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Official Forum Member Review - DST COMPRESSOR REVIEWS

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Could this be the best training aid ever?  Follow along with our members reviews to get the answer.




03trdblack                     Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


MGoBlue100                 Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


Golfer Ken                     Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


THEDOUGIEDOUG        Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three





Let us know what you think!


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Sorry guys, I've been on the road a bunch (in the middle of a 26 day road trip) and haven't had much chance to post this.  That said, I also haven't (purposefully) done a lot of work yet with the DST(s).  I'm playing Arcadia Bluffs (MI) tomorrow, and have a little "tournament" with some friends over the weekend.  I was actually afraid the DST might mess me up initially, LOL.


I have so far only hit the wedge off mats, no grass.  The initial reaction I had was surprise how it feels in your hands DURING the swing.  I was totally unprepared.  It seems to take your hands way out of your (MY?) normal swing path.  You really have to focus on your positions with this aid all the way through the swing.  I guess that's a bit of the point, eh?  You guys who prefer clubs where you can really "feel the clubhead" will probably LOVE this as a training aid, as opposed to those who prefer the club to be more fully balanced, if you will.


Promise I'll have a lot more to say, and will eventually post some video of the progress.  Maybe even some Periscope, eh John Barba?


Play well, y'all!

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A little about MY game:  13.1 HCP, dn from 17.7 on Jan 1.  I'm a sweeper, not a digger.  That's one of the reasons I was really interested in the DST clubs.

You've seen the pics of the other guys' deliveries, I suppose.  Mine look the same, except for one fairly significant difference: I rec'd a left handed training wedge! :blink:  My first thought was "Well, this should definitely change my swing."

So, after receiving a RIGHT handed wedge, I did some preliminary work as noted in my Stage 1 post.

I was VERY concerned about using the DST's and having it significantly change my swing in a detrimental way in the short term.  (I did, by the way, sweep my tournaments in MI between Stage One and Two reviews!!)

After more range work, I have the following thoughts:

  • As I noted in Stage One, if you don't swing these, they'll swing YOU.  Very easy to get tired and make lazy swings.  Lazy swings lead to ugly SHANKS!  Quickly.  If you align these properly, and swing them per the instructions, you hit very nice shots.
  • I hit some standard irons, then moved to the DST 8 iron, then back to standard.  Working with the DST definitely changes your hand position if you let it.  My ball flight was dead straight and with a lower trajectory after a few DST swings.  As noted, I'm a sweeper.  Fairly steep, with usually the corresponding HIGH ball flight.  DST seems to be lowering that.  Most likely related to some de-lofting of the club at impact.
  • Working with the DST wedge didn't show as immediate an impact.  Could have been a few tired swings thrown in, but I felt like the short irons would take a little more work, for me at least.  It's a process, right?  More shanks and fat shots with the wedge.
  • When I moved to the CR-10 8-iron (transition club) I hit almost all wonderful shots.  Super straight with a nice, boring trajectory.  I easily moved back to my standard iron and hit basically the same shots.
  • At this point, I think if I was to recommend these clubs, (which I totally do!) I would say get them very late in your season, and work with them through the off season, to get the muscle memory that you need in any swing change.  If you already lead the club head with the handle, and take a significant divot, this might not be such a big deal to you, and these would only be a nice training aid.  I'm looking forward to working hard with these through the colder months, with thoughts that my swing and ball flight will hopefully be improved in the Spring.

2016-07-01 18.28.12-min.jpg

2016-07-01 18.31.39-min.jpg

2016-08-24 19.09.41-min.jpg

2016-08-24 19.22.18-min.jpg

2016-08-24 19.12.14-min.jpg

2016-08-24 19.29.21-min.jpg

2016-08-24 19.29.27-min.jpg

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First off I would like to thank Mygolfspy and DST for this opportunity to review for them both. My initial reaction when getting picked was a little shock and a lot of excitement.

A little about me:

I am a 4.5 handicap, though streaky with work schedule and family life. The strengths of my game would be my ability to get off the tee and mentally strong choices on the course. Though I consider myself a decent iron player I still hit 3-4 fat shots a round and feel that costs me the most. That would be why I was so excited to get picked for this review.

My typical ball flight is a nice high draw, but I can work the ball either way. If I miss hit with the driver it's a block to the right, with irons it is fat/chunked/ugly.

I currently only use alignment rods for a training aid, if they even count as that. Other than tees on the putting green making gates and my phone for videoing myself.

