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Wayne Starr

NSW Australia

Hcp 12

I'd hope the DST would help in improving my consistency. I have days where it's really good and days where it disappears completely. Cheers

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Seemore Putter

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1. Tom Pearce, California

2. 3.5

3. Believe it will train me to keep my hands ahead of the ball at impact.  One of my problems is extremely high ball flight.  I'd like to bring it down for improved distance and control.

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Dathan Hughes

Albuquerque, NM


I believe the DST Compressor set would help me get my hands in front of the club head on contact and help me from flipping my wrist. I need consistency and hopefully the DST would help me fix my problem.

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Alan, Upstate SC

Index 14.8 (TL)

I've heard a LOT about this. I'm more of a sweeper; would like to make a little crisper contact and compress (and thus spin) the ball. If I don't get picked, I may have to break down and buy one of these.

(Oh! The Horror!!)



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Justin, IL


My main problem is consistent ball striking. I've used the Tour Striker and can hit it, but it doesn't seem to transfer over to my game. I'm excited to see what the DST can do for my game

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Pete, OH


I'm Soooooo close to breaking 90.  Consistency is my biggest problem.  To become more repeatable on the correct swing plane is all I want in this world...

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Phil Metzger Georgia


I think the training aid will help me get more distance with my irons and eliminate my misses giving just the thing I've been looking for to shave those last few strokes off.

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Bill Bolton

Handicap: 6.4


I think it will help me learn more consistent ball striking and lead to better scores. Would also be able to use them to help my son and fiance get better as well.  Isn't that one of the things about golf? Not only to get better but to pass the game to the next generation? Anyway, that's how I think these clubs will help me.

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Richard Wilson

Cincinnati, Ohio

10 hdcp

I'm 68 yrs. old, in good shape, play 3-4 days per week. I also practice regularly. I've tried unsuccessfully to get my hands well ahead of the ball, at impact, with my irons. From my research and watching videos, I think DST is the ticket! What great advertising it would be if the DST can improve my iron game. If it helps me, younger, faster, stronger men/women, with better hand-eye coordination  would surely benefit. I'm a driven person who wants to get better. I promise to practice diligently and frequently with the DST to improve my game and show how it can make anyone a better iron player. 

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Jay Silva


6.2 HI


Hoping this will help maintain my face angle. I tend to struggle with pushes with shorter clubs and pulls with longer clubs. Also improve my low point control.

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