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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy

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  • Your name, home stage or province and current handicap

  • The makeup of your dream Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver.

Mark, MD, 7


Dream Srixon/Cleveland Bag:

Srixon Z765 Driver, 9.5 Stiff

Srixon F65 Fairway 15 degrees Stiff

Srixon H65 Hybrid 19 degree Stiff

Srixon Z765 4-PW Iron Stiff

Cleveland RTX-3 TOUR SATIN 52, 56 & 60


Ball - Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White


Ping G425 Max

Callaway Mavrik SZ 3 wood

Ping G410 3 Hybrid

Mizuno 900 JPX Forged 4-GW

Vokey SM8 54 & 58

LAB Mezz.1

Titleist ProV1


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Tyler Bauman, Minnesota, No "current" handicap, but probably in the 3-4 range


Dream Set up:


Srixon Z765 Driver 10.5 with Graphite Design Tour AD-MT7x at 44.75"


Srixon Z F65 15* # Wood with Fujikura Fuel 70x at 42.75"


Srixon Z H65 22* Hybrid with Graphite Design Tour-AD DI-95x at 41"


Srixon Z765 Irons 4-PW Nippon Modus3 120 Tour X 2* Upright .5 Weak +.25"


Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin 50/54 (Mid)/58 (FULL) Nippon Modus 120 Tour X all wedges same length and lie as the PW


TFI 2135 Elevado w/ Winnpro X Grip at 34"


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John, Louisville, KY

handicap - 13


Driver - Z765

Fairway wood - Z F65 (3 wood 15 degree)

Hybrid -  Z H65 (19 & 22 degree)

Irons - Z 765 5-9-PW

Wedges - RTX-3 Black 56 & 60 degree

Putter  - TFI 2135 right handed

Balls - Srixon Z Star

Bag - Z Cart Bag


*  All club choices per results of fitting; NEED HELP! thanks




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Brandyn, RI,  5.0 Handicap


Driver: Srixon Z765 Driver 9.0* X-Stiff

Fairway: Srixon Z F65 Fairway 3+ X-stiff

Hybrid: Srixon Z H65 Hybrid 22* X-Stiff

Driving Iron: Srixon Z U65 Utility 18* X-Stiff

Irons: Srixon Z965 Irons 4-PW X Stiff

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin 62 and 54 Stiff

Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135-8.0 Counterbalanced 34.5in

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Adrian Baste - Miami, Fl - 8 Handicap


Srixon ZR-30 Driver 10* stiff
Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15* 3 wood stiff
Srixon Z 945 Irons 3-9 stiff
Cleveland 588 RTX CB (48-8 2-Dot, 52-10 2-Dot)

Cleveland 588 CG 16 (56-12, 60-10)
Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0 

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Marty - WA - 18 


Srixon Z 565 Driver 10.5* stiff
Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15* 3 wood stiff
Srixon Z H65 Hybrid 19* stiff
Srixon Z 565 Irons 4-AW stiff
Cleveland RTX 3 Blk Satin V-MG 54 & 58
Cleveland TFI 2135 Elevado Winnpro X Putter 


"When I win, my handicap is going to go way down baby....I can feel it already!

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  • Neil - Alaska - 17 handicap

  • I've never been custom fit for clubs before, so my dream bag is made up of clubs that are custom fit for me by a pro who knows what's up. I'm open to any club selections if that is what's best for my game. 
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Name: Mike
State: Florida 
Handicap: 10.4

Dream bag:
Srixon 765 driver 
Srixon f65 3 wood 
Srixon h65 19* hybrid 
Srixon 565 4 iron stiff 
Srixon 765 5-7 iron

Srixon 965 8-PW  

Cleveland 50*
Cleveland 55*
Cleveland 60* 
Cleveland TFI 2135
Srixon z star xv ball

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I have been stalking this site for the longest time and this contest literally left me no choice but to sign up!

Name: Tyler
State: California
Handicap: 4.9

Dream bag - 
Driver: Srixon 765
3 Wood: Srixon F65 13.5*
4/5 Wood: Srixon F65 17*

Utility 3 Iron: Srixon U65 3 Iron 20*
4-6 Iron: Srixon 765 Irons

7-9 Iron: Srixon 965 Irons
Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 Tour Raw - 46 MG, 52 MG, 58 LG
Putter: TFI 2135 Elevado

Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV

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John Levitt, So. Cal., 11


Driver Z765 (Reg+ to Stiff)

3&5 Woods - F65's (Reg+ to Stiff)

Hybrid H65 (3 or 4) (Reg+ to Still

Irons - Z765 5-pw (Reg + to stiff)

Wedges: RTX 3  Black Satin - 52, 56, 60

Putter: HB 4, 36" Center Shafted


Thank you. 

The Dude abides.




PXG 0811 9 degree

Tour Exotics 3 Wood

Srixon 5 Wood

PXG 0311 5-PW

Miura K Wedges 52, 56, 60

PXG  Center Shafted

:travis-mathew-1: Golf Shirts (on me, not ITB!)

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Jon from Iowa.  Current Handicap is 13.


I would really like to let the fitter help with what the best makeup would be, but initially I am drawn to (right handed):

Driver - Z565 9.5 Deg

3W - Z F65 15.0 Deg

5W - Z F65 

4-PW - Z 965/765 

Wedge - RTX-3 Black Satin 50/54/58 Deg

Putter - Cero 35"

Driver: Ping G30 SFTech Stiff Flex

           3W: Cobra F9, Atmos TS Blue 7S

           5W: Cobra F6

           4H: Cobra F7 4-5H 22* Stiff Flex

           5-PW: Taylormade RSI TP +1/2", 2* Upright, Stiff Flex (DG S400)

           50, 54: Titleist Vokey SM6 Steel Grey, F-Grind/M-Grind

           From: Fargo, ND, Right Handed


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