My swing speed is 105mph with the driver, never have had my iron speed measured but have always played a stiff shaft in them. My tempo is smooth with a quick acceleration on the down swing. My blocks come from getting to quick at the top. My only swing thought is ¾ swing, keeps me from getting to quick and keeps everything in check.

I have been playing for a little over 8 years, I played for 5 years and then started playing again after 12 years. I started playing golf my freshman year of highschool, competing in hs golf as well as some local jr tour events. My game developed quickly and being the natural competitor that I am the game just suited me. My father and I played often, when we weren't fishing in bass tournaments or hunting. I began working for a golf shop during my summer between sophomore and junior hs years.

My kind of golf depends on the situation. I like to go out with buddies, play and have fun. But I also like to win, so it's an even balance of grip it & rip it, throwing caution to the wind. Then there is the meticulous picking the course apart, looking at the shot after this to plan this shot, side of me.

Whats in my bag:

I play a Titleist 913D2 9.5° set to 10.25°, an older Taylor made 5 wood, Titleist 910 hybrid 19 degree set to 20.5, Titleist 704cb 4-Pw, ping wedges 51° & 57°, and a ping b60 putter.

I choose my driver after hitting a few of my friends sticks and fell in love with it. The 5 wood was a choice I made years ago, never being able to hit a 3 wood off the deck I have used a 5 wood since. The hybrid I found in the used bin at Edwin watts, had the same shaft as my driver so I hit it and liked it. My irons I bought when I started playing again and just enjoy them. My wedges were ones a friend had and I hit so I bought them off of him. He didn't like them I flat out love them. The putter choice has been a hard one, but I finally have got in a groove with the b60.

I play in Northeast Florida, lucky to have alot of golf courses to choose from.

Being i worked on golf clubs, I love to tinker. None of my clubs are set to standard.

Part 1 initial response:

I had just gotten off my last night shift for the month and was asleep when the FedEx driver knocked at the door. Not expecting them to show up yet I was a little surprised.

Dst does a great job packing their product. All the clubs were in individual plastic bags. Bubble wrapped in the box.

I was shocked at how much bend is in the shafts. It is very different looking down at. The grips are high quality velvet's.

They are very well assembled clubs and I have spent a few swings with them on the range. I plan on putting them through their paces this week more.

The curve in the wedge shaft is unreal

The alignment mark.
The grips are very nice.1469459499307.jpg1469459542545.jpg

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Hi, My name is Ken Mykietowich and I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba.


I would like to thank Mygolfspy and DST for the opportunity to test and review their product.


I don't have a handicap but I do average about 85 for my scores.


The strength of my game would be my driving,  not the longest but I always manage to keep it in play. sometimes.


My weakness, as of late has been my irons, not for distance but the inability to find the center of the club face on a consistence basis.  1 shot flush, the next 2 or so off the toe, half on the grooves and the other half on the very end of the club.  THUD!!  Not a confident sound when your not used to it hitting there and have NO idea what is causing it.  I sure hope the DST can help me find the face again.


My typical ball flight is a fade, left to right.  The "Butter fade" my friends call it.  LOL  My usually miss is a slice.


My swing tempo I would say is average, 95MPH from my driver.


I love this game because even if you play the same course every day, you will never have the same shot from day to day. The course changes all the time, the wind and of course the pin locations.  I love playing different course, they all have there own challenges and it is nice to see all the different layouts. 

I try and beat my score from round to round. It doesn't always happen but it what drives me inside to get better and lower my scores.  And if I can do that while beating my golf buddies, GREAT!!


I've been golfing since I was 15.  I try and get out once every 2 weeks and I also try and get out with my daughter on the other weeks.  She is just learning but its a good excuse to the wife why I'm going out every week.  I take her to a par 3 18 hole course close by.  Its a good learning course for her.


I am currently playing with Taylormade Tour Preferred CB irons, 4-AW with KBS tour stiff shaft.  I also picked up the matching SW to complete the set.  My driver is a Callaway Hyper X 9* reg shaft.  I have a 4 wood Wilson FG tour 17 degree.  As far as tinkering, I take my time to find the clubs that feel and look good, but are right for my game.  I tried a lot of clubs before deciding on the Taylormade Tour Prefered CB.  They weren't even the clubs/price range I was looking at.  The guy at Golf Town who was helping me says, hold on a minute.  Comes back with theses, I try them, they feel great.  Distance and control are all right where I need them.  And they are on sale! SOLD!! 


It took a bit for the clubs to get to me but once they arrived I couldn't wait to open them.  After I opened the box and unwrapped the clubs, I placed them against the wall stepped back to look at them  My first thought was, "What the hell did you get yourself into Ken!!" 


