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Official Forum Member Review - Mizuno JPX EZ Driver/FW Combo

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Official Forum Member Review

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver bnr.jpg

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver/Fairway Wood Combo



It's time for our review team to let you know what they think of the new Mizuno JPX EZ Driver and Fairway wood combination.  Mizuno says it's long and forgiving, but is it long enough and forgiving enough for our testers?  


Can't wait to find out!!


Here's the lineup:


MattF:                       Stage 1                      Stage 2                 Stage 3


808Nation                 Stage 1                      Stage 2                 Stage 3


josmi15                     Stage 1                      Stage 2                 Stage 3


Go get 'em guys...and the rest of you, please feel free to ask our testers any questions you'd like.  I'm also demoing this driver and FW, and will be adding my own 2 cents during the process.  

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What an opportunity this is for a hacker like me, and to think I was toying with the idea of getting a new driver and 3 wood. In fact, my wife said she'd buy me all the parts I needed to make a new driver, but now I'm getting shoes. :D


When I got the email that I was one of the ones chosen for this review I think my son thought I was crazy. I couldn't believe it, I was excited and speechless at the same time...his reaction, "cool". Thanks for the excitement son.


I'm hoping that the JPX-EZ woods will keep me in the short grass rather than hacking out of the rough or searching through trees for my ball.


I have to say to everyone, go and get yourself fitted! I'm amazed at the difference a fitting will do for you.


Handicap/average score?

I currently sit at a 16.5. My average scores range between high 80's and mid 90's. My best score was an 82 at Sable Creek last year.

Strengths of your game?

I'd have to say my putting is my strength. For some reason I can just putt pretty well. I average 1.84 putts per hole, not tour standard but not bad at all.

Weakness of your game?

I play?  :blink:  Seriously I'd say it's off the tee with a driver, just terrible. Either a slice or a pull. Also, my short game has a lot to answer to but I do have occasional flashes of brilliance...but it's more than likely luck.

Typical ball flight?

With my usual driver it's either a high slice or a pull/pull hook, never know which is going to happen. My 3 wood off the tee is almost perfect, but off the deck I'll either kill a lot of worms or it's off to the left. :wacko:  My irons are pretty damn good, nice and straight with the occasional ever so slight push.

Typical miss?

Right and righter.

Current comparable equipment?

I can't say that these are comparable due to age, but my driver is/was a Ping G20 12° with the stock R flex shaft. My 3 wood is/was a Cobra Speed LD with a stock R flex shaft, ala 2007.

Swing tempo?

At this stage I'll say 3/4, I'm fairly deliberate in my take away and I don't go parallel with my clubs, so 3/4 it is. Mr Theoo, RevKev, Foz and Barba have seen me swing and I know they'll correct me if I'm wrong.

Driver swing speed?

This is a shocker. I went for a fitting specifically for this driver and 3 wood at Windmill Golf Centre here in Ohio. They are apparently on of the top 100 fitters for Mizuno in the country. I hit warm up balls, then the fitter (Ross Keen) got me on the Trackman and I hit a few with my Ping. First thing he said was that I was overpowering the R flex as I'm swinging between 99.8 and 100.3 mph. :o  That explains why my driver is all over the place. So long story longer, my driver swing speed is 100mph, not bad for a fat, short, approaching middle age bloke.

What kind of golfer are you?

A lazy, terrible one. I really do need to practice but working 2 jobs, owning a house and having a family pushes me for time. I'm working on a plan to make practice time more available and thus hopefully becoming a better golfer.

What's your story?

I've been swinging at the ball since 2005 when I moved over here. My father in law took me to play, and being the new guy I went so I might have something in common with him. 11 years later, I finally beat him in a round. :D

What is in your bag?

You can see that in my signature, but Hybrids: 21°, 23° and 25° Malty KE4 HDI Hybrid FST 90 R flex. Irons: Maltby DBM Forged 6-9 FST 90 R flex. Wedges: SCOR 46°, 50°, 54° Nippon Pro. Putter: Yes! Tracy

How did you choose them?

The hybrids were because I wanted hybrids that look like irons and these are almost the only ones I found. The irons because I liked the look of them, they had closer to traditional lofts and they were inexpensive. The shafts were a leap of faith and they've been really good. The really big reason for the hybrids and irons was because I wanted to build a set of clubs and these were what I chose. The SCORs were to replace my Eidolons because the lofts weren't right following the irons.The putter is the first and only putter I've bought...it works for me and I really like it. Pity they're hard to come by now.

What region do you play out of?

Dreary NE Ohio...seriously, I hate the snow and being cold. We're moving to Florida when my wife retires in about 9 years.

Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type?


I'm a set and forget type. The loft for the driver and 3 wood were worked out by the fitter, so I'm staying with his recommendations.


On to some pictures. If you want any questions answered, please ask...I'm really good at doing that!


