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Official Forum Member Review - Snell My Tour Ball

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Official Forum Member Review

Snell My Tour Ball


snell MTB 1.jpg


Snell Golf is taking the golf ball industry by storm - a direct-to-consumer golf ball company with its own in-house R&D, led by legendary golf ball designer Dean Snell.  



We have 5 reviewers ready to take a look at Snell's flagship product, the My Tour Ball. Here's the tale of the tape...


Snell MTB 22.jpg


Meet the Testers, and make sure to check out their work:


RobertMarkGolf                                   Stage 1                          Stage 2


dhayse32                                             Stage 1                          Stage 2


Fireinthehole                                        Stage 1                          Stage 2


DaveP043                                            Stage 1                          Stage 2


jacustomgolf                                        Stage 1                         Stage 2

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I want to thank MGS again for this testing opportunity. I currently live in Urbana, IL and play at Urbana Country Club. I am a +1.6 index and have been playing golf for almost 30 years now (32). I played in college at St. Bonaventure University and was lucky enough to win 5 tournaments in my career there.

My game resides around ball striking and being able to get up and down. I have a very low ball flight and that tends to hamper my longer game, but I do not lack for distance. My driver swing speed is currently at 117 mph. I can get it up into the 120's but then its more out of control. My game also gets better with pressure. I love playing competitive golf and I tend to play better when something is on the line. And I am currently working to get my game back to the level it was 10 years ago so I can compete in some national events.

My current set up is mostly Titleist Equipment. You can see in my signature what I currently play. The ball I played until yesterday was the Titleist Pro V1. I found a new friend in the SNELL MTB. I do not change my clubs that often as I feel it takes time to get used to equipment and get used to how each one plays. I chose this set up after working on my game and reading reviews to see what is best for me. I am very much a feel player and that determines how I play a lot of shots.

I tend to miss left when I get quick with my swing. I play a natural draw and it tends to hook more when I am not swinging well. I can hit a cut when I need to which has helped me save some more strokes in recent months.

Now for the SNELL MTB. I got the balls Friday afternoon. We had an event yesterday morning at the club and I decided to try them out. Once I opened the package I thought the ball reminded me a lot of the 1st pro v1 that ever came out. I loved that ball. I hit a few putts with it and chips and it felt great. It was a shotgun start and off to 12 tee I went. What can I say, this ball surprised me. Very nice feel off the tee, great reaction on the greens. I had no problem hitting the one hop and stop, and it rolled great on the greens. The course is on the shorter side but very narrow. It played to just under 6400 yds. yesterday, and I was hitting from spots I have never hit from for 2nd shots. I would say its longer than the PRO V1 I was playing but will do more testing to see exactly how much further. I have attached some photos and a stat sheet of my first round with this ball. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I know its one round with a new ball, but I am very excited to put these into the bag. I have a full July of golf coming up and we will see how they go. I hope to put this into the bag for my US Amateur qualifier on July 12.


Rounds so far (34 - 32 = 66) (42 - 35 = 77) (42 - 34 = 76) 4 of 6 sides under par +3 total in 3 rounds with this ball.  Playing again Thursday.

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SNELL MTB - Official Forum Review by Jacustomgolf




Currently in my Bag I have the following line up


Titleist 915 D2 10.5*

Titleist 913 Fd 15*

Adams V2 19* Hybrid

Ft Worth HI 20*

Ft Worth HI 23*

Ft Worth HI 27*

Titleist AP 2 712 6-PW

Cleveland 588 RTX 54* & 60*

PING Anser 4


Yes that is a mixed bag, but so far it has been ok for me. My swing left me at the 4th of July and has not come back. If anyone finds it, (Its usually fast but looks good) please send it home.


The way I play golf is aggressive. I have been trying to tame my game and that has not worked great so far. When I try to play smart (just put the ball in play) I tend to hit it off line anyhow. The course I usually play was built in 1922 and is a tree lined narrow course. Position is often key. As you can guess I play it a little different. I have no problem reaching the par 5's in 2 and usually play them well. We have a few difficult par 4s that will give me fits. the one is only 360 yds. from the tips, but if you are off at all its a 5 or 6. We also have a 4 hole stretch on the back that we call candy land and you can easily play it 3 or 4 under (keep in mind you still have to keep it in play). Hopefully playing this course will help my game get even better.





Performance on the course


Distance - this ball exceeds my expatiations. I was surprised how long it was off of the tee. I am hitting clubs into the greens that I never have. It was very responsive. If I miss it, I know, but if I flush it, I know as well. Compared to the Pro V1, it was 5-10 longer and when I smoked it, it was up to 15.


