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jlukes's Stage 2 Review     When I first got the private message about being selected to test an Evnroll putter, I was a bit confused.  The message from the MGS staff asked for my name, email add

EVNROLL Putter Review ​By Kevin R. Loughran (RevKev)   ​​​Stage One -   Meet the Rev.     Yes I am the Senior Pastor of a Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg, Florida and I have the Shee

Stage 3: Follow UP   Well, the EVNRoll is still in my bag....I gave it a short vacation recently (one round) then put it back in. I did that for comparison sake and I choose the E6 EVNRoll.   Two

Posted Images

Stage 3 -


I just realized that I never did my final follow up.


Mr. Rife said he was hoping for my blessing on his putter. From start to finish from customer service to its performance, he's earned it! So here goes:




I'm Rev Kevin Loughran and the EVNRoll ER5 is officially in my bag having replaced a 10 year place holder and faithful friend.

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Ping G410 - turned down to11.25 degrees, neutral setting - Fujikura Motore X R flex

Ping G410 5-9 wood

Wilson D7 forged 6-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

SCOR 52,60

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

Currently testing Edison wedges to replace SCORS that are wearing out. Also auditions for the 14th spot in the bag.  Current possibilities are a Ping 26 degree hybrid - duplicates the 9 wood or 5 iron but would be used almost exclusively for chipping or Tour Exotics 3 wood simply because you can carry 14 clubs and I might occasionally hit it in certain unusual wind conditions once every four or five rounds. 

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First, “Mahalo” to MyGolfSpy and EVNroll putters for this AWSOME opportunity.  I just got back from my yearly holiday trip to Hawai'i so please excuse the tardiness….




The Flat Stick.  I'm going to start this off by revealing a little bit of information about me and putting.  I have always been a good putter until I moved from Virginia Beach, Virginia to San Antonio, Texas.  The transition from Bentgrass  greens to Bermuda was an uphill battle, I kept leaving every putt short.  It did not matter if it was from 5,10,15,20,50 feet.  I also struggled with reading breaks in Bermuda., over read them by a mile.  It took me almost 6 months of constant rounds and daily trips to the putting green during lunch in order to get my putting game back in order.


This all started with a missed call.  I saw a 321 area code, did not recognize the number, “Telemarketer” and I went on with my day.  I couple hours later, I checked my voicemail only to find out it was the man himself, Mr. Guerin Rife.  When we finally got to chat later on in the evening, we discussed putter design, my putting style,  the Rife putters that I own (2-Bar and Barbados) which lead him to ask me “what putter do you putt with now?”, “TPA” I reply.  After a nice discussion about Terry and Tee McCabe we used my blueprint from my TPA and spec'd it to a EVNroll ER-5.





Model :  EVNroll ER-5

Shaft Length:  35 inches

Head weight:  355 Grams

Resting point:  71.00 degrees

Face Loft:  3.25 degrees.

Grip:  Custom Winn ProX 1.18




Its on like Donkey Kong.   Im going to put the ER5 through its paces and see if it can earn a permanent slot in my golf bag.  My current gamer is a ProtoType TPA XIII, this putter is DEADLY.  Ever since I bagged the TPA a couple of years ago, nothing has come close to replacing it.




Looks/ First Impressions:


When I found out I was selected for this review I wanted to do some homework.  You name it, dozens of YouTube videos, Golf Blogs, websites,  I wanted to find out more.  The more I found out, the more eager I became, I wanted to see if this thing was the real deal.  Everything I read, watched and heard said it was.







Question:  what is one word that best describes your first impression of this putter?


Answer: “ ClassicModernSexyQualitySleekAmazingSolid”


Catch my drift? It is Impossible to summarize this putter in one word.  The question is, does it perform as well as it looks.




Something I forgot to mention above is that the shape reminded me of the Odessey #7.  The head is a little small on the ER5 which was evident when I first addressed the golf ball on the practice green.  The feeling off the face was kind of surprising, solid but soft.  Hard to explain but it felt like the ball stayed on the face a fraction longer on impact.  Was it the groove technology coming into play?  The real surprise was the sound at impact which was unexpected.  While testing longer putts from 15 feet or more, a noticeable “ding” can be heard.  I am not talking Ping floating face slot sound loud, but there is a noticeable difference in acoustics with longer putts.




