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Average of about 110 rounds per year.


Handicap is 7.9 and rising (def need putter help!!  :rolleyes: ).


My current putter is a Scotty Cameron Futura X7M.


Thank you for the opportunity to be considered!


-Joe D


Cobra King LTD Driver

Taylormade M1 3 wood

Mizuno MP25 3-PW

Renegar 50, 54, 58

EvnRoll ER2 MidBlade putter

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I love putting and would love to test one of these putters. I swear by putter grooves and as a recent engineering grad I understand the tech behind them.


1) I play about 20-25 times a year


2) Current hadicap: 4.1


3) My current gamer is a Yes! Donna (2008) 34" with a ton of lead tape on the sole.

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Hey Guys,

I'd love a shot to test the Evnroll out.


I play about 80 rounds a year, and practice a few times a week. I happen to live across the street from my golf club so I get some swings in as often as possible.

Handicap is a 4.4 and my current putter is a Scotty Cameron Futura X or a Scotty Fastback with weighted Superstroke Slim 3. I switch depending on the course speed and mood.


Thanks for keeping us in formed and I appreciate the opportunity.

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I would LOVE to test these putters. I've had several Rife putters in the past including the Aussie. Guerin is a genius.


-I play 60+ rounds a year. Mainly bermuda greens. Spend a lot of time on the putting green, favorite part of the game.


-I play to a 2.4 handicap.


-I've used a Scotty Cameron Fastback for the last couple of seasons. Lookin to be swayed!

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Being in a state where winter keeps me inside for most of it I play 10 rounds a yearish but with my indoor putting green I putt at least every other day. Currently around a 23 handicap thanks to injuries sickness and driver issues. Currently playing an Odyssey versa Jailbird. My jailbird helped me drop about 5 strokes a round and fits my eye be interesting to see if it can be kicked out of my bag. Thanks MGS!!!!!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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Great to be involved with Golfspy and possibly with this testers wanted thread.


My handicap index is 12


I play about 300 rounds per year.Give or take the few days I take off because of snow, rain or health issues.


My present putter is the SeeMore M1 prototype center shafted.  It would take some effort to tear me and my SeeMore putter apart as we have been a pair for a long time.  But willing to see if EVNROLL can change my mind, if you folks are willing to take a chance on this old guy! 


Thanks for the possible opportunity!!!!!  :)

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I live in Orlando, FL and I play at Heathrow, The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes, Interlachen, and Lk Nona.

I play golf on average 1-3 times a week all year long since weather permits.

My current Handicap is 3.5 as of 11/1/16.

I've used all types of Scotty Camerons over the years but I keep going back to the Scotty Cameron Studio Design #5 thats 34 inches and has two wraps under the grip with a Scotty cameron pistolero grip. I consider my putting the worst part of my game and thats why I have 10 Scotty Camerons and a couple Rifes like the Barbados and the Bellevue (Tour Issue). I would love to hear Rifes ideas.




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I play around 60 rounds per year. I am new to MGS as a member, but have been an avid reader for years. Would love to get a chance to test one of these as I use to game several of the old Guerin Rife putters.


I am a 8 Handicap and typically a good putter with a tendency to pull it.


I currently game a 34" Odyssey White Hot Pro #2 Putter with OEM Grip.

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When I first read your report on the EVNRoll putter I wanted to buy it right away, but the coast makes me a little nervous.  I would LOVE to test this putter out first, give feedback, and then make the decision to game it or not!


I play between 75 - 80 rounds per year

I currently have a 4.8 index

I currently use the Nike Method 002 putter.


Thank you for the chance to test out the EVNRoll (particularly the Er1!)



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Woodman wanted to test EVNRoll Putter!


Heh,  I have played about 80 rounds this year, Handicap ranged from a low of 8 to high of 10 this year from the old guy tees, I play the Scotty Cameron California Del Mar putter and would love to see if the EVNRoll can compare favorably


I am a golf junkie like the rest of you folks, I run a custom fitting golf business so I live golf and read MGS religously


Pick me  to test that putter please !

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Does EVNRoll Live Up To the Hype?


Here's your chance to find out.


A couple of months ago we put Guerin Rife's EVNRoll putters to the test. Much to our surprise, all 4 of the EVNRoll models we tested outperformed our 2016 Most Wanted Winners in both the blade and mallet categories. That's right; the EVNRoll bested the legendary PING Ketsch and the Odyssey White Hot RX #1


EVNRoll Technology




The explanation for EVNRoll's performance can be found in it's unique (and patented) groove design. The proprietary design does two things.


Firstly, the grooves transfer more energy to the ball on off-center hits. Like PING's TR Grooves, EVNRoll's grooves structure effectively reduces ball speed at the center of the face, while progressively increasing it towards the edges. The end result is the ball comes off the face at the same pace regardless of where impact occurs.


Secondly, EVNRoll's milling pattern helps gear the ball the back towards the center on those same mis-hits. Putts not only roll the same speed, but they also roll to the same spot.


Sound too good to be true? We thought so too...right up until our test results validated the claims.


Testers Wanted




Guerin Rife believes his EVNRoll technology can make you a more consistent and more accurate putter. Our preliminary test results certainly support that contention, but we're excited to get EVNRoll technology into your hands.


Will your EVNRoll experience mirror our own?


MyGolfSpy is looking for six golfers to put the EVNRoll putter to the test. Forum members selected to participate in this test will work directly with Guerin Rife (via phone) to get fitted for the right EVNRoll model. Once you receive your putter, test it head to head against your gamer and report your findings.




How To Apply:

As you know, we take our product testing seriously at MyGolfSpy, so please read the following instructions carefully:


First, if you aren't a member already, you must sign-up (click here to register).


Next, leave a comment in this thread that tells us the following:

  • The average number of rounds you play annually
  • Your current handicap
  • Your Current Putter

Good luck...


I play 50+ rounds annually




Spalding TPM II

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