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Beware of Golf Theory on Rakuten


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First of all, this posting is not discrimination against the japanese seller but rather my bad experience at most sellers at rakuten global.


On Sunday, I ordered 6 grips from this shop on Rakuten Global:



The reason I ordered this grip, it arrives faster than if I order from the us continent.  On Thursday I already received the grips.  So it's only 4 days shipping from Japan.   And the price is also slightly cheaper.   The shipping cost about $12.    


I received the email confirmation on Sunday night if I want to confirm ordering the 6 grips.  I replied "Yes I confirmed this order".   It also stated in the email that my credit card was charged for the 6 grips.  Total is about $40.   On Thursday afternoon, the package arrived and out of disbelief, they only sent me 4 grips.  I contacted "Golf Theory" that they only sent me 4 grips.      Out of disbelief, they replied "I;m sorry, the order has been changed" and they attached a text portion from the email confirmation that I ordered 4 grips.  Wow!!! total scam and dishonesty from this seller.   


FYI, I have been buying on Rakuten for 2 years total and this is the 1st time a Japanese seller is being dishonest and a liar.   If they think making profit by scamming me for the small amount ($10.50) they lied is a good money, then this seller is lost and do not know how to do a business.  The money amount is very small and I have lost my trust on this seller and I warn the other to be warned.    Maybe it's the language barrier or the rakuten system is pretty bad.  Yes, I have contacted Rakuten Customer support and their answer is simply "please contact the seller directly" without really trying to understand the problem.   No buyer protection like ebay and the order processing is slow and painful.    Also do they need to send me an email in Japanese since the website is Rakuten Global?  they ship to non Japanese people outside japan?  so what's the point of the email in Japanese?


Really be careful with you are dealing with on Rakuten Global. 

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I bought from golf theory before, including grips and never had problems. Are you sure one of the emails didn't have updated quantity? I had in the past my order updated by the shop when they didn't have sufficient quantity but they charged me accordingly... it sounds like they haven't you though?


Maybe yakuza took it over?

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