Consistency - The ball flight is very consistent which is great. I can hit the one hop and stop and I can also play a bump and run. The thing I love about this ball is that on full swings it just stops. It does not spin back, and it does not go forward, it just sits. I love this in a ball. Knowing I can carry it and it will not move is huge. No more spinning them off the front and no more first big hop over into the rough.


Feel - This ball has great feel. I have been chipping very well with it and my putting (even though I changed putters) is getting better. The ball holds its line well and has a nice feel. Feel is so hard to describe, its not soft off the putter face, but its not hard. For myself this ball has what I want in a performance ball. Off of the driver I know its good. Its slightly harder than the Pro V1 which I do not mind and from the fairway it has a very nice crisp sound.


Carry - Off of my driver this ball tends to fly lower than the Pro V1, this does not hurt me at our course, but it does roll further and that is what I need to get use to. You can tell it is a very low spin ball off of the tee by the way it runs out. Now with the irons it is exactly the opposite. Stopping right away, but with no back spin, just stopping power. This is not exactly ideal for my course, but I need to learn to play it.


Performance on the Course Score - 43-50




1. This ball is long. Do not mistake the lower cost for a ball that will not compete.

2. The lack of spin into greens will not be for everyone. This might shy some people away, but I do enjoy that.

3. The ball does perform. Its everything SNELL said it would be. It will come down to your personal game if you like this ball.




Looks & Durability


The packaging this ball come in is very nice with good information about the company and the ball you are about to play. The nice touch is the hand signed order form from the company. Very nice. The graphics are clean and that follows through to the ball. A simple logo and the arrows around the MTB are a very nice line of sight touch.

Over the short term, 18 holes the ball holds up very well. Even thru 36 no noticeable discoloration (like the pro v1) and even the logos were still in very good shape. But when I tried to go to 54 holes we had a major issue. Finally on the 53rd hole I noticed the ball was cracked. I feel this is very early in the cycle for a ball to crack. I have played the Pro V1 and Callaway balls well over 100 holes before they failed. I do think the ball started to fail around the 49th hole as the flight started to change, but it was the 200 yard 3 wood that made me look at it further. I do enjoy playing these balls and I will send this one back to SNELL, I just hope that the rest last longer.


Looks & Durability Score - 8 - 15


Sound & Feel


I enjoy the sound this ball makes off of the tee. Very crisp. Not too loud, not mute either. The sound combined with the feel makes this ball a winner for me. I would not change this in any way. I know exactly what it is going to do once I strike the ball. Everyone is different and will be in this category, but for my game and what I want this is a great ball. I am a fast player and when you get that great response from a tee shot and can pick your tee up and not watch is a great feeling.


Sound & Feel Score - 12-15


Likelihood of Purchase


Considering that I have already purchased 3 dozen more I would have to say it is 100%. After these 3 dozen though I do not know. I am going to see what SNELL has to say regarding the ball that cracked and see how the rest of these play out over the summer. Hopefully they last longer.


LOP Score - 17-20


Conclusion & Final Score


When I was selected to test these balls I was very excited. I have played the Titleist Pro V1 for the last 6 years. I was ready for something to come along and make me change. The biggest surprise for me was the spin on the greens. I love how this ball just sits. No back spin to worry about and no big hop. The one disappointing aspect of this ball is that it did not last. I love playing at least 72 holes with one ball. Now not all of them last that long, sometimes they wonder off into the woods or even want to take a swim, but the ones I can get to stick around I like to have them last. Finally, the SNELL MTB is worth a try. It might not be for you, but it is defiantly worth a look.


TOTAL SCORE - 80 - 100

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My thanks go out to MGS, for trusting me to do this review, and to Snell for providing the golf balls. I'm really looking forward to doing this review, its my first chance to do something like this. However, I didn't realize I'd actually have to think about myself and my life story. Anyway, here we go.

I play to a 6 handicap here at Stoneleigh Golf Club, in Round Hill, VA. The course isn't really long, only 6800 yards from the back tees, but we have lots of ups and down, some severely sloped greens, and regularly have significant wind spilling out through a gap in the Blue Ridge just west of the course.

My strengths are driving the ball pretty straight, solid iron play, especially with the shorter irons, chipping and pitching, and shot selection. I struggle more with longer irons, and I don't hit the ball particularly far, maybe 230 to 240 yard carry with the driver. I generally play a draw, so my miss is generally an over-draw (some would call it a hook), or occasionally I'll leave the face a little open and hit a straight push. I'd say I have a moderate tempo, edging towards quick at times, I practice specifically to keep the tempo under control.