Once I had them in my hands, I felt that the grips were comfy and felt similar to my Lamkin crossline that are on my irons. They were heavier than my irons, I can feel where the head is as I swing.  It was weird holding a bent club at first.  But once you put it into the proper position as described in the instruction paper, you begin to understand how the hands are suppose to be place at impact.


It seem to be raining every time I want to get to the range to try these club.  So in the mean time I would go downstairs and practice the having my hands in the proper position. Good practice for when I did finally get to the range. 


I'm having issues with my pictures but I will be posting them soon, sorry.  

kens phone 1701.jpg

kens phone 1702.jpg

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Stage 2 - Reserved 



Performane on the Range:


DST Compressor – reviewed by Golferken


In my bag I'm using the Callaway Hyper X 9* reg shaft.  My irons are the Taylormade Tour Preferred CB with KBS tour stiff shaft.  My usual ball fright is a straight to fade ball flight.  I have never used any training aid until I got chosen for this review.  I am a self-taught golfer that reads articles and tries different drills to improve my game.  I've never had a lesson and have never used any type of training aid. My average score is 84.  I like to have fun at the course, if you're not having fun than why you are playing. 

My first take on the clubs was, “WOW that is some bend in that club!”  As I picked up each club I realized they were a little heavier than my TP irons, especially the wedge being the heaviest while I thought the 8 irons felt more normal to me.

 The grips had a nice feel to them, similar to my Lamkin crossline on my set.  Comfortable and secure, no death grip needed to control them.  For me, the wedge took the longest time to get used too.  The large head and bend in the shaft felt odd at first, but once I got used to it, I liked it a lot. 

As I started testing them I had different views on each club.  With the wedge, I felt it worked best when I was chipping.  Especially when getting used to the clubs.  Because of the bend and getting used to the hands being in the proper position, it worked best with just a chipping motion.  Set up was fairly easy as you had no choice but to have your hands in the proper position.  This is why I feel that only to chip with the wedge worked best for me.  Yes I could hit full shot but I didn't feel in control of the club and I hit a number of shanks.

 The DST compressor 8 iron bend is not as severe as the wedge so it was very easy to get used to.  It felt more “natural” in my hands as they were preset into the pre-impact position.  I love this club!   It didn't take long for my body and legs to get into sink with the swing while using this club.  Before rounds, when there is no time to hit the range or there isn't one available.  I will use this club as my warm up club.  The position it put my hand into gave me instant feedback where my hand will be at impact.  As I started to use the club, at first with a slow take away and follow-through, slowly building to a full swing, it made me remember the feeling very easy when I switched to my regular clubs. 

range work 007.jpg

kens phone 1706.jpg


  When it came to how quickly I was able to use the DST, I would say that with the compressor 8 iron it was very easy.  With the 8 iron I was able to hit shots square and straight to my aim.  I consistently found the sweet spot where my shots before using the DST, I was hitting a lot of toe hits.  This made my confidence grow with each session on the range and then on the course.  The wedge, since I was only hitting chips, was also very easy to learn the proper position for the hand and the consistency of the center of the face contact.

   The clubs affected my swing fairly quickly.  I was hitting a lot of pull shots, left of the target.  As I started to hit balls with the DST compressor, I was hitting the middle of the face and hitting balls at my target, with all 3 clubs.  I would hit a few shot with the DST, than switch to my clubs and POW!  Center on the face, straight and long!!! Instant results! Since I started using these regularly, my confidence has grown as I am able to hit shot I wouldn't have dreamed of to try. Like hitting a draw into a left to right wind and holding the line into it.  I've tried that shot before but was never able to pull it off, now, I can.  It still might not go as my eye sees it, but the DST has given me the confidence to try new shots shot.

I use these clubs all the time now.  When I go to the range, I warm up with them before I switch to my regular clubs.  When I go to the course and there is no time to properly warm up. I will use them to take practice swings.  Getting my hands use to the position before the round.  I feel this is vital because when you haven't had time to practice all week, due to work, running errands, shopping etc.  Your muscle memory can kick in and you can start your round off with a solid strike down the middle instead of the top into the water or slice into the bush.  On rainy days and for sure during the long winter in Winnipeg, I will keep using them often to keep the feeling.

