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I'm Kyle from Phoenix, AZ.  I'm coming back from a long lay off, so I currently do not have an official handicap.  But my last 5 rounds were in the high 90's to 105.  I've been working with a pro, and now have a practice area set up in my backyard, so I've been hitting balls daily.  


I'm curious how this device might help stop me lifting up on my down swing, and keep my hands in good impact position.  This leads me to often have low, thin shots that lose distance.  These are the most challenging flaws I've been struggling with, and my pro has suggested that perhaps a  device like this might help.


This is a really interesting test idea.   I'm looking forward to seeing the results.



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This training aid would help me with impact. I am close but not quite there in terms of getting to the sweet spot with my approach shots. I also have a long standing problem with getting a tad flippy with my pre-impact position and this club should be ideal to help me. I use the Tour Striker 8 iron (have for a long time) and it is similar in that it trains you to get your hands forward at impact, but I think this club is even more demanding for a precise impact position.

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michael farley

tempe, arizona

handicap 1.5

help me get more lean into the ball at impact...

Driver Callaway Max LS K1 50x

3 wood Callaway subzero mavrik 13 degree Mitsubishi blue 75 TX

2 iron Taylor made UDI hump 100x

Srixon 4-PW ZX7S with 105 Nippon x 

50-54-58 vokey raw S400


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Dave, Chicago IL

Aprox 30 hdcp

Always been terrible at the game but made the decision this year to actually try to improve my game (a few lessons, actually keeping score, practicing, i set up an optishot simulator in my garage) and of this can help me I'm all in.

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Andrew, Minnesota


I tend to hit the irons well, with a high draw, but lately, old (bad) habits have reared their heads. I played as a youth in Nebraska on concrete fairways where wrists and elbows were in constant peril. As such I developed a sweeper type swing and a fearful thin skulling flinch. Over the years I have mostly fixed this, but still am not as consistent as I should be. I should think this training aid would ingrain the proper down and through motion such that I never have to worry about yipping halfway down, flipping the wrists, and falling over backward again.


Adams 9064LS 9.5* (until I cracked the face)

Adams Super LS 17*

Adams XTD Ti 23*

Wilson Staff Ci7 4-PW

Adams wedges: 52/7 56/13 60/7

Wilson Staff Infinite Southside putter/Odyssey DualForce 660 putter

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1. Brandon Giovanni - California

2. 0.4

3. I think this would help my ball striking because I tend to clip the ball with very little or no divot. Overall it would help my ball  striking be more consistent.

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Jonathan Silverberg- Brooklyn, NY


Current GHIN system handicap index 11.6


My clubface height coming into the ball is inconsistent, producing fat & thin shots. I hope the DST Compressor can help with that.

Jon Silverberg


BatCaddy electric pushcart with 36 hole capable lead-acid battery, holding a 2015 Titleist 14-way stand bag, customized with my club's logo (Nassau Players Club), containing:

TaylorMade 10.5 degree SIM Max Driver (set 2 clicks down), with 47.5" A Flex Fujikura Ventus Red 5 shaft 

Cobra F6 3-4W (set to 16 degrees), with 47.5" R flex Aldila ATX65 shaft

Cobra King F8 4-5 wood (set to 19 degrees), 3 and 4 hybrids, all R flex

TaylorMade Jetspeed 6 Hybrid, R flex

Cleveland Launcher HB 7-S irons, R flex (+1.5")

Cleveland RTX 3.0CB 60 degree wedge (+1")

Evnroll ER-3 putter, 35" (Gravity grip)

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1. Greg Carmichael

2. Oakville, Ontario

3. 11.8


When the season began I was a 6.5. The increase is completely due to terrible ball striking (formerly my strength). My chipping and putting are now what save me. I have developed a massive scoop at impact that I am desperately trying to get rid of and I believe the DST can help me. I want to get back to my 6 and beyond before the end of the season. Win one or buy one I will be giving the DST a chance. Thanks for posting this and reminding me of this tool.

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1) Richard Hallam,

2) Doha, Qatar

3) 12.3 HCP


Impact is key to distance and consistent ball striking. The DST Compressor will assist in correcting my long iron play that tends to be a shortfall in my game and stop me reaching into the bag for the Rescue. 



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John, Pahrump, NV

18 handicap

I hope this tool will help me have a more even impact on my long irons and give me a little more distance on all my shots.

Shafts - Calloway's graphite, ss

Driver  - Ping G20, 10.5 deg., Ping reg. flex pwr55 graphite shaft.

Right handed

Pahrump, NV, the hidden desert jewel

Handicap - 12, on a day w/o beer!

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Ray from New York

22 hcp


I been battling a chicken wing for a long time. I video type my swing and feel like I am making an effort to swing down on the ball. I watch the replay and amazed how much faster the club head is before my hands. I think the DST will be a great training aide to correct this

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Garrett McMillan

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Handicap: 1


I'm a CPGA Professional in Saskatchewan and have been keeping an eye on this company for a little while. Would love to test it and see how it helps throughout the entire game, especially with long irons. 

Would also enjoy giving the club to some of my students! 

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John Levitt, Thousand Oaks, CA

8 handicap

I have been out of the game for 3 years after neck surgery. I think the DST will help me regroove my swing and get me back to a 3 or lower. Thanks

The Dude abides.




PXG 0811 9 degree

Tour Exotics 3 Wood

Srixon 5 Wood

PXG 0311 5-PW

Miura K Wedges 52, 56, 60

PXG  Center Shafted

:travis-mathew-1: Golf Shirts (on me, not ITB!)

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