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Stage 2


Looks of the putter grip:  very clean lines and aesthetically pleasing 




The grip is what I would say "ergonomically" well fitted to my hands as it has slight contours in the exact areas I need them.  The color..............black (hopefully in a later date they will offer colors).  The logo is well done and very sharp.  The length is about two inches short for what I am using presently.  I do hope in the future they will offer a two inch longer grip.


The grip is firm yet has a fine degree of supple feeling to it.  The squared off front offers me a better form of "direction" and allows me to strike the ball a little straighter.  The roundness on the backside offers comfort to my fingers.  The grip has a enlarged curvature on the top of the backside which helps me control my putting.  There is a small herring bone design around it which allows me a better grip while not being to rough.  A very nice grip to say the least.  


Using this grip helps me keep the "flippy" out of my wrists.  I am able to putt from right to left without turning my wrist and I think this is due to the front being squared.. 


I highly recommend this grip to anyone as it has quieted my wrist action down a lot.  


I still hope they will come out with a 2 inch longer version as I have a tendency to grip way down on my putter since my shaft is 37 inches long.. (like the extra length so I don't bend over so much)


Try this!


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Stage 3


I really liked the feel, control, and looks of the Forward Putter Grip.  It fit my hands perfectly.  I used it for a while and found that since my putter shaft is 37 inches long it was too short of a grip for my system.  I took it off recently as I really need another 2 to 3 inches more in my grip.. My hopes are that they will mfg a grip a little longer as then I will change out my grips on my two Edel putters and use their grip exclusively.. I suggest all to try this grip as it is ergonomically pleasant to use. 

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Stage 1 Reserved


Hi All!

I was really excited to get picked for this test. As putting is definitely my weakest link. I play about 40 rounds per year but don't practice much at all, it's just too time consuming from where i live. I'm playing right around a 7 this season, and my putting stats are 1.9 per hole and 2.1 per GIR. My biggest problem with putting is distance control and I believe that is coming from inconstant grip pressure. I've tried different putters from a Scotty Newport to my current Taylormade White Smoke 72 and grips from the standard Ping to my previous Superstroke 3.0. I've also played with my grip, trying left hand low (it just felt to strange to keep playing) but went back to a slightly modified conventional grip.


One thing of interest - playing around on the practice green after one of my 9s, i tried left hand low again. And it felt much better with this ForwardGrip than my old Superstroke. If I was playing more right now, I would probably give it another go. I'm curious if anyone else in this test has noticed this?

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Stage 2 Reserved


I've only been able to play 9 four times since receiving my FowardGolf putter grip, which is nothing considering that I've had the grip now for almost 2 months.  They have all been at the same course but am looking forward to playing this week in a tourney on great greens.  My first round impression was that it felt awkward.  I didn't seem to putt any differently than i used to.  Went home that day not so excited about the grip.  But the second round of 9 I had only 13 putts to shoot 38.  I was not just in tight on every hole, I was actually making putts.  The two 9s since, I have had 16 putts each time but I feel like I have putted better.


I've played twice since my last review, both on great greens.  The first round, I putted really well for 14 holes then fell apart, but the sun was going down.  The second round I was back to my usual self, just couldn't get the ball in the hole.  They were fast tough greens and I did burn a few edges but nothing fell.


One plus is that my distance control has definitely improved.  And even though my stats overall have not improved, I've had two very bright glimmers of improvement within just a few rounds.  I'm looking forward to playing more consistently to see where my putting goes.



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Stage 3


I'm definitely going to stick with this Forward Putter grip.  Overall it's hard to say that my putting has improved by it but I have already had two very good rounds with it in a short period of time ( I have not been able to play as much as normal since receiving this grip).  As with other testers, my distance control has gotten better.  It seems like I'm making better and more consistent contact with the ball, maybe a result in the Forward nature of the grip design.  I look forward to playing with this next season, as my season in the Northeast is pretty close to over.


I would surely recommend the Forward Grip, the material feels good (soft and slightly tacky) in the hands and the triangular shape of it provides a more consistent way of gripping the putter.  

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Quick overview of my golf game...generally pretty long off the tee, good long irons, average mid irons, not a great wedge player, not a great putter.  Been playing between a 4-6 handicap most of the year.  I really struggle once I get inside of 100 yards whether it is partial wedge shots, chipping or putting.  My putting itself has been relatively consistent this year but it needs to improve.  Right now I am averaging 32.8 putts per round.  My GIR putts would probably be a few higher than that.  It's gotten pretty frustrating to shoot in the high 70s and realize I had 34 putts.


