WORTH hi irons. Each tester will test (and keep) a set of 3 hi's, ranging from 20 to 31 degrees.




We take our testing very seriously, so please read these application instructions carefully:


In this thread, please tell us the following:


1. Your first name and home state/province

2. Your current handicap

3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting


It's that simple!  We'll be announcing the testers in this space June 10th.


For more information on the FT WORTH hi long irons, click here and here.




Jim - Illinois


3 iron (longest in my set)

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