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Stage 3 -


I just realized that I never did my final follow up.


Mr. Rife said he was hoping for my blessing on his putter. From start to finish from customer service to its performance, he's earned it! So here goes:




I'm Rev Kevin Loughran and the EVNRoll ER5 is officially in my bag having replaced a 10 year place holder and faithful friend.

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First, “Mahalo” to MyGolfSpy and EVNroll putters for this AWSOME opportunity.  I just got back from my yearly holiday trip to Hawai'i so please excuse the tardiness….




The Flat Stick.  I'm going to start this off by revealing a little bit of information about me and putting.  I have always been a good putter until I moved from Virginia Beach, Virginia to San Antonio, Texas.  The transition from Bentgrass  greens to Bermuda was an uphill battle, I kept leaving every putt short.  It did not matter if it was from 5,10,15,20,50 feet.  I also struggled with reading breaks in Bermuda., over read them by a mile.  It took me almost 6 months of constant rounds and daily trips to the putting green during lunch in order to get my putting game back in order.


This all started with a missed call.  I saw a 321 area code, did not recognize the number, “Telemarketer” and I went on with my day.  I couple hours later, I checked my voicemail only to find out it was the man himself, Mr. Guerin Rife.  When we finally got to chat later on in the evening, we discussed putter design, my putting style,  the Rife putters that I own (2-Bar and Barbados) which lead him to ask me “what putter do you putt with now?”, “TPA” I reply.  After a nice discussion about Terry and Tee McCabe we used my blueprint from my TPA and spec'd it to a EVNroll ER-5.





Model :  EVNroll ER-5

Shaft Length:  35 inches

Head weight:  355 Grams

Resting point:  71.00 degrees

Face Loft:  3.25 degrees.

Grip:  Custom Winn ProX 1.18




Its on like Donkey Kong.   Im going to put the ER5 through its paces and see if it can earn a permanent slot in my golf bag.  My current gamer is a ProtoType TPA XIII, this putter is DEADLY.  Ever since I bagged the TPA a couple of years ago, nothing has come close to replacing it.




Looks/ First Impressions:


When I found out I was selected for this review I wanted to do some homework.  You name it, dozens of YouTube videos, Golf Blogs, websites,  I wanted to find out more.  The more I found out, the more eager I became, I wanted to see if this thing was the real deal.  Everything I read, watched and heard said it was.







Question:  what is one word that best describes your first impression of this putter?


Answer: “ ClassicModernSexyQualitySleekAmazingSolid”


Catch my drift? It is Impossible to summarize this putter in one word.  The question is, does it perform as well as it looks.




Something I forgot to mention above is that the shape reminded me of the Odessey #7.  The head is a little small on the ER5 which was evident when I first addressed the golf ball on the practice green.  The feeling off the face was kind of surprising, solid but soft.  Hard to explain but it felt like the ball stayed on the face a fraction longer on impact.  Was it the groove technology coming into play?  The real surprise was the sound at impact which was unexpected.  While testing longer putts from 15 feet or more, a noticeable “ding” can be heard.  I am not talking Ping floating face slot sound loud, but there is a noticeable difference in acoustics with longer putts.




Practice green performance


I spend a lot of time practicing my short game, usually 3-4 days a week and at least an hour or so on the putting green.  The  Pro at my course teaches the Mike Malaska principles of putting which actually saved me some strokes on the score card when it comes to aligning a putt. On the putting green I have a routine:  5 feet, 10 feet and 20 feet.  I did test longer putts but anything longer than 30 feet plus is just a lag putt for me.  2 putt pars is the name of the game in my book at greater ranges.


I secured a portion of the practice green which was relatively flat, it is used for putting lessons.   My test was simple, take ER-5 out of bag, start putting:





5 feet 




10 feet 



20 Feet


To be honest there was no surprise with the results.  Subconsciously if that is the right word to use, I did notice more, end over end roll, the sign of a perfectly well struck putt.  Another take away from the putting green was putts greater  than 45”ish” feet.  The first few putts where way short and left. Of the ten I sent downrange only three were at “gimmie” range, with only 1 ball finding its home.




