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Follow along with our 10 testers as they review the ForwardGolf putter grip, the grip that was designed to put your hands in the perfect position for putting.  Does that design lead to more made putts?  Read the review below to find out.


Without further ado, meet the testers.....


Without further ado, here are the testers.



Super Dave    Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


wersty             Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


armour248      Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


Pablo6060      Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


Aubrey40        Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


benlowery       Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


KB McCool      Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


rc990n            Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


jberhart           Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


gary507          Stage One          Stage Two          Stage Three


Let us know what you think!


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Stage 1:


As of now my Handicap is about 23, but I have been shooting better lately. My putting I think is good. Averaging 2 putts or less a hole. However, when I miss, I push my putts to the right. Hoping this Forward grip will help.

In the picture I'm providing, you'll see 3 different grips. As you can guess the Forward grip is on the left. You can see that big lean "forward".

I'm sorry that I didn't get a pre-installed pic. As you may be able to tell, the shaft is towards the back of the grip. The grip has nice soft feel in the hands. But, as you take your stance, it feels different.


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Stage 2:                         Review of Forward Putter Grip

                                                by Forward Golf

                                         Markham, Ontario, Canada





             For weeks now, I have had the pleasure of testing a new kind of putter grip called Forward grip.

             I had the grip installed at my local Golf Exchange. I was told the installation was simple. No different than a traditional grip except for the shaft goes up the back of the grip instead of the center.

            As I held the grip, it had a very nice, soft feel to it. Holding at address, it seemed to bring the hands closer to my body. As you can see in two pictures I have here. One (with my hat on backwards) I'm using a Winn Tour Jumbo grip. Hands are more away from my body. The other (hat on Forward) I'm using the Forward grip and my hands are closer to my body

             Out on the course, our big question is going to be. Will this grip help sink more putts? For me, it's a no. It's about the same. My average putts per hole went up slightly from 1.89 to 2. For my putts in the short to medium range (5' to 15') I sunk the same amount of putts. From long range (20' +), which I never sink many of these anyways, I missed farther away. Instead of missing within 5', I was outside of that, a lot. Until my last review round. All long range putts only missed by inches. I'm not sure what changed. Could it be, it just took a few rounds to get use to a new grip. Possibly?

             Prior to this review, I was using a Winn Tour Jumbo Pistol. Even though my putts with either grip are basically identical, if I had to chose one grip or the other. I would choose the Forward grip. On feel alone.

             I need to give this grip a score of up to 60 points on performance. From installation to the 18th green. I'll give it 30 out of 60.


                                                Looks & Durability


             This category is one I'm more excited about. The appearance of this grip is strange, awkward looking. It's made with a lean ' Forward' making a different shaped grip, as you can see from some pictures I took. One comparing the Forward grip to others. As a funny note, when I first saw the grip, I thought it was warped or defective. As I stare at the grip, it reminds me of tread on a tire. Don't let that scare you, It's not hard rubber. As I stated before, I believe it has an exceptional soft feel. The over all look is nice. I think it would look great in a variety of colors.

             Another good question to ask is. How long will it last? To be honest, in my opinion, if you take care of this grip like you should. I believe it will for a very long time. At roughly, $25 a piece, we know durability is important and I think this one will do just that.

             Other than the lean forward and the tire tread look, the grip also has a deep V or U shape (picture down below). This is something I like as well. Even for a person with smaller hands like me, it feels great and comfortable to hold on too.

            So here I have 25 points for the looks and durability. To put it simply, I love the look and feel of this grip. I give it 25 out of 25 points.


                                               Likelihood of Purchase


            Now this is a tough category. We have to look at it in two ways, from two perspectives.

            First, the if I've never seen or heard of this putter grip. I just ran across it on the internet. I'm thinking it has a weird, but interesting look to it. It looks like tread on tires. I'm not sure about purchasing one of these yet. I'd to read some reviews. Matter of fact, I'll get on MyGolfSpy and see what those guys have to say about this grip. Hopefully, our reviews will help you in your decision.

            Second, I've seen this grip first hand. I got to try it out a few times, review it. I would absolutely buy one of these. I know the performance for me is similar compared to other grips I've used, but I really love the feel. I may just purchase a new putter for next season just so I can put a Forward grip on it.

            Now I have 15 points to give for this category. With both perspectives in mind I can only give it 10 out of the 15 points.


                                              Conclusion & Final Score


             After having the Forward grip installed, I was like a kid with a shiny new toy. Every where I went, I showed everyone who would look. At work, the bowling alley and yes, the golf course(s). I had some rough rounds while reviewing the grip. Every shot I took, I was thinking how the putter grip will perform? Will I like it? Will I give it a good or bad review? And probably, like most, I don't want to give it a bad one. But, if I have too, it will be done.

