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Excited for the opportunity to test one of these! Thanks MGS!



I'd say I play roughly 2 to 3 times a month, so just about 40 times a year.


I don't have an official handicap, but I tend to shoot between 82-87 depending on how much I've been able to put in on the range.


Current putter is a Scotty Cameron Laguna Pro Platinum, 35 inches with the blue Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc grip. It's very toe weighted and fits my arching stroke.

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I play about 60 rounds a year.


Current 6.2 handicap


I currently use the Odyssey CB Tank Cruiser #7


That being said, I'd rather test the ER2 rather that the ER5....

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Driver, Callaway Epic:

Fairway Wood, Callaway Epic Flash 

Hybrid, Callaway Apex

Irons, Callaway Apex Pro Irons 5 to UW S Flex:

Wedges, Callaway MD3, 54, 58. Callaway Forged 60

Putter, Odyssey O works, #1 Tank, counter balanced

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Thanks for the Opportunity to test.....


70 rounds a year (sadly live in Toronto)

Handicap 9

Current putter: Scotty Newport Notchback 2 (First of 500)

.....it would take a miracle to get me to switch but always open mind


Thanks guys and good luck,



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These putters definitely have my attention.  Would love a chance to give one a shot!


-I play approximately 30 rounds per year, a majority of those in tournament play.  Probably play another 30 or so times a year for just 9-10 holes after work.  Practice pretty frequently at lunch during the work week.


-Current USGA Handicap- 0.0


-Currently have Odyssey Works V-Line Big T putter in the bag, but I've also used an Odyssey Black Series #5 and a Rife IBF Aussie Blade at different points this year.

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I began playing golf at a rather late age (60) and have made some progress (to a 14 handicap), but still have much to learn after 8 years of lessons and considerable play. 


While the rest of my equipment is fairly modern technology (Ping G25), my putter is an old Titlelist Scotty Cameron 'Caliente Grand'. I've tried a few modern putters, but keep returning to this mallet style putter which seems to give me better feel than most others. Nonetheless, I'm ready to make a serious effort toward switching to a putter that has more of a scientific, technological and user-based design and would love to be included in the test for the EVNRoll Putter.


Rounds per year: 90-100

Handicap: 14

Current Putter: Titelist Scotty  Cameron 'Caliente Grand'


Whether fortunate to be selected or not, I'm looking forward to the report!

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- I play around 25 rounds per year, but I practice my putting several times per week

- Current handicap: 31.8 (and dropping -- new to the game but improving)

- Current putter is a Square Two blade putter I bought used for $15. (Probably the next club I plan to replace.)


Driver: Ping G410 LST 10.5°, Mitsubishi C6 ONYX 60 Stiff, 44.5"
Hybrids: Callaway Apex 19, 2H-4H, Fujikura Atmos TS Hybrid Blue 85 Stiff
Irons: Callaway Apex 19, 5i-AW, Aerotech SteelFiber 110 Stiff
Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8 Jet Black, 54-10S and 60-8M (bent to 58°), Aerotech SteelFiber 110 Stiff
Grips: Golf Pride MCC Plus-4 Align Midsize
Putter: Evnroll ER7, stock grip
Ball: Srixon Z-Star

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