This was a sneak peek I took and posted on twitter.




These are some pics I took at the range. They show the settings as recommended to me by the fitter.
















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Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver and Fairway Wood Review - Stage 2



Here we go with round 2.


I suppose I should say something about my lack of ability on the golf course...it all started back in 2005, I remember it like it was yesterday. Who are we kidding? I can't remember what I had for lunch last Friday!


It actually did start in 2005 when I moved here to marry my wife. As I mentioned in Stage 1, my father-in-law got me into golf and something just clicked and I've had a love/hate relationship with this great game ever since.


I'm currently a 16.5 handicap that's lazy about practicing (meaning not at all) and my swing would be best described by the great Arnold Palmer as swinging my swing. It's pretty much homegrown with some basic instruction in the early stages. I do regularly embarrass myself on the course with my shots, but that's golf and I'm at least out here having a go.


Having made my irons and hybrids, I was seriously thinking about getting the components together to make a new driver and 3 wood but I was chosen for this review, so that is now off the table...I've found a better driver and 3 wood than I was playing.



Performance at the Range:


In a simple sentence, this driver is a beast on the range for me. When I have my swing grooved it's straight all day long. Speaking of long, it's that too, at least 30+ yards more than my G20.
I don't know in comparison to other drivers of the same ilk if it's shorter or longer, I haven't hit any other. But, for me it's plenty long enough now and I'm sure if I put in some practice I could probably eek out more distance from it. As it stands, I'll take the distance and accuracy I have right now.
Trajectory wise, it's a mid ball flight for me, pretty much exactly like my "old" driver. I did have a pop up the other day, but that was the indian, not the arrow. I have no worries at all getting this to launch when I swing my swing and try not to launch myself out of my shoes.
Forgiveness wise, I didn't see too much distance loss from a mishit. In fact, I was surprised by that, having had too many 150 yard drives when I've miscued everything. Will this driver stop a slice? NO, it won't, although I've put a couple of pretty bad swings that I thought would result in the ball going right and righter, only to visibly see it fighting to stay straight...really weird, I have to say and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.
Control wise, don't ask me...seriously. I have more success controlling my wife's spending than I do a golf ball. I'm a mid capper not a single digit, so I have very minimal control of the ball flight that's intentional. I'm ecstatic when the ball flight is straight or a slight draw.
3 wood:
All I can say about this 3 wood is that I hit it straight and it's so easy to get airborne, something I've always had problems with off the deck with a fairway. This club is great off the turf, for me, make no mistake. Off the tee I'm hitting it close to my old driver distance, what's not to love?
Forgiveness wise, I'd say it a notch or two above my old Cobra LD. Again, stupid easy for me to get off the deck but if you don't get your swing right, like any other club, you'll be penalised.
Range Score: 18 out of 20
Performance on the Course:
I've played a few rounds now and am constantly thrilled with the fact that I'm not hunting for my ball in the trees and the weeds. It's amazing how much more confident you are when your playing partners are constantly saying "good ball" and you've found that despite them looking like they've hit their ball a mile, you're equal to or 10 yards + past then, in the fairway. The biggest thing I found was having been fit into the Fujikura stiff flex is that I can still swing the way I normally do and have an actual idea of where my ball is going to end up.
3 wood:
I can't give this club enough praise off grass. It's like a veil was lifted on my long game. I CAN actually hit a fairway wood off the grass and not have it kill every worm for 75 yards. It certainly is a great feeling to see the ball heading towards to horizon on your second shot of a par 5 rather than thinking I should have hit a 6 iron because it would have gone farther.
Here's some GPS shots to show what I'm talking about:
Ping G20
Mizuno JPX-EZ
Ping G20
Mizuno JPX-EZ

Isn't this where you're supposed to be hitting the ball on the face?




Course Score: 18 out of 20


Performance Notes:


I can't say enough about both of these clubs. I'm extremely happy with the way they both perform when my swing is on. When it's off, you could give me Rodney Dangerfields driver from Caddy Shack and I'd still end up somewhere you need a machete to get out of. But that's golf, at the end of the day you can have the best club on the planet, been fitted like a World #1 (Jason Day - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!) and if you can't put a swing on it, it doesn't much matter.


I've seen some people mention the sound and to be honest, I like it. Makes me take notice because I don't think it sounds like other clubs...but I'm weird like that.


Both the clubs are longer than what I was gaming, but on that note, both of those clubs were over 5 years old, so that may just be technology talking. I really don't care though, they work for me and that's fine.


Ping G20



Mizuno JPX-EZ





For mine, looking down at the clubs, they're simple, almost plain, which I like because there's no distracting graphics. Less is more. The bottom of the clubs are a bit more busy and that fine.


The clubs, to me, look like a classic driver and fairway shape, but the fairway is bigger than a lot of others and it inspires confidence. If it looks bigger it must be easier to hit the ball right?


