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Do you hate shopping?  Heres a solution.....let someone else do it for you and at a fraction of the cost.  Not only that, but they will deliver it to your front door.  Follow along as our members review the 59 Box.





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Let us know what you think!


Visit 59 Box Website HERE

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A big thank you to My Golf Spy and 59 Box for the opportunity.




First thing I noticed is that 59Box uses high quality cardboard, which is clearly a big hit with my furry family!





Inside the box, with the items, there was a letter which read:





As someone who has worked in the golf industry for a long time, this concept intrigued me because I continue to wonder how this company would make any money on this. If I paid 59$ for this box, the company would've had to pay $30 for the items inside to run a successful model. So with that in mind, and knowing how much each item costs wholesale, the numbers still don't jive in my head.


So based on my thinking, 59$ is certainly a good deal for these goodies.


First up we're the 2Undr undies. These undies are hands down my favorite underwear on the planet. I have multiple pairs, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these in the box. They're a standard boxer brief, but extremely soft and one true defining feature: The #JoeyPouch


The concept of the 2undr #JoeyPouch is as follows:


The Joey Pouch is a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets. Constructed with premium fabrics, the pouch delivers the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact.

The reason these undies are my favorite, is because they are mega confidence boosters. They perch your boys up in a little pouch, so you always look and feel good. The separation between junk and body is so comfortable temperature is easily controlled by your body. Wife says I look good in them too so I've got that going for me!







Second we have the Puma Essential Pounce Polo in turquoise. The shirt is a standard Puma polo which I do like very much. It fits more along the lines of a standard polo so I had no issues. It is comfortable and stylish and will be worked into my routine. It also matches nicely with the pants. I liked that the 59 box had an it of a theme to it.





Last but not least we have the Adidas 3-Stripe Golf Pants. These are probably what I was most intrigued about when I first opened them up. They are a nice and comfortable material with a bit of flex overall, which adds to comfort. The waistband has a rubberized band on the inside which really keeps the shirt tucked in very well. They are a slim fitting pant with a nice slit on the outside of the cuff that keeps them from bunching while resting on my shoe.


The pant, unfortunately, was a snug fit for me through the thighs. I am a hockey player by nature so my body type is built for skating. Although I have a 35" waist, I wear size 36 or 38 pant(depending on the cut) to accommodate my thighs. If I were shopping in a store, I would've needed a size 40(!!) pant, and I would've been swimming in the waistline.


They are very smug, and I'll probably still wear them, but I can't have anything in my front or back pockets for them to look respectable. Mine are in Navy.






After perusing through the items I received I decided to go shopping online to see what I could put together for his same box. I hate how people advertise MSRP prices as a way to sell value.


After some digging on some discount sites I could come up with $22 for the 2undrs, $29 for the polo, and $29 for the pant. So for $59 I would've thought I made out very well value-wise.


I am surprised however that 59box decided to take a gamble on such a slim fitting pant.


If I was a purchaser I would be pleased with the quality and value of the items I received, and if I was more fashion forward I would order again. I don't feel like the company loaded up this box for this particular review.


They did ask for our shoe sizes, so I was surprised that there was nothing more along those lines.


If you care about fashion and like golf specific clothing, I think 59box is a good deal on a quarterly basis. I honestly think a lot of us are guilty of not changing over our golf clothes enough so this is a service that I think is good for people.


Overall I am really pleased with what I received and in the future when I'm making a big boy salary I could see myself using this service at least on a quarterly basis.

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First I want to thank MyGolfSpy for the chance to review the 59 Box.  Very cool stuff was included!


Here's what the box looked like upon arrival and opening:

IMG_20161028_204114 (Medium).jpg


As others have shown I received a Puma golf shirt, a pair of Adidas pants and a pair of 2Under boxer briefs.  I've got a pair of the 2Under's and really like them so adding another pair to the wardrobe is excellent.

IMG_20161115_223533 (Medium).jpg


As I mentioned above I already love the 2Unders.  The "Joey Pouch" keeps everything in it's place and the material is super soft.  It also is amazing at moisture wicking which keeps you cool and reduces any potential for rubbing or chafing.  The only downside is the legs can have a tendency to ride up sometimes.

IMG_20161115_223549 (Medium).jpg


The Adidas pants are fantastic quality which makes it even more frustrating for me that I can't wear them.  Adidas has joined the trend of cutting their clothes very slim and anyone that visits the gym for leg day on a regular basis won't fit in them.  The waste size is fine as well as the length but they are skin tight on my thighs as a lot of pants tend to be.  Really disappointing and I wish I could somehow exchange them out.

