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Srixon/Cleveland #FitLikeAPro Member Recaps

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The golf season ended too soon and I didn't have a chance to thoroughly test everything. One of the questions for me was whether the Z H65 hybrid or the Z U65 utility iron was going to be the better club for me. At the fitting, my back was so tight by the time that I got to these clubs that I didn't have much confidence in my own ability to make a normal swing to hit the ball. The lesson learned is that I am not going to a club fitting without my foam roller, my massage ball, and my Tiger Tail.


After I got home and got back out on the course, I was missing a little left with the hybrid, and though I was more accurate with the utility iron, its flight was a little low. Thanks to my friends at Uinta Golf (part of Worldwide Golf Shops) I was able to get on the launch monitor last Friday.


uinta golf jpg.jpg


What follows is not as rigorous as what MyGolfSpy does with its club testing, but it does help me understand what I was seeing on the course. I threw out any obvious mishits and used the median absolute deviation to eliminate outliers (both carry distance and yards offline). I wanted to keep 5-6 good shots and not slow down the process of closing up the shop for the night. Even though I didn't plan to hit my Z565 driver, it couldn't resist and I threw in some of that data as well. One note about the data, I was not especially concerned about yards offline, especially with the driver. Hitting balls into a black net that is 5 feet in front of me doesn't give me a good reference point for aiming. I find that I am more accurate on an actual golf course where there is a real target to aim at. All of the shots were hit with a Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball.


Here is a graph that shows the dispersion of shots.


Scatter Plot png.png

Here is a table with information from the launch monitor. These are the average for the 5-6 shots that I kept.


Table Results jpg.jpg


Consistent with my on-course experience, the Z H65 hybrid shots were higher and to the left of my Z U65 utility iron shots. I found that I had a tighter grouping for my U65 shots and ended up deleting fewer of them than I did the H65 shots. What surprised me is that they went essentially the same distance, though they got there via different routes. The U65 was lower launch and higher spin while the Z65 was higher launch and lower spin. There was about a 4 yard (12') difference in the height of the two clubs.


What really interests me is that the highest launch angle of the three clubs is the 9.5° driver as opposed to the 23° U65 and the 22° H65. My natural ball flight with my irons is a low-to-mid-height draw. Consistent with my on-course observations, my driver has the highest apex of all of my clubs. Hitting the ball approximately 40 yards high with a driver seems a bit excessive, but I take some comfort that it does so with low spin and peaks a long way down the fairway. With my old driver I had too much spin and the ball climbed to an earlier apex and was shorter in carry and total yards. The Z 565 driver is a low spin beast, at least for me.


What to conclude from this? First and foremost, I am really happy with the Srixon / Cleveland clubs. They are so solid. Beyond that, it is hard to make any real conclusions and I will have to continue with extensive on-course testing as soon as the courses open back up. At least that is what I am telling my wife. Now if I can just get Dan, Dave, KC, Eli, and Noelle to join me.


KC Putting png.png


Special thanks to: MyGolfSpy for selecting me for the Srixon / Cleveland Fit Like a Pro trip; Eli and Noelle and the rest of the great folks at Srixon / Cleveland; Dan, Dave and KC, three great guys from the MyGolfSpy forums; and Uinta Golf for letting use their launch monitor. Here is a photo of their sign after they had kicked me out and were closing up the shop for the night.


Uinta Golf photo.jpg


If you have any thought, questions, or just want to tell me that I need lessons, I am all ears.

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Good stuff SCC. Thanks for taking the time to write that up.


I'm no expert, but just from watching the Sony Open this weekend with all the trackman data they were showing, I wouldn't day you are out of line with the 40 yards (120 feet) apex of your driver.


And your right the low spin with that high launch was giving you killer distance. I have my back tighten up as well and I get numbers about 75 yards short of that. Ha

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Should be getting some more Trackman time next Sunday to test the HZRDUS Red in the Z765 driver. I felt like my launch and spin numbers were to low so I am going to try a higher launching shaft before going to a higher lofted head.

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