The colour for the crown is nice in the sun as there's not as much glare from a gloss black. It helps those of us that don't like wearing sunglasses when you play.




Looks Score: 16 out of 20  


Sound and Feel:


Obviously with a stiffer shaft in both clubs they feel firmer than my old clubs but certainly not like swinging a broomstick. When I hit a shot with either club on the nut, I almost don't feel anything. I believe that's the best feeling I can have. If the Mizuno irons really do have that "buttery" feel when you hit a good shot, I imagine that's what I'm feeling when I do the same with these metals. No wonder they're a respected brand.


Sound wise, I said above that I like the sound, I really do. Especially coming from the Cobra LD fairway which had an almost loud tink when you hit it, the JPX doesn't and I think that's great.


Sound and Feel Score: 17 out of 20


Likelihood of Purchase:


This would be very subjective and not having hit any other of the current offerings on the market I can only go with my experience during this testing. Based on that alone I would more than likely purchase them. I like the look, the sound and they certainly work for me. Isn't that why you'd purchase something? Not just because everyone else has them but because they work, simple as that.


LOP Score: 17 out of 20


I would never have thought of Mizuno when looking for woods. Sure, everyone's heard of their irons and how good they are but their woods fly under the radar and that's a shame. They're not the longest, but they're no slouch either and they're forgiving for the mid to high capper like me. Their price in the store doesn't hurt either.


Total Score: 86


Ping G20



Mizuno JPX-EZ



Thanks for taking time out to read the ramblings of a golf tragic. If you have ANY questions, please ask away and I'll try my best to answer them...it may not be what you want to hear, but I'll be up front and honest.


I'd like to thank MGS and Mizuno for this tremendous opportunity they've given us testers. I hope I haven't let the team down too much but I'm not much of a wordsmith.

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Stage Three


I'd like to apologise for being so late with my final thoughts, no excuses, just didn't get to it.


 The Five


1. Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not?


Yes, absolutely. Why, because in all respects it's better than my old driver and 3 wood. Longer, straighter, more forgiving and most importantly, properly fit.


2. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product?


  In all honesty, mid to high handicappers, in my opinion, would receive the biggest benefit with these clubs.




 Because they're easy to adjust to the greatest benefit and so easy to hit.


3. How, if at all, did this product change your overall

    impression of Mizuno?


 I always thought of Mizuno as a players club and I can see with these clubs, that is simply not the case. If you're fit properly for them, I can't see that it really matters what handicap you are.


4. What feature would you change or eliminate from the

    next generation of this model?


  None, at all. Love the club the way it is...although, if it can swing itself, hit it 300 and whatever shot required on demand, well, that would make it even better.


5. What feature do you really like, and would most like

    to see continued or evolved in future models?


 I like the adjustability with both the weights and hosel. They make it too easy to tweak the club for you.


Once again, I'd like to thank MGS and Mizuno for the opportunity of being picked to test these clubs.

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MGS Forum Review

Mizuno JPX EZ Driver & 3 Wood



stage 1 mod.JPG


OMG!!! I thought I was dreaming when I first found out that I had been chosen to review these clubs.  When I wake up in the morning I usually grab my phone to check any messages or emails and sure enough I received an email from JMB that I was one of the chosen ones…hahaha that kinda sounds funny.  I was so surprised I had to re-read the email several times just to make sure it wasn't a dream.  I said it before and I'll say it again, the MGS staff and all the other great people that are involved in this awesome forum my golf hats off to all of you for giving us opportunities like this and educating golfers with these informative forums.


Handicap/average score?



I have never kept an official handicap, I always feel like I'm a scratch player on the inside, but on the outside I'm about a 15.  Average scores range from 84 to 90 on any given day.  Best score was a 72 and 74, I must've been possessed by golf spirits that day.



Strengths/Weakness of your game?



I would have to say putting is the greatest asset to my game; my putting has saved me countless strokes that I lose in the short and long game.



Typical ball flight/miss?



My typical ball flight for my driver is high and straight and miss would be a pull/pull hook from coming over the top.  My fairway wood tends be a low burner type flight and miss would be to the left as well.  As for my irons, shorter irons tend to be too high which causes loss of distance for me and long irons would be medium trajectory, my misses with my irons go both ways.  Currently I'm trying to fight a sh@#k...work in progress.



Swing tempo/Driver swing speed?



I have a quick swing temple, at least that's what people tell me.  I've been told that my swing resembles Jim Fuyrk's swing no disrespect to Mr. Furyk, I guess my club at the top of the swing does a loopy thing, IDK…I don't see it.  I try to swing smoooothly, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.  Driver speed average is around 95mph, at times I feel like I swing out of my shorts and it still only goes mid-nineties…WTH !!!



What makes you love the game/How long have you been golfing?



