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The export feature isnt really anything to write home about, especially compared to Trackman, its just a CSV table of your stats from that round, but I still email it to myself every time.  


I typically only use the driving range mode.  It also has a couple other modes that I haven't experimented with yet.  I have used the Simulator aspect playing Teton Pines, but I don't really care for it, mostly because of the short game falls short.  (In fairness, I don't care for Trackman with E6 either)

One of our TFT locations has two Trackman4 bays with E6. Trackman's reporting is wonderful. The E6 simulator is not wonderful. My girls and I generally use driving range mode as well. Maybe someday they'll do a VR simulator. Short game would be good then.

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I got the Skytrak this past Christmas for my son and I. Best purchase to help us get through the winter months.. only additional cost each year is the subscription to play courses and certain challeng

So, I am sitting here in training all week at home. I couldn't wait for the net and mat to arrive, so I plugged in the SkyTrak and chipped in my living room. Why? Because my wife isn't here, and sh

I have decided on the SkyTrak. Pulled the trigger last week, and I received the launch monitor yesterday. I've cleared out some space in the garage, but the mat and net won't arrive for a few more w

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That's definitely a plus of having it right at home.  Sure, you're losing some features and speed by using Skytrak over GC2, but the convenience is worth it to me.


All that said, I leaning heavily towards building out a range in the garage this year and getting a Skytrak, because at the end of the day, I don't care for having to drive to the Superstore for scheduled 30 minute time blocks.  Instead, I want to be able to head out to the garage at anytime and hit for as long as I'd like.   If I could afford a GC2 with FSX, I'd get that.  


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They are actually doing the $300 off right now, I believe.  As of Sunday it was on their website... may have to do w/ the Masters

Skytrack goes for $1995 in the US and a bit more in Canada.  Throughout the year they run a $300 off campaign, so if you aren't in a hurry I'd wait for one of those.   Father's Day is probably the next one.   The consensus seems to be the $99 a year package is a must as well.

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"your best shot, is your next shot"

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I've got a SkyTrak that I use in my hitting bay in my garage.  It's set up with my iPad and I hit into a Net Return.  During the winter months and in the evenings it's great because I can use the range app or some of the challenges for areas like short game, mid-irons, etc.  So far it's pretty darn accurate and saved me a bundle compared to something like a GC2.



I've been seriously considering the exact same setup. I have a true strike Matt and the net return. Just missing the monitor. Do you find it works well in the garage or does it work best outdoors on. Range?

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Has anyone tried the Flight Scope Mevo ? How does it do and is it better than SkyTrack??

I have one and I think its great for what it does. If you're looking to lock in your yardages, back spin, apex etc then you're good. If you're looking for dispersion and such then the Skytrack is the way to go. Personally I use the Mevo to get the distance and spin numbers, and I attach my Skypro to my club so I can see face, path and attack angle. I can't see ball flights, but I can figure it out based on path and face angle. So all in all it works for me, but you have to work with what you're comfortable with.


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New here but have had a skytrak for 2 years now and find it a great tool when wanting to golf indoors. I bought the projector and cage with screen and all the stuff but in the end I just use it mostly as a tool to grab date from shots into my net and enjoy watching ball flight on a 50" tv I have to jacked into. Use with just an ipad a lot too.  A few missed shots but when I utilize the available info about ball placement it is pretty darn good. Sometimes have increased misses with yellow range balls when I take it there, assume they are lower contrast vs newer white balls at home.

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On 1/3/2017 at 2:40 PM, wbealsd said:

On a more serious note than my previous post, I've got an indoor setup using a GC2 and a RealFeel hitting mat.  I was able to get the GC2, software, projector used (which made it affordable).  IMHO, that's probably about as good a setup as most of us can hope for.


That said, it's still hitting indoors off a mat, so there are limitations as it's still "simulated" golf.  I don't find it all that helpful for working on my short game and I always have to adjust in the spring when I'm able to hit off real turf.  I feel like hitting off any mat forces me to start "picking" the ball (YMMV).  The Realfeel mat is the best I've found for using indoors.


The best thing about my setup is that I can work on my swing and stay in "golf shape" over the winter & and the GC2 software provides data I can use for club fitting.


Figure out your budget and stay within it, just make sure you get the best hitting mat you can afford.  There are a lot more options available now, than when I picked up my GC2 almost 5 years ago.

I just recently got a mat for an outdoor wedge rang type deal. It's called the Country Club Elite and it's not cheap but it works very well and gives very life-like feedback! 

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I came across this post while doing some research. I’m in the same boat, I want to be able to play and work on my golf game year round.

Definitely something to think about first is are you looking for just a training simulator, or do you want to be able to have buddies over for beers and fun? That will make a huge difference on what to look for.

The software and feedback on simulators now is pretty detailed. Doing things like practice drills and skill tests will help improve your golf game a ton. I’ve been looking for ones that have that, but also let me play courses.

I do think that SkyTrak is one of the better ones out there if you’re not wanting to drop upwards of $18,000 and up. The only downside I’ve seen while looking into them is that there is a 5-second delay from when the ball is hit to when it shows up on the screen.

The GC2 is probably one of the better ones out there for accuracy. The downside is that once you start factoring in add-ons, it can get pricey fast.

TruGolf graphics blew me away the first time I saw one. The multiplayer features allow for up to 8 players, which is perfect for having the guys over and play a course.

I’m leaning more towards the TruGolf not just for the training, but then I can have my buddies over for beers and play a course. If you think about the cost of going out, renting a bay for $200, $8 beers it adds up. I like the idea of being able to do all of that at home.

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I have the SkyTrak and the delay is NOT with the SkyTrak - It’s the computer.  I built a fast computer and a dedicated wireless network for it, and there is almost no delay.  Maybe 1-2 seconds at the very most.  Personally the biggest difference was when I got the SSD hard drive.  That made a world of difference.  


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