On course performance


My first round was very interesting.  New putter, TPC  San Antonio Canyons Course, let the slaughter begin, so I thought.  I have never, ever, ever, bagged a brand new putter and adjusted “Just like that”.   I don't know what it was, I was making everything or at the very least I was leaving my putts for par in tap-in range.  It was the first time I put a new putter into play and hit sub-30 putts per round.


Over the next few weeks and rounds the transition from my TPA to the ER-5 was seamless.  The only encounter that I had was with really fast greens, more the Indian, than the Arrow.   I struggled to put approach shots in the right place on the green leaving myself super slick putts above the hole.


Overall I am really impressed with the ER-5. I have seen a great improvement with putting dispersion.  Putts that I thought were going to be way short ended up closer to the hole.





Overall Review Score:  EAGLE


Likelihood of purchase


I don't know if you guys and gals have noticed,  EVNROLL is all over the place:  BLOGS, YOUTUBE, TOUR STOPS, TWITTER, etc.   Even more impressive, Mr. Rife , can be seen in majority of the videos , blogs, tour stops, etc.  He is blazing the national sales route like a first year equipment rep, which I respect. He has paid his dues long time ago.  To get to the point,  Likelihood of Purchase ? 100% YES,  The man is a LEGEND in the golf industry, owning one of his putters from the EVNroll is a must for your putter collection.........and YOUR GAME !!!!!


The ER-5 has replaced my TPA XVIII Tour Protoype 



I will have a ER-7 when it is released 

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EVNROLL ER2 Putter review.  My name is Ben Goergen, I am a business owner and father of 2 kids, one of which I have taught golf this year, the other only likes to chase butterflies and make sand angles in the bunkers.   I hail from the Big Island of Hawaii but got lost in life and currently live in Bismarck ND.  Bismarck is a great town and minus the winters I really like it here.  The golf courses are actually great for the size of the town though a little expensive given the lack of competition.  With a little drive we have a nice collection of really high quality courses within reach.  I don't get to play as much as I would like but try to make it a priority in any free time I do have and given that I have become quite a golf snob.  This year I only played 16 rounds on a total of 8 different courses but 7 of those 8 courses appear on the Golf Digest Top 100 Public Courses in the US.  If I can only play limited rounds I am going to make them count.  "Home" course is Hawktree Golf Club, par 72, 7051 yards and 75.1 course rating from the tips. 



       My father started bringing me out with him when I was about 6 and I had a grandfather that would keep me in the game from then until I grew up a little.  I am self taught and never had one lesson.  Would like to get a couple lessons one day.  I didn't play in high school because I played baseball but I did play two years of college golf.  I have been as low as a 1.2 hdcp but currently play closer to 6.  No range sessions and limited rounds will do that.  Golf is my greatest passion and would love to design golf courses for a living but don't really see that happening.  I love nature and being outside and I am of the opinion that a properly built course enhances the beauty of what God already created.  They can be so stunning.  



Now for the important stuff.  My golf game struggles with consistency in ball striking mostly.  My short game is always solid and when I play more it gets really good.  I chip in nearly once a round, get most chips within 5 feet and make a good amount of those.  If I can start hitting more greens with my putting being solid, I think the score would really drop.  Where I struggle most is off the tee and my iron play is down right awful the last couple years.  I hit the ball a long ways, Driver swing speed is about 118 to 120.  Carry distance is about 285.  I have literally no idea where it may go though so I currently don't "play" a driver.  I hit a 3 wood about 265 and have been hitting about 10-12 fairways. When I do miss fairways it isn't by much and I almost never lose a ball off the tee as opposed to losing 2-4 off the tee with driver.  My hybrid and long irons off tees are really good but from the fairway hitting into greens I just don't hit good shots.  I don't miss by miles or chunk or blade shots but I do everything else.  Hit one short, the next long, the next right and the next two left.  Just don't give myself many birdie chances.  I can go bogey, bogey without hitting an awful shot but then hit a 230 yard 3 iron to 6 feet the next hole.  Just really inconsistent ball striking.  I can scramble but no matter how good your short game is you will make a couple bogeys and that forces you to hole big putts or make birdies to get those back.  Hence I usually shoot 80 give or take a stroke.  The courses I play are all around that 75 course rating.  This spring, I will be getting a full bag fitting and making my club set for the coming years.  I really don't buy into the media hype, I play what I want regardless of name and I never spend the inflated prices to be the first to have something.  