I've been golfing for more than 20 years now and it all started with a buddy of mine who was into golf, he took me to the driving range one night and it was all over…the very next day I went to buy my own clubs, I was hooked.  You guys know what I'm talking about, right? I just love the challenge of trying to hit the perfect shot and when everything goes right and you make that hole in one or have the long drive pass your friends because you flushed one…this is why I play this game.  It's not just a hobby for me, but it's a passion.  I like to say I live and breathe golf.  Of course, only second to my wife J she reads this stuff.



What is in your bag?



How did you choose them?

I choose all my clubs by first and foremost FEEL and then by its LOOKS and SOUND. My clubs have to feel right in my hands and it has to look and sound good in order for me to have them in my bag. 

Christmas in June!!!








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Official MyGolfSpy Forum Review

  Mizuno JPX EZ Driver & 3 Wood by 808nation


Mizzy Stage 2 Ball.jpg


I've been playing this game for over 20+ years, ever since a good friend got me hooked onto it, I've no regrets, but thinking about all the money I've spent on this game has me scratching and wondering why I play this game.  I came to a realization that this game isn't just another hobby, but rather an avenue to get me to express myself to be more open with people and relieve some stress while at it, well maybe add more stress the way my iron plays been going…a work in progress. 


I am a mid-handicapper that shoots in the mid-high 80's, I would love to play more but I would consider myself a weekend warrior.  I play once a week or twice if I am lucky.  Like many of you I am in constant search for the perfect driver, fairway wood, irons, putter, and balls.  Distance is important to me, as I would categorize myself to be below average in distances with my woods and irons. 


In the last few years, I've been searching for that magic driver that could give me that extra yardage off the tee so that I don't always have to reach for my long iron or hybrid for my second shot on a 420 yard par 4.  I've tried and tested from all the big name brands (Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, and Cobra) but to no avail, distance gains were minimal at best.  I was very fortunate to be chosen to do a review on the Mizuno JPX EZ driver and 3 wood, although Mizuno was never on my mind of woods to try I accepted this challenge to see if it was just like the others I've tried or if by chance I finally found my “Excalibur”.   


See what's in my bag:



Performance at the Range:

Driver - Range performance was better than expected, I was able to connect most of my strikes on or near the sweet spot.  I was very surprised how accurately I hit this driver and was able to hit it where I was aiming considering the Mizuno was one and a half inches longer than my current Ping G15 driver, which is at 44 inches.  I am an average distance kind of guy even though I try to swing out of my pants most of the times when I'm at the range, I guess not having the pressure of others watching you makes you swing like a wild man.  If my drives are 215 yards on the carry, this would be considered a good drive for me.  Having said that, only to be fair to both drivers I really can't determine how far I hit both drivers at the range, only because the range I go to ends at 250 yards, all I can visually see is my drives flying over the 200 yard marker and rolling to the back fence


Mizuno kept it simple hence the name “EZ” when it comes to adjustability.  You can change the loft from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees to dial in your desired launch angle and they've also given you a 10 gram weight on the bottom of the head to change your ball flight from draw, neutral, or fade.  Not much to think about here, just set it and forget it, simple and EZ but very effective.  I tested it at all the different lofts and really enjoyed playing the driver with 9.5 degrees of loft.  It gave me more of a boring flight and not the ballooning flight I tend to get with my other driver; I believe this gave me some extra roll I would probably not get with my other driver. 

Mizzy 15.jpg


At first sight, this driver gave me a feeling of confidence over the ball.  I could not mis-hit no matter how hard I tried, the large crown extrudes forgiveness and it was very easy to hit.  Of course we all know that doesn't last, but when I did mis-hit my drives I still got a good amount of distance.  Even from strikes on the bottom of the head and toe or heel strikes, it kept loss of distance to a minimal.

Mizzy 1.jpg

Mizzy 2.jpg

Mizzy 7.jpg

Mizzy 5.jpg

Mizzy 3.jpg

Mizzy 4.jpg


3 Wood – My initial thought about the Mizuno EZ 3 wood was that it looked difficult to hit or get up in the air, because of its larger footprint from front to back.  I've had similar 3 woods in the past that had the same size head as the Mizuno JPX EZ fairway wood and they were difficult to get the ball in the air.  This was not the case with this 3 wood, Mizuno designed it with its shock wave sole, which is supposed to help with adding ball speed across the face and the larger size is supposed to help with getting a higher ball flight.


I pitted this 3 wood against my Titleist 910F which I love off the tee but could not hit well of the deck and was not as forgiving, all I can say is that it performed well.  Despite the larger head size I was able to get the ball on a much higher flight trajectory and I hit it further than my Titleist 910F.


The Mizuno 3 wood's loft can also be adjusted from 13 to 17 degrees with your desired setting and with its shallower face; it was easier to hit off the fairway.    

