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SPY PICS! - Adams CC1 Irons


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These new Adams CC1 irons were designed by Chad Campbell and only 45 sets were made. Chad Campbell and TA3 are using these now and Watson is suppose to be putting them into play this weekend.


I was told the top line on these are a bit thicker than the A4 TOURs...and the over all head is larger. The original design was taken from the Tommy Armour 845's...


There will be sets made in satin, black, and black/satin...


Images & info via: PrimeTimeGolf.com










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Those look awesome! It's always the best ones that are made in limited quantities...I thought I liked the CB1's but I like the progressiveness to these. When you get down to the PW and GW there is almost no cavity. Thanks for the pics!

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Juat counting, as long it starts with PW than yes. But according to Joe B. , there are only 45 sets made.

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If you look at the last pic, you can see the last club is a GW, so it looks like a 4-GW set to me. If they are like the CB1's and CB 2's then they don't have a 3-iron. My rep said there would be very limited quantities of 3 irons for CB 1's and CB 2's. However, if they were designed by Chad Campbell, they may be making 3's for these since it is a limited set...

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Those look awesome. I want to hit a set of Adams irons more and more everytime I see them.

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Any chance of comparison picks with something other than the A4 Tour that we may be more familiar with. They look awesome, but just how small are the heads. I playe 845's in the 90's and loved them. I can see the familiarity, but not sure if these are "really" small heads. Thanks for the post.

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I actually just switched back to my 21 year old 845s. After hitting a bunch of different irons this spring, and then my old Silver Scots, I came to the realization that what I really want is a new, slightly more "modern" set of Silver Scots. Something that retains the basic characteristics and playability with modern shafts and maybe a touch more forgiveness - a Scot hit thin isn't too bad, but don't hit one fat. Just... don't. My gear-buying budget is exhausted for the year, so I'm not in the market now anyway, but a true successor to the TA 845 is an intriguing prospect. So naturally, they're made of unobtanium and limited to 45 sets (why not 845 sets?).


I could just reshaft my 845s, I guess, but those heads won't last forever. Actually, I know they made a forged iron at one point (845c, maybe?). Maybe find a set of those?


Speaking of TA Golf, it's a real shame what's happened to the Tommy Armour brand. They made one of the best iron sets ever, which sold something like 600,000 worldwide, and then just kind of faded into obscurity. They still exist, but their new products are junk.

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