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Next generation of cooling fabrics for golf


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I am a sweaty beast. There, I admitted it. I sweat a lot no matter the temperature, so I am always on the look out for cooling fabrics. This article caught my eye. Screen shots are below.



It will be a little (long) while before it hits stores, but it could prove to be the closest thing to golfing in your underwear.


Basically, when you get hot you give off infrared (IR) radiation/energy/light (this is how the sun heats the Earth). If your cloths trap or absorb that radiation/energy/light then you stay hot. Despite the light weight of polyester clothing, it actually absorbs part IR radiation/energy/light. This team identified that fabrics made from microporous polyethylene are almost completely transparent to this IR radiant energy and let it pass on through the fabric and into the air. 


The new fabric is still opaque to visible light so it isn't like you are wearing a see-through shirt (as much as my playing partners would appreciate the peak).


Anyway, there is an obvious application for this in the golf apparel sector and the materials are inexpensive (polyethylene = grocery bags). There is just some R&D required to turn it into a comfortable fabric. The article also talks about making the micropores using fine fibers of conventional fabrics.


Thought it was cool.


Screenshot 2016-09-26 20.41.06.png


Screenshot 2016-09-26 20.41.23.png

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