              So, I wandered the courses like Dorothy in Oz (except I never want to go home) in search of answers. I found them, time and time again. About 36 times to be exact (2 putt average per hole). After many questions, on that 72nd green, I came to the conclusion. So, I went to the 73rd hole, we more commonly refer to as the 19th and pondered one last question. Could this be the future of golf grips? As a lot of people say, I look "Forward" to the future. So maybe, for putter grips, it's already here. Thank you.


              Final score: 65 out of 100

grip front.jpg

winn grip.jpg

forward grip.jpg

grip comparison.jpg

grip side.jpg

tire tread.jpg

Deep U, V shape.jpg

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Stage 3:


I've had the Forward putter grip for awhile now. I've used it for at least 10 rounds. My putting is back to what it was before I started using this grip. Maybe even slightly better. I'm going to stick with the Forward. I believe as I keep using it, I will keep improving. So much, in the last 2 hours, I purchased a Odyssey Toe Up #1 putter and a new Forward grip to put on it. I think this is the beginning of a long relationship.


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Quick overview of my golf game...generally pretty long off the tee, good long irons, average mid irons, not a great wedge player, not a great putter.  Been playing between a 4-6 handicap most of the year.  I really struggle once I get inside of 100 yards whether it is partial wedge shots, chipping or putting.  My putting itself has been relatively consistent this year but it needs to improve.  Right now I am averaging 32.8 putts per round.  My GIR putts would probably be a few higher than that.  It's gotten pretty frustrating to shoot in the high 70s and realize I had 34 putts.


I've actually changed my physical putting grip three to five times this year.  Started with cross handed, went to conventional, went to a split grip, back to conventional but gripped down.  I was using a Superstroke XL 2.0 and it seemed difficult getting my hands in a comfortable position.  I'm hoping that the Forward grip will lock me into a grip and putting stroke that are more consistent.  I just never felt extremely comfortable with my previous grip and it led to me questioning my putts before I even hit them.  The biggest thing for me is to find a grip that is comfortable, consistent and gives me confidence when I'm striking the ball.





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Unfortunately I had to wait until after my club championship to get this put on my every day putter.  I have now had it installed for 7-10 days and have probably had 2-3 hours of practice and three rounds of play with the grip.  My initial thoughts from when I saw the grip were more or less confirmed...it fits really nicely in your hands and keeps your wrist/hand motion steady.  I felt most comfortable using a crosshand grip with the ForwardGrip.  Coming from a SuperStroke XL grip I could definitely feel like "forward" component of the grip.  It feels completely natural now though and I believe it would benefit any golfers that struggle with breaking their wrists, stabbing at the ball, etc.  


I've been playing a little putting game during my practice sessions this year so I can only compare my results to that game and my in-round putting stats.  On the practice green I create a 9 hole course, typically hitting the first putt from 15-40 feet, and playing it as a par 18.  I had done this probably 10 times with my old grip and had scores ranging anywhere from -1 to +3.  I completed the course twice with the ForwardGrip and scored +2 and E.  The first time I had some issues on distance control which probably wasn't even grip related.  On the long putts I felt more confident in hitting my line  On the short putts I didn't notice as much of a difference.  I think the ForwardGrip made hitting the line on long putts easier since I kept the same stroke, grip, etc...with my SuperStroke XL I was constantly questioning my grip, stance, and other details, especially when I was 20+ feet out.  


My total putt average for the year has floated between 31-32 putts/round.  In the two rounds that I have played so far I had 34, 32 and then 29 putts...right at my average.  I definitely feel myself getting more comfortable with the grip as time goes on.  I've definitely been making a higher percentage of long putts when I'm on the practice greens...it hasn't necessarily translated to a round yet but I think it will come full circle.


I have handed my putter to a few playing partners and they both commented on how natural it feels in their hands.  They seem impressed but generally speaking not overly intrigued.  


Performance on the Course

Very natural feel right away. Took a little bit to get used to the "forward" aspect of it but nothing crazy. The size is perfect...I've used both a conventional and crosshand grip without any issue. I was using a SuperStroke XL before this and I had a tough time getting comfortable over the ball. I think I switched my physical grip 3-4 times this year using the SuperStroke. With the ForwardGrip I feel much more confident that I can stick with one grip and get the same results. So far I haven't seen a major difference with the ForwardGrip but I am trending in a positive direction. I make more putts on the practice green and things are getting better on the course as well. I'm not sure this is a major game changer but it has helped me settle in and stroke the ball confidently.

