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Mike Morgan

Myrtle Beach, SC

13 handicap

I have a hard time compressing the ball because I cast the club and do not create any lag. The DST would be the perfect tool to help me correct this swing flaw

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I am W. Scott.  I live in Traphill, North Carolina.  My index now is 9.5.

I am 75, in good health and normally play over 100 rounds per year (123 last year).  I have been playing for well over 50 years.  Yet I have never been able to achieve a good, hands ahead, impact position.  I have tried many, many different training aids and practice routines without success.  The DST Compressor will hopefully help me achieve that position and allow me to take a leap forward in my play despite my age.  And if that can happen for me I am sure thousands of other senior players will find out about it, use the DST Compressor and also achieve lifelong game-improvement goals.

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Four Testers Wanted!!


DST Compressor 3 Club Set

It's Pop Quiz time.

What do Charley Hoffman, Sergio Garcia, James Hahn, Hideki Matsuyama and Danny Willett have in common?

Yes, they've all won some pretty big golf tournaments this year. But more specifically, they're all card-carrying members of DST Nation.



The DST Compressor is one the most unique and effective training aids we've ever reviewed here at MyGolfSpy. According to DST, this funny looking golf club with the bent shaft works wonders in helping you impact the ball more crisply, consistently and powerfully.


Can this deceptively simple training tool make you a better ball striker? MyGolfSpy is looking for four dedicated golfers to try out the DST Compressor and see for themselves.



In this thread, please tell us the following:


1. Your name and home state/province

2. Your current handicap

3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking


Easy peasy, gang!


You MUST apply IN THIS THREAD to be eligible.


This testing opportunity is open to golfers in North American and Europe.

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Toronto, Ontario

Handicap 9

I'm a golf nut - I love technical evaluations. The premise behind this training aid is excellent. I've always wanted drills to help me compress the ball better with my irons. Excited to see how this tool can help in that regard!

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Name: Andrew Fleury. Dublin, Ireland

Hcap: 8

How it can help: average ball striker for my handicap. I tried a tour striker in the past and found it ok but Dst looks like it will work better. A bad shot for me is an over the top pull. Interesting to see if it can help there. All my practice is done on links turf so hitting the ball first is important. I would like to try some pitches from some tight sandy lies and see what happens...

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Jason Boyle, Indiana

8 handicap

I believe that the DST Compressor Set will help me become more consistent by giving me the feel for the correct impact position.

“To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.†– P.G. Wodehouse

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I would like to apply for testing the DST Compressor. Have a nine handicap. I am 73. Still move the ball OK and have won a few long drives contests locally. But that comes with problems as the body ages it is hard not to lay off or even occasionally flip it for a duck hook. This sounds like it would get me in the position so I could feel the club head again like Ernest Jones declared so important. I have a Cobra Fly Z driver and 3 wood. Adams Ideas 4 hybrids 3-6. Cobra Amp 7 iron (took the 7 Adams out of the bag because disliked its weighting and I hit it so poorly. Cobra has been a god send so I could shot my age again this year.) 8,9,PW Adams Idea 4. GW and SW Eidolon. LW Cleveland. I think I have the knowledge of game and motivation to do a useful review for other golfers of various ages and skill sets.


Lee Cole

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dave larson from iowa

14 hdcp

think dst can help with occasional flipping problem


a. Iron specs (flex, length/lie)taylormade rsi 1 7 iron through aw, vokey sm5 54 and vokey sm4 58 standard length and lie

b. Driver specs (loft/flex)taylormade m2 reg flex fujikura pro 70 shaft out of m1 3 wood

c. Dexterity (right or left-handed)right

d. Where You Live waterloo iowa

e. Your handicap or average 18 hole score 15 hdcp

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1. Your name and home state/province: Charles, North Carolina

2. Your current handicap: 18

3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking: I have played the game for 10 years now, but only in the last two years have I been able to finally unlearn all of the crap golf "tips" from magazines, YouTube videos, etc. that had accumulated in my head and had subsequently been mis-applied. Now, I have a simple, natural swing that I feel that I can trust and I think a training aid like the DST will allow me to really dial in my swing and give me more consistent contact and predictable ball flight. My love for the game can only increase from here, with the right help so, PLEASE, pick me!

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