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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy

GolfSpy Barbajo

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Ben Goergen,  ND, HDCP 5


Z 765 10.5 Degree with X-Stiff

Z F65 3+ wood, x-stiff

Z H65 Hybrid 19* X-Stiff

Z U65 4 iron 23* X-stiff

Z 765 5-6 iron X-Stiff

Z 965 7-pw X-stiff

RTX-3 Tour Satin 52*, 56*, 60*


Driver M3- Fujikura Speeder Pro X

3 Wood  Titleist TS2 15*  Fujikura Speeder 757 X

Utility Titleist MB 3 iron KBS C-Taper X

Irons Srixon Z765 5-PW DG AMT White X

Wedges by committee

Taylormade Spider Tour w Gravity Grip

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I have been dreaming of these clubs since I first saw them.


Jeff Texas 11hcp


Driver: Z765 9.5*

3 wood: Z F65 15*

Hybrids: Z H65 19* and 22*

Irons: Z765 5-aw

Wedges: RTX-3 Tour Satin 54.0 v-lg and 58.0 v-lg

Putter: Huntington Beach 1

Driver- Callaway 815 Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond

3 Wood- Callaway 815 Big Berth Alpha

3 -5 Hybrids Callaway Apex

6-PW- 2014 Callaway Apex Pro

50,54, 58 Wedges- Callaway MD3

Putter- SeeMore FGP

Ball- Kirkland Signature and Snell MTB

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Vancouver, BC

HCP - 7.8


Driver: Z 765 9.5 Deg X-Flex

Fairway: Z F65 15 Deg X-Flex

Irons: Z 765 3-PW KBS X-Flex (Recommended shafts from fitting)

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 50, 54, 58 

Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 6 

Bag: Srixon Z-Four Camo


Amazing opportunity. Good luck to everyone. 

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Russ - Cambridge, UK


Absolute dream chance to get proper clubs for the 1st time in my life!!! Here we go then, set-up would be:


Driver: Srixon Z565 (Reg.)

Fairway: Srixon Z F65 15* 3 Wood

Hybrid: Srixon Z H65 19* 3 Hybrid

Utility: Srixon Z U65 23/5* 4/5 Iron

Irons: Srixon Z 565 5-PW (adjusted for my height is needed)

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Black Satin 50 (Mid); 55 (Full); 60 (Low)

Putter: Huntingdon Beach 6 (35in.)

Ball: Z-Star XV Pure White


Am seriously hoping I get chosen (feelin' like donkey from Shrek - "oooh pick me, (jumps up and down) pick me, pick me, oohhh....."!!!)

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First of all thank you so much for the opportunity! I've been lurking on here for years but created an account just to apply to this!



My name is Avery, from Texas and hover around the 9 HCP mark. 


My dream bag would obviously depend on the fitting, but if I had to choose from their selection there are some things I definitely lean towards;


- Srixon Z 765 Driver X-Stiff 9.5*

- Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15*

- Srixon Z H65 Hybrid 19* 

- Srixon Z 965 Irons 4-PW 

- Cleveland RTX-3 Blades, 52* Mid (Tour Satin), 56* Full (Tour Raw), 60* Low (Black Satin)

- Cleveland Huntington Beach 6


All gaming the Srixon Z-Star XV, of course!



Again thank you for the dream chance! I'll keep my fingers crossed!






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Mike Contreras

California (You will save money on airfare if I win.)




Z-565, 9.5 Driver


Fairway Woods

Z-355 Model 3



Z- 355 Model 3



Z- 765 in 4 and 5 iron

Z- 965 in 6-9 iron



RTX-3 Tour Satin in

46, 2 dot

52, 2 dot

56, 3 dot

60, 2 dot





Staff Bag

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Mathieu Moulton, Alberta, 6 Handicap


Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 1

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 50*, 54*, 58*

Irons: Srixon Z965 4-PW X-Stiff

Utility: Srixon Z U65 3 (20*)

Fairway: Srixon ZF65 X-Stiff

Driver: Srixon Z 765 X-Stiff



Taylormade Light Stand Bag


Titleist 913 D3 8.5 X-Stiff Diamana Whiteboard D+72

Titleist 910 F 15 X-Stiff Matrix Ozik Black Tie 8M3

3 Iron Adams Super DHY 21 X-Stiff Matrix Ozik White Tie Altus HX3

4-PW Mizuno MP32s Project X 6.5 

50,54,58 Titleist Vokey Spin Milled + SM4 DG S300

Nike Method Putter


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Robert Pfeil, Alabama, 2


765 9.5 Driver with Stiff shaft

F65 15 degree with x-stiff

H65 19 and 22 with x-stiff

Z765 5-PW Modus 120 stiff

RTX-3 Black Satin 50MG, 54MG, 58LG

Huntington Beach 1 35 inches

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Jose G. / Vero Beach / 14.5 hcp


A trip and fitting of a lifetime ... I'm READY!


Currently playing Cobra Fly-Z irons, Cleveland RTX 2.0 wedges and a Callaway Big Bertha driver with Fujikara Evolution II shaft


Srixon Z 565 Driver 10.5* stiff


Srixon Z F65 Fairway 5 wood 19* stiff

Srixon Z H65 Hybrid 22* stiff

Srixon Z 565 Irons 4-AW Graphite Stiff

Cleveland RTX 3 Blk Satin V-MG 52, 56 and 60 wedges in MID

Cleveland TFI 2135 Cero Winnpro X 1.32 Putter 34"


Srixon Z-Star XV ... Best ball on the market!


Golly Gee Wally!  I even get my name on the bag!

Vero Beach Country Club


Callaway Apex Pro Irons KBS Stiff Shaft

Titleist 907D2 UST ProForce v2 Stiff Shaft

Tour Edge fairway wood XCG7 beta 13.5 Stiff Shaft

Titleist 913H 21 Degree & Mizuno 23 Degree hybrids Stiff Shaft

Taylormade wedges 51-56-60

Taylormade TP Collection Berrick putter with SuperStroke grip


Titleist ProV1x or Taylormade TP5X




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Steve from Florida.

First off, I'm a lefty, so finding clubs to try is hard.
... but I'd love:
A Srixon Z65 series driver - 10.5, reg flex.
The matching fairway wood - 16 degrees.

4 and 5 hybrids

6-SW irons

Cleveland 56 and 60 RTX-3 wedges

A TFi/Huntington Beach putter

Srixon Z-Star Series golf balls.

Throw in some tees, and a cart bag and I'm golden.

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Jay Rode....New York...4.4


Driver Z765..Speeder 727-S

3W     ZF65..Speeder 565-S

3H      ZH65..Speeder 565-S


Irons: 4-GW Z965..Nppon 950-S

Wedge: 54*/58* RTX-3 Tour Satin

Putter: Huntington Beach #1-33.5"

Driver: TM M2- Aldila NVS-65X

3 Wood: Callaway XR-Pro Speeder 565-S

Hybrid: TM Stage 2 Speeder VC-6.2

Irons: Srixon 945 4-pw-Nippon 950-S

Wedges: Vokey SM6 50/58..Ping Glide 54

Putter: SC 2.5...33.5" (Today)

Bag : Jones Original Carry

Ball: Callaway Crome Soft

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Lance Bailey, from Arkansas.  Handicap of 10.


Currently play Taylormade driver, 3W and irons that are a few years old, with a VERY old Nike putter.  Just upgraded to new (new to me) Cleveland RTX2.0 50 and 56 wedges, earlier this year, which are great.  I haven't looked at the latest clubs on the market, so I don't know my dream set, but would love to get fit with the latest from Srixon/Cleveland.  Hope I get the opportunity.

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