Practice green performance


I spend a lot of time practicing my short game, usually 3-4 days a week and at least an hour or so on the putting green.  The  Pro at my course teaches the Mike Malaska principles of putting which actually saved me some strokes on the score card when it comes to aligning a putt. On the putting green I have a routine:  5 feet, 10 feet and 20 feet.  I did test longer putts but anything longer than 30 feet plus is just a lag putt for me.  2 putt pars is the name of the game in my book at greater ranges.


I secured a portion of the practice green which was relatively flat, it is used for putting lessons.   My test was simple, take ER-5 out of bag, start putting:





5 feet 




10 feet 



20 Feet


To be honest there was no surprise with the results.  Subconsciously if that is the right word to use, I did notice more, end over end roll, the sign of a perfectly well struck putt.  Another take away from the putting green was putts greater  than 45”ish” feet.  The first few putts where way short and left. Of the ten I sent downrange only three were at “gimmie” range, with only 1 ball finding its home.




On course performance


My first round was very interesting.  New putter, TPC  San Antonio Canyons Course, let the slaughter begin, so I thought.  I have never, ever, ever, bagged a brand new putter and adjusted “Just like that”.   I don't know what it was, I was making everything or at the very least I was leaving my putts for par in tap-in range.  It was the first time I put a new putter into play and hit sub-30 putts per round.


Over the next few weeks and rounds the transition from my TPA to the ER-5 was seamless.  The only encounter that I had was with really fast greens, more the Indian, than the Arrow.   I struggled to put approach shots in the right place on the green leaving myself super slick putts above the hole.


Overall I am really impressed with the ER-5. I have seen a great improvement with putting dispersion.  Putts that I thought were going to be way short ended up closer to the hole.





Overall Review Score:  EAGLE


Likelihood of purchase


I don't know if you guys and gals have noticed,  EVNROLL is all over the place:  BLOGS, YOUTUBE, TOUR STOPS, TWITTER, etc.   Even more impressive, Mr. Rife , can be seen in majority of the videos , blogs, tour stops, etc.  He is blazing the national sales route like a first year equipment rep, which I respect. He has paid his dues long time ago.  To get to the point,  Likelihood of Purchase ? 100% YES,  The man is a LEGEND in the golf industry, owning one of his putters from the EVNroll is a must for your putter collection.........and YOUR GAME !!!!!


The ER-5 has replaced my TPA XVIII Tour Protoype 



I will have a ER-7 when it is released 

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Driver:   :taylormade-small: M3 Tensei CK Pro Blue
3-Metal:: :callaway-small: GBB EPIC, FujiKura Pro Green

5-Metal:  :cobra-small: F-7, FujiKura Pro

Irons:   :mizuno-small: MP-18 SC, KBS Tour 120

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:   RTX-3  52 - 56 - 60
Putter:  EVN-Roll ER-5

Ball :  :bridgestone-small: Tour B XS

Range Finder:  Busnnell Tour-X,  Garmin S20 


Follow me:


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Stage 3 - Reserved

Driver:   :taylormade-small: M3 Tensei CK Pro Blue
3-Metal:: :callaway-small: GBB EPIC, FujiKura Pro Green

5-Metal:  :cobra-small: F-7, FujiKura Pro

Irons:   :mizuno-small: MP-18 SC, KBS Tour 120

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:   RTX-3  52 - 56 - 60
Putter:  EVN-Roll ER-5

Ball :  :bridgestone-small: Tour B XS

Range Finder:  Busnnell Tour-X,  Garmin S20 


Follow me:


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EVNROLL ER2 Putter review.  My name is Ben Goergen, I am a business owner and father of 2 kids, one of which I have taught golf this year, the other only likes to chase butterflies and make sand angles in the bunkers.   I hail from the Big Island of Hawaii but got lost in life and currently live in Bismarck ND.  Bismarck is a great town and minus the winters I really like it here.  The golf courses are actually great for the size of the town though a little expensive given the lack of competition.  With a little drive we have a nice collection of really high quality courses within reach.  I don't get to play as much as I would like but try to make it a priority in any free time I do have and given that I have become quite a golf snob.  This year I only played 16 rounds on a total of 8 different courses but 7 of those 8 courses appear on the Golf Digest Top 100 Public Courses in the US.  If I can only play limited rounds I am going to make them count.  "Home" course is Hawktree Golf Club, par 72, 7051 yards and 75.1 course rating from the tips. 



