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Average rounds played annually: 85


Current USGA GHIN system Handicap Index: 12.4


Current gamer putter: PING Ketsch (1st generation)

Jon Silverberg


BatCaddy electric pushcart with 36 hole capable lead-acid battery, holding a 2015 Titleist 14-way stand bag, customized with my club's logo (Nassau Players Club), containing:

TaylorMade 10.5 degree SIM Max Driver (set 2 clicks down), with 47.5" A Flex Fujikura Ventus Red 5 shaft 

Cobra F6 3-4W (set to 16 degrees), with 47.5" R flex Aldila ATX65 shaft

Cobra King F8 4-5 wood (set to 19 degrees), 3 and 4 hybrids, all R flex

TaylorMade Jetspeed 6 Hybrid, R flex

Cleveland Launcher HB 7-S irons, R flex (+1.5")

Cleveland RTX 3.0CB 60 degree wedge (+1")

Evnroll ER-3 putter, 35" (Gravity grip)

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Very excited for the EVNROLL putters. I play 100 rounds in a good year; not bad with a day job. My index is a 7. Current putter is a Ping Zing, 36 inches that I was fitted for...have a nice collection of other putters (TaylorMade, Odyssey No. 9, Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron, Ping Anser, etc.)


To make it even easier for MyGolfSpy to make me part of this test, I coincidentally am getting fitted at EVNROLL's facility in Carlsbad. This is happening tomorrow. Quite excited. Really stoked to try the new technology. I'm usually at or below 30 putts a round so I consider myself a fairly solid putter. Can't ignore technological advances and Mr. Rife has an excellent track record.

Love my EVNRoll. Callaway driver and three metal. Titleist hybrids. Cobra iron. Titleist wedges. You know the putter.




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Average rounds:  100 per year

My handicap:12

Current Putter: Taylormade Maranello Ghost Tour with a Super Stroke 2.0 mid.


I three putt a lot!!  I keep leaving my putt short or I will miss them on the high side.  Anything that could help me putt better will be greatly appreciated!!

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Play 2-3x per week (120-150 rounds per year).


My current handicap index (Senior Tees) is 9.4


My putter is the Odyssey White Hot #7 with Super Stroke flat grip.  


Sure looks like a nice putter.  Love to give it a try.

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Average rounds I play annually: 80

My current handicap:16

My current putter: 34" Taylor Made spider OS with mid slim super stroke grip.

As an average player I really feel like I could provide good insight on how an average joe can do with your putters, thanks for the opportunity!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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I play 3 times weekly all year whatever the weather in Ireland. Handicap 12.

Currently using Odyssey no. 7 with P2 grip. Doubt if envroll could compete with it but willing to give it an honest try!

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Does EVNRoll Live Up To the Hype?

Here's your chance to find out.

A couple of months ago we put Guerin Rife's EVNRoll putters to the test. Much to our surprise, all 4 of the EVNRoll models we tested outperformed our 2016 Most Wanted Winners in both the blade and mallet categories. That's right; the EVNRoll bested the legendary PING Ketsch and the Odyssey White Hot RX #1


EVNRoll Technology


The explanation for EVNRoll's performance can be found in it's unique (and patented) groove design. The proprietary design does two things.

Firstly, the grooves transfer more energy to the ball on off-center hits. Like PING's TR Grooves, EVNRoll's grooves structure effectively reduces ball speed at the center of the face, while progressively increasing it towards the edges. The end result is the ball comes off the face at the same pace regardless of where impact occurs.

Secondly, EVNRoll's milling pattern helps gear the ball the back towards the center on those same mis-hits. Putts not only roll the same speed, but they also roll to the same spot.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so too...right up until our test results validated the claims.


Testers Wanted



Guerin Rife believes his EVNRoll technology can make you a more consistent and more accurate putter. Our preliminary test results certainly support that contention, but we're excited to get EVNRoll technology into your hands.

Will your EVNRoll experience mirror our own?

MyGolfSpy is looking for six golfers to put the EVNRoll putter to the test. Forum members selected to participate in this test will work directly with Guerin Rife (via phone) to get fitted for the right EVNRoll model. Once you receive your putter, test it head to head against your gamer and report your findings.



How To Apply:

As you know, we take our product testing seriously at MyGolfSpy, so please read the following instructions carefully:

First, if you aren't a member already, you must sign-up (click here to register).

Next, leave a comment in this thread that tells us the following:

  • The average number of rounds you play annually
  • Your current handicap
  • Your Current Putter

Good luck...

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1: I play roughly 75 rounds a year.

2: My current USGA index is a +1.9

3: I currently play a Rife Switchback "anser style" putter at 375 grams head weight with 80 grams of back weighting under the grip at 35 inches.


Taylormade M5 10.5* UST Mamiya V2 6f5

Taylormade M3 17* UST Mamiya V2 7f5

Exotics CBX 119 UST Mamiya V2 85f5

Exotics CBX Ironwood 22* UST Mamiya VTS Red 100x

Taylormade P730 5-PW KBS Tour FLT 120S

Taylormade MG 52-09, 56-13, 60-11 KBS Tour 610 Wedge 120S

YES! Tracy Tour 35"

Grips: Golf Pride Zgrip Align, Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 75cc

Ball: Taylormade TP5

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