I've actually changed my physical putting grip three to five times this year.  Started with cross handed, went to conventional, went to a split grip, back to conventional but gripped down.  I was using a Superstroke XL 2.0 and it seemed difficult getting my hands in a comfortable position.  I'm hoping that the Forward grip will lock me into a grip and putting stroke that are more consistent.  I just never felt extremely comfortable with my previous grip and it led to me questioning my putts before I even hit them.  The biggest thing for me is to find a grip that is comfortable, consistent and gives me confidence when I'm striking the ball.






Throwing one of these onto a Ketsch?? this will be interesting! looking forward to your thoughts/results

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Now that I've had the Forward grip in my bag for a couple of months there is really only one thing I can say, I wish I'd put it on my gamer.


I have returned to a conventional grip with the Forward Grip. Because it locks my fingers along the back spine of the putter, I can tell exactly where the back of my left hand is facing which returned my sense of feel to the putting process. While the putter grip hasn't cured my woes off the tee, it has largely cured me of my struggles with lag putts, and my typical score has dropped by a stroke or two. I hope Santa brings me another Forward Grip for Christmas, so that I can put my gamer back in the bag.

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I am very interested in the Forward putter grip.  Does anyone have any further updates?  In particular, I am interested in how folks like this compared to a Super Stroke or Garsen grip.

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I am very interested in the Forward putter grip. Does anyone have any further updates? In particular, I am interested in how folks like this compared to a Super Stroke or Garsen grip.

I just put another one on my newer putter. I just really like the feel of them and putt slightly better with them than a superstroke.


Sent from my SM-G920V using MyGolfSpy mobile app

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I'm interested in giving this grip a try. Anyone still gaming this grip since your review?

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16 hours ago, chemclub said:

I'm interested in giving this grip a try. Anyone still gaming this grip since your review?

I wasn't part of this review but I do have experience with the Forward grip. It used to come standard on the MLA putters so it came with my Tour Classic. I practiced with it a bit then tried it on course for one round but swapped it out for a Super Stroke.  

Putters and putter grips being as personal as they are, the triangle shape of the grip didn't agree with me. I felt like I had a hard time creating a total connection with the grip at a natural stand which left air gaps in my grip between my fingers to the grip itself. These gaps created an extra hinge point in my stroke.... No good. 

As always, your results may vary. If my memory serves me, both Official MGS reviews of the MLA putters (Classic/Mallet and X-Dream) had plenty to say about the stock Forward Grips so I'd recommend those as another source of differing opinions. 

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      Let's congratulate these forum members:
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      Let's make practice fun again!  Well even if you never found it fun before, you might after giving the PuttOUT system a go.   
      It begins with the Pressure Putt Trainer. A very simple looking plastic ramp with a hole  in it. Has to be easy right?  Well give it a go and let us know.  it in of itself would be enough practice for you. But PuttOUT has developed a full system, each of which could be used independently, but when combined make for very impressive and effective methods of practicing your putting. 
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    • By RWankles8
      RW's one word review - FIRM 
      Hopefully you like calluses!

      I've been playing the Lamkin UTx Midsize Reminder for the last season or so, and wanted to see how the Golf Pride Z Grip Align's compare.  My biggest issue with the UTx is the loss of tackiness and grip texture mid round.  I've realized I must have extremely dirty hands because to keep them tacky, I have to clean the grips during my round.  I play in the south, so the necessity for a cord grip is a must.  Hence my gravitation to the Z Grip. Golf Pride hails the Z Grip as the firmest grip model with "heavy cord texture and moisture management."  And indeed it is firm.  I mean really firm, like don't hit one thin.  Ever.
      Its also noticeably thinner than the UTx Midsize.  My 6 iron was gripped first with no additional wraps, and that's when I noticed the size difference.  Not to make the same mistake twice, my Fairway Metal was wrapped with 3 additional wraps of tape.  These additional wraps made the grip closest to the size of the UTx Midsize.