       My father started bringing me out with him when I was about 6 and I had a grandfather that would keep me in the game from then until I grew up a little.  I am self taught and never had one lesson.  Would like to get a couple lessons one day.  I didn't play in high school because I played baseball but I did play two years of college golf.  I have been as low as a 1.2 hdcp but currently play closer to 6.  No range sessions and limited rounds will do that.  Golf is my greatest passion and would love to design golf courses for a living but don't really see that happening.  I love nature and being outside and I am of the opinion that a properly built course enhances the beauty of what God already created.  They can be so stunning.  



Now for the important stuff.  My golf game struggles with consistency in ball striking mostly.  My short game is always solid and when I play more it gets really good.  I chip in nearly once a round, get most chips within 5 feet and make a good amount of those.  If I can start hitting more greens with my putting being solid, I think the score would really drop.  Where I struggle most is off the tee and my iron play is down right awful the last couple years.  I hit the ball a long ways, Driver swing speed is about 118 to 120.  Carry distance is about 285.  I have literally no idea where it may go though so I currently don't "play" a driver.  I hit a 3 wood about 265 and have been hitting about 10-12 fairways. When I do miss fairways it isn't by much and I almost never lose a ball off the tee as opposed to losing 2-4 off the tee with driver.  My hybrid and long irons off tees are really good but from the fairway hitting into greens I just don't hit good shots.  I don't miss by miles or chunk or blade shots but I do everything else.  Hit one short, the next long, the next right and the next two left.  Just don't give myself many birdie chances.  I can go bogey, bogey without hitting an awful shot but then hit a 230 yard 3 iron to 6 feet the next hole.  Just really inconsistent ball striking.  I can scramble but no matter how good your short game is you will make a couple bogeys and that forces you to hole big putts or make birdies to get those back.  Hence I usually shoot 80 give or take a stroke.  The courses I play are all around that 75 course rating.  This spring, I will be getting a full bag fitting and making my club set for the coming years.  I really don't buy into the media hype, I play what I want regardless of name and I never spend the inflated prices to be the first to have something.  


My current bag is 

Titleist 905S Driver, Fujikura Speeder x-stiff 43.5" (Just got it, haven't hit it yet, in the bag but headcover hasn't come off yet)  Got it for $20 in Mint condition.  Went all season without a driver.   

Callaway Razr Xtreme 3 wood.  Fujikura Tour Spec 41" (favorite club by a mile) $30 mint condition

Titleist 712U 3 and 4 iron (KBS Tour x-stiff) -3/4"

Titleist 712MB 5-PW (KBS Tour x-stiff) -3/4"      Irons need to go for something more forgiving

Inazone 52, 56, 60 wedges (custom heads I bought and built myself, actually love them.  Rifle Spinner shafts)

Putter is Rife Legend Z with Superstroke 2.0 grip.  I bored out weight holes and filled them with Tungsten Powder and then put a 60 gram Tungsten plug in the end of shaft under the grip.   

Bag is a Tour Edge Exotics, really like it, tons of features and sturdy but not too heavy.

Currently playing Chrome Soft ball but will be trying out the Kirkland ball as well as the Snell My Tour.


I worked for a Custom club fitter for a while doing assembly and repairs so I can tinker but as you know, without getting a true fitting it really doesn't matter what you build for yourself.  I intend to get to a place and get a full bag fitting and ball to try to maximize what I get out of my game.  As far as putters go and really golf clubs in general, I like clean lines, I don't what to look down and see a Transformer at the end of the shaft.  I just can't get confident looking down at big fat ugly and space age looking clubs.  That is why I play blades and I could do it when I was in college but playing so infrequently I need something more forgiving so I will have to switch.  Generally though a clean look gives me confidence so I try to go that route.  I used to play #9 style heads, I had a Snake Eyes platinum that my dad stole from me after a hot putter day on the course for him with it.  So I replaced it with a Rife #9 style putter that a buddy of mine bought from after a hot putter round.  I then after some research bought a Rife Legend Z and then customized it.  I actually hate the look but completely love the feel and performance of it.  I played my first 11 rounds using it without a 3 putt.  I still have only had about 4 or 5 3 putts in maybe 24 rounds with that putter.  Very easy to control distance and pretty point and shoot.  The feel and roll a Rife putter puts on the ball for me has always impressed both me and the people I play with.  They roll so pure off the putter face that if I don't make the putt, you don't know it until the very end.  Every putt has a chance.  After speaking with Mr. Rife I have a little more insight into why that is......and it doesn't make me feel better about my putting game but I will save that for Stage 2.