I've been using the Titleist ProV1 for quite a while, I usually take advantage of the deal for 4 dozen customized balls for the price of 3 in the Spring.

I'm not sure of my driver speed, but I carry the ball around 230 to 240 yards most of the time. If I believe correlations on websites, that puts me in the 95 to 100 mph range.

I've been playing golf for 45 years or so (I'm 60 years old). I started as a teenager, with no formal instruction, just some tips from my Dad about set-up and grip. I played informally, but pretty regularly, through college and into my working career. I never had a handicap or played any tournaments until after I met my wife. Her father invited me to play in his Member-Guest, and I became hooked on playing more competitively. I joined my current club while the golf course was still under construction, 25 years ago, and play every chance I get. I've played on our club's inter-club teams for 20 years, and captained the “B-Team”, for handicaps 5 to 16, for 5 years.

At the moment, my bag is almost completely Titlelist, from my 910 D2 driver, AP-2 714 irons, and Vokey wedges, the lone exception being my Ping B60 G-5 putter. Generally, I've tested and been fit for clubs in our pro shop, and found that Titleist fit my eye and swing. I very seldom tinker with my club set-up, and I've been working on the same swing thoughts and keys for at least 10 years.

As I mentioned, I play most of my golf in Round Hill, in Northern Virginia. I also get to the Pinehurst area a couple of times every year, and I love to play golf wherever we go on vacation. Some of my testing for the Snell balls will be done while I'm in Ireland, we're leaving today (Saturday, 6/11), for two weeks. I'll probably alternate the Snell with the Titleist to get a comparison. When I'm back home I can just play the Snell and compare that to my normal results.

First Impressions

The balls just showed up today, and I couldn't wait to open the package. Inside was a dozen balls in typical packaging, 3 to a sleeve. Odd enough, I noticed that the sleeves didn't have a little window to peek at the balls through. I don't know why anyone would care, but it seemed a little unusual. Other than that, it was solid, professional-looking packaging. Also Included was a golf hat, a nice surprise.


I took a couple of photos side-by-side with my normal ball, the Titleist Pro V1. Again, the balls look good. To my eyes, the logo looks good, just slightly larger than the Titleist, definitely smaller than the Calloway logo (which I don't really like). 20160609_173742_resized.jpg

The alignment line looks fine too, although I don't use it so don't really care as long as its not too obtrusive. Side by side, the Snell doesn't look quite as “bright white” as the Titleist, but that could just be the lighting in the room. Its not something I'd ever notice without having them side by side.20160609_173754_resized.jpg

In sum, its a good looking, good feeling golf ball. Now the wait, getting on a plane this afternoon, landing tomorrow morning in Ireland and driving due north, but Monday I'll be playing golf at Ballyliffin, Ireland.

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Its been way too long for me to get this done, and I apologize for that. One thing I'm really good at is procrastination, and I did an exceptional job here, even by my standards. Anyway, on to the review.


As I mentioned in my Stage 1 review, I got the balls on the eve of my departure for Ireland. The way it worked out, I played only the Snell while in Ireland. On our first day at the golf course, I took a couple to the practice green and started by putting and chipping a few. My first reaction was positive, the balls rolled nice and consistent, with a kind of subdued click. They didn't exactly feel “soft,” but there were towards the softer end of the spectrum. Then a few chips, a kind of dead-hands chip with a lofted wedge. The balls did exactly what I'd hoped to see, a nice low flight, one bounce and then a good check. This was surprising, I hadn't expected to see the check on the very firm Irish greens. I tried a couple of ProV1's for chipping, and if anything the Snell showed a little more check than the Titleist. Then, a few swings on the range and off to the course.


For those who have played Irish links courses, you know that the wind is pretty much always blowing. It may change directions or strength, but it seems to never stop. Consequently, I didn't try to compare distances with the Snell, but I did watch the trajectory closely. I was pretty pleased overall, I could hit it low into the wind without the ball ballooning too badly, and I could put the ball forward in my stance when going downwind and have enough backspin that the ball would float on the wind, rather than getting knocked down. I liked the feel of the ball on full shots as well as I liked the putting and chipping, firm but not hard, with a nice sound off the clubface. Sadly, the ball did nothing at all to correct for my truly bad swings, so I left a few of them in the tall fescue lining the rolling fairways at Ballyliffin, Carne, Ballybunion, and Lahinch. None in the Atlantic, but only because the wind was coming towards shore. The other thing the ball couldn't do was bite on full shots into the very firm greens, but no golf ball can do that.


