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(4) TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Sun Mountain Golf Bags

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John Hansen North Georgia Mountains

current bag is a Sun Mountain C-130

always drive a cart as our course is unwalkable due to hills

WITB - :taylormade-small:

Driver - TaylorMade M2 - Stiff flex / 12.5*

3 & 7 Wood - TaylorMade M2

6i -Gap - TaylorMade M4- Stiff flex

Wedges - TaylorMade ATV 55* & 60*

Putter - Odyssey 2 Ball

Ball - Titleist Pro V1

Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder

Right Handed Neutral lie on all clubs

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Dick from Mesa AZ.


Except for mid summer in AZ I am a walker using a push cart. Current full size bag, C130 Sun Mountain. Current carry bag Ping.

<p>Driver:  Callaway Epic 9 deg, Graphite design shaft stiff</p><p>Fairway:  TM M1v17/p><p>Irons:  Mission Hot Milled regular, 5 thru sw, TM Putter:  face</p><p>Ball:  Titelist Pro V1 or chrome soft X

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Alex from Cary, North Carolina


I usually carry my bag unless it's freakishly hot outside. 


I use the Ping 4 Series II bag.


Excited to apply to this testing group and I look forward to testing and giving feedback if I get the chance. Thanks for the opportunity MGS!





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Testers Wanted!


attachicon.gifSun Mountain Golf Bag - bnr.jpg


Sun Mountain

2Five/C130 Golf Bags



What do you look for in a golf bag?


Do you like pockets, putters wells and full length dividers, or are you a minimalist looking for simple and lightweight for your weekly 6-mile hike?


Or do you simply want something that looks sweet and will get the chicks?


Testers Wanted!

Whether you're a walker or a rider, Sun Mountain has golf bags they think will fit your needs.  Sun Mountain says the minimalist - and aptly named - 2Five bag weights in a 2.5 lbs, has 4 pockets and is super-comfy to carry.


Sun Mountain's C130 is the troop transport of golf bags: 14 full-length dividers, 10 pockets and a putter well.


Do these bags fit the needs of the walker or the rider? We're looking for 4 of you to test and review (and keep) these bags for us and tell us how they perform.



How To Apply:

We take our testing very seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read the following instructions carefully.


In this thread, please tell us the following:


1. Your name and home state/province

2. Are you a walker or a rider?

3. What is your current golf bag?


Simple, ain't it?




Always looking for new products to try...i have a master grip bag now

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Walk or walk with push cart.


push cart - Titleist (made by sun mountain looks like a 4/5


walk - OLD sun mountain 3.5 - definatlely time for a new one


rarely -  Sunday bag // frustrating with midsize grips even with 7 or 8 clubs





* bags need to be lightweight

* mouth of the bag needs to be big enough to allow 13 clubs with midsize grips and a scotty cameron to come in and out easily.

* insulated water bottle pocket (It's VERY hot and humid in Texas) so condensation wont get on grips

* quality zippers and zipper pulls

* full length dividers at least 2 or 3

* sharpie pocket

* some sort of organizer rack so clubs dont rattle  (mizuno and ogio have somethig like this)\


Thank you.

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1. Your name and home state/province

Daryl Brak-Dolny; Ontario, Canada

email: bigd8880@hotmail.com

2. Are you a walker or a rider?

Walker forever!

3. What is your current golf bag?


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