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I would love to test these putters -


I play 50-70 rounds a year depending on the winter


Handicap is a 7


Currently using a Cameron M1 mallet.  (After using a Odyssey White Hot #5 for about 20 years).

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I play over 100 rounds per year


My GHIN HCP is 8.2


My present putter is a customized Scotty Cameron Fastback #1 which I have used for 8 years.  I won the World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championship with it.


I have also written a book on putting improvement titled, "Make More Putts!" which is available on Amazon.

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I play between 70 to 100 rounds per year. I have 9.4 handicap. I play a ping Cadence TR anser 2 34 inches long with a flat cat fat putter grip. I read the article on the evnroll putters, and like the concept.


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As you walk down the fairway of life, take time to smell the flowers as you only get one round.

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This is the only putter that has intrigued me in a long time. I was actually going to order one a few months ago but backed out due to no custom fittings around me.

I am a 4 handicap

I play around 40 rounds a year. (michigan)

I play a 2007 Scotty Cameron newport ss 33.5 inches.

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Does EVNRoll Live Up To the Hype?


Here's your chance to find out.


A couple of months ago we put Guerin Rife's EVNRoll putters to the test. Much to our surprise, all 4 of the EVNRoll models we tested outperformed our 2016 Most Wanted Winners in both the blade and mallet categories. That's right; the EVNRoll bested the legendary PING Ketsch and the Odyssey White Hot RX #1


EVNRoll Technology




The explanation for EVNRoll's performance can be found in it's unique (and patented) groove design. The proprietary design does two things.


Firstly, the grooves transfer more energy to the ball on off-center hits. Like PING's TR Grooves, EVNRoll's grooves structure effectively reduces ball speed at the center of the face, while progressively increasing it towards the edges. The end result is the ball comes off the face at the same pace regardless of where impact occurs.


Secondly, EVNRoll's milling pattern helps gear the ball the back towards the center on those same mis-hits. Putts not only roll the same speed, but they also roll to the same spot.


Sound too good to be true? We thought so too...right up until our test results validated the claims.


Testers Wanted




Guerin Rife believes his EVNRoll technology can make you a more consistent and more accurate putter. Our preliminary test results certainly support that contention, but we're excited to get EVNRoll technology into your hands.


Will your EVNRoll experience mirror our own?


MyGolfSpy is looking for six golfers to put the EVNRoll putter to the test. Forum members selected to participate in this test will work directly with Guerin Rife (via phone) to get fitted for the right EVNRoll model. Once you receive your putter, test it head to head against your gamer and report your findings.




How To Apply:

As you know, we take our product testing seriously at MyGolfSpy, so please read the following instructions carefully:


First, if you aren't a member already, you must sign-up (click here to register).


Next, leave a comment in this thread that tells us the following:


  • The average number of rounds you play annually
  • Your current handicap
  • Your Current Putter
Good luck...



-Around 80 rounds per year


-TP Mills Heritage

Taylormade SLDR 430- Ahina 70S
Titleist 915FD 15*- D+ 80S
Titleist 915H 21*- D+ 90S
Titleist 915H 23*- D+ 90S
Titleist AP2 718 (5-Gap)- Steelfiber i95S
Scratch TD DW 54* & 58* KBS HiRev 125S

Odyssey O-Works 7S

Byron Morgan DH11 360g (carbon)

TP Mills Softail 354g (carbon)
TP Mills Heritage 349g (carbon)
Byron Morgan 006 355g (carbon)
C&L CL1 368g (carbon)

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Good morning,

A the moment I am playing 12 rounds per year (I have 3 toddlers and so does my playing partner).

My current handicap is 25, and my putter is a Wilson Staff Infinate North Side (which incidently dropped a put per hole off each round when I started using it).

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80 rounds a year.


11 handi


Custom milled.


I would love to do this!



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Driver:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 13 Degree
3 Wood:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 15 Degree
5 Wood:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 18 Degree
4th:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 22 Degree
5-P  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V4
Gap:  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour
Sand:  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour
Lob:  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour
Putter: Directed Force "Reno" Putter

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Hello! Putters are my specialty. I absolutely love testing any putter that comes out.

1. I play roughly 150 rounds a year (I at least practice and play nine every day during the week)

2. +.75

3. Rors edition B-201 Nike method Origin 34"

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