Wood 1.jpg

Wood 2.jpg

Mizzy 17.jpg


Range Score: 16/20


Performance on the Course:

Driver I've tested the Mizuno JPX EZ driver now for about 5 rounds, and found it to be very accurate.  I was able to hit more fairways with the JPX EZ versus my Ping G15 and the extra distance was a major plus.  I was on the average a good 10-15 yards longer than my usual drives and that is awesome.  G15 at 44 inches 60% fairways hit and JPX EZ at 45.5 inches 85% fairways hit, I suppose with the shorter length driver I was trying to hit it harder which always did not equate to accurate or longer drives.


The Mizuno JPX EZ driver was very easy to hit and consistent, if I wanted to lay back and hit a smooth swing to guarantee a fairway hit I just choked up a bit and made a smoother swing and if I wanted a little bit of extra distance I'd take use the full length of the driver and made an aggressive swing at the ball.  This driver also made it easy to shape your shots when you needed to, I could shoot a control fade when I wanted but little difficult time drawing because I never play a draw and my skill set is not that advance.


3 Wood – The 3 wood performed well, it was very accurate off the tees and definitely longer than my Titleist 910F 3 Wood I would say about 10 yards longer.  If required, I could also play a power fade, I not good enough even to try a drawer.  Hitting the 3 wood off the turf was excellent; with the larger footprint it made it easier to get the ball airborne which was good because the course that I play on is relatively flat so I get that get a little extra roll.

Mizzy 9.jpg

Mizzy 12.jpg

Mizzy 13.jpg

Mizzy 11.jpg


Course Score: 17/20  


Performance Notes:

Both the driver and 3 wood performed beyond my expectations.  Mizuno never came to mind for drivers and fairway woods, but I was blown away by my results.  It was easy to make adjustments to cater to your swing type and get maximum results.  There's no comparison between my Ping G15 driver and Titleist 3 wood, the Mizuno was definitely longer and easier to hit. 


The only con I had was that the driver was definitely louder than my Ping G15, when I flushed my G15 I get this thump noise versus a clank noise I get from the Mizuno.  I think if they could improve on the acoustics, their drivers would be complete in every way.  I really had a great time reviewing the driver and the 3 wood and it is a definitely a keeper.



When you first look at the Mizuno JPX EZ driver, it really inspires confidence.  The large footprint from front to back and side to side ingrains a mental image of you really going after and smashing the ball out there.  Both the driver and fairway woods have the gray matte colored head is clean and subtle with graphics of the Mizuno running bird in the center to line up with your ball and blue and white warrior graphics on each side near the toe and heal on the crown makes it look mean and fast.  Some may be put off with these markings and its larger sizes, but I believe visually it makes it look that meaner.






Looks Score: 19/20   


Sound and Feel:

From the first time I picked up the driver and fairway wood during my fitting, they felt awesome.  The stock shafts were from Fujikura's and they felt buttery smooth and not boardie.  I really have to hand it to Mizuno for these series of drivers and fairway woods; they did a wonderful job with the overall design.  Like I mentioned in my previous statement, the only con was the driver that made a louder noise.  I'm used to a softer thumping sound and if they could fix their acoustics, this driver would be a top contender.  You can definitely notice a difference in the sound if you struck it well or not.  This is true of most drivers, acoustics wise but if they I'm can soften the sound a little, it would be an awesome gamer.  The fairway wood sounds great, but only wish was to have the head smaller, visually looking down at a larger fairway wood look intimidating, but I like the shallower face and the higher flight.


Sound and Feel Score: 18/20


Likelihood of Purchase:

I would definitely purchase the Mizuno JPX EZ driver; it is very forgiving and definitely plays longer than my current driver, I could live the sound.  The 3 wood I would have to think about due to the larger head, but I do enjoy hitting it because of the higher flight.


LOP Score: 18/20


Like mentioned before, Mizuno was never on my radar to purchase any type of woods.  Irons yes, but woods no, but this review has definitely open my eyes and changed my outlook on Mizuno.  My overall impressions were very positive, and if I was told to recommend a brand for their drivers and woods, Mizuno would definitely be on top of my list.  I'm so ecstatic to have been chosen for this review, I definitely found the driver I've been looking for in a long time. 


Total Score: 88

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stage 3.JPG


The Five:


1.  Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not?


YES!! I will definitely have them both in my bag for a long time.  I love the way they feel and perform.  The acoustics could be tweaked a bit on the driver and the head size on the 3 wood a tad smaller, and then it would be perfecto!


2.  To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why?


I highly recommend this to any level of player; from the scratch player to high handicapper.  Some may be put off by the larger footprint and sound, but you will not be disappointed.  The driver is a true bomber; I have hit some long drives and been in new found territory, it feels great to grab a shorter iron into a green for a change.


3.  How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of [brand]?


When I hear the words “Mizuno” and “Golf”, the first thing that comes to mine is their irons that feel like butter.  Mizuno Golf is known for their grain forged irons and not much else from what I gather.  Reviewing the Mizuno JPX EZ driver and 3 wood totally changed my perception of Mizuno and I will definitely consider Mizuno whenever I am in the market for new woods, but that won't be anytime soon.