IMG_20161115_223603 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20161115_223609 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20161115_223619 (Medium).jpg


The PUMA shirt is also really nice and I love the quality of it.  Teal isn't necessarily a color I would have chosen but I like how it looks now that I have it.  I'm glad it doesn't have a crazy pattern on it and is just a solid color.  I'm old enough now to know I can't pull off the youthful Rickie Fowler look.  It's has a slimmer cut to it but not tight and the material is perfect for warmer, humid days here in the South.

IMG_20161115_223645 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20161115_223709 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20161115_223722 (Medium).jpg


Overall I'm pretty impressed with the 59 Box.  I actually assumed we would get something footwear related since they asked us for shoe size but I can't complain at all.


We all know there is HUGE markup in the clothing side of golf.  This is the main reason Adidas sold Taylormade since margins in clothing are better than that of golf equipment.  What you get in the box for the price is still much better than even finding things on the discount racks at the golf store.  I could definitely see myself purchasing another one in the future, especially as it starts to get warmer again.  I would also say it would make a great gift for a golfer since you're getting multiple items at a great price.  

My bag is a revolving door!

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This is my first time to post to anything so when I read to review, I gave the Cliff Notes version! LOL


Thank you MGS for the opportunity to be part of a this forum and also a tester for 59Box.


Like my other recipients, the packaging was well thought out and the box was sturdy.  Neatly wrapped items in tissue paper is a great touch, something my wife would do.  Adidas pants and Puma shirt fit great but the 2UNDR boxers were a tad small so I gave them to our youngest son and he loves them. We had planned a trip to visit my wife's sister and family so I wore the pants and shirt playing golf in Indy then took my wife out to dinner wearing the same.

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First I want to thank MGS for this opportunity.  This community has grown so much and it is a great place for golfers to get great information.


I received my 59 Golf Box on Oct 21.  I found it looking like someone had played catch with it.  A few places where the cardboard was cracked and giving way.  The overall construction of the box is sturdy, I think that there are a few weak points in this box though.


Once I opened the 59 Golf Box I found everything was nicely wrapped in dark blue tissue paper.  This was a nice touch and let me know that the contents of the 59 Golf Box had not been compromised due to poor handling during shipping.


When I took the tissue paper away I noticed a very nice letter from 59 Golf box and the contents.  The letter was a very nice touch and I hope they do this not just because it was a demo box. 


The first item I got to were the 2 under boxers (with joey pouch).  I am not one to go spend $35 on a single pair of boxers, but these have me seriously rethinking this.  I am sorry for those who want to see pictures of these on, but not here ha.  The pouch works as intended and these are now my got to boxers for golfing.


The 2nd item I got to was an Adidas climacool polo.  I am an Adidas guy so this was to my delight.  I knew the size would fit and it does very well.  This is about the 10th Adidas polo I have and I love them all.


The 3rd item was a surprise, an Adidas climaproof jacket.  I have been looking for one of these as I have been using the FJ jacket I had from college (10 years old).  The jacket fits very well and is easy to swing in.  It is noisy, but that comes from the material.  Overall I do not know if I would have purchased this jacket in a store, I think there are better materials out there at this time.


Overall my impressions of this box are mixed.  It says the 2 under boxers are $35, Adidas polo $60 and Adidas jacket $80 for a total of $175!  And you would only pay $59.  Sounds like a great deal. BUT......some quick google searches and you find you can get the 2 under boxers for $25, the Adidas polo for $20 and the Adidas jacket for $25, totaling $70.  So in my quick search, yes this box is still a good deal.   If you like taking a chance on the items you get every month, then this is for you.  If you like a certain brand then I would say this might not be your cup of tea. 

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Well, I was lucky enough to be selected as a reviewer for the “59 Golf Box” through My Golf Spy - Thank you very much!

59 Golf Box is a subscription clothing service.  According to their website (59golfbox.com) you are given 6 subscription options a $59 box, a $99 box or a $149 box with either monthly or every three month option so there's something for everyone's price point.  We were given the $59 box which is to include 2-3 items per box with an estimated retail value over $120 per box.  Your subscription cost also includes your shipping fees, which I would guess to be approximately $5-$10 - So really your box of clothes is around $50, not bad at all for 3 items.

One of the things they highlight is that the box is customizable

“All boxes are customizable, you choose what to receive!  If you wish not to receive hats, belts etc., just complete the checkout questions and customize your monthly box.”

We were not given the option of this for our trial, which is not a complaint, but rather a statement for clarity of review.


  • Select your box size/cost
  • Update your profile to include sizes, customizable options etc.
  • Wait for your box to ship the first week of every month, per your subscription.

It seems pretty straight forward.  We did not go through this process directly.  We gave our sizes to My Golf Spy and then the box showed up.


“We only offer size exchanges on items that do not fit properly.”

