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(6) Testers Wanted!!!


Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid - bnr copy.jpg


Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrids



Hybrids are funny clubs.


For some, hybrids are true long iron replacements: easier to hit and designed for a specific distance. For others, hybrids are really just min-fairway woods intended for maximum distance.


The Ben Hogan Company says its new VKTR's, while no slouch in the distance department, really are long iron replacements because, after all, #precisionisback!


Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid - 11 copy.jpg

Testers Wanted:

Even though the name sounds like a Cold War-era Soviet tank, Hogan says its VKTR is designed with the better player in mind: a tour-inspired head shape that gets progressively smaller as the lofts get higher, 4 moveable weights to create the shot shape you want and a very Hogan-like 11 different lofts to dial in the distance you need.


Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid - 12.jpg



How do these new Hogan hybrids stack up against the big boys? We're looking for 6 of you to try out (and keep) a set of  two VKTR's and tell us what you think.

How To Apply:

MyGolfSpy needs 6 avid golfers to test and review the VKTR hybrids. As you know, we take our equipment testing very seriously here at MGS, so please read the following instructions very carefully.


In this thread, tell us the following:


1. Your name, home state and current handicap


2. What 2 lofts would you like to test (If you need help, visit Hogan's Online Performance Center)


Easy as can be!  We'll be announcing  the testers in this space next week. Good luck!


Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid - 19.jpg





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These are pretty sweet looking, but happy with my Nike Vapor Flex hybrids, would definitely like to read the reviews on these. Good luck to everyone!!


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Very interested in these. Had a look at the Hogan website recently, and I like the sound of their approach to club design.  Currently don't appear to be available in Australia, so I would love an opportunity to review them.



Victoria, Australia


22 and 26 degrees

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I play four to eight 9-hole rounds per week.


I rely on my hybrids, currently a 3h and a 25-degree hybrid.


My handicap is 28.


Los Angeles, CA.



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1. Chuck; NY; 18

2. 16 and 20

(graphite; regular)


Sort of related - just demo'ed a trial pair of TK15 wedges. Very impressed with the higher lofted one (tho they didn't send the lofts I'd requested so couldn't compare them exactly to what I'm playing now) .. definite contender to replace the aging, beat up sticks I cannot yet seem to give up...

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TJ Moore


5.6 Handicap


heaviest shaft available if possible as it would be a replacement for long irons if I am lucky enough to get chosen.


thanks again for the opportunity.

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Name: Jason 

Home State: Massachusetts

Current handicap: 13

Loft 1: 18 degrees

Loft 2: 21 degrees

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Vall / Kentucky / 15


20 and 23, regular flex


Need something to supplement the 4 & 5 iron in the F6 iron set...

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These hybrids look amazing, and it will be interesting to see how the 3 hybrid (20 degrees) will compare with my Callaway Apex hybrid. 


Matt Dumble

Western Australia

Handicap: 8

Lofts: 17 & 20


I'll need a heavish (~80g) stiff shaft

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Really like the looks of these.  They are consistent with the older designs but look new. 


Eric Hutchens


Handicap: 10

Lofts: 17 & 23

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Eric S

Knoxville TN


17* and 21*. curently hitting TM hybrid at 21*



Knoxville, TN. 6HDCP, Cally XR16 Driver, G25 3 wood, burner Rescue. Ping I E1 irons, Vokey SM5 52,56,60 & 2ball odyssey putter

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Casey M

Sacramento, CA



19 and 23


Currently playing Wilson Tour M3 hybrid at 21, but would love to test the Hogan fitting for accuracy


Thanks for the opportunity! Hogans are something I can make time for and I actually have my next 3 rounds on my calendar!

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    • By DPattGolf
      As some of you know I am moving soon and I need to clear out some of my equipment that isn't currently in my bag. 
      First up is my Ft. Worth Black irons. This set is 4-PW with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts and stock Ben Hogan Lamkin Z5 grip.
      This set was used for a review but was by no means abused during testing. 
      Looking to sell for SOLD.