Back in the States, I could really evaluate distances and performance on my home course. In general, I'd say the Snell is a little longer than the ProV1, but not hugely so. I'm talking about 10 yards or less with the driver, maybe a half-club with most irons. I'd say the Snell launched just a couple of degrees higher with the irons too, which may explain the distance gain. Bite on the greens with full shots was very good, but not to the point where I was drawing a ball back uncontrollably. Spin on partial shots was excellent. You know, those 60 yarders where you can't take a full swing, so the ball doesn't stop as quickly as with a full shot? Well, the Snell did stop. Short game was excellent too, check on the chip shots when I wanted it, and nice feel and consistent roll on the putts.


So on to the meat of the review. Any comparisons are to the Titleist ProV1, I've been playing that ball consistently since it was introduced a long time ago.


Performance on the Course

Distance was fine, at least as good as the ProV1, probably just a little longer. Flight was slightly higher, something I can use. Control on full shots was good, enough spin to stop shots, not too much to cause a ball to back up excessively. Short game feel was good, consistent spin results on chips and pitches. Putting feel was on the softer end of the spectrum, which suits me fine. Overall, this ball is every bit as good as the ProV1.

48 of 50 points


Looks and Durability

Most of the guys have posted pictures, including me. I think the ball looks nice, classy. In hindsight, I like the font used for Snell, I like the red accent and number, and even though the logo is just slightly larger than the Titleist (the classic in my lifetime), I think its just fine. Durability is good, although I'd have liked to have kept a few of them longer, but they kept escaping. I did manage 42 holes with a single ball in Ireland, and saw no fading or damage. The only change I could see was where the logo was smudged, which is understandable since I always tee the ball so I strike the logo.

14 of 15 points


Sound and Feel

Sounds and feel is just right, in my opinion. Its hard to describe sound, but some balls make a kind of plastic clack sound, some a dull thud, this is just a nice solid smack on full shots. Off the putter, a muted click, it just sounds right somehow. Feel is slightly toward the soft end, which suits me fine. I know a couple of guys who found the feel a little soft for their liking, but I thought it was good.

15 of 15 points


Likelihood of purchase

I'm definitely going to give this ball an extended audition. I still have a dozen ProV1s left from my yearly spring purchase, but I'm going to order a couple dozen Snells to try through the fall and winter. I have a trip to Pinehurst for Thanksgiving planned, as well as a week in Palm Springs in January, so I'll have plenty of chances to try them out.

18 of 20 points




Whether I'll continue to use them, I'm not sure. As I mentioned in the first part of my review, I usually get 4 dozen personalized Titleist each spring. I enjoy having “my own” golf balls. So I'd be lying if I said I'm definitely going to change, the personalization option may seem worth the extra money to my little ego. Now if Snell were to offer personalization, at a reasonable price, on orders of 6 dozen or so, that could tip the scales (just a hint in case they're reading this). I can say with certainty that I've already recommended the Snell MTB to a number of my friends, and have no hesitation in recommending them to folks here. If you want a ball that's every bit as good as the “most popular ball on the pro tours”, at a MUCH better price, try the Snell MTB.


I apologize for the lack of visuals, I'm doing this from my hotel room, and I have nothing on my laptop. I just wanted to take care of this while I had a chance, its already waited too long. Thanks for MGS for selecting me for this review, and a special thanks to Snell Golf.

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Snell My Tour Ball Stage 1.

Hello Fellow Spy's (or is it Spies?)!

As always, I would like to extend the staff at MyGolfSpy for the opportunity to test products as well as Snell Golf.

I live in Oregon. Started golfing after one range session and haven't stopped yet. I've been as low as a 6 hcp and as high as a 30.I started drawing the ball consistently then playing a fade, to then being unable to hit either, to getting square again. All within a 3 year roller coaster ride. I've owned more clubs than most people look at in a life time and tried more balls than I can remember ( do have an xcel sheet, just to keep track of if all). I'll complete 4 years of golfing this August. What people get from a good movie, song, or poetry, or even a sermon; I get from a good drive, crisp iron shot, long putt and beating my friend during a round. I love bomb and gauge golf because I'd rather have to hit under or over a tree from 30 yds away to hitting an iron off the tee and being left with a 180+yd approach.