“You will be charged a $9.95 flat fee that covers both return shipping for the exchanged size back to us and shipping back to you.”

I personally don't take issue with their return policy, as you don't have control over the specific items you receive it's not a normal shopping experience and they can't make everyone happy.


There are no set limits to your subscription.  You are not locked in for 12 months etc.  According to their website if you're unhappy with your box or no longer wanting to receive the service they say…

“We guarantee you a hassle free experience if you are looking to cancel.  You can end your subscription(s) at any time.”

This seems like a great perk, with the variables in life and budget, you're not locked into something that no longer works for you.


There is also a rewards program for their service, which may be enticing for someone to not cancel their service.

“What do I get for earning Perks”

  • Redeem your 59 Perks for golf merchandise
  • Redeem your 59 Perks for future vacations (coming soon)
  • Get more Perks, get more merchandise

It does not say how many points you need in order to redeem rewards or much more than what is listed, but there may be more information provided if one actually registers.


You may also buy a subscription as a gift.  Here you can give the gift of a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.  If you do this, the savings is pretty minimal, only a $1 or two, so gifting it to yourself wouldn't really be much benefit. ;-)



I received my box via UPS and was intrigued to know what was inside.


I opened the box and it was put together nicely.  I didn't really know what to expect, but I was happy to see that it was apparently packed with pride and care and not just randomly tossed in.


On top of the items was a letter talking about what I received, the retail cost breakdown and thanking me for my review.


I looked in and saw 3 items.


…A pair of Adidas slacks


A pair of 2 Undr underwear - For the benefit of all involved, you will not see a picture of these being modeled by me.


And a Puma Polo


I was pretty impressed with the selection.  I don't have the budget to be dropping $35 on one pair of drawers, so I'm living large now! (no pun intended).



I have a love hate relationship with shirts…I wear a Large Tall size, so I ordered large hoping that it being a golf shirt it would be long enough.  Often times a Large size means, by today's sizing, it's made for a 14 year old kid or at the least a marathon runner.  But if I choose an XL, it's usually way too wide and won't stay tucked in.  So I was hoping for the best.  I tried on the shirt and pants before I washed them, just in case.  According to the sizing chart on the drawers, they shouldn't be a problem, so I just threw them in the laundry.


I really liked the color of the shirt I got, it was a nice light blue.  I tried it on quickly and it seemed to fit good enough.  It was long enough in the torso, but it was made like their shoes, narrow and slim - much of which I am not.  But it seemed to be ok.  I washed it and it seemed to hold its size pretty good.  The sleeves are a tad short and tight for my liking, there are 3 buttons on the color, and I button the bottom two.  The top button I use pulls the material a little bit so there's a slight bunching of material.  I now wonder how the XL would have fit.  But I will always have frustrations with shirts.


These are nice looking pants.  There is a little slit at the cuff so they set on your shoes nicely, with no bunching.  The waistband has some elastic in it so there's just enough stretch.  I have never tried on or worn Adidas shorts or pants before, so I wasn't sure how they'd fit.  Sadly, I can't wear them.  They are not cut for someone who has thighs at all.  I am not a body builder, rather I think I'm pretty average in build, but these were very snug in the thigh.  The waist was fine, and below the knee was fine, but I would not be comfortable wearing these, whether on the course or to work.  So sadly, they will be shelved or donated.  And according to their policy, I would only be able to return them for sizing issues.  If I got the next waist size up, they may be a little better, but it would probably cause other issues in the waist.  I was most excited about getting these pants, and it is the one thing I won't be able to wear.



I have never heard of these underwear before, but at $35 a pair, clearly they had to be amazing right?! The key idea, is the “Jonny Pouch” in the front to give you a little more breathing room and support at the same time.  I really liked the material these are made of.  There is a stretch to them, and the pouch is pretty nice, no adjustments needed.  They did ride up on me a little bit, I think part of it was the length, as they were a little shorter than my regular dailies. So they were good overall, $35 a pair good (?), I'm not convinced.



These box services are fascinating for sure, and I had thought about it before, but I just don't see myself buying or needing clothes this often.  So I'm glad I was able to do a test run of it to find out if maybe it would be worth it.  The packaging was nice and not just thrown in there like buying clothes online from a store; this is just a nice touch, as if you're paying for quality.

59 Golf Box clearly has enough options for people depending on your budget, and with shipping costs rolled into the price it is a very good deal!  I'm fully aware of the fact that the box I received was sent with the goal of this review, which causes the pessimist in me to question the items inside in terms of the ongoing subscription items.  However, with the option to customize your box to include or exclude certain items (belts, socks, underwear etc) the validity of the box starts to hold up even if I didn't fully customize the items.  The items I got are all nice quality and top brands, and clearly stuff I would not be able to afford otherwise.