Has it affected my ball striking? YES!!  As I have said before, I was struggling with finding the center of the club face this year and the end of last year. I couldn't figure out why.  After using these clubs for only a few minutes, center of the face, straight and long.


kens phone 1713.jpg

range work 005.jpg

range work 006.jpg


Course Score: 65


Performance Notes:

These clubs performance were great.  It got my hand in the proper position on a consistent basis.  They have greatly improved my short iron play.  From my 8 iron down to my wedges, I have seen a more consistent shot dispersion.  I have been able to aim at the flag and have been all over them so far this year.  I even hit the flag stick and stopped 10 feet from the hole.  Was it luck?  Not when most of my approach shots were "I hope I hit the green this time!"  LOL.  My other irons have also been more consistent.  The DST Compressor is a club I can use very easily. Since it is a club that you can pick and play, it's a no brainer.  Once the initial shock of "how" wears off, it is just like any other club in the bag, just a training aid. 


Looks & Durability:

These clubs look and feel great.  Nice grips, nice heads.  They don't look out of the norm from my regular irons.  They wear and clean just like regular iron.  It's still too early to know the long term effects of their durability but if you are using them regularly, just like your regular irons, you will be changing the grips regularly. 

kens phone 1718.jpg

kens phone 1717.jpg



Score: 10


Likelihood of Purchase:

If I was able to feel them in the store 1st and see how they can help my game then yes, I would buy them.  Looking on line, I would read reviews and decide from there but this too would be a Yes!  This is my 1st training aid ever.  I've read a lot of reviews on other aids similar to the DST but none that I have been wanting to try.  This club I would buy.  I think what appeals to me about it is I can hit real ball with it on the range and see instant results. This is huge for a recreational golfer like myself. 



Score:  25


Subjective Notes:

I really like these clubs.  They do exactly what they are advertised to do.  When I received the clubs I proceeded to read the instructions.  It tells you all you need to know about how the clubs should and do work but when you get 3 clubs with varying lofts and bends and all it say is "we recommend you start with by making practice swings with a chipping motion to learn the feeling".  OK, but with which club?  When should you progress from the wedge, 8 iron to the CR-10.  Do I need to buy all 3?  I've come to my own conclusions on how to use them but I would like to see a little more direction on how you can use them?  Does each club benefit a different aspect of my game?  Wedge for short game?  8 iron for mid irons?  CR-10 for long irons?  


Conclusion and Final score:


I love these clubs!  They do exactly what DST says they will do, put your hands in the proper impact position.  I think it is great that you can hit real shots with the DST which gives the golfer instant feedback on what they and the club are doing through impact.  I have and will continue to recommend these clubs to any golfer, beginner or scratch golfer, if you want to feel the proper impact position when hitting the ball, get the DST Compressor.  



Final Score:  100


Remember, weather you're a high, mid or low handicapper, you always need to improve your game, the DST Compressor will do that for you.  I believe this!

kens phone 1707.jpg

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I was lucky enough to be selected to test the DST Compressor training aids.  I've taken them out and given them an initial assessment and will start to share that in this thread.  Here is a little about me and some pics of the devices.
About me:
Handicap: 3.4
Strengths of my game:  Driving and ball striking.  I'm not super long (100-105 driver swing speed) but almost always know where it's going.  I usually never have any big misses with any of my clubs.  
Weaknesses of my game: Putting.  I have a really strong chipping and short wedge game but am a very mediocre putter and can be very streaky.  
Typical ball flight: Pretty straight overall with my miss being a slight pull if I come over the top too much.
Current training aids:  None up to this point
Swing tempo: Smooth tempo and transition with more of a "swinger" motion than a "hitter".
I've been playing for about 20 years now and got started right before high school.  I've been a golf junkie ever since I started and even got trained in clubmaking to do as a hobby.  I take it pretty seriously though and have to have everything in my bag perfect.  I am swingweight sensitive so I feel very slight differences between swingweights of clubs.  I have to have my clubs withing 1/2 a point of each other.  
I also love trying new clubs and mixing it up.  I recently put together a set of single length Wishon Sterling irons and so far have enjoyed them.  The concept makes a lot of sense, even for someone that is already a pretty good ball striker.  Even with a lower handicap I like irons that are on the chunkier side so I don't have to work as hard when my swing might be a little off.  I also can get steep with my swing and usually play on courses that are soft so having a wider sole helps.  My backup/gamer set is a set of Ping Rapture J Spec irons because they are large and forgiving but have less offset which I prefer.  It's hard to find forgiving irons that don't have TONS of offset.
I also have a set of Taylormade Rescue '11 hybrids that I'll never get rid of.  They are point and shoot and I don't hook them like I do most other hybrids.  I prefer more of a fairway wood look to hybrids and don't like offset.  
Enough about me and on to some pictures of the DST Compressor training aids.  They went 3 different units in total.  One is a wedge with a curved shaft, one is an 8 iron with a curved shaft and the last is a regular straight shafted 8 iron with a very thick and heavy bounce sole.  The idea (I'm assuming) is to start with a wedge, move to an 8 iron and finally end up at the straight shafted 8 iron.  The straight 8 iron still has a huge sole and lots of bounce so you have to have your hands in front in order to hit it correctly.
IMG_20160702_093522 (Medium).jpg