Mr Guerin Rife called us to talk us through choosing a putter and then a basic fitting process.  I being the curious tinkerer, picked his brain and found myself in DEEP water almost immediately.  To speak to the people that are behind the design of these tools is eye opening.  They know so much and he was very gracious answering my questions.  I will give you some of the highlights of that conversation as I give you the review in Stage 2......Stay Tuned....you won't want to miss!!




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Consolidating some of my long-term thoughts here





So for the past 2+ weeks I have been on paternity leave, and that means I have spent a ton of time putting on my Birdie Ball putting green while my little buddy hangs out on the floor next to me doing tummy time.


I have been putting with all of the putters in my stable and each time I putt with something different I yearn for the ER2. For me, the ER2 has the perfect mix of feel, balance, and weight. On anything under 10 feet I really does feel like it swings itself - it is hard to hit a putt offline, you almost have to intentionally try to. The feel is absolutely addicting. The variable depth, parabolic grooves are something else. I do not own another putter that can replicate the feel of the ER2 - and that is across Scotty Camerons, Odysseys, and Pings. I really hope that Evnroll ends up in more stores, because I think if more people rolled these, that would get hooked almost immediately.



As for how the putter is holding up after almost 2 dozen rounds and thousands of putts hit both indoor and outdoor, it still looks almost brand new. I baby my putters, so when I bring them to the green when I am chipping, they stay in the headcover. When they are in the bag, they always have a headcover on.





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In my :mizuno-small: BR-D4 Stand Bag

:ping-small: G410 LST 9* VA Nemesys 65X
:ping-small: G410 LST 14.5* Tour AD DI 7X
:srixon-small: ZU85 18* Tour AD 95X
:titelist-small: 818 H2 20* Tour AD DI 85X
 MP20 HMB 4 Tour AD 95X
:mizuno-small: JPX 919 Tour 5-9 Oban CT 115 X(-)
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 46F - 54S - 59D
:mizuno-small: M Craft II
:titelist-small: ProV1 ???
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Stage 3 - Update 5/4


After a not so long and not so cold winter, I'm ready to put this ER5 through it's final testing phase, and the early returns are outstanding.


Stage 3 began last on 5/3 with a 9 hole league round on my home course.

  • Greens were firm and fast, as a result of no rain for about 5 days, and sunny and windy conditions the past two days. 
  • We also played late 5:00 PM, so they had seen a full days play, 
  • All conditions ripe for a bad putting day
  • Not so fast, my fellow spies

I had a total of 18 putts, broken out as follows

  • 1 One Putt from about 10 feet
  • 7 Two Putts, none of the first putts were closer than 15 feet.
  • 1 Three Putt (from about 25 feet above the hole)  The first putt was 6 feet short, by far my worst putt of the day.   I just slid the 2nd one buy but being downhill I had a testy 3 footer coming back up the hill.  I was NOT going to miss that. 

Overall I was thrilled with the results, both the numbers but also the actual feel and results of the putts.  I felt comfortable and confident every time I stood over the putt.  I felt confident that i was lined up correctly and the club just felt good in my hands.


As touted by Guerrin Rife himself and other testers, the ball holds its line extremely well, I didn't have any huge misses either directionally or speed wide (with the exception of the previously left short putt)  Most 2nd putts were tap ins or left under a foot away for a virtual tap in.


