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Macgregror MT Mid, Never Comp, Momentus, Fuji Shaft


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I have the following itens up for sale. All prices include shipping to the con. US.


1) A Fujikura graphite E Fit on 160 stiff shaft. It was a one time pull and the tip is in good condition. It is 41.25 inches long. $35


2) A set of right handed Macgregor MT Mid iron 4-GW. They have standard loft and lie, and the macgregor steel stiff shafts. They were used for a couple of months and are still in good condition. $175


3) A right handed Never Compromise GM2 MM (mid mallet) Putter. It is 34 inches long with standard lie. It was only used in the house. It has a small blemish on the top and a tiny bit of black is missing from the toe (it is hard to see). I took some pics for you to see. The head cover is included. $75


4) A right handed Never Compromise GM2 Exchange #6 putter. It is 35 inches. The putter has standard loft and lie. It was only used in the house. It has the headcover and weight kit included. These are hard to find new. $75


5) A right handed Momentus Heavy Driver. It has been in the garage for about a year. It has some rust on it but that is all. $40.

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