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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder

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Hdcp 14


Currently have a Garmin S2 and Callaway GPSync, I'm have been looking at Lasers considering an up grade. I would love giving this one a trial run, I am retired and currently play at least 2-3 rounds a week and sometimes more.

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(4) Testers Wanted:

Precision Pro Rangefinder -bnr.jpg


Precision Pro Nexus

Laser Rangefinder


There are few universal truths in golf, but one that has taken hold is that if you want a high quality laser rangefinder, be prepared to shell out at least 3 bills.

Anything less leans toward the "toy" end of the of golf equipment spectrum.



Testers Wanted:

The folks at Precision Pro are taking aim at the notion that a laser rangefinder has to be a big ticket item. The company says its Nexus Laser can stand toe to toe with the big boys, with features such as a 400 yard range, a 1/10th of a yard measurements, 6X magnification and Advanced Target Lock, all at a price that you won't have to hide from your significant other.

MyGolfSpy has been able to secure 4 of these tournament-legal babies and we're looking for 4 avid, accuracy loving golfers to test them out for us.



How To Apply:

As you know, we take our product testing pretty seriously at MyGolfSpy, so in this thread, please provide the following:

  • Your first name
  • Your home state
  • Your current handicap

It's that easy. Best of luck!


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Brandon J

Washington - I'll test it in the rain

8.4 index


Really need a new Rangefinder after my golf bag was stolen, used to use the Leopold GX 4i.  



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