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I currently play 3 competitive rounds most weeks, plus 2 or 3 practice 9 hole rounds. My current handicap is around 16 - mainly because I just can't hit full shots with my irons right now.  I'd rather hit a 7 wood from 130 metres than any iron at the moment - it's that bad! (my local pro is working with me but it's a mental challenge I need to resolve as I have the sweetest practice swings and then everything changes when I have an iron in my hands),  so I really rely on my putting to keep scores anywhere close to my handicap. Luckily my putting is not bad - average 29 putts per round from on the green, and 34 if I include those from off the green (I'm a bit obsessive with the stats).

I currently have about half a dozen putters of varying quality and quality but always seem to go back to my oldest couple. An original Ram Zebra which I've had for about 30 years, for the practice rounds (I keep a half set in my car for those quick 9 hole practice rounds after work) and a Bobby Grace "Soft Lady" which I've had  for about 20 years, for the competition rounds. Unfortunately the "soft" insert has gone a bit hard now so it isn't really giving me the feel it used to, but I still can't find a putter to replace the feel I get with it. 

Left hander who plays golf right handed.

Currently possessing a mixed bag of clubs... RBZ Driver, 3 wood,4-PW, Callaway 5&7Woods, Cleveland Lob Wedge, random sand iron as I lost my original in one of many bunkers I have visited in the past... (I hate bunkers....). All regular shafts.


Eyeing up my next set of clubs (again) and the accountant (aka the golf widow) has said as soon as I meet the required goals I can have whatever I want. Unfortunately the goal is 3 consecutive rounds in the 70's.

The way things are going that will refer to my age not my score. Only 12 more years to go! :)

Either that or wait until 15 hole golf is the new norm.

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I play 75 rounds a year. My handicap is now 17.5 and would be so much lower if i could sink my puts. I miss 3 footers by either pushing them or pulling them. I have used 3 putters this year. The one I liked most is the white gost spider ( I have it in 33" and belly putter) I also use the White Smoke putter. I recently purchased the MLA Pro dream putter based on Mygolfspy review. No improvement , actually end up short most of the time with that putter. i could get close to single digit if I could putt. I read the review on the ENVroll putter, got very excited. Contacted the company(once their website was back up) and found out the closest dealer is in NY. I do not want to buy this putter unseen , not with that price tag. I really would love to be able to get fitted for this putter to find out which is reall a better fit .


Marc N


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Ping Ketsch, strong arc, 33" (superstroke midslim 2.0)


Thx for your consideration.


What's in the bag:

G25 - 10.5*

G25 - 16.5*

G25 - 20*

i25 - 4 to PW

Glide - 52, 56, 60

Ping 4 Series

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Darn, I already own an Evnroll, ER2 Mid-Blade. Two full rounds on it, GREAT putter. But before I'm disqualified, Hear me out. I own a slew of Putters...Bullseye, Response (Jack's 86 Masters behemoth), Pal2, 2-Ball, Rossie, Anser, Golo, #7, Ketsch, 1W, etc. etc. Well, I've been playing a long time...what can I say? Anyways, I'd love to put those other Evnrolls to the test. One might make the cut and Join these beauties!


I play about 60 times a year with a 12 handicap.

Most recently playing Ping Ketsch and MXM Rossie

Looking forward to the results, Good Luck to all!

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I play a 5 handicap. 2015 EAS from USMC, and have turned to golf as not only a vice but a passion. 100+ rounds a year any and every chance before the snow, one of those sweater and knit hat types. My game is solely based around how well I putt that day. I've tried odessey. Ping. Gawk at Scottys. But settled on playing a Nike B1-01 putter. This is a great opportunity for any and all golfers. New to the forum I hope to see great events in the future!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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60 + rounds played annually.

+ 2 handicap.

Ping Scottsdale TR putter.


Would love to take part in this testing. I think the Ping with groove technology is the best putter I have ever owned. (I have owned a lot ; ))

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I am always testing and buying putters! I have had quite a few at one time and look to start my collection again. I had looked at this brand and looks like a sharp putter.

1. I play about 30-40 rounds a year.

2. My handicap is 0.7

3. The putters I am gaming right now are a Bettinardi, SeeMore, Odyssey, & Zen Oracle.

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40 - 45 rounds a season

14 hdcp, unless I'm playing like crap, then higher

YES! Callie putter 36"


I'd like to say it would be an absolute privilege and honor to test your product. Thank you for allowing me to even have a chance.

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45 rounds annually

Hcp 10

Hogan HT-II putter

Mizuno Pro Model - E. Tour AD VR

Callaway XR 3W 15* 565 Speeder 

Ping G30 5W 18* 757 Speeder

Hogan Apex 99 blades 4-E, KBS Tour CT Limited

Hogan VKTR 21* hybrid 
Hogan EQ wedges. 50*, 56*. 
Hogan Bettinardi BHB5*SS
Snell MTBX

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