      Reminder grips have been around forever, and in Golf Pride's eyes, what's old is new right?  I enjoy a reminder.  I've had grip issues forever, and they help me place my hands where they should be.  Does the Align tech help - Yes.  Is it any better than a standard reminder grip - No.  One downside to reminder grips is they really shouldn't be played with wedges in my opinion.  If you open the club face at all the "Align strip" gets all out of whack and really throws your "align"ment off.  (Currently waiting on the Lamkin Players Cord to come in)
      Final Thoughts
      The Golf Pride Z Cord Align is a great grip if you enjoy a firm feel and need to be "reminded" where your hands go.  I'll play these until the wear out, or want something new, but will not be purchasing again.  
      3 out of 5
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Testers Chosen!
      These four forum members will be testing and reviewing the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro (104cc) putter grips:
      @chemclub @BigtazzGolf @JDHolmes @gchester33 Reviewing a set of Z Grip ALIGN grips:
      @LeftyHawk And reviewing the MCC Plus4 ALIGN grips:
      @romeopapazulu @knightsofnii Full announcement here
                                                3-Testers Wanted
      Z Grip ALIGN
      Tour Velvet ALIGN
      MCC & MCC Plus 4 ALIGN
      Tour Velvet Plus 4  (rubber or cord)
      Golf Pride ® a division of power management company Eaton and an
      industry leader in grip innovation, today announced it will offer the brand’s Z-Grip ® with its
      popular ALIGN ® Technology in 2019.
      According to a recent survey, ALIGN Technology is now used by 74 TOUR players. This
      technology was first introduced in Golf Pride brand’s MCC ® and MCC Plus4 ® hybrid grips and is
      also available in a Tour Velvet® grip (all rubber) option. With the addition of a full cord grip to
      complement the existing options, Golf Pride will now offer ALIGN Technology in a full range of
      feel preferences.
      4-Testers Wanted
      Tour SNSR Contour Pro (104 or 140cc)

      The Contour Pro putter grip offers the leading Tour-
      preferred, pistol-shape in two oversized models for unsurpassed feel and feedback.
      The TOUR SNSR Contour Pro utilizes the same soft, ultra-tuned rubber formulation as its
      predecessors giving the grip an excellent feel and facilitating lighter grip pressure to encourage
      a smoother stroke. The proprietary TOUR SNSR technology enhances feedback, affording
      better distance control on greens of all speeds.
      The TOUR SNSR Contour Pro putter grip also features soft, rounded edges, and a pistol flare
      back to more naturally fit in the hands. The shape includes a wide, paddle front for a consistent
      landing zone for the fingers and a tapered profile for players who prefer the traditional,
      sculptured grip design. This pistol shaped putter grip with contour has been trusted by the best
      players in the world to win the most coveted championships in golf.
      Doing this Testing, DOES NOT disqualify you from other Testing in 2019, once this ones' completed. We expect this testing to be much shorter than club testings, perhaps 4 weeks total. 
      How To Apply
      In a post below please list the following:
      First Name/Home State (US Eligible)
      Current Grips Used
      Choose EITHER the ALIGN (pick one model) or SNSR (pick 104 or 140 cc)
      Will be choosing the Testers Next Week-Good Luck!

    • By Thin2win
      I've always liked that quote from Yogi Berra. It also is painfully evident to my golf game that I need to pay more attention to it. I've noticed over the years that  I tend to leave more putts short than I roll long. It is something that I haven't paid too much attention to, just aware that I should try to get putts to the hole more often.
      Watching golf for many many hours this weekend I decided to count how many putts the pro's left short... it turns out, that unless they are outside 25', they don't. They always get it to the hole, go figure.
      Checking my Shot Scope putting data... I manage to leave 72% !!! of my putts short. This has gone from minor thought in the back of my mind to 5 alarm fire that I need to address now. I have a new goal in golf, 0 putts per round left short. I have to trust that I can make the 4' come back putt.
      I don't know how many of you out there suffer from this same issue. But I challenge all of you to never leave a putt short. If you need to say it in a very marine sounding voice akin to never leaving a man behind, then please do. 
      Let me know if you can successfully pull this off. Apparently, I am only 14 putts/round from success....
    • By Jason1981
      I am new to mygolfspy.com and I love all of it.  I have recently started golfing again regularly and am interested in some new clubs and overall improving my game with and without technology. My handicap is somewhere around 18-22 if I had to guess.
      Driver: Orlimar tri-metal 440cc
      fairway woods: also olimar tri-metal
      Irons: ACER XK pro 4-GW
      slotline putter (probably 28 years old)
      titelist 14 way bag
      brooks running shoes.
      I don't have favorite grips, but my hands sweat even when they shouldn't and am in the market.
      I am also a big guy...5'10 300+ and am trying to lose weight while improving my golf game.
      I am intrigued by blades.  If I can hit them well, I know I am doing it right.  (I don't own blades).
      Say hello, and any advice would be appreciated.
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