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My name is Rommel and I live in British Columbia.

Handicap is a 12.

I have struggled with my ball striking with my irons for a long time and I struggle getting GIR because of it. I want to develop that penetrating ball flight and I think it would also help with my short game...Doing this I think it will get my handicap in the single digits!!! PLEASE help me out here. I have thought about this device since you brought it to our attention. Golf Spy has helped me in getting equipment and I now play a SNELL ball because of GOLF SPY....Let's do this and help me get into the single digits!!!

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Richmond VA

Hdcp. 5

The DST compressor looks like a great warm up Training aid to find your line of compression would love to test it to see how it can help get the pre round feel for compressing the ball

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At 63 my game has not improved much due to inconsistent iron play, fat or thin because I can't get my hands in front of the ball and hit down. Many if not most recreational players don't hit down and take the divot after the ball strike, me included. I would be a perfect choice to test this club because my main fault is the reason this club was designed to fix, get the hands out in front so the ball is struck with a downward blow and the divot is after the ball strike. If it works for me, there will be millions of these clubs sold! Please consider me a perfect golfer to try this training club on. Hdcp. 16

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Bruce- New York, NY. 16. Looking for years for the magic pill to stop my lead wrist from flipping at impact. Left wrist breaks down, right hand takes over. Loft increases. Both fat shots and uncontrollable draws from club face pointing left at impact. Have used most of the better training aids including Tour Striker. Hours at the range. However have not been able to get positive feedback and ingrain I'd the leading left wrist and compression at impact. If the DST clubs will work for me I'm certain many passionate mid-handicapped golfers will have similar success.

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Tom Brady

Bradenton, Fl

Handicap somewhere around 25 plus (but trying to improve)


My shots are so inconsistent, sometimes I hit them fat, sometimes I'm skimming the top of the ball and sometimes I look like I know what I'm doing and get a good hit. I believe the DST would help me improve my shots by making sure my hands are in the proper location at impact, thus helping me get rid of my inconsistent play.

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John, Ohio

Hcp - 16

I have some problems with finding a consistent bottom of the swing arc and consequently, tend to hit shots thin with little or no divot.  Obviously creating skulls and inconsistent distances between shots with the same club.  Hope this qualifies me to be a tester, please help, thanks!


My Weapons of Grass Destruction 🏌️‍♂️

:titelist-small: TS2 10.5* Hzrdus Smoke S

:titelist-small: 917F2 15* Diamana Blue 70 S

:titelist-small: 818H1 19* Evenflow Blue 85HY S

:titelist-small: 716 AP2 4-P AMT S300

:vokey-small: SM7 50.12 F bent 1* weak, SM7 56.14 F, SM7 60.08 M - S200

:odyssey-small: Black Series 3

RH - Ontario 🇨🇦 and Ohio 🇺🇸

Avg. score 85-92


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Kevin R

Handicap 8

Have followed this device for some time and would love to try their eight iron to help with the Flippiness that causes me to hit the ball so high. The real help would come from their wedge however as that same flippiness has caused a serious case of yips in my short pitching and chipping game. Retraining my hands to stay ahead of the ball contact should help.

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Christian Pagès

Spain , Girona

Hcp 14

I've an 8 iron Dst compressor , and the only thing I can say is that It's WORKs ,

Since I train with it I've gained 2 irons.



Four Testers Wanted!!


DST Compressor 3 Club Set

It's Pop Quiz time.

What do Charley Hoffman, Sergio Garcia, James Hahn, Hideki Matsuyama and Danny Willett have in common?

Yes, they've all won some pretty big golf tournaments this year. But more specifically, they're all card-carrying members of DST Nation.



The DST Compressor is one the most unique and effective training aids we've ever reviewed here at MyGolfSpy. According to DST, this funny looking golf club with the bent shaft works wonders in helping you impact the ball more crisply, consistently and powerfully.


Can this deceptively simple training tool make you a better ball striker? MyGolfSpy is looking for four dedicated golfers to try out the DST Compressor and see for themselves.



In this thread, please tell us the following:


1. Your name and home state/province

2. Your current handicap

3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking


Easy peasy, gang!


You MUST apply IN THIS THREAD to be eligible.


This testing opportunity is open to golfers in North American and Europe.

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1. Kenneth Louie; Virginia

2. 14

3. My common fault and bad habit is flipping my hands at impact. I have a tendency of getting out of my posture during the shot. The DST compressor will help me address these faults.


Thank you for your consideration.

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