My current bag is 

Titleist 905S Driver, Fujikura Speeder x-stiff 43.5" (Just got it, haven't hit it yet, in the bag but headcover hasn't come off yet)  Got it for $20 in Mint condition.  Went all season without a driver.   

Callaway Razr Xtreme 3 wood.  Fujikura Tour Spec 41" (favorite club by a mile) $30 mint condition

Titleist 712U 3 and 4 iron (KBS Tour x-stiff) -3/4"

Titleist 712MB 5-PW (KBS Tour x-stiff) -3/4"      Irons need to go for something more forgiving

Inazone 52, 56, 60 wedges (custom heads I bought and built myself, actually love them.  Rifle Spinner shafts)

Putter is Rife Legend Z with Superstroke 2.0 grip.  I bored out weight holes and filled them with Tungsten Powder and then put a 60 gram Tungsten plug in the end of shaft under the grip.   

Bag is a Tour Edge Exotics, really like it, tons of features and sturdy but not too heavy.

Currently playing Chrome Soft ball but will be trying out the Kirkland ball as well as the Snell My Tour.


I worked for a Custom club fitter for a while doing assembly and repairs so I can tinker but as you know, without getting a true fitting it really doesn't matter what you build for yourself.  I intend to get to a place and get a full bag fitting and ball to try to maximize what I get out of my game.  As far as putters go and really golf clubs in general, I like clean lines, I don't what to look down and see a Transformer at the end of the shaft.  I just can't get confident looking down at big fat ugly and space age looking clubs.  That is why I play blades and I could do it when I was in college but playing so infrequently I need something more forgiving so I will have to switch.  Generally though a clean look gives me confidence so I try to go that route.  I used to play #9 style heads, I had a Snake Eyes platinum that my dad stole from me after a hot putter day on the course for him with it.  So I replaced it with a Rife #9 style putter that a buddy of mine bought from after a hot putter round.  I then after some research bought a Rife Legend Z and then customized it.  I actually hate the look but completely love the feel and performance of it.  I played my first 11 rounds using it without a 3 putt.  I still have only had about 4 or 5 3 putts in maybe 24 rounds with that putter.  Very easy to control distance and pretty point and shoot.  The feel and roll a Rife putter puts on the ball for me has always impressed both me and the people I play with.  They roll so pure off the putter face that if I don't make the putt, you don't know it until the very end.  Every putt has a chance.  After speaking with Mr. Rife I have a little more insight into why that is......and it doesn't make me feel better about my putting game but I will save that for Stage 2.


Mr Guerin Rife called us to talk us through choosing a putter and then a basic fitting process.  I being the curious tinkerer, picked his brain and found myself in DEEP water almost immediately.  To speak to the people that are behind the design of these tools is eye opening.  They know so much and he was very gracious answering my questions.  I will give you some of the highlights of that conversation as I give you the review in Stage 2......Stay Tuned....you won't want to miss!!




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Consolidating some of my long-term thoughts here





So for the past 2+ weeks I have been on paternity leave, and that means I have spent a ton of time putting on my Birdie Ball putting green while my little buddy hangs out on the floor next to me doing tummy time.


I have been putting with all of the putters in my stable and each time I putt with something different I yearn for the ER2. For me, the ER2 has the perfect mix of feel, balance, and weight. On anything under 10 feet I really does feel like it swings itself - it is hard to hit a putt offline, you almost have to intentionally try to. The feel is absolutely addicting. The variable depth, parabolic grooves are something else. I do not own another putter that can replicate the feel of the ER2 - and that is across Scotty Camerons, Odysseys, and Pings. I really hope that Evnroll ends up in more stores, because I think if more people rolled these, that would get hooked almost immediately.