Performance Score: 50/60 (nothing revolutionary but the comfort/consistency is enough to make a difference for me)


Looks & Durability

Very straightforward appearance.  I'm good with a black putter grip although it may be nice to offer a few other colors...blue, red, green, etc.  My SuperStroke was mostly white and looked pretty crappy after a while.  I found myself cleaning it every few weeks just to make it look presentable.  It does seem very durable and I can't imagine any issues with it wearing down.  I think this grip should last a few seasons without any issue.

Looks Score: 20/25 (doesn't matter to me but a few color options may be worthwhile)


Likelihood of Purchase

Honestly I'm not sure if I would purchase this grip or not.  At $25 it is fairly priced when compared to other "specialty" putter grips.  There are so many options out there that I can't say for sure that this is the best option for me.  I would certainly rate it up there with the 3-4 grips I have used...and I definitely like it better than the SuperStroke XL that I had.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has wrist breaking issues but that is not something I have dealt with much.

LOP Score: 10/15


Conclusion & Final Score

The shape of the grip is definitely nice and sits perfectly in the fingers. The forward aspect of the grip was very different than my SuperStroke XL but I got used to that quickly. I found a physical grip (crosshand) that felt very comfortable and have stuck with that since. I never felt comfortable with my previous grip and changed things constantly. There was no consistency there. I do think that the ForwardGrip will allow me to stick with one grip and putting stroke which will hopefully pay dividends in the long run. It seems like this product may be best for people that really struggle with hitting their lines and controlling the putter. I like the ForwardGrip, and will continue using it, but I'm not sure it is going to make a massive difference in my putting. The bigger issue for me was probably the grip that I was using before this one. Good and reliable product though and one that people can certainly benefit from.


Total Score: 80/100

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Moved my scores to Stage 2.  


***10/26 UPDATE***

So I used the ForwardGrip for about six weeks straight and enjoyed it for the most part.  As originally posted, it felt great in my hands but wasn't something that created a massive change or improvement in my putting.  I recently bought a different putter and have switched to that for the time being.  I like the putter head better on this new one and I do like the SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 that it came with.  I would certainly recommend the ForwardGrip for anyone that "stabs" at their putts.  I think it is a good grip and one that people can benefit from but I probably wouldn't purchase it for myself.  I was also putting at the PGATSS recently and felt a grip that was similar so there may be other options out there.

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Stage 1


Very excited to use this grip. My putting has been suspect this year, usually in the 32-35 Putts per round. Looking to achieve a confident and consistent stroke, especially in putts over 10 feet.


Hcp: 2.8


Goals: Lower my putts per round by improving on medium to long distance.


Current performance: Shooting in the mid to low 70's, looking to shoot in the 60's with improved putting stats.








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The Questions

·         Handicap? (Or average score)
I am currently a 13 handicap, though I have been as low as an 8.

·         Strengths/weaknesses of your game?

My game like that of so many others' is on or off. When I'm on, the 70's are in sight, but when I'm off, so is 100. Typically the strong points of my game are the little wedge shots from 100-40 yards, and lag putting. The weakest part of my game tends to be off the tee. While I have a swing speed in the 112-115 range, my misses are both ways, and as we all know it is hard to score from the long stuff.

·         What do you look for in a putter grip?
When I replace my putter grip I typically look for one that feels good in my hands. For me, that is typically a larger grip that helps me grip the club lightly with as little hand involvement as possible in the stroke.

·         Current Putter grip?
My gamer grip is a SuperStroke 3.0.

·         What makes you love the game?
My love for golf runs deep. I love that every time I grip the club it is a chance to make magic happen. I love that every time I go out, it is with friends. I love that even on the home course, every round is different.

·         How long have you been golfing?
I started playing golf as a senior in college to fulfill a gym requirement. I taught myself how by watching tour coverage, and listening to the commentators describe how to hit each shot. 28 years later I can't get enough.

·         What kind of golfer are you?
I am “Positive thought guy.”

·         What's your story?

·         What is in your bag?

Driver – Titleist 913 D2 10.5
FW – PING G25 4
Irons – 3&4 Mizuno HP4, 5-P Mizuno JPX-825 pro
Wedges – Mizuno T4 50/56/60
Putter – Anser 2 Milled

·         How did you choose them?
I was custom fit for everything in my bag. I went into the process brand agnostic and selected the club and spec that performed the best.

·         What region do you play out of?
I live and play in the Philadelphia region


When I received the Forward Grip in the mail I immediately loved the feel. I have long, thin fingers, and in my hands it just felt right – soft texture, great dimensions, and the back rib was perfectly aligned with my center knuckles. For the first time since SuperStroke hit the scene, I was excited to try a putter grip.


