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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy

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Tulsa, OK




Srixon Z 765 10.5* (Shaft to be determined)



Srixon F Z65 15* (Shaft to be determined)



Srixon H Z65 19*



Srixon Z765 irons (4-7)

Srixon Z965 irons (8, 9 & PW)

All irons will have the Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 Shaft in STIFF flex

Standard Length

2* Strong Lofts



Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin

48* / 53* / 58*


All clubs will have the Tour Wrap MCC PLUS4 Midsize Grips



Huntington Beach #1

33 inches


Midsize Grip


Thanks to all involved in making this possible for everyone..



Driver: Ping G400 MAX with PING Alta CB 55 Stiff

Fairway: Callaway Epic 15* with Fujikura Speeder 565

Hybrid: RocketBallz 19* Hybrid with Stock Shaft

Irons: JDM Titleist VG3 irons w/ Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 Shafts 

Wedges: Ping Glide 50*/54*/58*

Putter: Scotty GoLo Pro with Midsize Matador Grip

Ball: Srixon Z Star

Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Accurate

Bag: Sun Mountain MPB

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Get Fit Like a Pro! Win a Trip To Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy!   A Tour-Level custom club fitting truly is the Holy Grail for any avid golfer. For most of us, however, it's only a pipe dream.

Alright gang -- it's time to announce the winners of our Get Fit Like a Pro with Srixon/Cleveland!   This has been another awesome contest - and many, many thanks to all who put their names in and g

HI everyone -- check this space around 6PM Eastern time tonight -- we'll be announcing the winners then.  Good luck, y'all!!!!

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Clayton Martens, Saskatchewan Canada, 6 handicap. 


Driver - Z 565 9.5 degree

Fairway - Z F65 15 degree

Utility - Z U65 Utility 20 degree

Irons - Z 765 Irons (4-PW)

Wedges - Cleveland RTX Tour Satin 50*, 54*, 58*

Putter - Huntington Beach 4

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Would love to get fitted.

Have been playing about 2+ years, from what I've read, this makes me a newbie. I'm totally addicted to game, I'm on the range practicing 3-5 times a week.

I have Cleveland wedges now (CG 15s). LOve they way they feel with the Srixon ball I play.

About a 18-22 handicap, it's tough to tell because I still can't play as much as I'd like.

58 years old.

Sarasota, FL

My ideal Srixon/Cleveland set would depend on what the launch monitor says about my swing.


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Nova Scotia

21 (unofficial, from rounds entered into online handicap calculators)


Driver: Z 565 10.5

Fariway:  Z F65 - 15

Hybrid: Z H65 - 19, 22

Irons: Z565 - 5-PW

Wedges: RTX-3 48, 54, 60

Putter: TFI 2135 Elevado 


Thanks for the opportunity to enter - the product line looks great and it would be great to get fitted!

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Joe H./Maine/19.3

Z 765 Driver 10.5 Stiff Aldila Rouge I/O 60

Z F65 Fairway 3-15.0 Stiff Aldila Rouge I/O 60

Z H65 Hybrid 19.0 Stiff Kuro Kage Hybrid 70

Z U65 Utility 4-23.0 Stiff KBS Tour 

Z 565 Irons 5-9 Project X PXi 6.0 -2.0 Degrees Loft

Z 765 Iron PW Project X PXi 6.0

RTX-3 CB Tour Satin 50.0 V-MG (Mid) 

RTX-3 Tour Raw 54.0 V-MG (Mid)

RTX-3 Tour Raw 60.0 V-LG (Low)

TFI 2135 - 8.0 Counterbalanced 35"

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Dennis, Ontario, 15.5


Srixon Z 765 Driver 12° Stiff

Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15° Stiff

Srixon Z U65 Utility 20° Stiff

Srixon Z 765 irons 4-PW Stiff

Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Black V-MG 48°, 52°, 56°

Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Putter 33"

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Name- William "BJ" Johnson

State - Ohio

Handicap = 7.0


Dream Srixon/Cleveland Bag:


Driver- Z 565, 10.5 degree

3-wood- Z 355, 15 degree

3-hybrid- Z H65, 19 degree

4i - PW - Z 565 

50 degree- RTX-3 CB Tour Satin (V-MG MID)

56 degree- RTX-3 CB Tour Satin (V-FG FULL)

60 degree- RTX-3 CB Tour Satin (V-FG FULL)

Putter- Huntington Beach 1

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What a great opportunity! Thanks to MyGolfSpy, Srixon and Cleveland!


Name: Sean Hastings

Home State: Pennsylvania

Current Handicap: 25


Makeup of Dream Srixon/Cleveland bag:

Would depend on fitting, but if I had to choose without I'd say:


Srixon Z 765 10.5 degree Driver

Srixon Z F65 15 degree 3 Wood

Srixon Z F65 19 degree 5 Wood

Srixon Z H65 22 degree Hybrid

Srixon Z 565 Irons 4 - PW

Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin V-MG 52 degree Wedge

Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin V-MG 56 degree Wedge

Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin V-MG 60 degree Wedge

Cleveland TFI 2135 6.5 Putter

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Dream Srixon Setup


Z565 Driver

Z F65 - 17* fairway

Z U65 Utility 3 & 4 Irons

Z 565 5~Pitch UST Recoil 780 Stiff Soft Stepped

RTX-3 CB Tour Satin 50 degree

RTX-3 Black Satin 54 & 58 

Huntington Beach 6 putter


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Santiago, Dallas TX, 13



Srixon Z 565 Driver 10.5* stiff

Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15* 3 wood stiff

Srixon Z H65 Hybrid 19* stiff

Srixon Z 565 Irons 4-AW stiff

Cleveland RTX 3 Blk 56 & 60

Cleveland TFI 2135

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  • Travis White, Florida, HDCP: 5.8

Dream Bag:

Putter: Cleveland TFI-2135 Cero

​Driver: Srixon Z765  9.5 deg, X-Stiff

3 Wd:  Srixon Z F65 15 deg, X-Stiff

Hybrid: Srixon Z H65 19 deg, X-Stiff

Irons:  Srixon Z 765, 3-AW, DG AMT, X-Stiff

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3, Tour Satin, 54 and 58 deg, V-LG

Umbrella:  Srixon Tour Umbrella

Bag: CG Black Stand Bag

Balls: Z-Star XV Pure White, #91

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Dan, New Jersey, 13.8


Srixon Z565 Driver 10.5* regular flex

Srixon ZF65 3 Fairway 15* regular flex

Srixon ZH65 Hybrid 22* regular flex

Srixon Z565 5-AW Irons steel regular flex

Cleveland RTX-3 56* black satin

Cleveland RTX-3 60* black satin

Cleveland RTX-3 64* black satin

Cleveland Huntington Beach 4

Srixon Q-Star

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Bryan pool, kansas, current 22 handicap.

My dream makeup would be Z 355 driver, woods and irons and rtx 3 wedges and cleveland tfi 2135 putter.


That would be my dream bag but whatever the experts recommend would be the best

Bryan Pool

Ping G20 Driver

Bombtech hybrids

Ping G20 green dot irons/wedges

Cleveland Huntington beach 6 putter 

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