As for how the putter is holding up after almost 2 dozen rounds and thousands of putts hit both indoor and outdoor, it still looks almost brand new. I baby my putters, so when I bring them to the green when I am chipping, they stay in the headcover. When they are in the bag, they always have a headcover on.





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EVENROLL ER5 Stage 2 Review


One of the surprise factors about this testing that wasn't known at signup, was that each of the testers was going to have a personal phone conversation with Guerin Rife to help with the selection and specs of our test putter.


I believe I was the last tester to speak to him and even though the other testers had said he was so genuine and approachable, I still had a bit of angst leading up to the call, would I be able to answer his questions sufficiently enough for him to get an ideal of my specs.


All those concerns were put to ease after about 30 seconds on the phone with him, something about talking to him, you feel like you've known him for a long time.


Well after some basic background info we got into what style of putter I would prefer, I told him I have had the best success with the #7 style, so as I suspected he told me the ER5 would definitely be a good one for me then.   He was very quick to mention that the sound of the ER5 was different than others, that it was kind of a “tingy” sound due to the construction (more on that later) then we moved on to my specs.


I'm 6'5” and have mostly used a 35” putter but have used a few different 38” models the past few years thinking they would make it easier for me to get in an athletic putting stance, and also be a lot easier on my back during practice sessions.  I was surprised when Mr. Rife mentioned that he is 6'5” as well and he always tells people to go with the shortest length putter that they feel physically comfortable with. 


He stated there are multiple reasons for this:

·         It takes more variables out of the stroke

·         No counter weighting is needed

·         It travels less distance

·         Allows you to keep your arms extended, therefore helping take the wrist out of the stroke


So 35” ER5 to start off, I was liking the sound of that.   Next we talked about my hand position at address, meaning were my hands high or low.   Fortunately I was in my office and my current putter nearby, so I said “let me check real quick”, and mentioned my hands were a bit low.  He then said as a result the toe was probably up in the air a bit, and I confirmed yes it was.   He mentioned that is very common and this putter is built with a 5 degrees toe down, so he said for me to make sure it's like that at address, as this will give me a bit of a pro-nation of the wrist, and help allow for more of a shoulder stroke.


In what was now about 10 minutes into the phone call, I had learned more about putting and the stroke, than I had in over 30 years of playing.   This was great stuff and I was scribbling notes down as quickly as I could.


The last part of the fitting he mentioned the putter will have 1.5 degrees of loft, he said you want the ball to lift no more than 20 inches after it's hit, but loft is essential, if it didn't have any, you would hit the ball pretty much directly into the putting green causing it to hop up in the air and not even make it halfway it the hole.    I laughed and told him I may or may not be familiar with that type of stroke.   It was a great conversation and got the testing off to a start I couldn't imagine.   He made sure I had his phone number and told me to feel free to call him anytime during the testing with any questions.




After the putter arrived, the first chance I got to test it out was on the putting green.   So I took it out with three balls and just putted casually as I might before a round.   I mainly wanted to get comfortable with the setup, weight and how it felt.    It didn't take too much adjusting at all, the weight of the ER5 is 355 grams and felt very stable. 


I rolled a few long putts of 60” feet or more to get an idea of feel and all of them were left with what I would consider an acceptable or normal distance for me from that distance.   Below you will see I did an actual test measuring results of long putts.


One of the most important things to me in a putter is how confident I feel at address over the ball.   I will say the head appeared to be smaller than what I remember from my X7M, so at this point I went in and grabbed the X7M to compare the head sizes, and my eyes didn't deceive me. 




The ER5 head is definitely smaller than the X7M, but I didn't worry about that, I said the results will speak for themselves.   The stock grip I went with on the ER5 is a Win ProX 1.8.  It not only looks great, but gives me a bit larger grip than the stock grip on the SC X7M, without being as large as the 2.0 Super Stroke grips.   It just felt right!