I installed the grip myself, which was a bit more challenging than a swing grip for two reasons. First, the hole seemed to be tighter, so I had to use more solvent than usual. Second, because of the construction of the forward grip (the hole isn't centered within the grip) I found myself fighting to slide the club on. If ease of swing grip installation is an 8, this was a 6.


Once the grip was on, I couldn't wait to try it out. When I installed my gamer grip, it was to make my stroke less handsy. What I found was that while the grip felt great, with a conventional grip I struggled to feel the direction the back of my left (top) hand was facing. As a result, I ended up switching to left hand low and re learning how to putt. I love the dimensions of the Forward Grip, because in my first few strokes in the basement (back to the conventional grip) I could tell exactly where the putt was going to go. I can't wait to get it out on the course.

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Player Intro.

I am a 13 handicap who plays it as it lies. I fix the pitch marks others miss, or neglect to fix. I like clubs and clothes with classic looks and feels. I walk, and when a course makes me use a cart I find someone who likes to drive, so that I can walk. You might call me a traditionalist.


I have always played a 36” PING Anser 2 putter. From the very first time I went shopping for a putter it has been the one that looks right to my eye, fits my swinging gate stroke, and delivers consistent results. Over time I switched from my original Anser 2 (purchased in 1992) to the newer Anser Milled version because I liked the weight and sound better than the original. About two years ago I found my stroke getting a little wristy, so I switched from the standard PING grip to a SuperStroke 3.0 Slim in an attempt to quiet my hands. I have always used a conventional grip when putting, but found that with the new grip on my putter I was leaving the clubface open and I missed right, so I switched to a left-hand low approach. This proved to be a really solid pairing for me from short range (inside 10') but I found myself with no touch on longer lag putts, either blowing it past the hole or only getting 2/3 of the way home. When my iron game is on, not a problem, but on the days when I didn't hit it close I found myself three putting more frequently than I'd like. I was about to put a PING midsized grip on my gamer when the golf gods intervened and I was selected as a Forward Grip tester.



Performance on the Course

Describe the following:

  • Ease of installation: Was it easy to install?

Re-gripping is really a simple task, so I installed the Forward Grip on my own. With this grip, I recommend using PLENTY of solvent, because the internal grip diameter seems to be smaller than others I have installed.


  • Feel: What are your thoughts on the grip's feel? Do you like the size?
    From the moment I slipped the grip out of its shipping tube I was excited. I have long thin fingers, and the butt end of the Forward Grip fit perfectly into my hands.

  • How does the grip affect your grip pressure? Is it comfortable?
    The Forward Grip's triangular shape gives the fingers on your top hand a natural place to go, and for me it was a perfect fit. With your knuckles locked into one spot down the back of the shaft, I could tell exactly where the back of my left hand was pointed, and as a result I find myself gripping the club as though it were the proverbial “baby bird”.


  • Does the grip help you align your putts better?
    At first I loved my old over-sized grip, but then I found myself struggling with alignment. I couldn't feel the back of my left hand, and ended up changing from a conventional grip to a left hand low approach, all so the grip worked in my hands. With the Forward Grip, I find that its shape helps lock my left hand (high again) into place and I can feel the line again without the risk of a wristy stroke.

  • Does the grip help you make a smoother stroke?

With my alignment challenges under control, and the proper grip pressure restored I am making smoother putting strokes from every distance.


  • Does the grip help you on short putts (5' max), medium putts (10' range), long putts (20')
    Since installing the Forward Grip on an old PING Anser 2 (I kept my gamer Milled Anser 2 with the other oversized grip for comparison purposes), I have played a half dozen rounds and am putting better than ever. In each round played, I have dropped a second ball at a similar distance so that I could compare my gamer to the Forward Grip, and alternated which putter was used first to account for familiarity of speed and line. In 6 rounds, the results:
    3-5' – I was perfect with the Forward Grip, while my gamer two putted twice.
    10' – both the Forward Grip and my gamer were three putt free, and in the 40 times I had putts from this distance, I holed 10 with the FG, and 5 with my gamer.
    20'+ - Here's where I saw the biggest benefit. I am two seasons into a left hand low grip on my gamer, so it isn't second nature yet, but in the 90 putts I had of 20' or more, I only three jacked once with the Forward Grip compared to once per round with my gamer.


  • How does it compare to what you were using before?
    It took me a little bit of time in the basement/on the practice green to feel comfortable with the grip on a putter – with the hands “Forward” I had an initial tendency to push the toe up – and miss left. Once comfortable with the new positioning, all I can say is, “Can I have another for my gamer?”


