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I live in San Diego CA.

Handicap 5

A recurring fundamental flaw I struggle with is letting my hands get behind the ball. I've always picked the ball clean so when my timing is ON I'm safe but occasionally I hit it thin. I've been working on taking a divot. I've looked at this cub and would love to try it out and share it with my golf club.

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Chris-Vancouver Canada



I have a tendace to get very handise with my chip shots its terrible. I think this training aid will help keep them quiet and have me in the correct position. With the mid to long irons It will give me a better impact position and striking i believe.


Im a lefty so having a firend thats testing this product thats right handed is kind of hard to try.



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hello this training device is something I have been looking at for some time end I am relay interested in trying this. As I am I PGA teacher I would love to find out If this is something I could recommend to may students.

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Robert from Oregon


With repeated use, it will ingrain the correct impact with a forward shaft lean in order to hit the ball.  I tend to let my clubhead pass my hands at impact creating a scooping action.

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Cecilio Rodríguez, Bogotá Colombia

Hdcp 17

Playing at 8,660 feet above sea level in Bogota the ball flies a lot further than at sea level, I wonder how far it will fly if I can fine tune my swing with this aid.  Send it way south of the border for a try.    

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1) Nick Lannes - San Diego, CA

2) 10 handicap

3) I have always had a cut swing, but last year it got much worse as I had a left shoulder injury which really caused me to cast at the top since I couldn't lead with that shoulder without pain. My body overcompensated and my hips were turning way ahead of my hands, and I am now blocking and fading everything. I even had a bout of the shanks for about a month earlier this year as my hozzle was leading the ball I was coming across so badly. I fixed that issue with a ball position adjustment, but I need help to fix my timing so I have a better position at impact with my hands in front of my body. This tool seems like the perfect tool to correct my swing.

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Jason- Alexandria Virginia


current handicap is 6.1


everyone's ballstriking can improve and I get away with a lot due to my length so improved short iron striking and wedge striking is definitely needed

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Los Angeles, CA




I tend to get out of rhythm and use my arms to catch up and get out of the ideal striking position at impact.  I believe this will slow me down and dial in the feel of where I should be at impact.

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I'm Donald from NC


I don't have a handicap, but my score is usually about 110 for 18 holes.


My contact is inconsistant - sometimes hit it fat, sometimes top it, and sometimes hit it good. This can help me by teaching me to get my hands in the proper position at impact for a more consistant impact. If it can help me improve, it can help anybody.

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Atlanta, GA



I don't know if the DST can help my ball striking. I do have a tendency to cast. It would be interesting to see how the transition from the training club to the playing club would be. 

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1. Your name and home state/province

Brian Valdez from California


2. Your current handicap



3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking

This will help with thinned and fat shots by practicing the correct swing type for irons. 



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