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Virginia is often overlooked as a premiere golf vacation destination as compared to more heavily advertised areas like Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head.  Virginia Golf Vacations and Williamsburg Golf Packages are one company that offer packages that they can tailor to any group. My last trip there, we had 16 guys and no one had any negative comments about the whole experience. Do your homework and be specific about your needs.


Chris Hartig and his professional staff can assist you in finding the right courses and accommodations for any size group. They offer up to date information on current course conditions and scheduled maintenance for all the courses they offer in their packages. They will also contact you if things change with a particular course and can offer alternatives for a course that may not be in top condition.  I believe their Williamsburg Golf Package is one of the best on the East Coast. Must plays in the Williamsburg area are the Horseshoes, Fords Colony Courses, and Colonial Heritage.  Kiskiak and The Club at Viniterra are among the 15 other championship courses they offer that are two of my favorites. Be sure to check on replay opportunities since this may influence your course selections.


Lodging: Book early for the best choices in condos. Nine months out usually insures the best choices.  The larger units go fast and by booking early you can usually keep your group in the same area of whatever complex you choose. It makes getting together to go over the events of the day and planning for the next day much easier. We stayed at the Powhatan Resort and it was perfect for our needs.  You will want to make clear the number of beds required, not the number of people a unit will sleep. I have experienced bunk beds, pull out sofas and king and queen sized beds which left one guy sleeping on the sofa on occasion so be specific about your your needs. It's always nice to have a grill outside for your use and inquire about any other amenities that might be offered. Full kitchens are a must for us since we usually eat breakfast in before heading out to the course for the day and this can cut down the cost of a trip tremendously.


So,  if you are looking for a place to take a buddy trip that offers quality courses and comfortable lodgings at a reasonable price you might want to check here.http://gamesgolfandgo.com

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Are you in any way associated with this company?

Sure does read like an advertisement, doesn't it?  Oops, just now read his profile, and he says he's recently started the website he's plugging.  He's not trying to hide anything.

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I am new at this and don't want to overstep. I will be writing golf reviews for the many trips I have taken over the years. They tell me I will have to sell stuff on my site to pay for it  (didn't know that when I started) but my intent is to furnish tips and advice for planning buddy trips as well as a review for each trip. There is also a review for a trip to Santee S. C. on my site and I hope to add one a moth. Next review on my site will be Hilton Head. Thanks for checking in...Mike T

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Piankatank River Golf Club

Hi, I played Piankatank on May 7, 2020 and really enjoy the course.  Even with the Covid restrictions, the staff was kind and helpful.  The driving range has plenty room and the putting practice green is uniquely designed with layers and lots of putting options.  The practice green was a little "shaggy" but very healthy.  It is also very easily accessible which is very nice.

The course opens with a uniquely shaped dogleg left par 4.  Six of the holes have potential water hazards in play.  The greens are smaller and were playing fairly slow.  The front nine require shot making over "grip it and rip it" distance.  The fairways were in decent condition for this time of year and the amount of rain we have had in this area.  Number 9 has a tree in the middle of the fairway, but can be reached in two if you hit a good drive.  The green is small with a hill to the right and bunkers on the left, so you have to hit a good approach to score.

The back nine feature five water hazard holes.  Overall the back is a more straight forward, with plenty of risk reward opportunities.  Number 14, a par three, has a wonderful view of the Piankatank River behind the green. Number 18 is quite the finishing hole.  It looks straight ahead, but the green presents a number of challenges for the approach shot.  A par feels really good..LOL

Overall the course was nice and I really enjoyed the challenge of playing the smaller greens in the wind.  

Hope you enjoyed...happy golfing!




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