Course Score: (Out of 60 points)


Performance Notes

  • How did it perform? Were you pleased?
    It performed as a grip should. I love it.
  • Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently using
    At this point there are only two things I like more about my gamer – Tour Validation (easily fixed) and my gamer is pink. Other than that, I prefer the Forward Grip.
  • What factors were you pleased with?
    The best attribute for me is the size and shape. Because it fits perfectly in my hands, the rest of the putting just seems to happen naturally.



Looks & Durability

Describe the following:

  • Appearance/graphics/packaging.
    I wish it came in a variety of colors/patterns
  • Short term/long term durability - will it hold up?
    It will hold up as well or better than other putter grips on the market.
  • How long would you expect it to last?
    200 rounds
  • How does it compare to other putter grips you've tried?
    Much better.


Looks Score: (Out of 25 points)


Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory?

  • Having tried it, I would definitely purchase it.


LOP Score: (Out of 15 points)


Conclusion & Final Score

It doesn't get simpler than this: If you like a conventional grip, this grip will make you a better putter. With it I have re-located the back of my top hand, my alignment is spot on and with that, I am free to sweep the ball into the hole. It's a great feeling.

Total Score: (Add up all 3 categories and present a total score)


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Now that I've had the Forward grip in my bag for a couple of months there is really only one thing I can say, I wish I'd put it on my gamer.


I have returned to a conventional grip with the Forward Grip. Because it locks my fingers along the back spine of the putter, I can tell exactly where the back of my left hand is facing which returned my sense of feel to the putting process. While the putter grip hasn't cured my woes off the tee, it has largely cured me of my struggles with lag putts, and my typical score has dropped by a stroke or two. I hope Santa brings me another Forward Grip for Christmas, so that I can put my gamer back in the bag.

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I'm a 8 handicap, been playing golf for about 25 years. I've used a variety of putters over the years, starting with a Bullseye and I'm now using a Bettinardi Kuchar, non-armlock. I generally use either a Superstroke Ultra Slim 1.0 or a Cameron Pistolero on the Bettinardi, so the Forward grip was quite a departure.






I installed the grip by blowing it on with an air compressor. This proved pretty difficult, partially because the fit is so tight and paritally because the grip is so large that it doesn't fit in the grip fitting I have (from Pure Grips). I solved that problem by cutting the fitting in half so I could get it around the grip. 




The grip has a great soft, tacky feel with the micro ribs in the surface. I really like the triangular shape of the grip. It makes it easy to pick up and know where the face is pointing, something I never liked about the more circular SuperStrokes. The shape isn't consistent all the way down the grip, so you can't really grip down on it much. Your putter better fit for length before installing this grip.


Because of the large size of the grip, it requires very little grip pressure to hold. I have smaller hands (about the same as Jack Nicklaus, according to the printout in Golf My Way, just about the only thing we have in common) and grip feels good, maybe a touch too big? But time will tell.


One interesting thing with the size is that it forces my hands underneath the grip, kinda Corey Pavin style. I found this helped my alignment, as I have a tendency to get to on top of the putter and head left. The bigger grip brought me more "under" the putter, which helped. 


The size also seems to take the hands out of the stroke entirely, which should be a good thing. I'm usually a slight arc style putter, but with the Forward on, I'm getting closer to a pure straight back and through motion. It'll be interesting to see how it affects things on the course.



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The first thing I noticed with this grip on was how tight my distance dispersion got on medium length putts. I have a tendency to flip at the ball a bit through impact when I think my stroke isn't quite long enough and therefore tend to blow the occasional putt way past the hole. With the Forward, that seemed to quiet down, likely thanks to the large size of the grip. I was consistently rolling the ball, with less of that late flippy hit. It really helped cut down on three putts for me too.


The other big difference I found was on short putts. Compared to putting with the Pistolero, my initial start line was much more consistent. I attribute some of this to the different grip the Forward encourages, as I alluded to in stage 1. My hands are closer together vertically, and my shoulder alignment ends up being much better as a result. 


First round out, I canned a slippery 15' left-to-right eagle putt that really needed the right speed. Everything was right around the hole and I didn't have any of the bomb-goes-off-in-your-hands type putts I usually do. I'm really quite happy with it.


Score: 40/40



Looks / Wear


I like that it's a black grip, with little in the way of logo and in your face graphics, but I tend to like simple lines and a plainer look in my clubs. The herringbone pattern is sharp and wore well while I've had the grip. The shape looks a little funny, but I got over it.