4.  What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?


Work on changing the sound of the driver, it is loud, not as loud as some of the older trash can sounding Nike drivers or Callaway's baseball bat sounding drivers.  I like the way the Ping driver's sound preferably the G15 (my previous driver).  Beyond that I would not change anything else.


5.  What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?


The adjustable hosel and weight ports are great features to have continued, they make it easy to adjust to your preferred loft and flight.  I wouldn't add anymore adjustability because it'll just make things more complicated.



Lastly, I would like to thank again MyGolfSpy and Mizuno for these new lethal weapons, they are definitely making golf a lot more enjoyable these days.  :D

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Let me tell you all a little bit about myself.  I'm that type of guy that normally doesn't win anything.  So you can imagine my shock when I received the message that my name was drawn.  I currently play Adams A7's that I purchased from Dicks back in 2012.  That's when I attempted to reacquire a hobby. Couldn't play softball anymore, but I missed doing something to keep me active.  In 2012 I started my personal "great crusade"  I lost 70 pounds due to hard work, and I needed something to do, so walking and golfing just fit.  I started as a hacker but developed a plan to get better.  I started going to the range and getting an idea on how far my clubs will go.  My plan has worked to a tee, pardon the pun.  I have regressed some this season, but this year, we've cut out the 1 mulligan a side, plus no more gimmes.  count them all. it drives me crazy, but makes me happy all at the same time.  Also, if you have any ideas on how to improve feel free.  Or if you have things you'd like me to try, I will with these clubs.   So maybe I can help you make the correct choice to help your game out.


My Handicap is currently a 17 (thanks to the no mulligan, no gimme rule) I thought I was a 14.  I'd rather be true to myself now.


The strengths of my game currently are my long irons, they can get me out of a crack that I normally get myself into.  I did win an auction that had me chipping lessons.  so my short game has greatly improved. my golf partner, I think used to cover his eyes when I was within 20 yards from the green, because it was going everywhere.  i'm much better now. 


My typical ball flight is a high arc.  Everytime I tinker with it I develop something else wrong.  So I have to tell myself to get back to the basics.


My current driver is Callaway Big Bertha.  The 2014 model.  My longest drive, per my GOLFLOGIX app was 268.  I average 230 off the Tee.  I'm not a bomber, I'd like to be.   My 3W is currently the Callaway X2 Hot that I purchased back in 14.  I had actually planned to take it out of my bag this season, but when I found that I won the chance to do this, I figured i'd better really learn how to hit it.  and now my 3w off the fairway I average 210 yards, again per my GOLFLOGIX app. 


I never actually knew what my swing speed was, so I decided to go to DICKS to try out a driver.  When I went after work one night, they had me in the mid 80's.  Now I take into consideration that I was in work clothes and I was tired after a long day of work.  But it is what it is.  I've never been fitted for a club before.  I went to get fitted for these, but all they did was tape up a Mizuno and let me take a few whacks. 


I did submit my swing to Michael Breed's The Golf Fix, and my friends and I think we heard the line "this guy should take up tennis"  just kidding, it felt good to have a real pro tell me what I was doing wrong.  Also, because I want to justify how bad the swing may have been, it was March, in Indiana, and about 40 degrees, and I had long johns on!!! 


Again, I just want to thank the Forum for this great opportunity that it has afforded me.  Also, please if you have any ideas on what you want to know about these clubs, please let me know






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My golf game is something that i'm growing as fast as I can.  I took approximately 15 years off and then rediscovered my love for the game back in 2012.  I decided then that I would get better with my equipment, and as my game improved, my equipment would.    Still had no luck with a driver, I used to be the guy that could hit his 3 wood further than driver.  I hadn't planned on a big upgrade on Driver.  I currently use the Callaway Big Bertha (2014 model)  So when I actually won this contest, I was cautiously optimistic.  I had seen my distance fall from 250 down to a miserable 197.  ( I measured)  So with that being said I wasn't sure what to expect from these clubs.  Now I want everyone to please continue reading the story gets GOOD.  From when I was first blessed with the honor to try these until now.  My whole golf world was changed.   2 weeks ago my golf buddy hit Mizzy, as we like to call her, and smoked it up the fairway 250+ yards.  So it was then I knew, that It was me.  not the clubs.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  It was then I noticed that his Tee was longer than mine.  Somehow over the years, I bought the wrong size Tee, and was pounding the ball into the ground so to speak.  So this review is going to cover the Jekyl/Hyde aspect.



Performance at Range


At the Range with Driver, when I first started hitting it, I was hitting it over 200 yards.  Plus with the thought in my mind to add 20% due to hitting range balls.  (also that's what the reps at my local store have always advised me)  So I thought I'd put it through it's paces.   I adjusted the lofts and again didn't see any significant change for me.  But I wanted to be able to give this thing an honest review.  I was hitting it up the fairway, with a push.   Since the revelation, I make Mizzy sing... I have swagger on my golf, and Mizzy looks to replace Bertha.  I did a comparison and I found Mizzy outdrove Bertha by an average of 10 yards.


