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I would love to try this putter out.

I play at least 80 to 90 rounds a year.

I play to a 12 handicap and I currently use the original Yes putter.

The mgs putter studies have made me think about what I use on the greens and the opportunity to try this putter out would help satisfy my curiosity.



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Read the article with great interest. I play about 24-30 rounds a years but hit the practice green and range about 50 times a year. My handicap is 7-9. My current putter is a Scotty Del Mar. I would like to be selected as one of the testers of this putter. Thanks for the invitation to enter.

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I'd love to test this, my putting has always held me back.


1. I play around 50 rounds a year, and spend ample time on the range and on the practice greens.


2. I currently play off an 11 handicap and I'm working hard to get into single digits. Unfortunately putting has been my Achilles heel, struggling for consistent distance control. Too many 3 put bogeys!


3. I currently game a 33" odyssey white hot pro #7.


Thanks for offering this and for your consideration. Hopefully I can get chosen and help collect some feedback and data!

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I've been looking at this putter lately and would love the opportunity to test.


Play roughly 100-120 rounds a year

Handicap is currently 7.4

Current putter is a Odyssey Versa 1W

Driver: Callaway XR Sub Zero - Project X HZRDUS Yellow

3 Wood: Callaway XR - Project X HZRDUS Yellow

Hybrid: Callaway XR - Project X HZRDUS Black

Irons: Srixon Z545 - Nippon NS1150

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 (50* 54* 58*)

Putter: Odyssey Versa 1W

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Ever since I read the review of the Evnroll Putters, I have been very curious to try them.


1. Number of rounds played yearly------70 rounds


2. Current Handicap-----3.5


3. Current Putter----Scotty Cameron Kombi S, 35". Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip

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Approximately 50 rounds a year.


Oddyssey 2 ball.  Long (broomstick) length cut down approximately 4" from original length to avoid anchoring.  We have dubbed it the "Hover Stick".  Lie angle and head weight are unaltered from the original Oddyssey long putter specs.  This is a great approach to putting!

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Thanks for providing an excellent source of intel by MGSpy...


I play in excess of 125+ rounds per year, primarily at a muni course in MO. and FL...


Current handicap of  17.0


Current putter is an 'Odyssey Toe Up counter balance 34" with Super Stroke Flatso 1.0


Since I've never won Anything Ever, thought I'd give this a reply, besides, I'm simply the World's Greatest Putter..lol...best...6

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Great opportunity to prove technology isn't dead in putters!


I'm waiting on the ER2 I purchased on 10/31/16 based in the strength of MyGolfSpy.com tests and Rife's YouTube posts so this will be extra icing on the cupcake. I like the purported off-center hit performance of these putters and how this will help my game from 8-20 ft and especially outside 40ft (three-putt avoidance).


Would be nice to see how this putter compares with my Scotty using the Blast sensor I've been testing (face rotation, loft, lie and other stroke dynamics).


133 Rounds this year

8.9 Handicap

Current putter Scotty Cameron Newport 2

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