Score: 18/20





The grip has a great feel. It's tacky, but not sticky, and the herringbone pattern encourages a light grip. I really dig the triangular shape and the overall flow of the grip. Especially cross-handed, it just seems to put my hands in the right place and help me get aligned.


Score: 18/20



Likelihood of Purchase


If it was just sitting on a shelf, I'm not sure I'd try it without having felt it on a club. But after using it, I'd definitely buy it and may pick up another to put on my backup. 



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Stage 1


I was really happy to be chosen to test this putter grip.


A little about myself:


Handicap is 10.2 as I usually play in the low 80s to mid 80s

Strengths are in putting/iron play/wedges.

Weakness is definitely found in my woods and hybrids as I seem to want to kill them when striking?

My typical misses with putting would be to the left (I am a right handed golfer)


I typically golf 120 to 140 games per year.  I started golfing at the age of 60 after a few seasons of racing and I am now 68 yrs old.. Very grateful that God has allowed me to play this game as it is extremely satisfying (I say that with clenched teeth depending upon the last round).  I am not a "joiner" so I play from 24 to 34 different courses throughout the year.  I live in Indianapolis, IN and I do play through the winter..... my rules are above 26 F with no rain/snow/high winds.  

I am a tinkerer so you will find wt tape added to my irons.  

I play with Edel irons, wedges, putter, and Great Big Bertha Driver and Cobra Hybrids & Woods. 

My putter is 37" long with a lot of wt on it (fitted by the Edel System) It most likely will be the last putter I own .......unless???  I have been using the Flatso 2.0 XL grip which I really like. 

The Forward Grip looks, feels excellent and look forward to talking about this in the next stage. 

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    • By ncwoz
      Going for $4.99 on The GolfWorks...
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      GOLFTEC Unveils Enhanced Putting Lessons Powered by TECPUTT
      (Englewood, CO.) – GOLFTEC – the world leader in golf lessons and premium club fittings – has taken its renowned instruction to the next level with introduction of enhanced Putting Lessons powered by TECPUTT, a proprietary software system built by GOLFTEC’s in-house team of golf instruction experts and product designers.
      Rolled out this month at select GOLFTEC locations nationwide, the company’s new offering utilizes special putting sensors that pair with a comprehensive analysis app to provide real-time, actionable motion analytics, 2D & 3D synchronized graphical playback, video capture, automatic cloud-based record keeping and more.
      The company’s philosophy is that consistency and repeatability are the key elements shared by all good putters. GOLFTEC Coaches help show students why they aren’t hitting more predictable putts and recommend a plan to develop their skills.
      “GOLFTEC strives to provide an environment for total game improvement and a crucial element to lowering scores is building confidence and skill on the green,” says Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GOLFTEC. “Our students have access to the best Coaches for all elements of their game, be that analysis of the full swing, club fitting or our new enhanced putting lessons.”
      TECPUTT software, combined with insight from GOLFTEC’s highly-trained coaches, uses a variety of tools to analyze student performance, including:
      ·         Target Line Analysis: Display of the length, duration, and accuracy of the proper putter orientation
      ·         Face & Loft: Complete analysis of face, loft angles and their relationship
      ·         Putting Score: Quantitative assessment of progress
      ·         Result: Record, review and compare putting performance
      Enhanced Putting Lessons are the latest addition to GOLFTEC’s world-renowned teaching technology, which includes advanced motion measurement, video analysis and premium launch monitors to help any student find the lesson plan best suited for their unique needs. GOLFTEC students drop an average of seven strokes from their scores.
      GOLFTEC continues to establish itself as the world leader in golf improvement with more data on the golf swing than anyone else in the world, thanks to its award-winning SwingTRU Motion Study. The global GOLFTEC coaching team is comprised of experienced instructors that have graduated from GOLFTEC University – a multi-week certification program based around a curriculum of mastering advanced training of golf swing mechanics and GOLFTEC’s proprietary technology used in all Training Centers. The majority of GOLFTEC Certified Personal Coaches are PGA Professionals who have taught thousands of lessons.
      To learn more about GOLFTEC and the new Enhanced Putting Lessons, please visit www.golftec.com or call 877-446-5383.
      About GOLFTEC

