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I play over 100 rounds per year (college golfer)

my handicap is 2-3

my current putter is a bossier golf heavy putter cx2


've putted with the same putter for more than a couple years, so it will be tough to beat, but I would love to test the new technology. I journal my practice and stats every day so the info you would get from me would be very detailed. PICK ME!!!

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considered to be above average putter.



current putter    white hot  34 in.


looking forward to find a milled face putter with good feel on different green speeds.


left handed


thanks  steve

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About 20-30 rounds played annually

18 handicap

Currently gaming Taylormade White Smoke MC-72

Driver: :callaway-logo-1: 10.5* XR16 R Flex


Woods: :callaway-logo-1: Big Bertha V-Series 3 Wood R Flex


Hybrid: :titelist-small: 913H 21* R flex


Irons: :wilson_staff_small: C300 4-PW R Flex


Wedges: :titelist-small: SM5 50*, 54*, 58*


Putter: :cleveland-small: 2135 Cero 33" / :odyssey-small: EXO Seven S 33"

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The average number of rounds you play annually?





Your current handicap




Your Current Putter?


Odyssey tank 2 ball works.


But can your putters really beat my 2 ball? That would be tough. If you could actually improve on that I'd be immensely impressed.

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Good looking putter that I am interested in bagging.


1. Over 100 Rounds per year ( fortunately live in Texas with warm weather and able to play year round)


2. Current GHIN is 7.1


3. Use a Milled Cleveland Collection #2 (350g) with Superstore Pistol GT 2.0 grip. 

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I play between 60-70 rounds a year, weather permitting here in Indiana!


My official handicap is 1.8, working on getting under the USGA 1.4 to attempt to Qualify for the US Open.


Current putter is Cleveland Classic 2 Mid Mallet, 35" with SuperStroke Mid SLIM 2.0.


Looking forward to maybe getting the chance to write up a review of these amazing putters!

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My putting has been atrocious lately so I've been wondering if a new putter would do me any good. I've heard great things about this putter and hope I'll get an opportunity to test one. 


Here's my info:

  • 15-20 rounds per year
  • Current handicap 18.3
  • Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2
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Hi all. I'm in need of anything that will lower my short game. I've tried several different putters from mallets to blades.


I play 70+ rounds a year

My handicap is 28

Current putter is Odyssey Works V-line.


I'm the king of 3+ putts. I need help! I'd love to prove that these putters actually work.

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Putting is one of the weaker parts of my game. I burn the edge of the hole, or end up a couple of inches short, on many putts that could have been birdies. I'm all in for technology that could help me with this issue.


Rounds per year: 50+

Handicap: Non officially established, but would be about 8 - 10.

Current putter: Nike Ignite


Good luck to all!

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1.  Average rounds/year:  45


2. Current Handicap Index:  2.0


3. Current putter:  Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select (34", Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour grip)


3 boys (ages 3, and twin 1 year olds) keep the rounds in check.  Would love a chance to unseat the incumbent Cameron and be more successful on the greens.  


Thank you,





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I'm so curious on this after reading the post on these putters.


I play 60 or so rounds a year. Current handicap is 4.8. My current putter is a Scotty Cameron M1. 34"


Look forward to seeing this!

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First off I'm a huge Guerin Rife fan, and have an old Rife Barbados that I still game from time to time. These new EVNRoll putters look amazing!


-I'm a 3 handicap

-Play 70 rounds a year

-Currently game a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 TeI Ten 34" putter


I'm a gear head and have everything in my shed from Bobby Grace 3 diamonds to Rifes, Scottys, and Odysseys. Look forward to the chance to test one of the EVNRolls!!!

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Somewhere between 100-150 rounds per year (36-48 competitively in and out of state w/ college tourneys)


1 handicap


Scotty Cameron Select GoLo. 34" with Rosemark 1.25" thorn (black)

Driver: Tour Issue 8.5 Taylormade M2 2016 w/ Rogue Max 75-TX

4 Wood: Tour Issue Taylormade JetSpeed 16* w/ RIP Phenom 70X tipped 1.5"

Hybrid/Utility Iron: Titleist 712U 3i w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Irons: Taylormade RSi TP 4-P w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

Putter: Scotty Cameron Select GoLo 34" w/ SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0

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