I am currently playing to a 9.2 HCP and trending down. The strengths of my game are total distance through the bag and putting. My weakness are swing flaws that manifest themselves into pushes to the right- usually from not releasing through the ball, and being streaky either hitting my irons really well or driving really well. My Swing Tempo is Moderate/medium-Fast, and my swing speed averages 117.

I like to see some curve to my ball. It makes the game easier for me than trying to "hit it straight," The down side being, that lazy passes at the ball or half-hearted draw/ hook attempts turn to pushes to the right that seem to go on forever. For the most part I play a draw and have a high flight. When in doubt or low in confidence I look to play a high fade.

I am currently using the Srixon XV and switched from a Callaway speed regime 3, but have played every top manufacturers ball.

File Jun 13, 3 49 21 PM.jpeg

I am not loyal to any particular manufacturer as you can see from my signature. I am particular to each piece of equipment. It better perform to my liking to stay in the bag. I could say the look of a club doesn't bother me, but I do like to look at pretty things; I am human. I am a set it and forget it type, but tinker like a madman to get to the forget it stage.

First impression: while not as bright as the srixon's I'm using now, it's not dull. Logo size is pretty standard in my opinion. Of the three pictured I prefer the MTB's alignment aide. I've been putting with it; this is always the starting point for any ball I test, it is the softest of the three, nice to start on a positive.

Mr. Snell has been a contributor to two of my favorite balls of all time; The Taylormade tour preferred X and Pro V1x; so i look forward to seeing how this ball works! You may ask why i am not gaming those now and the answer is simply- economics, they are pricey.

File Jun 13, 3 48 33 PM.jpeg

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Official MGS Forum Review by [Fireinthehole a.k.a. Eron]

Player Intro.

Clubs used: (Full details in the signature)

Driver: Taylormade M2 9.5*

Irons: Mizuno MP H5 1 iron, Nike VR Pro combo CBs 5-9

Wedges: Vokey 46*, 50*, 54*, 58*

Putter: Bettinardi Signature Series #7

Current Ball: Srixon Z star XV


Well I am a bomb and gauge kind of guy, but have been discovering my accuracy again particularly by primarily playing a fade- it listens (Thanks Lee Trevino). As previously mentioned my swing speed with driver avgs 117 mph. I put a fair amount of spin on the ball and I hit the ball high. I prefer to aim for the middle of the green on approach shots- it never moves. Greenside I prefer hop and stop vs roll out- that means I hit primarily lob and pitches vs chips. I like a soft feel of all my clubs which puts me stuck out of luck – when it comes to selecting golf balls. Up to this point the Srixon Z star XV seemed to be the happy medium when it comes to spin of the driver, Distance, stop power off the long irons and not spin off the wedges, all without being complete mush on the putter. I have read a lot of rave reviews for Snell's My Tour Ball, so I was looking forward to testing it.


Swing Sample: Look out Jason Day I'm coming for you!






Distance-  Plenty, like a Prov1 and a Prov1x had a baby and produced a ball that provides plenty of distance and decent roll out.  I could hit the ball left and right with it off the tee without issue, It could all be in my head, but it seemed the ball likes to draw more than fade. I didn't see much distance loss with this ball across all clubs, 1-3yds at the most, carry + roll. I attribute it to the higher launch angle (spin too) I saw across all clubs-  which also meant less roll out. Raw distance, I have to give the nod to the Srixon Z star XV. What pushed it across the line was distance off the tee. For instance hitting my stock fade off the tee yielded an average 292yd with the Snell and 301yd with the Srixon. I was not able to hit each off a launch monitor to get launch and spin numbers (will update), but at the current distance I am not hurting for extra yards through optimization of this or that.


Consistency: The Snell was a model of consistency. It went toe to toe with the Srixon without question. It was quick and easy to dial it in greenside, because this ball likes to spin I was looking to see if I could zip some back. There were a few times I had the ball back up, but most of the time it was less than 1 yard. My clubs greens are pressed hard and I rarely have my shots back up.  I won't lie and say I expected this from direct-to-consumer brands, but Mr. Snell obviously knows Golf balls and production too. I have not played in wind, but for the record it is rarely windy here.


Feel:. Delight off all the clubs. It was soft without being mushy or hollow off the putter. I putted with a Bettinardi and off a Scotty Cameron Squareback and it was just as good off each.


Course Score: (45 out of 50): Used for 13 Rounds of 18.

Subjective- In every sense of the word.