      Since 1995, GOLFTEC has become the world’s largest provider of golf lessons and premium club fittings, operating more than 200 corporately-owned and franchised Training Centers in all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. A top employer of PGA Professionals, the company’s 700-plus coaches have taught more than nine million lessons with students dropping an average of seven strokes from their scorecards.  Its highly-trained coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a completely fact-based approach to instruction, practice and club fitting. GOLFTEC’s leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by its SwingTRU Motion Study™ – the largest study ever conducted on golf swing mechanics.
    • By GolfSpy Dave
      Introducing the UN series.  A hybrid grip with the signature velvety sticky touch of NO1 Grip. 
      This grip combines a sticky, solid feel in the upper hand area, and a delicate softer feel in the lower hand area, which provides an unmatched sense of stability and confidence.  UN series promotes light and consistent grip pressure, which leads to a smoother swing, improved distance, and control.
      Available Round Material: Elastomer Weight: UN series 50g (±1g)                  UN Light 44g (±1g) Pink, Shocking pink Men's Standard
      My Third Shot at NO1
      It was way back in 2011 when I first ran a set of NO1 Model 48 grips through the old GolfSpy Dave review process. It’s fun to look back at my early reviews to see how the golf industry has changed over time. One of the coolest things about the Model 48 grips was that they came in lots of colors. Such a spectrum selection would not move the needle as much these days, but as many of you remember, there was a time not too long ago when your choice of grip color consisted of black or black.
      I took my next spin with NO1 grips in 2015 when they released the Model 50 Pro grips. At the time, I considered the Model 50 Pro to be one of the best grips that I had ever put on a club. It had a great shape, tackiness, and overall feel in my hands. I could tell right away they it was also a durability upgrade over the Model 48. I really thought that the Model 50 Pro grips would last a while.
      As it turns out, I was not wrong. I played last week with a friend who was using the set of irons that I had gripped with the NO1 Model 50 Pros, and those grips were still in use, and looking damn near perfect. As one who regrips about once a year, I was amazed that he still had those grips on from 2015. All he did was occasionally clean them with dish soap and water. Unbelievable.
      And so today we take a look at a third model of NO1 grip, the newly released UN series. I’ve slapped them on my Srixons, and am ready to share with you what the UN is all about.

      A New Decade of Dominance
      Golf Pride’s New Decade Multi-Compound grips have impacted the golf grip industry perhaps more than any other grip. I'm going to go out on a ledge of craziness and call the NDMC the Anser of modern grips.
      Yep, that just happened. Sorry Tour Velvet...
      Keep the torches untorched for a second and hear me out. When we look at putter companies, nearly all of them make some kind of Anser variant. It’s really a necessity, as the consumer wants that head shape, and should a company want to sell putters, they had better provide the customer with what they want. Think about the upcoming Scotty Cameron Tel3 rerelease. You have two Anser Newport heads, and a cool flow-neck mallet. I’ll give you one guess as to why the Newports are there and not a Laguna and a Del Mar 2.
      Like the Anser, Golf Pride’s NDMC grips have become iconic, and highly desirable to the playing public. Like the Anser with putter companies, grip companies have paid attention to this consumer trend, and now most companies feature some kind of NDMC-ish grip where the upper and lower portions of the grip feature different materials and textures. These new grips are typically not just copies, as like with the Anser situation, these companies are also taking the original New Decade design and putting their own spin on it.
      “Adopting” and improving on a working design may be the most prevalent product plan in the golf industry, be it putters, drivers, gloves, or grips. Wheels get tweaked far more often than re-invented…
      With all of that in mind, I bet you can guess the general design of NO1’s new UN series grip. Yep, you’ll find different tactile situations at the top and the bottom of the grip, and like the Anser making putter shops not named PING, NO1 has put their own spin on the design, perhaps even improving on the original concept.
      A Tale of Two Textures

      One thing that the UN series grip is not is a multi-compound grip. The entire grip is made out of the same elastomer material. Elastomer is rubber for those of you out there without Google.
      What NO1 has done is make the UN grip more of a multi-texture grip, and in doing so, they were able to achieve the firmer upper/softer lower composition that we associate with the more traditional multi-compound grips.
      Those of you who spent points for ranks in putter face milling knowledge will immediately get how NO1 has accomplished this feat. When a putter face is deep milled, the amount of metal that actually contacts the ball at impact is reduced. This interaction will be perceived by the person putting as a softer impact experience when compared to a putter without the deep milling.