3 Wood, different story.  I tinkered with the lofts, but decided on keeping it set to 15*.   The only times I missed with that club is when I lift my head.  I hit it on average 200 yards.  No real change from current 3 Wood, X2. 



Performance on the course


Staying with the Jekyl and Hyde theme for my driver.  The first few times on the course, I wasn't overly impressed.  The sound that it makes, reminds me of a aluminum baseball bat.  So I had to overcome the loud noise interrupting my round.  I was slicing and getting no distance what so ever.  The sound kept making me mad, and I was thinking that since i'm a head case anyway, that it was the SOUND that was killing my game.  Since the Tee-piphany the sound isn't so bad anymore.  Mostly because when you're hitting it down the fairway, on an average of 250+ yards, you smile a heck of a lot more.  So Mizzy has earned her a place in the bag


3 wood.  I pulled 3 wood on a 213 yard par 3, just to see what I can do.  I hit it over the green.  I also had a Tin cup moment, where I was 230 yards away from green, with a creek at the 190 mark, and green up on a hill, I crushed it to within 6 feet of the hole.  (since there was no one behind me, I tried that shot 4 times, and every time I cleared the creek, but not one made it up the hill)  so I knew that this club was worthy. 





I do like the way it looks. If I could make a change it would be an arrow for the alignment, instead of the Mizuno Logo, but I totally understand.  I'm used to the arrow of Bertha, and previous driver before.  I do love the fact that it's so easy to adjust (or EZ)  Only 3 places where the weight can go,  and the lofts are pretty straightforward. 


The sound, I'm learning to live with the sound.  Its just way to loud for me.  There are golfers that play with music on, and more power to them.  When i'm on the course, i'm looking to relax, go out and put up a good number. I want to enjoy nature. Plus i'm used to the quiet  ping of Bertha.  This club does let everyone know that you're there.  When you hit a monster drive, that can be a good thing.  but if you slice it into the wrong fairway, you want to blend into the crowd, and that loud noise doesn't help that out.


When I first started, hitting this, I knew that I would never buy it.  It's just too loud for my liking.  That being said, it did grow on me. So I'd say if you're ok with the noise of hitting driver, than this club is the right club for you. 


I give it a 15/20



on last picture, disregard shot 3, my GPS on my golf logix app was messing up.






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Reserved - Stage 3


The Five


1. Will this product go into your bag?  Why or Why Not? 


This club has found a home in the bag,  I really was not expecting it to replace Bertha, but I've found that I've come to depend on it.  Minimum 250 down the fairway, and straight as an arrow, does tend to give some swagger. 


On a side note, I do believe I have a driver and a 3 wood for sale, LOL!



2. To Whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why?  


I believe the high handicappers, like myself, could really benefit from this club.  Just like the name, it's EZ to adjust.  It's simplifies it.   I'm not one that has time to really go out and readjust the weights and the lofts, much like the complex drivers.  I guess it's more for the "Grip it and Rip it" style golf.


3. How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Mizuno?


I honestly didn't feel much about Mizuno products, I was slightly interested in the EZ Irons, but these made me think twice of my decision.  Mizuno, in my mind has always been a brand for baseball/softball equipment.  So I didn't have high expectations.


I'm glad they shattered the ceiling


4. What feature would I eliminate or change from the next generation of this model?


I still have to go with that aluminum baseball bat sound.  again, when you're bombing em down the fairway.  You do want heads to turn, and lets them see that it  was YOU that did it.   But, when you slice it into a foursome on the oncoming fairway, and they hear that noise, all you want to do is crawl into the cart and hide.  double edged sword


5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?


I like the EZ moniker.   Change your loft, switch your weights, based  on your game.  It takes the complicate out for ya, and lets the golfer just go out and enjoy a round, under the sun. 



I just like to thank MGS and Mizuno for the opportunity that has been given to me.



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Looking fwd to the real-world players impressions ... may go try this one out myself (gotta love the "EZ" moniker!)

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I've posted my stage 1



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app

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Nice job Matt! So will we see some major gains in distance now that you've been fitted?

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Nice job Matt! So will we see some major gains in distance now that you've been fitted?


Yes sir! From the fitting, my G20 was good for about 220-230, the fitted JPX was 262 to 274 all with roll. On the course I expect it to be different, but not G20 length.

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Yes sir! From the fitting, my G20 was good for about 220-230, the fitted JPX was 262 to 274 all with roll. On the course I expect it to be different, but not G20 length.


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Great initial reviews guys!  Looking forward to the Perdormance reviews.

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I always feel like I'm a scratch player on the inside, but on the outside I'm about a 15. 