Next up 5/4

Spent an hour on the putting green with the putter and two different balls a ProV1 and Bridgestone e6.   The results were great with both.   While I didn't have a tape measure as used in Stage 2, for official results.  I went through a large number of putts ranging from 2 feet to 80 feet.   I alternated hitting the center of the face (and actually had some success doing so :P )  And also mixed in putts off the heel and off the toe. 


note: While doing the testing our superintendent came out and asked what I was working on, I explained to the forum and testing to him, he thought that was cool  I told and showed him the technology behind the putter, he had heard of Rife Putters.   He continued to watch me, and despite me asking for advice on which way some putts broke, he declined to tell me saying he didn't want me to cheat..LOL


Again no real data on today's testing, just a report that every putt I rolled seemed to hold it's distance and line very well.  I also watched him putt (he's a low single digit player) and he rolled it extremely well.    He liked the feel and weight of it.   


Only because it's been mentioned as one of the few negatives of this putter, I asked him how he felt about the ping sound from it.  He said it was fine, that he actually prefers that to how muted the Scott Cameron's are.  


His only other comment about it which, I found insightful but couldn't' say I noticed myself.   That on long uphill putts where he had to give it a bit more "umph" to him it felt like as he was coming into the ball, the head was getting ahead of the stroke, kind of like racing ahead.    He noticed this several times, but it didn't really alter the outcome of his putts.


I really like the feel of this putter on both balls.  I'll be keeping it in play for further and frequent testing, that I'll report back on here in the coming weeks.  


Stay Tuned!!




Just a few more thoughts on this after 2 rounds with it last week and an extensive session on the putting green.   I had played two rounds last week on probably the fastest greens we've had so far this year.   Both results were just OK, but I'm attributing one round due to an absolutely horrible job of reading greens.  I must have misread three or four putts by at least two or three feet.  Which resulted in I think four 3 putts for the round, definitely on me not the putter.


My 2nd round was still off from my normal ability to see the line, it wasn't as bad as before, but it still resulted in 5 more three putts.   I need to go back to work on my alignment and take a bit more time reading the putts. But  every putt had that same true and smooth EvnRoll feel.


On Friday I was running the putting contest for a 250 person field, so I was stationed on our putting green for over 4 hours.  When I wasn't busy monitoring the putts, I had plenty of time to practice putting.   I rolled anywhere from 4 footers to 80 footers.   I found the distance control to be extremely consistent.


During the course of the day, at least 20 or 30 people after seeing the putter near the "tee"  of the contest, asked about it.  I let whoever wanted to take a few roles with it.  I'd like to say one of them used it to win the $5,000 grand prize, but sadly not so.


Most had never heard of EvenRoll, so I gave the quick 30 second elevator pitch to them, and let them see and try for themselves.   Not one negative comment from anybody about it.   Most really loved the feel and and roll of the putter.  A couple commented that it was  bit lite for them for a mallet style. 


In summary to me where the EvenRoll really shines, is beyond 15 or 20 feet.  The fact that you get consistent distance and speed on every putt, even the ones you mishit slightly, is a huge deal.   usually the difference between having a relative tap in or one 2 footer, versus a 3 or 4 footer on a mishit. 

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:titelist-small: TSi2 Kuro Kage 50g R Flex

:titelist-small: TSi2 16.5 FW with GD AD IZ 6 Shaft

:ping-small:  G410 FW 7 Alta CB R flex 

:ping-small: G410 Hybrid 26 degree Alta CB R Flex

:titelist-small: T100S/T200 Combo 5-7 T100S 8-P T200 TT Black Oynx R Flex

:titelist-small: SM7 54.08 F 58.12 K 

:ping-small: Heppler Tomcast 

:titelist-small: ProV1X Play number 12



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My Stage 1 Review is up and can be found RIGHT HERE!

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In my :mizuno-small: BR-D4 Stand Bag

:ping-small: G410 LST 9* VA Nemesys 65X
:ping-small: G410 LST 14.5* Tour AD DI 7X
:srixon-small: ZU85 18* Tour AD 95X
:titelist-small: 818 H2 20* Tour AD DI 85X
 MP20 HMB 4 Tour AD 95X
:mizuno-small: JPX 919 Tour 5-9 Oban CT 115 X(-)
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 46F - 54S - 59D
:mizuno-small: M Craft II
:titelist-small: ProV1 ???
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