The first official testing I conducted was again on our putting green which is very large and allows for different length and breaking as well as straight putts.  I found a relatively straight 20 footer and a 60 footer with about 4 feet of right to left break.  


I tested both the ER5 and the X7M on solid strikes and on intentional miss hits off the toe and heel, to test the forgiveness across the face of each.

First the 20 foot results with 3 center or as close to center strikes as possible with the EVNROLL




I would take the results of these three any day, take my 2 putt and move along.  Although I HATE leaving putts short..LOL

Next the X7M for the same spot




It's scary how similar the results were, the short miss with the Scotty was a very slight fat hit…there's that possible lack of loft that Mr. Rife mentioned!!



One of the big features that's been talked about a lot in the EVENROLL putters, is the gear effect of steering putts struck off center back toward the target.   Like one of the other reviews mentioned, I'm not a robot and can't strike it perfectly in the same place every time, but then again robots are taking our putts for us, so I wanted to see how it the design in the grooves worked for a human.


Just to recap for anyone unaware, if you look very closely at the face of any EVNROLL putter, you will notice that the grooves are spaced very closely together near the center of the face.  The further away from the center of the face, the space between the groves widens a bit.  This was by design according to Mr. Rife to have the ball come into contact a bit more on off center hits, so it wouldn't lose as much energy and distance on the stroke.  The gear effect of steering back toward the hole he said, was by complete accident.  




The next set of testing was again three putts with each, but one from each part of the face, center, toe and heel.


Up first the ER5:  In the picture below, the ball in the hole was the first strike in the center of the face and it rolled straight in, the putt that missed to the right was slightly off the toe and really didn't come up short, but just stayed out to the right.  So the gear effect was definitely in place on the toe hit, and while it didn't curve it back toward the hole, the putt certainly didn't lose any distance, and this to me is the most important part of a miss, the amount of distance loss.  


The putt short to the left was a heel miss and it definitely felt the worst of the three.  Although, I'm glad to say, I rarely if ever miss a putt that far toward heel.   However, it is obvious a miss off the heel has the most dramatic effect even with the wider grooves.




Next Up were 3 putts from the X7M from the same spot.  With all three center strike putts.

All three of these were right around the hole, and proved consistent with the feel of the putts with the ER5


Now the three putts from across the face with the X7M




These show where the ER really shined on the misses, you can see the center strike by the X7M is just past hole high, but the other two definitely came up short.  


So I give the edge to the ER5 on the mishits in that test.   While all the misses are very makeable on the next putt, there's nothing wrong with closer being better.


The next test was on the 60 footer with the previously mentioned right to left 4 foot break.  I used a marker as an aiming point, so I was sure I aimed at the same point for all 6 putts, the first three putts it was a leaf (hey nobody said this was a high budget testing…ha) that started to blow away, so I used a putter cover for the next round, that's why you don't see it in the first pic, but it is exactly where the leaf was.


You will notice in the picture below of the ER5, that you only see two balls on the green.  Yep, well guess what happened with the first one.   DRAINO!!  From 60 feet!!  I was tempted to say TESTING DONE!!  But I figure every dog finds a bone now and then, but it sure was a sweet looking putt.


The other two, missed by about 8 feet short and the other one was about 4 feet hole high to the right, I missed the line of the break by just enough for it not to break.




The Scotty Cameron had a tough task to follow with the holing of the ER5.  But one of the areas that the X7M has shined for me this year is distance control on long putts.   So how did it do from 60 feet, see below.




They were very similar results.  Of course I didn't sink another one, but 2nd putt was basically a tap in from about 18 inches.   And again I had one 9 feet short and one just inside the feet slightly past hole high.   At least this shows I was making similar strokes with both putters, and in both cases missed my aiming point on one.   Not uncommon for a 17 HC.


For the last part of performance test, I charted my first round out with the putter.  I was fortunate that I found a quiet afternoon on our course, was able to go out by myself and measure and chart each putt.  The chart below shows how far my approach shot landed from the pin, how far away I was after my first putt and how many total feet of made putts I had during the round.  I often hear this stat during a PGA Event, when someone is dropping in bombs from 20 feet throughout the round.   While my numbers didn't come anywhere close to 100 feet or more that I've seen on the PGA Tour, they were I would say about average for me.   