Looks & Durability

●     Appearance/graphics/packaging: My favorite golf ball box second only to the original Taylormade Tour Preferred X box. It is clean without flash- it looks professional. I like the logo redesign and the ball alignment aide- even though I draw on my own. The name is not off putting to me, when it gets a bigger foot hold in the market it will be no big deal like: Titleist, Srixon, Bridgestone, Taylormade or Callaway. If I was new to the game, I would think this was another big OEM golf ball; don't mean that as an insult!

●     Short term/long term durability: The ball was more durable than a Pro v1, but not as tough as the Srixon. But it is a Urethane golf ball we are talking about after all. Scrapes and scuffs are going to happen- it's the trade off for the spin. It looked better after 18 than I expected, it didn't look sad or discolored. Color me impressed.

Looks Score: ( 15 Out of 15 points)


Sound and Feel


●      It has a muted sound off the club face, Irons down to the putter. The Srixon XV was louder and the Callaway Speed Regime 3 was even louder of the putter. It felt the softest of the three off the putter, however. The sound and feel of this ball is on par with the Taylormade Tour Preferred X- which was my favorite thing about it.

●     Does it impact your performance in a noticeable way? Absolutely not, the guy who complains about this is the guy who complains about the mower three fairways away.


Sound and Feel Score: (15 out of 15 points)


Likelihood of Purchase

Would I purchase this ball. Yes I would. It is $157.99 for 6 dozens, or about $26.33. That is a steal for new balls. Could I find lost balls of my preferred balls cheaper, yes, but they'd be used and who knows what condition they would be in. Could I buy my preferred balls cheaper new? No.  This golf ball punches above its price. It performed better around the green than the srixon I am using now, without being blown away off the tee. 


LOP Score: ( 20 out of 20 points)



Conclusion & Final Score


Some people might say that Titleist is the standard in golf, but I disagree, it has just been around a long time. It has improved incrementally  so it hasn't scared or angered anyone, and it has wide distribution channels and it pays extensively to advertise itself as the “symbol of excellence.”  Some people don't like change, and that's ok. I for one, refuse to pay $48-54 for one dozen golf balls. When you grow up playing one brand or are subjected to constant ads about it being the standard you believe it. This is why testing for yourself is important. You might be surprised to find out something's you were ok with, were not ok. End scene.


I find with all golf balls, it is about compromise. Will every ball check off everything on your list? Likelihood is no. Though this ball was not the longest for me, it did provide exceptional short game control. I was able to manage the spin, and the higher launch was a positive for the faster greens my club has continued to press harder. It went head to head with my current gamer and came out in regards to holding greens.  It felt good off of every club, a rare feat, but as mentioned before Mr. Snell worked on one of my favorite balls of all time the Tour preferred X, and I see some of its DNA in this ball. His dedication to his craft comes through in this ball and the confidence to put his name on the product speaks volume. It might be sentimental, but I like when a business has an owner who stands by his product and listens to customer feedback (see logo size change). Didn't think I would like the ball as much as I did because when looking at reviews, it was often regarded as Pro V1 equivalent if not better, and I don't like the Pro V1. I think the better moniker is a Pro V1x and Tour Preferred X, hybrid- but doing that feels like a diservice, because this ball stands well enough alone. I might have some Srixon's to burn through, but I know where to look for my next gamer. You might look at the score and think? Really? And to that I can only say Believe the hype.


Total Score: 95 out of 100

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Snell “My Tour Ball” Review – Stage 1


First and foremost, I want to thank My Golf Spy for the opportunity to do this review and for continuing to provide the golf community with quality, unbiased reviews on today's equipment.  I also want to thank Mr. Dean Snell and Snell Golf for supplying the balls to do this review and for striving to offer quality products at a price most of us can afford (or want to spend!).

Let me start with providing a little background on Dustin Hayse, the golfer.  I grew up playing basketball 12-months a year, every weekend traveling from city-to-city and state-to-state.  When I got to high school, I needed to find something to do on the side to “relax”…what is more relaxing than golf?  From there I joined the golf team, sucked horribly, and loved it.  At times I wish that was still my mentality but I am too competitive.  Back then, I didn't know a ProV1 from a Top Flight, in fact I still remember getting pumped when Top Flight released the XL-2000 and thinking the Balata was the holy grail of golf balls.