IMG_20160702_093543 (Medium).jpg


IMG_20160702_093605 (Medium).jpg


IMG_20160702_093531 (Medium).jpg

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DST Compressor – Official MGS Forum Review by Rob


Player Intro.

Since starting to review the DST Compressor irons I have switched irons over to the Wishon Sterling single length irons. One of the best things about having single length irons is when you attempt to make a swing change it is very easy to apply that swing change because each iron requires the exact same swing. The DST has been teaching me to come from the inside which I've never really done and I'm now playing a draw. I haven't played a draw in over 15 years of playing golf! More on this later in the review.


I'm currently playing to a 3.4 handicap (which would be much lower if I had confidence putting) and have always had a slight out to in swing path which has yielded a repeatable baby cut shot.  Unfortunately this shot doesn't quite travel as far as a draw but is very reliable and repeatable.  My misses are when I come too over the top with a closed clubface and pull shots left.  Sometimes I'll clear my hips too quickly and leave the clubface open but the left miss is more frequent.


Before receiving the DST Compressor clubs I had never used any training aids other than alignment sticks.




Performance on the Range

  • How easy is the DST Compressor Set to use?


The DST Compressor couldn't be easier to use.  Since it's just an iron with a curved shaft there isn't anything to assemble.  Just unpack it and give it a swing.


  • Wedge: easy to set up? Does it change how you address the ball?


I started using the wedge first since it was shorter and I could make shorter half swings to get used to the feel.  When you first set up to the wedge you will not have your hands far enough forward to align the white scoreline with the training line on the hosel.  I felt I had played the ball fairly far back in my stance but I didn't realize how far forward I had it compared to where the DST wants you to have the ball.  You then have to press your hands really forward in order to make the training lines match up.  Once you get set up you feel your hands are resting on your left knee.  The feeling is exaggerated for sure and I don't believe you need them this far forward during an actual golf swing but the exaggerated feeling trains you to feel this way so you apply the forward press in your regular swings after training.  I got used to it quickly even though it felt really strange at first.  




  • 8 Iron: easy to set up? Does it change how you address the ball?


I progressed to the 8 iron very quickly as it didn't take very many shots to get used to the feeling of the wedge and how far forward it puts your hands. Setup is back in your stance again with your hands very far forward but for some reason it felt more comfortable than the wedge. Maybe I had gotten used to the setup by the time I used the 8 iron but I naturally went into the correct position.


  • How quickly did you get the feel of how to use the DST?


I was actually quite surprised how fast I was able to hit the DST correctly.  When I first started with the wedge I was pulling everything off the world left.  The contact was good but I was coming way over the top with a shut clubface.  I backed off and stared hitting half shots like they recommended and got the feeling of having my right elbow glued to my side at address and during the backswing.  If my elbow raised itself from my body then I would yank it left.  If I kept it tight to my side then the shots flew straight with a beautiful draw.  Keeping my elbow to my side helped me take the club back on a flatter plane which also helped from pulling shots left.  This is something I struggle with, especially with short wedge shots.  I would alternate back and forth between hitting shots with the DST and then my own irons.  It helped to go back to the DST mid practice to remind myself of the feeling and where my arms needed to be.


  • How did it affect your swing short term/longer term?


I can honestly say the DST has changed my swing in a very short time period.  I use the 8 iron as my warm up club before each round of golf or each range session.  The 8 iron DST is basically the same length as all my single length irons so I use it more than the shorter wedge.  I have gone from hitting slight cuts with my irons to beautiful little draw shots and it's really exciting!  It took some time to trust the swing and aim slightly right instead of slightly left due to my new shot shape.  I do still have the tendency to come over the top and pull shots left but I was doing that before the DST so it didn't cause that problem to suddenly occur.  I have also picked up 1 extra club in distance with my irons which is fantastic!  The only iron issue I have is with my 5 iron because forward pressing it so far forward can cause a very low "punch" shot trajectory which isn't ideal for hitting into greens.  As long as I don't play that iron as far back in my stance the trajectory stays playable.  This issue is also in combination with having single length irons since the 5 iron shaft is so short.  The DST has truly been a miracle with my iron game.


