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Steven Schubert, Western Australia,

Handicap of 15,

Any help with striking the ball consistantly square on the face would ultimately help not only myself but my golf mates (of course i would share the club with them)! We could all use a bit of help with our action!

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Ken Mykietowich

Winnipeg Manitoba

13 handicap

I believe that the DST compresser will help me make more solid contact on the face of the club. Occasionally I have developed a glancing blow to my iron shot, I think I'm coming over the top but just can't figure it outm its not every shot just keeps popping up a few time a round. Thanks for the opportunity.


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Gord, Hamilton Ontario


Handicap: 9


Hopefully the DST will help me get my hands in a better position at impact and lead to more consistent play.



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Kirk Ramsay, Ayrshire, Scotland



I am a returner to golf trying to get back to my previous single figure status.

Ball striking improving with use of Tour Striker 7 iron and 56 wedge together with Zepp golf sensor, but still not consistent enough.

I have not seen a practical comparison of DST vs Tour Striker but from what I have seen DST could be a substantial improvement.

As well as speeding up improvement of my ball striking it could be very useful to have an experiential comparison from a committed amateur improver who has made substantial use of both tools.

My achieving single figure handicap again would be excellent proof of real benefits to be gained.

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NE Ohio



No sales pitch.


Recovering from shoulder surgery, and just got the go ahead to start making full swings.  Got the itch to get back out there.  This product would definitely help me get started on the right track.

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Jay, Michigan

Current handicap is 15.

I never seem to make consistent contact with my irons, or, more correctly, consistent misses. I go from hitting a shot fat, to the next one thin, and every once in a while I pure one but I can never key in on what I did differently between the 3 swings. I believe the dst compressor will help me better line up and understand the mechanics of hitting a pure shot.

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Around a 16 handicap


I have a tendency to release my wrist to early in my down swing which ends up causing me to hit a short shot that bleeds off line. This is more pronounced with the longer clubs. I'm hope this training aid will help me with keeping the ball on the target line and have more consistent contact.


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Your name and home state/province

Keith Ornelas, west springfield ma

2. Your current handicap


3. How you think the DST Compressor Set

can help your ball striking

-I don't practice with work and 2 small kids, I used to practice a lot before wife and kids and now I get to play 9 holes a week if I am lucky.

I would like this training aid to help me put quality practice time in and get back to where I was ball striking wise when I used to practice a lot.

Work smarter not harder is what I am hoping for. Many thanks for the opportunity.

Regards, Keith

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1.  James from New York

2.  I don't have an official handicap, but I'd guess it's around 12-15

3. I think the DST Compressor Set can help my ball striking because I've always struggled with a thin shot miss.  I think if the DST Compressor could encourage me get into a more powerful impact position a bit, it could really help my game.

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Eric - Birmingham


Handicap 10.6


My ball striking is a little erratic.  I think the DST Compressor could help me with getting a

better strike on the ball as well as put me in a good position in the follow through.

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Kyle Fillmore - Utah

8 handicap

I am an ok ball striker but I still hit a lot of shots thin which is keeping me from having consistent distance on my irons. Getting my compression right would no doubt help me continue to drop my handicap.

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Four Testers Wanted!!


DST Compressor 3 Club Set

It's Pop Quiz time.

What do Charley Hoffman, Sergio Garcia, James Hahn, Hideki Matsuyama and Danny Willett have in common?

Yes, they've all won some pretty big golf tournaments this year. But more specifically, they're all card-carrying members of DST Nation.



The DST Compressor is one the most unique and effective training aids we've ever reviewed here at MyGolfSpy. According to DST, this funny looking golf club with the bent shaft works wonders in helping you impact the ball more crisply, consistently and powerfully.


Can this deceptively simple training tool make you a better ball striker? MyGolfSpy is looking for four dedicated golfers to try out the DST Compressor and see for themselves.



In this thread, please tell us the following:


1. Your name and home state/province

2. Your current handicap

3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking


Easy peasy, gang!


You MUST apply IN THIS THREAD to be eligible.


This testing opportunity is open to golfers in North American and Europe.

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John G.

handicap 21 (proving I need all the help I can get)

I am very inconsistent with my irons, I will hit fat, then thin, then fat again, then a couple of pure strikes, then the cycle restarts. I think k this club would help me figure out where to place the balance in my stance and also train my hands to stay in front of the clubbed at impact.

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Jim in Colorado

Current HI = 12.6

I've had some degree of help using the TourStriker 7i, but my golf instructor thinks I'd get more benefit from the DST.  The way my ball striking has been lately, I'm looking for some help as I've been struggling so far this season...

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I'm Ron from California. My current index is 10.1. I've always struggled with inconsistent  contact on iron shots with mid-irons down to chipping. No amount of "hit down damnit" or other instruction has been the solution, I still tend to bottom out behind the ball; but this club just might do it!

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Columbus In.


Have been working on getting my body and arms to work together to achieve a flat left wrist at impact giving me that divot left in front of the ball think this club will help me accomplish this with making your hands get in front of ball at impact.

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1. Your name and home state/province - Pete Johnson N. Illinois / Nevada (50/50)

2. Your current handicap - 20

3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking - I have been golfing for about 15 months and would like to improve my ball striking and driving. I don't think the DST will help my driving, but sounds like it would help with my irons. I tend to hit my irons "okay" but would like to improve my consistency. My normal scores is around 100, and I would love to get into the low 90s by the end of this season.

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