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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy

GolfSpy Barbajo

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Brandon / Santa Clara, CA / +1 handicap



Z 765 10.5 X Stiff


Fairway Woods

Z F65 15*, 19* X Stiff



4-PW z765 irons in DG x100


Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges:

 50, 54, 58  in  DG S400 spinner shafts


Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter #4:


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Iuri, Brasília (Brazil), 8 HCP - In case that I win, I will even pay for the trip to USA from my pocket if needed.


Srixon Z 765 Driver 12° Stiff

Srixon Z F65 Fairway 13.5° Stiff

Srixon Z H65 - 3 Hybrid Stiff

Srixon Z 965 irons 4-PW Stiff

Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin V-MG 52°, 56°, 60°

Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Putter 35"


Thanks for this opportunity.

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James, North Carolina, 9.5


Driver - Z565 - 9.5*

Fairway -  Z F65 - 15*

Hybrid - ZU65 Utility - 20*

Irons - Z765 4-PW

Wedges - RTX Black Satin - 52, 56, 60 

Putter - TFI 2135 - 1.0 34in


I'll let you guys choose the degrees and lofts during the fitting though...  :D

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Richard - CO - 20+ Unofficial Handicap


My dream set of clubs would be whatever the fitting determines to be ideal for my swing and handicap. That being said the following would be great if they are determined to be suitable.


Driver - Z565 - 10.5deg

Wood - Z F65 - 3 Wood 15deg

Hybrid - Z H65 - 19deg and 22deg

Irons - Z565 - 3-PW

Wedges - RTX-3 CB loft determined by fitting

Putter - TFI 2135 8.0




Thanks for the consideration!

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Bradd, New Jersey, 12.9 index

Irons Z565

Driver Z565


Hybrid - Z H65 all



Honestly, this is more of a wish list than a dream list, I would make my decisions by what clubs fit my eye and how they performed and choose them. Feeling lucky...

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Chris / Kentucky / 10.2


Srixon Z 565 Driver, 10.5° S Flex

Srixon Z 355 Fairway Wood, 15° S Flex

Srixon Z 355 Hybrid, 19° S Flex

Srixon Z 765 Irons, 4-PW, Steel MODUS3 Tour 120 S Shafts

Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin 50°/54°

Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 58°

Huntington Beach 4, Winnpro X Grip

Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White Ball


Thank you for this amazing opportunity

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Peter -  Cape Cod, MA Handicap  - 10


Driver: Srixon Z765 - 9.5  - shaft to be determined

Fairway Metal Srixon F765 - 13.5 degree - shaft to be determined

Hybrid Srixon - H765 - likely equivalents of 3 and four wood - shafts to be determined

Srixon Irons - Z765 4-9 irons hafts to be determined

Cleveland RTX3 - 48,, 54, 60 shafts to be determined

Putter - Cleveland TFI 21.35 Elevado 34 inch length

Golf versus Family and Family is winning right now..But passionate and dedicated to the arcane craft of consistent golf. Titleist 714 irons, Tour edge driver, 9 degree stiff, Sonartec 3 wood and 4 wood, Adams hybrid and Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putter..

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Todd V, Florida, current handicap 7


Z355 driver

ZF65 15 degree

Z355 23 degree

Z565 irons, 4-PW

RTX-3 Tour Raw:  50 V-MG, 56 V-FG, 60 V-FG

TFI Halo CB putter


All out the window if the fitter makes different recommendations.....that's the point of fitting!



What's in the bag:

Driver - Rogue

Woods - Titleist 917F 16.5 degree

Hybrid - Titleist 915H

Irons - Ping i200

Wedges - 56 Vokey, 60 PXG

Putter - EVNRoll ER9  10K

Ball - Snell My Tour Ball


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Your name: Thomas Murphy

home stage or province: WA (stage hmmm)

current handicap: 12

The makeup of your dream Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver.

This will depend on fit but something like

Putter: tfi 2135

Wedges Cleveland Rtx 3 46/50/55/60 2dots mg except 60 in one dot satin finish mmc4 grips

Irons: 5-9 765 w modus 3 or steelfibre shafts Lamkin cross line, 4 (and maybe 5) U65 or 565, 3Hi aerotech

Fw: z65 13-15 hazardous or kurokage lamkin crossline

Driver 765 10deg tipped R or s flex same shaft as 3w

Zstar balls all the way

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Scott --- Chicago, IL --- 0.2


Driver: Srixon Z 765, Rh, 10.5*

Fairway: Srizon Z F65, Rh, 15*

Utility: Srixon Z U65, Rh, 20*

Irons: Srixon Z 765, Rh, 4-PW

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3, Tour Satin, 51*, 55*, 60*

Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135 - 6.5, 34"


Appreciate the consideration and opportunity!

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What a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I'm Marshall - Utah - 10

Dream bag would definitely have to be based on the fitting of course, but from looking at the websites, I'd be stoked with the following: 

Z765 - Driver
ZF65 - Fairway
ZH65 - Hybrid
Z565  - Irons
RTX-3 - Wedges
TFI 2135 ELEVADO - Putter

Lots of really nice equipment here...


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