As time went on I managed to get a little better and slowly lowered my handicap.  About 3-4 years ago golf moved from a hobby to and obsession.  Today I am constantly researching, buying/selling, and trying to improve as much as a weekend golfer can.  Right now I sit at a 10 handicap with the capability or putting up a 74 or 87 at any given time.  My main strength is my short game, I am solid with my irons, but struggle mightily off the tee.  My swing generally produces a slight fade with my miss being right 90% of the time.  I hit the ball incredible high and all of my distance is carry.   My driver swing speed is consistently 110 mph (2600 spin rate), which I have a very quick tempo and would gladly take a 90 mph swing if it meant more fairways.

“Currently” my bag looks like this:

*816 DBD Kiyoshi Purple 85x
910Fd Bi-Matrix X-Flex
915Hd 20.5* Tour Green 2.5x
716 AP2 KBS C-Taper Lite 115x
SM6 50/56/62 S400s
Kombi S 35”
Vice Pro/Pro Plus

*Driver subject to change at any moment







My Snell package arrived last week for my review and inside sat a dozen Snell “My Tour Balls” (MTB for short from here on out) and a black Snell hat.  The package is sleek and of the same quality as the â€œhigh dollar” brands.  Like most balls, the box consisted of four
sleeves, each containing three balls.   Pretty straight forward so far.

The balls themselves look incredible.  The new design looks great with the alignment line having only “MTB” whereas the previous models actually had “MY TOUR BALL” printed on the line.  I looked over all 12 of the balls and cannot find any imperfections in the printing.
The initial feel of the MTB is very nice, a little tacky and a nice soft feel, very much the same as you would expect from other top end golf balls. There was a slight "paint" smell when I opened the sleeves.  Nothing intense, just noticeable.  



I will get into the comparisons more in my main review, but for now, here are some sample pic of how the MTB looks compares visually to the Vice balls that I am currently playing.  I am VERY excited to hit the course with these and see how they stand up against the golf ball giants as well as other cheaper alternatives.  



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Snell “My Tour Ball” – Official MGS Forum Review by dhayse32




After looking at the other reviewers, I am sitting at a slightly higher handicap then these fine gentlemen. I have found myself hovering at this 10 handicap range for the last few seasons, never really getting any better or worse. When one area of my game improves, something else fails me…for example, in the 5 rounds I have played since I posted my stage one review, my short game has vanished and my driving is better than ever. Go figure. For me, golf is rollercoaster ride. Last Thursday I played in a 2-man scramble in the morning and a big money 4-man scramble in the afternoon. I played horrendous during the morning round and contemplated switching to left handed clubs since I couldn't hit it much worse. In the afternoon I played great and was back in love with the sport again. I know I am not alone here, so hopefully my review will appeal to these low-mid handicap guys that share the love evenly across their clubfaces!


What it comes time to buy new golf balls (AKA when the woods/water have taken all of mine), there are a few major details that I look for. How much do they cost? Are they soft? Three or four piece? How much spin? I would assume most golfers look for some, if not all, of these when looking at new balls. I have tested most every ball and the two that have performed the best for are the TaylorMade Lethals and the Vice Pro/Pro+ balls. The Lethals have been an incredible all around ball that aren't the longest off the tee, but have been the most consistent for me on all phases. The Vice Pro and Pro+ balls have been in the bag a few months and have slowly replaced my Lethals. They are longer and have a better greenside feel than the TaylorMades. So prior to this review, the Snell MTB has a tough test ahead of it.





Performance on the Course




It didn't take long for the MTB to make an impression on me. After a few warmup holes I broke out the Snell on the long, open Par 5. On impact I knew the ball was crushed and the ball landed dead center of the fairway and took off. The ground here is really hard, so I am seeing more roll than usually. I proceeded to drop and hit another Snell and two Vice Pros. One Vice was horrible, but I got into the others. The MTB was easily 10 yards longer on my second shot and my original drive was 15 yards farther than my Vice, which was hit well also. Not sure one an overall yardage but I would estimate them at 305-300-290. While I am not seeing a 20 yard increase on every drive, I can honestly say they are on average I noticed an 8-10 yard increase with the Snell off the tee. Iron distance was a wash for the most part. I never noticed any ball going noticeably farther than the others.




For my talent level, the Snell was as consistent as the Vice but maybe a touch less than the Lethals. The Lethal has always been my go to ball for iron play and Par 3's simply because of how consistent it is. Again, I can spray any of these balls at any time, but on average the Snell was great. Pitching and chipping was great with all three of these balls.




The MTB has an AMAZING feel to it. Nice, soft feel off of the putter face and wedges, but hard enough to pack a major punch off the tee. It was the best feel of the three balls I tested. I loved the feel off the putter face, very soft yet consistent stroke after stroke.


