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(4) TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Sun Mountain Golf Bags

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Don Collister


Walk whenever possible using a push cart.

Currently using a Titleist cart bag, but sometimes use Callaway Warbird carry bag.

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Ryan from NJ.

I carry, use a push cart and take a golf cart all equal amounts.

Currently sporting a Sun Mountain carry bag that's a little long in the tooth.

My 14 best friends...


Ping G30 11*


TM Rescue 11 TP  18*



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My name is Jake, 


I am a resident here in Fort Collins Colorado, 


As of now I have a Nike performance cart IV I like cart bags I never carry down the course but I would like to test either a modified carry bag or cart bag. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to be a tester. 

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I would love to test either of these bags, especially the C130.  I've been golfing about a year and a half, at public courses.  I walk the local par 3 on my day off during the mid week, ride the others on Sundays.  No handicap established yet.  I can sometimes break 90.  I currently have a TOMMY ARMOUR cart bag, CLEVELAND CLASSIC woods, COBRA AMP MAX irons, ODYSSEY ROSSI putter,  BRIDGESTONE E5 balls. I am a 53 year old mailman.


THANK YOU for the opportunity,

Dean Werner



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1. Your name and home state/province


Troy M, New Jersey


2. Are you a walker or a rider?


Walk during the week and ride on the weekends


3. What is your current golf bag?


Taylormade Supreme Hybrid


I would love to try the C130.  I've been considering the Sun Mountain Four 5, so this would be great to test. 

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