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Dan from British Columbia

100+ rounds per year

Driver: Cobra F8 Tour length

3W: Cobra King F7 3/4 Wood

5W: Cobra King F7 5/6 Wood

Hybrid 3/4: Cobra F7 20.5*

Irons: 5 to PW Taylormade P790

A Wedge: 48* Vokey SM6 F grind

S Wedge: 54* Vokey SM6 M grind

L Wedge: 58* Vokey SM6 M grind

Putter: Rife Two Bar Hybrid 35" P2 Aware Tour grip

Ball: Taylormade TP 5X

Bag: Hot Z Canadian flag 🇨🇦

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(4) Testers Wanted!!!     Big Max AutoFold FF Pushcart     Are you a dedicated walking golfer?   I mean, are you the kind of golfer who, unless you're playing in the Himalayas or at Augusta

Hi Gang --    Thank you for all the applications - very cool to see the response for the Big Max Autofold FF!!   Without further ado - here is the Team of Testers:   MCaseyM   markm778   Spo

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Eric from Minnesota


My dad and I walk every round we play, unless the course doesn't allow it. I would love to be a tester of this product as I have tried various types of push-carts and have yet to find one I've really been impressed with.

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Loren, Ohio


I play at least 30 rounds per season and walk the majority of those.  I would really love to test this product.  The push cart I currently have is rarely used because it is just to bulky and takes up too much space in the car so I usually just get one at the course or carry my bag.


The Big Max Cart looks great.  Hope to hear from you soon!



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Currently use Axglo 15th club and clic gear 3.5. I walk around 120 rounds per year. Would love to try the big max....looks like folds down very easily for easy travel.


Sal from Bright's Grove, Ontario, Canada.

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50 - 80 times/yr.


I'd love to try out one of these 'trolleys'. I think walking is the best way to keep the blood flowing in your legs and lower back for your next shot.

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Walk about 70-90 rounds per year and will NOT play with cart players. Walking gives me my exercise and I have time to study the upcoming shots and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Northern New England tracks.



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Scott, California


55+ rounds a year. And i walk 95% with a push cart.




I have a 7 year old Sun Mountain Speed cart and it's truly on its last days (brake cable finally broke). Ive been investigating, reading reviews about new carts for about a month and would be interested in testing the Big Max brand as I know it is very popular in Europe.


Good luck to all.

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I used to walk all the time but age has taken it's toll on my knees, so I now push my large golf bag everywhere. What I look for mostly on a pushing golf trolley is that it is stable with the bag seated on it and easy to push and steer, that it holds things like golf balls, tees, pencils and other odds and sods that we golfers carry and a brake to hold the trolley on uneven terrain would be a plus. An umbrella holder is a must for me as I live in the UK. And it can rain a lot.

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Nick, Texas


Probably 30+


I usually carry but that gets a little rough in Texas summers so I've been looking at getting a push cart recently.

Irons: Ping i200 - Standard Lie, X Flex, 3/4" Long

Driver: Callaway Epic - 10.5, X Flex

Dexterity: Right-Handed

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Handicap: 5

Other Clubs: Epic 3w, 58 Ping iGlide, Ping Sigma Tyne Putter


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40-50 rounds/year

"I can't" means one of two things:
1) I'm not willing to try, or
2) I'm more afraid of failure than I am excited by success.

I can.

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