Carry vs Roll :


I get very little roll most of the time under normal conditions sojudging roll is about impossible for me. However, carry was noticeably longer than the other balls. With the insanely hard ground I was hitting personal record drives with these babies!


Course Score: (45 of 50 points)






Looks & Durability




The box/sleeves looked great, nothing too flashy but also didn't look “cheap”. The ball itself looked sleek and sexy and a nice bright white color. I would probably rate the MTB a strong second in that category with the in the looks category only trailing the overall styling of the Vice balls, which are pretty hard to beat in this category. If I could change one thing it would be switching the “MTB” back the “MY TOUR BALL” for lineup purposes.  I like the looks of the MTB, but a longer "line" for lining up putts would be better for my liking. 




Of the three balls tested, the Snell held up much better than the others. Wedge shots didn't do much damage while still providing awesome feedback. The Vice balls tended to take the most damage with the wedges. The most noticeable area in the durability category was the coloration of the Snell, even after several rounds the balls kept their bright white color. Most balls tend to get a little dingy, not the case for the MTB. All three balls proved to be hard to find when placed in the woods or at the bottom of ponds…


Attached it the ball that I managed to play on and off for several rounds.  As you can see, the logo took a little beating, but all in all it looks very good for a amount of use it got. 


Looks Score: (12 Out of 15 points)






Sound and Feel


The sound was similar amongst all of the balls I tested. The Snell had a solid/muted sound off every club, maybe slightly more than the Vice Pro+. The feel was incredible as well, very soft without being spongy. The MTB was flawless in this area.


Sound and Feel Score: (15 Out of 15 points)



Likelihood of Purchase


I can't say I was completely unfamiliar with the Snell balls prior to this review. I have read up on them and handled a few that my buddy bought last summer, but regardless, these are incredible golf balls. At the 6-dozen special of $158, these are an amazing deal. They excel in each of the main areas and really have no weaknesses. I can see myself bouncing back and forth between these and the Vice Pro+ for seasons to come.


LOP Score: (20 Out of 20 points)




Conclusion & Final Score


Why would a person pay $50 for a dozen top quality golf balls when you can play a better ball for nearly half the cost? I know this is the whole selling point Dean Snell was going for when he created these balls, but it isn't a gimmick, these really are some of, if not THE best golf balls that you can play regardless of the price.


Product knowledge it the only thing holding Snell back (Reviews like these are part of the solution). I managed to lose a couple of these balls during the course of a few rounds and I can probably bet that whoever finds them will be confused on what the heck a Snell is.  However, I can already tell a HUGE improvement on information on these balls this year as compared to last. The reason I didn't pull the trigger last some was simply the lack of feedback. This year forums are littered with information and data, hopefully these MGS reviews help spread the word even more on these amazing golf balls!


Total Score: (92 out of 100)

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Stage 1 reviews up for Fireinthehole, jacustomgolf and DaveP043!!!

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I've found as Jaycustom has found that the Snell is longer than the Pro V1, I also find the spin to be kind of between the V1 and V1x, so far it sounds like everyone's initial impression of the MTB is good, good luck with the rounds as you play the new ball, I think you will enjoy it.


Not sure if he did it with the review balls or not, but when you order them, Dean sends a hand written thank you on the receipt, it's not much but for a small business it does mean something.

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I shot a 76 with 5 Birdies on the back nine (43/33) two weeks ago with the MTB!



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy mobile app

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It is getting to the time for me to get some new balls. Can't wait to read the Stage 2 reviews as my finger is hovering over the BUY button on the 6-dozen Snell MTB deal. I currently game the Pro V1 and really like it. I really don't like the economics of gaming the Pro V1. Every time I lose one (which is more than I care to admit), a small part of me mourns the financial loss. Also tough to see the ball hit a tree or a cart path.

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Chemclub, to put you at ease, I already got 3 dozen more.  I have made the switch, and feel very confident.  I will be updating the review after every round, will get 2 more in before this weekend.

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Chemclub, to put you at ease, I already got 3 dozen more.  I have made the switch, and feel very confident.  I will be updating the review after every round, will get 2 more in before this weekend.

Thanks jacustomgolf. Hovering finger is beginning to twitch!

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Not sure if it still works, but they had a 10% off coupon last weekend on Facebook.  thanksDAD2016, good for up to 5 doz.

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Thanks! But the coupon has expired. Twitching finger back to a gentle hover.

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how do you like the Golfshot app? I need to get something with scorecard tools and start managing my handicap

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