As much has I have good things to say about the DST for hitting irons, I also have to say it completely RUINED my hybrid shots swing.  I play 2 hybrids that replace my 3 and 4 irons.  They are the original Taylormade Rescue 11 TP hybrids with the Aldila RIP 85 shafts.  These clubs have been in my bag since they were released and are never leaving.  Every time I hit these clubs the shots are laser straight and I rarely miss the center of the clubface.  After practicing with the DST and hitting my irons better than ever I tried to hit some hybrid shots at the range.  I aligned myself in the same position the DST had taught me to hit my irons and took a swing.  The club went directly under the ball and popped it straight up in the air.  I looked down at the face of the club and yelled, "what the hell was that?!?!"  To my horror there was an ugly pop up mark on the top line of my club.  I honestly almost cried and was PISSED!  I've never popped up a shot with my hybrid since the day I purchased them and now have paint missing along the topline.  I really was scared to hit another shot and was in total shock.  The feeling of leading with your hands forward and de-lofting the club is perfect for irons but DOES NOT WORK for hybrids and fairway woods.  


It took me quite a few gingerly hit shots with my hybrid to regain the swing thoughts needed to hit them correctly and not pop up another shot like I did with the first one.  The worst part is now I have that swing mentally en-grained in my brain every time I pull out one of those clubs and my confidence has suffered.  I hope no one else had the same issue but DST owes me a hybrid refinish!


I will say quickly that I had to mentally retrain hitting fairway woods off the deck as well because once you get used to leading so far forward with your hands you'll want to do it with every club and this simply doesn't work for the driver or fairway woods off the deck.  I now sort of have two swings I use, one for the woods/hybrids and the DST compressor trained swing for my irons.   


  • How often do you use it?


As mentioned above I use the DST as my warm up club before every range session and/or round of golf. 


  • Is it having an affect on your ball striking?


My iron shots have never been more solid. I was always a very good ballstriker but now the shots just have a different feel and sound to them. I also feel I'm hitting shots with less effort and they are still going longer than they did before. Having a more inside-out swing path and draw ball flight does that.


Course Score: 65/65 for training purposes

You wouldn't really use this club out on the course since it's a training aid but as far as a score for a training aid I'd give it an almost perfect rating.


Performance Notes 


I am very pleased with the DST for my iron game and how it's improved my ball striking.  I'm thrilled on how it's allowed me to hit a draw and I will constantly use it to keep my iron game sharp.  As I mentioned above however, be careful as you can't really apply the same hands forward feeling to woods and hybrids since they already have much lower loft and shallower faces.



Looks & Durability

Describe the following:

  • Apprearance/graphics/packaging.


The great thing about the DST is it looks just like a standard iron in your bag so you won't get any strange looks for having some weird training aid sticking out of your bag.  The club is quality and feels great when you hit it.  The only grip is the grip because it's utter crap.  Probably the cheapest feeling I've ever used and is already starting to get hard and lose tackiness.  DST really needs to step it up here.  The clubs are $100 each and the least they could do is use a good quality grip.


  • Short term/long term durability.


The club will last basically forever.  The grip will last about 10 minutes.


Looks Score: 10/10

Easily a 10/10 for looks given it looks like a normal golf club.

LAZ4dIy - Imgur.jpg

Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory?

  • I honestly wouldn't have purchased this on my own because I had never had a chance to try it out. I never purchase a club or training device without trying it first. Now that I have demoed it I would say without a doubt it's worth purchasing! If you know of someone that has one or maybe a shop that has one, give it a try because you will probably want to purchase one as well.


LOP Score: 25/25


Subjective Notes

In case you hadn't picked up on it yet, I like these clubs. I've been telling everyone I know to try them as they are so great for grooving a great iron swing. Other than my issues with my hybrid I have no complaints. Once I get my hybrids working like they used to all will be right in the world again.


Conclusion & Final Score


Not sure what the total score would be but the DST does exactly what it is supposed to do. I'd recommend swapping out the grip as the stock one sucks but other than that the device is quality. The feeling is a little over exaggerated with your hands pushed so far forward but I feel this is necessary to train your brain of the feeling. Do yourself a favor and check out one of these for yourself. The wedge is the easiest to get started with but if you play single length irons like I do then the 8 iron makes more sense. Whenever I get a little steep or pull shots with my wedges I will go back to the DST wedge to get the proper swing feeling again. Thanks to DST and MyGolfSpy for allowing me the chance to review these devices.