I don't think I will subscribe to such a service as I can't try things on, and what am I going to do with all those clothes!?  What if they don't fit?  It wouldn't be worth it to send it back for a different size; I know my sizes and each company is just a little different, so maybe I'm just cheap and don't want to pay the $10 fee to return for a new size.  I don't know.  If these top brands don't really fit that great, why should I pay so much for clothes that don't fit - in general - but then if I have several that don't work out, they will either be donated or I would cancel my subscription as it would not be worth it.  But hey, on the upside I got a very expensive pair of underwear.

If you are a fashonita on the golf course or even around town/work this would probably be a great option for you or if you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe there are some great brands, good value and customizable options available that will get you set up.

This was a great opportunity and I feel very lucky to be selected to give it a try, thank you again MGS!!

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First off, I'd like to thank golfspy, for this wonderful experience, this wouldn't have been possible without them!


Me, being the person I am I would like to say I was skeptical on the 59golfbox, not because of this particular company, but any monthly boxed clothing company. Anyways getting back to the 59golfbox. When I first got the box, the first thing I noticed is that it came in a well designed, and good size box, but it's not about the box, it's about the boxes inner beauty, and was it beautiful. The box I received came with three particular items, a pair of underwear, a golf polo, and a pair of golf pants.




When I first pulled out the contents of the box, I pulled out the underwear, which I didn't know was underwear at first, because the company, "2undr" (which I had never heard of before), came in a sleek designed box with a small kangaroo on it. The underwear has a nice form fitting feature, much like compression shorts, but not as tight and uncomfortable riding like your typical pair. The underwear material isn't like normal compression shorts spandex either, it's more of a silky cotton, much like high thread count bed sheets. While the material is nice, the best feature on the underwear is the Joey pouch. The Joey pouch is like a pair of underwear in your underwear... if that makes sense, or maybe better described as a pocket. This pocket, that you put your, "family jewels" in is completely closed to any possible jewel on leg contact to prevent sticking and uncomfortable interaction. While the underwear was awesome, the price... not so much. The retail value for this underwear is $35.00 if bought by itself, but has great quality.






The second thing I had pulled out of the box, was the, "puma" golf polo. The packaging for the polo had come in a plastic bag wrapper making it very visible to what it looked like. The polo I received was much like other puma polos I have, with the material being a stretchy silky spandex. The one I had received was your typical, "puma" polo, bright colors, loud design. While this one didn't have a design it had the bright, bold color teal, a color that anyone that golfs, could see puma making. Being very pleased with the polo, material, and color, the polo had a respectable retail value of $55.00.




Lastly, the pants I received from, "59golfbox" are a pair of, "adidas" three stripes. The pants came in a plastic bag wrapper much like, "pumas" packaging. The material of the pants, is much like any other pair of golf pants, thin and almost silky. The pants I received came in an off color white, almost like a beige, a bold move for someone like myself. After all said and done, the "adidas" golf pants came in with a retail value of $70.00, and great price for high quality pants.






Overall I think that idea of, "59golfbox" is a bold and creative idea that had pleased me on the contents I had received, I can't say or promise that every box monthly would be this good which still leaves me skeptical, but on the items I received the underwear, the polo, and the pants, a total retail value of $160.00, I believe that the quality of the box is very pleasing, and if they could promise this on a month to month basis, they may have just earned another customer.




Again, I would like to say thank you to "59golfbox" and a big thank you to, "golfspy" for picking me and allowing me to review this.


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The more I think about the 59 golf box the more interesting it becomes. On their site they have multiple options for boxes and it does not have to be every month. If you got 4 boxes a year at $59, you'll spend $236. I am willing to bet most of us spend at least $50 a month on golf clothing if not more. So why not take the chance with this option, save a few bucks and enjoy the surprise every few months.



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Here are my thoughts. First I think it's a great idea and a simple way to save money. They seem to want to keep the customer happy and have the best experience possible. My concern is they market it to the "fashionable golfer", and from what I see, they didn't send the current line of products from each company, except maybe the 2under product. If I would have gotten that box I would have already had the adidas pants, shirt, jacket and the puma shirt. I haven't done much research on the company just read through this thread. So are there more options to get "newer" items or is the whole idea to spend $59 and have someone else do the bargain shopping for you? Again I like the idea of getting a good deal, I personally would like the current line of clothing rather than older clothing lines, because chances are I already have them.



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The more I think about the 59 golf box the more interesting it becomes. On their site they have multiple options for boxes and it does not have to be every month. If you got 4 boxes a year at $59, you'll spend $236. I am willing to bet most of us spend at least $50 a month on golf clothing if not more. So why not take the chance with this option, save a few bucks and enjoy the surprise every few months.



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i don't spend anywhere near that.



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