      When you look at the texture patterns on the NO1 UN series grip, you should notice that the texture on the lower section is far more aggressive than the top, with the holes being deeper and wider on the lower half.
      Think again about the putter and the milling. If you have larger holes on the bottom section, you will actually have less rubber touching the (typically) right hand, and thus it will feel softer. Crazy parallel there, huh?
      In addition to a less prolific texture pattern, NO1 has also added an additional layer of elastomer on the top section which increases overall firmness as well.
      It’s grip wizardry. One material, but two different tactile experiences.
      Playing The UN Series
      I love sharing the technical side of these with you, but at $16 a grip, what you really need to know about is how they play. With that goal in mind, I went grips-ons with the Srixons and went to the course. While all of the following is, of course, subjective, I did have a few key observations worth sharing.
      Comfy, Comfy, Comfy

      I love the feel of these grips. As a point of reference, prior to installing these, my irons were gripped with Lamkin 3GEN Ace grips.
      With that in mind, I definitely found the NO1 UN series to feel softer overall, with the lower region giving a nice bit of squish. It’s a welcome squish with these grips, at no point do they feel too soft. They are soft enough to mesh in with the fingers, but not so soft that you’d get waves of wiggle with the club.
      The great thing about my game these days is that I get to take all kinds of shots from all places on the course. Admittedly, that’s not so great for scoring, but it is great for testing grips on a variety of shots. Under all conditions, these grips felt great and performed as needed.
      Grip performance is absolutely a tough thing to measure. Outside of falling off the club, or spinning in the hand, it’s tough for a grip to have an immediate failure. In this situation, I measured subtle performance in two ways.
      First, these did not promote finger damage like I will sometimes get with the 3GENs and even NDMC. No bandaids needed to play that second 18, just the usual Advil and alcohol.
      Second, and most telling, is that I basically forgot that I was playing with new grips about two holes into the round. I don’t know if there is a higher compliment that I can give these grips than that. For me, they were so comfortable, and functional, that they just vanished into my subconscious while I played.
      A grip that rubs roughly, or suddenly slips, is not a grip that you would ignore during play. The UN grips were totally un-obtrusive and un-der my radar during play.
      Fancy Colors Rule

      You have a bunch of choices when you are shopping for the UN Series grips. While the lower hand will likely be navy, you can get a number of bright colors on the top hand. Of the samples received, I really liked the light blue, and would probably game the white or yellow as well. I’m a colored grip guy. I’d actually like to see some of the more esoteric color combinations that NO1 has on their Series 48 and Series 50 grips. If these came in purple/white, I’d probably buy a case of them.
      Should you prefer a more reserved grip palette, you can go with the mundane navy on navy combo, or the actually-very-badass all black design.
      I’ve only had a few rounds and some range time with these, but they are wear-free so far. Hopefully, they hold up like the 50 Pro grips. I’ll circle back to this section over the next few months and add photos should any wear issues develop. For now, all seems solid.
      Thumbs Up for UN

      Overall, I’m quite impressed with these grips. They are able to give you that upper/lower hand tactile difference that you look for in a multi-compound grip, without using multiple compounds. Folks who play without a glove, but don’t like the chord roughness in typical multi-compounds should definitely check these out.
      The vanish-from-consciousness nature of these grips was especially welcome. That’s one less thing for me to think about when I am playing. I don’t want to think about the alternator when I am driving, I just want the alternator to do its job under the hood while I drive.
      The NO1 UN Series grips have been UN-believably good so far.
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      It's been one of the most talked about training aids this year, and has popped up in use by golfers all over the world, including professional tours. But now you'll get to see real everyday golfers like yourself use the full Putt Out system. They'll use it indoors, they'll use it out doors, they'll use the whole system, they'll use parts of the system independently.  You can follow it all in this thread and best of all, you can get direct feedback from them on how it works for them, their likes, dislikes and most importantly see if it has improved their putting.

         Direct access to their links are below.
      @Kanoito                           Stage 1                      Stage 2
      @HardcoreLooper             Stage 1                       Stage 2
      @Peaksy68                        Stage 1                       Stage 2
      @tommc23                        Stage 1                        Stage 2
      @gaussman1                     Stage 1                        Stage 2                  
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Let's congratulate these forum members:
      Full announcement is found here.
      Let's make practice fun again!  Well even if you never found it fun before, you might after giving the PuttOUT system a go.   
      It begins with the Pressure Putt Trainer. A very simple looking plastic ramp with a hole  in it. Has to be easy right?  Well give it a go and let us know.  it in of itself would be enough practice for you. But PuttOUT has developed a full system, each of which could be used independently, but when combined make for very impressive and effective methods of practicing your putting. 
      It can be used indoors with the PuttOUT mat, it is also very effective on the actual putting green with any combination of the mirror, gate and Pressure Putt.      
      How To Apply
      This opportunity is open to any golfer who lives on the planet earth!  We are looking for five dedicated forum members who will use the system and report back their honest thoughts in a full thorough and comprehensive review.
      Please provide the following info in a separate post below...DO NOT QUOTE this post.
      First Name/State or Country
      Have you ever used a putting training device before 
      We'll be selecting the testers late next week, so be sure to check back to see if you've been selected.


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