    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      Please join me in congratulating our five testers:
      Jon Brittain

      (5) TESTERS WANTED!!!

      Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons
      In the words of Peter Wolf - don't touch the knobs 'cause I think we're gonna have some fun with this one....
      ​This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Ben Hogan Company. The brand has has plenty of ups and more than its share of downs, but it's still with us and as a brand, it still maters.
      With three new product launches this year, Hogan has firmly reestablished itself as a brand to be reckoned with, and we have a unique opportunity for 5 lucky forum members to test, review and keep a set of the sexy, new Ft. Worth 15 Black irons.

      The Ft. Worth Black, with its rugged Diamond Black Metal finish, is most definitely a player's iron. It's a 1025 forged blade, and Hogan says it gives the better player the feel, accuracy and consistency his or her game demands.
      We're looking for 5 of you to test the Fort Worth Blacks and let the MyGolfSpy Community what you think!
      This review opportunity is open to any golfer in the US, Canada or the UK. Sorry lefties - this one is for your right-handed brethren only.

      We take our Forum Member Testing quite seriously here at MyGolfSpy, and it's imperative you apply in the right place - which is right here in the Forum and NOT back in the blog.
      To be eligible, please tell us - in this thread - the following:
      First name and home state/province
      Age and handicap
      Your current iron set/makeup
      Thanks for applying! We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected.

      Good luck!
    • By GregB135
      I'm in the early stages of determining whether I need to replace my current set of irons, Mizuno JPX 850 Forged, and what to replace them with. 
      I was very intrigued to see the Ben Hogan Golf Co. back in the club production business. Though no driver or fairway wood options are available, they are offering a variety of irons and wedges. As a mid handicapper I'm looking for forgiveness along with the ability to shape shots when I need to. As such, I have some interest Hogan's the PTx irons - a forged cavity back presented as part of the 'players/game improvement' iron segment.
      As a direct-to-consumer manufacturer, the BHGCo offers a demo program so we the golfing consumers aren't restricted to buying clubs unseen and untried. For $20 to cover two-way shipping (that's probably a bargain) they send you two clubs of your choice (not all are always available). Demo clubs are provided only in standard loft and lie, but you may have a choice of shaft options. Since the PTx irons come in at a significant mark down from what the bigger OEM offers are offering comparable to my Mizunos, I figured why not, I'll try out the demo program. Then I decided, why not share the experience with all you fellow MGSers.
      The initial selection is done through the BHGCo website. The selection process for the demo clubs was simple and intuitive, as well as the payment process. The $20 covers the shipping and there is a held charge of $250 in case you don't return the clubs within 14 days of receipt.
      I very quickly received a confirmation email for the order, and another soon after to track shipping. They use UPS ground, so according to the tracking number, they should be at my door on Monday.
      So far the process has been very customer friendly. I'll follow up with more after I receive the clubs. 
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      (4) TESTERS Announced:

      Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

      Another week, another review opportunity for you, fellow Golf Spies! And we think you're going to really like this one.

      There's been plenty of chatter here and in social media on the new Equalizer wedges from Ben Hogan. 1025 forged, enhanced V-Sole, Progressive Center of Mass - there's a lot here to get you intrigued, and we want four of you to test, review and keep a 3-wedge set of Hogan Equalizers, and let us know if they're the real deal.

      TESTERS Chosen:

      Four of you will be chosen to review a 52-56-60 set of Equalizers with your choice of shafts offered by Hogan. In addition, Hogan will tweak the lies and swing weights to fit your specs. And if you need the lofts adjusted a degree or so, they'll do that, too.

      This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US and Canada.


      As you all know, we take our member reviews pretty seriously. You'll be asked for a full two-month commitment to take these things to the range and the course, and follow a detailed template to write up a thoughtful, detailed and - most importantly - honest review.

      To apply, tell us in this thread (and ONLY in this thread!):

      First name/Home state or province
      Current wedges
      Short game strengths/weaknesses
      Current handicap

      The Testers have been selected. Please congratulate!!


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