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Testers Announced: Big Max AutoFold FF Push Cart

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Scott. Kentucky


I walk two nines every Tuesday and Thursday before work at Ft Knox, KY, another nine on Thursday afternoon and eighteen on Saturday. Currently use a Sun Mountain cart, but interested in the fold flat idea.

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About 20 rounds

I'm about to turn 73, I need excercise and I can't walk without a pushcart.

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Hi - I am from Australia so not sure if you are keen to post this buggy,but here goes;


Your first name and home state - Noel Emu Plains NSW Australia


How many rounds per year do you walk? - 250 per year at least.



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~70 rounds per year walking


Current Clicgear 2.0 user, much discussion over the years with walking group over who has the best push cart. Would love the opportunity to review.

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Bob in Elizabethtown, KY


Retired 60 year old Army helicopter pilot and I walk every round I play, the Taylormade stand bag is getting heavier every day.


I get to play twice a week, around 60 times a year, at area courses and some of them have a few hills.

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I was not a big walker until last year when I gave it a try and now find myself walking most of my rounds. I purchased a refurbished clicgear 3.5+ push cart and can't say I have any problems with it. I do find myself sometimes wrestling to open and close it, so I was very interested in testing out the auto open feature.

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Hi -

• Chuck in NY

• Walk every round except on those occasional courses we visit that require a cart.


(Though honestly it never really made all that much sense to me as too often you see carts driving back and forth, and back and forth, vs walkers who go directly to their ball....)


Had actually looked - online - at this model but ended up with a Clic Gear 8.0, purchased about a year ago, that I could look at in a store. The CG is a bit heavy and not at all that easy to open or close (I end up operating my wife's for her.....). It is quite sturdy, tho, and stable on the course.

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