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(3) Testers Wanted!!!       Ben Hogan FT. WORTH hi Long Irons     So let's say you're one of those golfers who can't hit long irons like Jason Day, but who also tends to hook any hybrid made

Those are gorgeous irons......I love my hybrids, so I will not apply..good luck to everyone

Time to announce our testers for the FT WORTH hi long irons from Ben Hogan!!!   This was a tough one - another new record for applications made the Selection Committee put in overtime, but we're pre

Posted Images

Jules Coleman

Index. 7.8

New York, New York


I play the Hogan FT 15 right now and was actually thinking of replacing the 24, 28 and 32* irons with the FT 15 Hi precisely because of the claims about added forgiveness and launch.  I think I therefore make a naturally good tester as I know well the feel and performance of the standard FT15 and can assess the relative improvements if any in forgiveness and launch angle the Hi make.

In addition, my back-up set of irons includes some hollow long irons, so I can usefully compare the Hogan hollow design with the others I currently have.

I am also in a good position to judge the aesthetic flow between the standard and the Hi as well as the precision of the loft substitutions.

Beyond that, I am a professional writer, so my review is likely to be readable.


Thanks for your consideration

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current hdcp 7

Driver Callaway 815 Alpha

FWY Callaway Big Bertha

Irons:  Callaway Apex  pro

Hybrids: ping, taylormade

Longest iron I feel comfortable with is 6 iron


struggle with longer irons.  Like current hybrids but movement to the left is constant struggle.  Won't use the nasty "hook" word here.


Would love to try something new, see if it helps.  And of course provide good quality feedback to Hogan, Mygolfspy, and all the members/readers of this great service.  Thank you

<p>Driver:  Callaway Epic 9 deg, Graphite design shaft stiff</p><p>Fairway:  TM M1v17/p><p>Irons:  Mission Hot Milled regular, 5 thru sw, TM Putter:  face</p><p>Ball:  Titelist Pro V1 or chrome soft X

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Name: Scott

State: Delaware

HCP : 9.3

I use a set of Hogan FTX Apex 3-9 and use a 2 iron on certain courses so I'm comfortable with most all long irons. I'd really like to try the new series of iron just released!

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1. Lee, FL

2. Current handicap is approximately 12-14

3. Longest iron comfortable hitting is 6 iron (please help)


Thanks for another great product testing opportunity. You guys rock!

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This would be great, I just ordered the PTx irons and TK15 wedges and I love the looks of these..


1. Your first name and home state/province

Johan - Sweden

2. Your current handicap


3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting


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