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Jay Silva


6.2 HI


Hoping this will help maintain my face angle. I tend to struggle with pushes with shorter clubs and pulls with longer clubs. Also improve my low point control.

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Congrats, all! I will be reading intently, as I am interested in possibly purchasing this product.

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14 handicap

left hand


My tendency is to rotate my hips early to ensure i get my hands down and in front of the ball - thus creating a pull-hook. I'm interested in building a consistent swing that compresses the ball without early hip rotation. DST looks like it will help me do just that.

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Michael - Flagstaff, AZ


I really feel this would help my iron play. I have great distance, getting proper coppression and spin is something I've always wanted more of. This would be an amazing tool for me to practice with!

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Kevin Loughran/Florida


My swing error is a too shallow approach.  I'm hopeful that the compressor will enable me to cover the ball better with my irons.


Thanks for the chance to apply. 



Ping G410 - turned down to11.25 degrees, neutral setting - Fujikura Motore X R flex

Ping G410 5-9 wood

Wilson D7 forged 6-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

SCOR 52,60

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

Currently testing Edison wedges to replace SCORS that are wearing out. Also auditions for the 14th spot in the bag.  Current possibilities are a Ping 26 degree hybrid - duplicates the 9 wood or 5 iron but would be used almost exclusively for chipping or Tour Exotics 3 wood simply because you can carry 14 clubs and I might occasionally hit it in certain unusual wind conditions once every four or five rounds. 

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Mike from Illinois.

3.4 handicap.

I go through times during the summer when being too neutral at address/impact causes me to thin the ball.  I think practicing with this could really make me a more consistent golfer--love the concept!

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Hi all-first time poster, long time reader.


I'm Beau

an 8.3 handicap

From Charlotte, North Carolina

I've nearly pulled the trigger on the DST numerous times, but never have. I'd like to try it because I believe it would help train me to keep my hands in front of the ball instead of releasing early.

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Willard - Georgia

Hdcp - 11

This is more for my grandson, than me, as he's just getting started and these could save him years of frustration. He's 16 and has been working on it for a few months now. I'm so happy that he's expressed a desire to learn so he can play with me.

I too could benefit from them as I'm not consistent in my compression and these could help me develop the muscle memory so that it becomes an automatic instead of a "Remember to...".

If I win, I would be most honored to write a full review from looks to performance to how/if it helped, would I recommend it and more.

Thank you for your contest and consideration.

"An ugly bird beats a pretty par every time."


Mizuno MP33 irons - Stiff, standard length, 1º flat

Krank Rage head on a Penley Extra Stiff 46" shaft

Right handed

Lawrenceville, GA

12 handicap - but I'm "Workin' on it."

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