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What equipment are you thinking about?

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45 minutes ago, PAgolfer2017 said:


That’s where I’m at right now. Want to wait until I see new releases but I have Paypal funds burning a hole in my pocket haha. Only thing that might sway me is if I can find a Skytrak for a steal...

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I am ALWAYS thinking about a Skytrak. It would be great to have one for the winters here. 

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57 minutes ago, GB13 said:

I am ALWAYS thinking about a Skytrak. It would be great to have one for the winters here. 

My thought too. I have a net in my garage but would love Skytrak. Curious how accurate they are...but it'd be fun for the winter.

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Just now, GB13 said:

Do it!!!

HAHA. I'm waiting on one more PayPal payment to come through...so hopefully in the next couple days. But i'm torn because it'll literally be all of the PayPal funds I saved up for new and shiny toys....lol

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I am in replace my putter mode; only problem is figuring out what to replace it with.   Last year I went to Club Champion for a full bag fitting and the findings were that my putter was fine.  So this really isn't a need,  more of a want.  

Eliminated from consideration is the Ping Sigma 2 ZB2.   I like this putter, like the feel off the face,  I just think there are better options for me.

Interested in Edel simply because of the fitting aspect so I went and did a fitting.  Fitting came up with a recommendation and I like the feel of the putter; just apprehensive.  Kind of expected a wow moment,  but fittings don't seem to do that for me.  

Been putting with the Evnroll putters at MGS labs and like them,  just not sure how to get it configured or which model.  Probably need to send an email to Guerin to get his thoughts since he has seen me putt.  

The big flyer option is getting a putter with the stability shaft.  I know I said i was on the fence,  but it has started to grow on me as I have kept picking it up at MGS labs.  Would just need to figure out what head to go with the shaft.   Wish the new Odyssey shaft was available to try.  


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Just pulled the trigger on a set of the new King Forged 5-GW, all CB, with the black $ Taper shafts. My first non-Ebay set of irons! Probably going to round out the set with a 4i in Forged Tec Black and a King Black 2-3 utility iron, but need to hold off from additional purchases for now!

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Callaway Rogue 3W

I hit a bunch of different 3 woods and it was far and away the best performer. I now have to accept that I will be bagging a Callaway club. 

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       Adding the Mizuno MMC FliHi 4 iron to the bag once it comes it to replace my hybrid. The hybrid has too significant of a draw bias, not terrible, but I also draw the ball naturally already, and will probably go in and out of the bag, but I'm looking for better shot shaping with the FliHi and have that 210 to 225 distance into the green and off of the tee. Working on my putting. I'm rolling the ball nicely now with a slightly open stance with my current putter. I have another putter that I can get the ball rolling online, but the pace is off. Future step is to actually get fit for a putter. Working on my natural tempo and swing speed for the driver to have more consistent drives. See below for more info. Next
      Driver shaft optimization. Not looking for a new head yet. I like my 2017 M1 460. Interested in the journey of testing some shafts. Right now my shaft is determining what kind of shot I can do. Slower speed and tempo than my natural speed and tempo. This has lead to a great deal of inconsistency of trying to find the "magic speed and tempo" and I know that isn't the way to go. Swing speed training. I'll have multiple shafts at this point so I can game whatever is best fitting me as I go along. And I can always swing a little slower or club down to hit a fairway. Future
      Get fitted for a putter > get fitted for a driver/shaft and woods from a high level, reputable company willing to discuss numbers and takes the time and right approach. Open to custom shafts and not just from the OEM cart like at a Golf Galaxy. I have only been fitted to a driver once, but didn't purchase as I did not like the experience, small selection of shafts, and I wasn't swinging my natural speed and tempo like I should have.  
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