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Looking forward to reading your reviews if these really make a difference in helping with having your hands forward at impact and trapping the ball better.


Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile

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Wow... I wonder how these would compare to the Tour Striker clubs?  Both seem intent on getting forward shaft lean/hands in front of the ball at impact.


I'll be watching closely!!

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Completely different approach between the Tour Striker and DST. The DST is easy to hit. The TS is not. For me anyway. I have both.

I will say one thing... the grip they use on the DST is crap. It will turn into hard plastic in no time. Mine did.

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Completely different approach between the Tour Striker and DST. The DST is easy to hit. The TS is not. For me anyway. I have both.

I will say one thing... the grip they use on the DST is crap. It will turn into hard plastic in no time. Mine did.


Thanks Plaid.  I'd never tried either - and honestly the TS looked really strange to me; at least the TS looks like a normal iron.


Out of curiosity - did either of them (TS/DST) help at all?

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Wow... I wonder how these would compare to the Tour Striker clubs? Both seem intent on getting forward shaft lean/hands in front of the ball at impact.


I'll be watching closely!!

I want a DST, I have a tour striker and for me it only made me hit very down on the ball.

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I have the wedge but would really like to try the 8-iron. Anyone willing to trade let me know.

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Stroker, I guess my answer is; if I used them more they'd probably be helpful. I bought the TS many years ago when it first came out. It made sense to me. It's effective but hard to hit properly. My experience was after working with it for a while you'll be forced to hit the ball first with forward shaft-lean. Then you switch to your gamer club and you'll feel the difference and notice a better ball flight. I did anyway.

As for the DST (mine is an 8i) it's easy to hit from the get go. Quite frankly I think I could play a whole set of these. But, like the TS; after practicing with the DST for a while and then transitioning to your gamer you'll feel and see a difference. I did. I kind of wish I'd purchased a 7i or an 6i if they have one. I already produce decent shaft lean with my shorter irons. Not so much with longer irons.

And for the record.... I don't use either club much but I should I guess.

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Stroker, I guess my answer is; if I used them more they'd probably be helpful. I bought the TS many years ago when it first came out. It made sense to me. It's effective but hard to hit properly. My experience was after working with it for a while you'll be forced to hit the ball first with forward shaft-lean. Then you switch to your gamer club and you'll feel the difference and notice a better ball flight. I did anyway.

As for the DST (mine is an 8i) it's easy to hit from the get go. Quite frankly I think I could play a whole set of these. But, like the TS; after practicing with the DST for a while and then transitioning to your gamer you'll feel and see a difference. I did. I kind of wish I'd purchased a 7i or an 6i if they have one. I already produce decent shaft lean with my shorter irons. Not so much with longer irons.

And for the record.... I don't use either club much but I should I guess.


Thanks Plaid!  Appreciate the feedback.

I am looking for some training aids and this is just the info I was hoping for!!

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I have been using the 8 iron for a few months now and I am enjoying it quite a bit.


Prior to using it I had lost 5-10 yards off all my irons due to a flip I developed and the DST has really helped me shrink my flip to the point where it is almost non existent and I almost have all of my distance back.


I need to to some more work with it in between rounds, but it is still my go-to warm up club to help me ingrain that perfect hand position at setup and impact.

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If anyone has one and it isn't working for them shoot me a PM.  I'd love to try one of these out!

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I kind of wish I'd purchased a 7i or an 6i if they have one. I already produce decent shaft lean with my shorter irons. Not so much with longer irons.


And for the record.... I don't use either club much but I should I guess.

I'm with you Plaid. I wish I had longer club than the DST wedge I currently have.


If you are looking to unload your 8-iron, PM me.

