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(3) TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 hi Long Irons

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1. Your first name and home state/province                         Rob from Ohio

2. Your current handicap                                                              20

3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting                    Nowadays a 6 iron. My game has declined due to lack of play and                                                                                                                      increased age and decreased overall fitness. I the past I was                                                                                                                                  comfortable with a 3 and 4 iron.


I am glad to see Hogan produced iron again. I have always admired their design.

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Chris, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hcp: 5

Comfortable hitting 2 iron


I played Hogan Edge from age 12 to 20, absolutely loved those clubs and am stoked Hogan seem to be making a comeback!

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