Notes below the chart:




The two three puts were disappointing as I generally pride myself on avoiding them.  However, the one on hole 9 was just a total misjudge by me on how hard needed to hit the putt to make it up the slope of the green.   Hole 3 is a long par 4 and I left myself a long putt and just over read the amount of break on the 2nd putt. 


But other than those two putts, I think it was a very solid putting round, and not one that I felt cost me too much.  Sure I would have liked to have all or even half of the orange highlighted ones, those were putts that were struck well, but just died on the lip or burned an edge. 


As for the final performance score, there wasn't one thing I can really take away from it, other than maybe the smaller head.  I know that's more of a look thing, but if it was a bit bigger and still maintained the forgiveness across the face, oh my!!    But it gets back points for the maintaining distance on the toe hits.


Performance Score 57 out of 60  



Sound, Feel and Looks

I'm lumping these all together as to me they are kind of intertwined.   And I would put them in order of importance of Feel, Looks and Sound.    I know some will argue/state that Sound and Feel are the same ting, what you're hearing is really what you're feeling.   I don't subscribe to that as much especially on putters.   Maybe so on a driver.


To begin let's address the above mentioned sound that Mr. Rife warned me about.   He did say the sound was more “tingy” than he liked.   This is due to the hollow design of the wings.   He said this has been corrected in future models…HMMMH J   But it's something that does exist in the current ER5.   He said it does and doesn't bother some, just an individual thing.  I was a bit concerned about this as I've tried a few “loud” putters on the market such as the original CURE line and the sound was definitely a turnoff.


But I kept an open mind and went in knowing of that.  I have to say it's not nearly as severe or off putting as I was afraid it would be.  But it was very professional of Mr. Rife to mention it was there.   It is for the lack of a better word “tingy” not near as loud as say an aluminum bat or something of that nature.  In fact, I've gotten to the point where I don't' even notice it and it didn't take long to get there.


The feel, is very solid.  The weighting and length are perfect, I'm able to make a stable stroke going back with no wobble (which I tend to do with a lighter blade style) and I have no problem getting it through the stroke.  It gives you a very confident sense that you've made a solid stroke every time.


Looks, I mentioned above it's smaller than the X7M head and that was slightly bothersome in the beginning, although I'm becoming more and more comfortable with it.   I should say it's not a small Mallet head.  Earlier in the year I tried the Toulon Memphis mallet, mainly due to the unique cross milled pattern on the face, but it was a very small head and one I never got use to.    The ER5 has required very little adjustment.   Although I do slightly favor the look and way the X7M frames the ball at address for me.


Overall the putter does well in all three of these categories

Sound, Feel and Looks 22 out of 25



Likelihood of Purchase 12 out of 15

The $359 price puts it $20 below the price of the Scotty Cameron X7M and right in the ball park of other high end putters.   It's tough to judge this category as everyone is different.  I can certainly make a case for paying more for a putter than a driver, as I'm likely to use it at least three times as many times during a round as my driver, so paying $100 less than a premium driver shouldn't cause anyone a second thought. 


However having come from never paying more than $180 for putters before (I didn't pay full retail for the X7M) it would be hard for me to say with 100% certainty that I would buy it.   That said, both the X7M and the EVENROLL have provided better results for me putting than I was getting previously. So my mindset on that may be shifting. 


Overall Score 91 out of 100

I realize this score is the exact same as Jlukes score, and I promise you that's completely a coincidence.  I read his review but didn't really pay attention to his scores as I didn't want to be influenced in any way.  I think it just says that this is a putter that should get strong consideration when making your next putter choice.  Putters are so personal and what's good for one of us may not be for someone else.   But if you're  fan of the number 7 style, then you will want to give this a serious look before making any decisions.


Notes: I had intended to get a video up of a test i did, and I will still try to get it up, but I had some logistical issues and the quality was pretty poor.  I didn't want to hold the review up any longer on that end and I'll add it perhaps during the stage 3 review if not before. 

