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I will join


I am a 23 handicap play at least 8 times a month, March through October, I play a Anser putter and like it a lot, best putter I've owned EVNRoll would have to be awesome to beat my putter



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I believe that I would be able to offer extremely valuable feedback from the averag Joe golfer...


I live and play in the North Coast of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and we have just beautiful all round weather here..


My average is 80-100 rounds per annum.


There are 9 premium coastal courses within a 30km radius from me..


I belong to a virtual golf membership that gives me access to 23 courses in my region and around 120 courses Nationally.


My personality is very analytical by nature so I will provide very granular feedback on the testing experience.


I currently play of an 18 and have been playing golf for the past 20 odd years..


My current putter is my beloved Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Studio Select 33" with 25g weights.


I Love my putter almost as much as I Love my beautiful wife.


Putting is by far and away the strength of my game.


Parting shot: New equipment comes with a psychological lift. One has to get over this to get to the true objective nature of testing. Being well aware of this, already puts me at an advantage of providing accurate feedback to you. 


If selected to test, I will play as many rounds as I can get in on as many different greens that I can play and make diligent analysis per putt..


I thank You.

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Been itching to try out one of these putters, my putting sure could use some help.


I play anywhere from 50-75 rounds per year


I play off of scratch


My current putter is a Scotty Cameron Newport.


Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

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I'm pleased with my current flagstick setup but I have a feeling there will be six very pleased testers by the end of this one. Good luck everybody!



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Right Handed

4.5 handicap

Driver: Nike Vapor Flex with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki ZT60x5ct S-flex shaft and stock grip.

3-Metal: Nike VRS 15 degree with Mitsubishi Rayon tour issue Diamana S73x5ct X-flex shaft and GolfPride MCC midsize Black/White grip.

Irons: Ben Hogan PTx 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46 degrees standard length and lie with KBS Tour-V stiff shafts and GolfPride MCC midsize Black/White grips.

Wedges: Ben Hogan TK15 54, 58 degrees with KBS Tour-V X-flex shafts and GolfPride MCC midsize Black/White grips.

Putter: Nike Method Converge B1|01 with Superstroke Flatso 2.0 grip.

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I currently...and STILL...use the same Nike putter I started with over 10 years ago.  Way past due for some newer technology.  I live in AR and probably play 15-20 times per year.  Been working on the full swing lately and have a handicap of around 10.  Improving the short game would be a big stip toward getting it into single digits.  A new putter might be the secret.

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I was seriously considering replacing my current putter with knee and would love to test one.


I play roughly 30 rounds a year

Handicap is 11

Rife Two bar 33 inch with oversized Winn grip



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Driver: Callaway X-Hot2 Pro 9.5° Aldila ATX65 3.9 S

3 wood: Callaway X-Hot2 Pro Aldila ATX75 3.7 S 15°

3 hybrid: Callaway steelhead Ozik Program F15 65 S 19°

Irons: Callaway Apex Irons 4-GW Project X 6.0 rifle shaft +1 upright 

Wedges: Titlest SM5 S grind (bent to 55) and 60

Grips: CP2 Pro standard

Putter: Rife 2 bar 33 inch Winn supersize lite grip

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I play around 150 rounds a year and am based in the UK.


My current handicap is 0. 8


Currently I use an odyssey # 7


My average putts per round is thirty. I feel that putting is where I drop the most shots.

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I play minimum 80 times a year


Current Handicap is 11


My current Putter is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.0


I have been playing with the idea of  trying out a mallet style putter. It would be hard to find any putter to stand up to my scotty so would be very interested to try one of these.

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Would love to test / use this putter. I play approximately 75 rounds - although often only 9 holes after work, annually

My handicap is 18.5 and I am using either an Adams tight lies (my wife insisted on trading for my trusty old Cobra one day and won't return) or Pro Select 104 depending on whether I'm home or traveling

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Play 70/80 times a year

Handicap 4

Garage full of putters but main 3

Odyssey sabretooth 34in

Daddy long legs 38in

Rife Aussie 34in


Struggle holing putts inside 8/10feet especially left to right breakers!

Not missing by much but not many falling in

Putting definately hindering my progress of reducing my handicap any further!!

Pls help😪

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