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      Has anyone tried the Swing Align training aid yet?
      Alistair Davies was endorsing it on his Facebook page today. It looks promising, so I was if spies have had success with it.
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      This is a thread for those who are interested in reading or sharing golf ball comparisons! 
      Personally, I am in the stage of personal ball testing to try to find my next gamer for the next season or two. As such, I have been and am in the process of testing a variety of premium golf balls to see which fits my game and personal preferences. My posts in this site will be coming from off my new website (linked here for those who might want to check it out: https://griffinc6.wixsite.com/golfreviews) and will be in the form of a head to head matchup between two of the balls I am considering. During my tests, I will be taking two different models to the course and playing 9 holes with each in the same round, same day, and same conditions. In my posts, there won't be much in the way of technical data other than distance (measured via Shot Scope) but will rather be how I experienced the balls in terms of distance, spin, flight characteristics, performance and fell around the green, putting, quality, durability, and consistency. Once again, for my posts here, these are by no means a scientific test, but rather what I prefer, what I see, and how the balls perform for me. Therefore whatever performs for me might not translate to your game or your experiences with these products. I also invite everyone to post your own comparisons, head-to-heads, and reviews here as well!
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    • By ChasingScratch
      Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 – Review
      A little background
      Let’s just start with this:  I am not a stellar putter.  I’m not even an average putter.  I’ve been known to be the ‘take a 6 footer for birdie and turn it into a 7 footer for par’ kind of putter.  I’d like to think part of it is due to the wide variation in greens I get to play on (anything from Plinko on the Price is Right to lightning fast U.S. Open greens), but the reality is I just haven’t been that good.  I’m a dad with limited income to spend on golf and little practice time.
      I started this journey to become a Scratch golfer about two years ago.  Since then, I won a free full bag fitting through Club Champion and had a blast doing it.  My favorite part of the whole experience was the SAM PuttLab fitting.  According to the PuttLab, I’m a consistent slight puller of the putter.  My wonderful human of a fitter recommended mallet style with some toe hang.  He laid out a bunch of putters that fit this mold and I immediately started arching the putter rather than pulling it.  I had never really seen that arch path before and I thought I was going to push every putt 3 feet right of the hole.  Needless to say, I made 25 straight 8 foot putts before we re-tested with my favorite putter of the bunch (the Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4, which also happened to be the cheapest, go figure).
      The thing that was instantly attractive about this putter was the fact that it could be adjusted for length.  I’m 5’8”, take an athletic posture with my putter, and have long arms.  Long story short, I need a short putter, but everything you can buy off the rack comes between 33-35” (or so it seems).  We cranked it down to 32.5” and bent the loft to 1 degree.  Oh……….my…………GAWD!!!  I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!!!
      Eye Candy (aka Looks)
      First off the looks.  This think is a beauty! 

      I love the tynes off the back, makes me think of a fighter jet’s wings.  Who doesn’t love fighter jets?!?  As an added bonus, they are very useful when picking the ball up after you just lagged that 40 footer to inside of 1 foot! 

      The stock pistol grip is phenomenal as well.  It really helps me to get my thumbs on top of the grip and parallel to each other. 

      People seem to either love or hate insert putters.  I get it, there is soft and then there is too soft.  Not many people want to feel like they are hitting the golf ball with a marshmallow attached to a shaft.  The dual insert on the Ping Sigma 2 putter line is perfect for me.  Soft enough to feel good at impact, but not soft enough to make you question if you hit it hard enough.

      I absolutely enjoy putting practice now!  Get this, you ready for it?  I’ve taken nothing but my putter to the golf course and spent over 1hr putting with my kids!?!  Crazy right? Who does that???  Not a single driver, iron, or wedge hit.  Pure putting. That’s how much I love this putter and how much confidence it gives me.
      I’ve only had two rounds with it, but I’ve had 30 and 31 putts with it so far.  Both of those rounds had at least 3 putts that either lipped out or stopped within 1” of the hole.  Only one 3-putt (and that was on a 60 foot putt, all of my playing partners 3-putted that horrible green lol).  From 5-8 feet, I feel like it is going in all the time.
      Had I the foresight to know that I would be joining MGS, I would have taken stats with my previous putters (yeah, I’m the guy who had like 7 putters all on the bench ready to get in the game whenever the starter started 3-putting) and run an ANOVA on putting metrics to see if this new putter is significantly better or if it is all in my head.  I have since sold those putters and am on the road to a single putter relationship.  You have to give this putter a try if you like the looks of a mallet style fang putter.  It also scored well this year and the previous model as well last year in the MSG putter tests.
      Give this thing a look!!!!  I think I’m going to go roll some putts on my carpet!!!
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      Hey all, 
      Anyone bought one of Vice's stand bags? The barrel of my bag is about to die, have been eyeing these off... But I hate buying something I haven't seen in the flesh (?) before. My favourite bag was from a gone bust company called Lind Golf, but can't find a bag with as many features. 
      Unfortunately not heaps of pictures of the Vice bag that aren't dolled up and taken from a romantic angle. 
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      Bettinardi Milled Cigar Tray

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      Alaska Bear Antique Copper Cigar Cutter

      Stay tuned for more great cigar products, and if you find something worthy of taking a look at, shoot me a PM. -Dave

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