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Stage 3 - Update 5/4


After a not so long and not so cold winter, I'm ready to put this ER5 through it's final testing phase, and the early returns are outstanding.


Stage 3 began last on 5/3 with a 9 hole league round on my home course.

  • Greens were firm and fast, as a result of no rain for about 5 days, and sunny and windy conditions the past two days. 
  • We also played late 5:00 PM, so they had seen a full days play, 
  • All conditions ripe for a bad putting day
  • Not so fast, my fellow spies

I had a total of 18 putts, broken out as follows

  • 1 One Putt from about 10 feet
  • 7 Two Putts, none of the first putts were closer than 15 feet.
  • 1 Three Putt (from about 25 feet above the hole)  The first putt was 6 feet short, by far my worst putt of the day.   I just slid the 2nd one buy but being downhill I had a testy 3 footer coming back up the hill.  I was NOT going to miss that. 

Overall I was thrilled with the results, both the numbers but also the actual feel and results of the putts.  I felt comfortable and confident every time I stood over the putt.  I felt confident that i was lined up correctly and the club just felt good in my hands.


As touted by Guerrin Rife himself and other testers, the ball holds its line extremely well, I didn't have any huge misses either directionally or speed wide (with the exception of the previously left short putt)  Most 2nd putts were tap ins or left under a foot away for a virtual tap in.


Next up 5/4

Spent an hour on the putting green with the putter and two different balls a ProV1 and Bridgestone e6.   The results were great with both.   While I didn't have a tape measure as used in Stage 2, for official results.  I went through a large number of putts ranging from 2 feet to 80 feet.   I alternated hitting the center of the face (and actually had some success doing so :P )  And also mixed in putts off the heel and off the toe. 


note: While doing the testing our superintendent came out and asked what I was working on, I explained to the forum and testing to him, he thought that was cool  I told and showed him the technology behind the putter, he had heard of Rife Putters.   He continued to watch me, and despite me asking for advice on which way some putts broke, he declined to tell me saying he didn't want me to cheat..LOL


Again no real data on today's testing, just a report that every putt I rolled seemed to hold it's distance and line very well.  I also watched him putt (he's a low single digit player) and he rolled it extremely well.    He liked the feel and weight of it.   


Only because it's been mentioned as one of the few negatives of this putter, I asked him how he felt about the ping sound from it.  He said it was fine, that he actually prefers that to how muted the Scott Cameron's are.  


His only other comment about it which, I found insightful but couldn't' say I noticed myself.   That on long uphill putts where he had to give it a bit more "umph" to him it felt like as he was coming into the ball, the head was getting ahead of the stroke, kind of like racing ahead.    He noticed this several times, but it didn't really alter the outcome of his putts.


I really like the feel of this putter on both balls.  I'll be keeping it in play for further and frequent testing, that I'll report back on here in the coming weeks.  


Stay Tuned!!




Just a few more thoughts on this after 2 rounds with it last week and an extensive session on the putting green.   I had played two rounds last week on probably the fastest greens we've had so far this year.   Both results were just OK, but I'm attributing one round due to an absolutely horrible job of reading greens.  I must have misread three or four putts by at least two or three feet.  Which resulted in I think four 3 putts for the round, definitely on me not the putter.


My 2nd round was still off from my normal ability to see the line, it wasn't as bad as before, but it still resulted in 5 more three putts.   I need to go back to work on my alignment and take a bit more time reading the putts. But  every putt had that same true and smooth EvnRoll feel.


On Friday I was running the putting contest for a 250 person field, so I was stationed on our putting green for over 4 hours.  When I wasn't busy monitoring the putts, I had plenty of time to practice putting.   I rolled anywhere from 4 footers to 80 footers.   I found the distance control to be extremely consistent.


During the course of the day, at least 20 or 30 people after seeing the putter near the "tee"  of the contest, asked about it.  I let whoever wanted to take a few roles with it.  I'd like to say one of them used it to win the $5,000 grand prize, but sadly not so.


