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(3) TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 hi Long Irons

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1. Your first name and home state/province

Clayton from Washington State

2. Your current handicap

I'm just barely a single digit right now

3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting

Off the tee, I kill the 3 iron.  Off the turf, I prefer to hit 4 iron or higher loft.


This is what happened to my last 3 iron...





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Shelby Langston



hmm, probably a 6 iron well.. I think I, like most, struggle with the long irons and would love to develop more confidence.. 

Tom Wishon's

Sterling Single Length Irons 5-SW- all 37 length, SteelFiber Shafts

XE1 59

Nickent 4 Rescue

Nike VRS Covert Tour 3HY

Nike Covert 2.0 Driver 9.5 w/43.5 Shaft

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1. Will - PA

2. 9.8

3. 4i

Driver: TM Stealth - Fuji Ventus TR 6x 
3W: Tour Edge Exotic CBX, GD Tour AD-IZ 7x
Hybrid: 19* XCG7 Matrix Red Tie S
4 iron: PXG 0311P Gen 4 TT Elevate Tour X
5 iron-PW: Mizuno Pro 223 Project X LZ 6.0
Wedges: Mizuno T20 51*, 56*, 60* TT DG Tour S400
Putter: Swag Tour Suave Too 34.5"

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