LOL this is golden! :D

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Thanks Foz, I'm definitely putting these bad boys to work. Stay tuned.


Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile

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      Connect with Mizuno on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@Golf_Mizuno) to keep up with product news, Tour updates and custom content and fitting tools.
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      “Mizuno has long been the model for innovation and excellence, both in its approach to its craft and in equipment the company produces,” said Derek Schiller, Atlanta Braves president, business. “As we prepare to open a new chapter at SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta, we were looking to build and grow partnerships with companies that shared our vision and values. Mizuno's commitment to success matches our own, and we're excited for how this partnership will enhance the fan experience beginning in 2017.”
      The Mizuno Experience Center will be an immersive, fan-focused environment that will enable visitors to test a variety of Mizuno performance technologies, such as Mizuno Golf's Performance Fitting System and the Bat Interactive Optimization System (BIOS) for bat fitting along with showcasing its premium gear across baseball, golf, running, softball, volleyball and more.
      “The Atlanta Braves are one of the most iconic franchises in professional sports and this opportunity will enable us to showcase our passion and our values to fans across Braves Country,” said Bob Puccini, Mizuno USA president. “While Mizuno's Japanese heritage goes back 110 years, we are proud to call Atlanta home to our U.S. operations for more than 30 years. This partnership will give us the opportunity to continue to invest in and support the various causes and events that make this city such a great place while also solidifying Mizuno as the premium performance sports brand based in Atlanta.”
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      ·         Opportunity to showcase the brand's heritage, craftsmanship, innovation and technology shaping the gear, from master craftsman visits, PGA Tour truck appearances, and advanced exclusives of the latest gear.
      Mizuno's engagement will not be limited to baseball, as it will fully integrate its golf and running sub-brands into several Braves events. For instance, Mizuno will be the participating sponsor of the annual Braves Country 5K and Braves Foundation Golf Classic.
      “Through this partnership we have the ability to showcase the entire breadth and depth of Mizuno – our heritage, craftsmanship, innovation and technology behind our gear, while also becoming an integral part of the fan experience. This is a long-term commitment that further embeds Mizuno into the Atlanta community, and we are excited about the many new opportunities to come as a result,” said Puccini.
      About SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta
      SunTrust Park, the new 41,000-seat home of the Atlanta Braves, is being developed by the organization in partnership with the Cobb-Marietta Coliseum and Exhibit Hall Authority and will be completed by Opening Day 2017. Located in Atlanta at the intersection of I-75 and I-285 in the bustling Cumberland area, SunTrust Park will flow directly into The Battery Atlanta, a 1.5 million square foot mixed-use development, featuring boutique shopping, chef-driven restaurants, an Omni Hotel, The Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre, 550 residences and One Ballpark Center, Comcast's regional office headquarters.  Powered by Comcast's all-fiber network and delivering multi-terabit capabilities, SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta will have the highest-capacity network serving any stadium and mixed-use development in the nation. The Battery Atlanta is being privately developed by the Braves along with retail partner Fuqua Development, office developer Pope & Land Enterprises and Pollack Shores Real Estate.  Visitors can get a sneak peek of SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta at www.braves.com/SunTrustPark or www.batteryatl.com.

      Bob Puccini, Derek Schiller, John Schuerholz, Tom Glavine, Sir Nick Faldo, Terry McGuirk, Mike Plant, Mark O'Brien and Mike Puccini pose for a photo at Turner Field. During a celebration on Sept. 21, Mizuno and the Atlanta Braves announced a long-term partnership that makes the company the Official Baseball Gear Partner of the Atlanta Braves. In addition, Mizuno will open the first Mizuno Experience Center in the U.S. at The Battery Atlanta.
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo

      Mizuno means irons - we all know that. Grain flow forgings, titanium muscle inserts and buttah soft – it's the corporate identity.
      But drivers and fairway woods? Mizuno?
      Mizuno thinks their new driver and fairway wood combo, the JPX EZ, needs to be on your must-demo list, but we want to know what you think. We want your opinion on Mizuno's latest driver and fairway wood combo, the JPX EZ. In return, you'll get a driver/fairway set to keep.

      Mizuno says the JPX EZ driver is a high launching, low-spinning bomber with the forgiveness of a saint, while the JPX EZ fairway wood, with its Shock Wave sole, is just plain easy and just plain long.
      MyGolfSpy wants three of you to test and review Mizzy's latest creations (you'll get both the driver and fairway to test and keep) and tell us if they perform as advertised.

      How To Apply:
      MyGolfSpy takes testing very seriously, so please read these application instructions carefully:
      Step 1: If you haven't already, you MUST join the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to join)
      Step 2: In this thread, please tell us your first name, home state or province, driver swing speed and current driver/shaft/flex

      We'll take applications for the next week or so and announce our 3 testers right here.  
      Good luck!!!
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