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Rick Shiels / Mark Crossfield videos

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My Favorites are: 

- Be better golf: very interesting to hear so many different teachers ideas on the swing

- TXG: best for equipment information

- Peter Finch: loves his accent haha

- Martin Chuck: one of my favorite for information on the swing. He explains things so well. He also has one of the prettiest swings on the planet. 

- Steve Johnston PGA - has some investing ideas

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On ‎8‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 10:13 AM, Yadirtydog! said:

Completely agree with the list. Randy from Fried Eggs is really damn funny as is Alex Etches. 


Golfaholics drives me insane. Here's basically the channel in a nutshell. 

- Big Cat is hitting a shot with coach filming.

- Hits shot

- Coach "Oh, this looks really good! Starting left turning back over to the pin"

Comes up 20 yards short

Don't forget the "speed slot"

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I like Crossfield for the course Vlogs.

Just some buddies playing golf and needling each other.

For reviews and tech stuff  it's hard to beat TXG.

I like Fried eggs for the humor.

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i like a lot of these guys but every reviewer is the same. They do the same boring stuff and there is too much fluff in the videos. The industry needs a reboot as far as these guys go. They are all great but seeing the same format 200x over and over again has chased me away.    Looking for a new fresh approach from someone.

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