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(4) Testers Wanted!!!     Big Max AutoFold FF Pushcart     Are you a dedicated walking golfer?   I mean, are you the kind of golfer who, unless you're playing in the Himalayas or at Augusta

Hi Gang --    Thank you for all the applications - very cool to see the response for the Big Max Autofold FF!!   Without further ado - here is the Team of Testers:   MCaseyM   markm778   Spo

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Jim from Lexington, KY


handicap 20.2


My wife and/or I walk at least twice a week, weather permitting, from April through October.   that would make close to 50 rounds per season.    

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I have just started to walk again after some back issues the last few years. I have been walking 3-4 days a week with good success but the old push cart I have is a little hard to push in taller grass and soft fairways. I have tried the push carts at the courses but they are usually pretty worn out and even harder to push.


I play 3-4 for times a week (18) and have a handicap of 12


I would enjoy testing the new Autofold FF very much.


Thank You,



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Steve, Pennsylvania


I average 24 rounds walking a year, with my wife! NO she does not carry my bag!!!  We currently use my Sun Mountain carts but would LOVE to try something that folds to a smaller package!

In my bag

Drivers: Grenade II, Standard flex!

FW Woods:  Cobra Fly-Z set 14.5* w/VLCT-Sp Stiff graphite shaft

Irons:  Taylor Made Speed Blades tweeked 1* w/graphite Matrix 55 gram  M shafts

Wedges:   Taylor Made Speed Blade P & A w/Matrix 55 gram M shaft, 56* SCOR V sole w/Genius 9 graphite shaft, Cleveland 60* w/steel Stiff shaft.
Putter:   SeeMore X2 custom

Balls: Snell

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40 rounds

Hogan GS53. ProjectX Evenflo.

Bridgestone Tourstage GR 3W, 5W. tour AD S

Hogan 99 Apex Blades 4 - E. Project X Pxi. 

Hogan VKTR 21* hybrid IROD F3 75
Hogan TK wedges 50,54,58 KBS Tour V
Hogan Precision Milled BHB01
Dean Snell MTBX

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Lee from Northern California here, I walk at least 40 rounds per year.  Current cart is an Axglo 4-wheeler that is not as compact as I would like when folded, this looks like an interesting unit.  At 63yo, I no longer carry unless it is an executive 9 and I love having the cart to carry my bigger bag.



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Donald from North Carolina.

I typically walk about 12 rounds per year. I prefer to walk since walking a round with a pushcart is usually less walking than driving a cart on days when it is cart path only.

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Guest Tom Duckworth

Tom Kansas

I walk about 40 rounds a year. I'm kind of a cart junkie I pick them up at thrift stores all the time. I think people think they want to walk but really they don't.

So I have more than a few I can compare it to.

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