Most had never heard of EvenRoll, so I gave the quick 30 second elevator pitch to them, and let them see and try for themselves.   Not one negative comment from anybody about it.   Most really loved the feel and and roll of the putter.  A couple commented that it was  bit lite for them for a mallet style. 


In summary to me where the EvenRoll really shines, is beyond 15 or 20 feet.  The fact that you get consistent distance and speed on every putt, even the ones you mishit slightly, is a huge deal.   usually the difference between having a relative tap in or one 2 footer, versus a 3 or 4 footer on a mishit. 

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    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Ever since Evnroll putters came on the scene a couple years ago as the surprising winner of the My Golf Spy Most Wanted putter, it's been on a roll ever since.   The latest model it's ER2B has a high standard to live up to, and we have selected four members to test, review and report their results back to the forum.  That begins this week as you can check in with them over the next four to six weeks to see how they are performing.

      The Testers are
      @ncwoz                  Stage 1                          Stage 2
      @Wedgie                Stage 1                          Stage 2
      @Tsmithjr9             Stage 1                          Stage 2
      @KurtActual          Stage 1                           Stage 2
    • By ChasingScratch
      Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review
      By Chasing Scratch
      If you’re like me, you need to practice your putting……. A lot…… I mean take the time you want to practice each month, multiply it by 10, then add 10 hours to that.  Let’s face it, of all the skills in the game of golf, putting is something many of us amateurs tend to practice the least.  When was the last time you heard people at the course talking ‘bout “Man I spent 5 hours last week on my putting, and I just can’t get enough!”  The putter is hit more times in a single round than any other club yet we have this avoidance affair with it.  We’ll smash driver for hours on the range, look at the watch, and give 5 minutes to putting.

      I’m guilty of this myself.  As someone who knows I need to practice my putting more, it’s just not that much fun.  It’s also not very convenient for me.  The closest course to my home is 25 minutes away.  50 minutes in the car is a large commitment for me just to practice putting several days per week.

      So given my goal of scratch golf, my knowledge of statistics, and my passion for improvement, I started looking into “at home” putting training aids.  I searched around on the internet for everything from putting mats, auto-return systems, and DIY putting platform building guides. 

      I liked a few of the products just fine and was narrowing down my options to a few of the mats.  I know several had great reviews and even skill-type-games you can play, but I just couldn’t get over not having the ball fall into a cup.  There is something satisfying about seeing the golf ball fall into a hole and disappear.  So I started to plan out a putting platform build.  I had the specs and was all set to go to the store and spend a few days knocking it out.

      Literally the night before I was going to go to the store, I stumbled upon a page on Instagram called “Perfect Practice Golf” and saw their putting mat.  They had a giveaway contest going on for the PGA Championship so I threw my name in for the drawing.  I decided to wait and see if I got lucky before I built my platform and (wouldn’t you know it!)  I won!  So I decided to hold off on building a platform to see if this thing was any good.

      Their Instagram page showed quite a few PGA Tour players (e.g., Tony Finau, Marc Leishman, Smiley Kaufman, see their quotes below) who were using their putting mat so I figured it would be good enough for me.

      Quality and features

      When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the actual putting carpet was top notch.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the putting mats you can buy at the big box stores and the carpet they come with looks like something that is made out of cardboard.  You have to lay encyclopedias on it and even then you may have some creases, it never lays flat, etc.  Straight out of the box, this thing unrolled and lay flat.  You could literally start putting on it right out the box!

      The actual material feels a lot like velour (that's the best way I can describe it although it is not a perfect description).  They call it “crystal velvet,” but all I know is it is a very pure rolling surface.  A plus is that you can vacuum it as well.

      On that mat, you’ll find printed markings for every foot and smaller marks for every inch (it looks like a giant ruler).  You also have two alignment lines (one for the regular sized hole and one for the mini-hole).  As a golfer who struggles with “seeing the line” over my putts, the alignment line really helps.

      The mat also features an incline up to the holes, to ensure a confident stroke and to assist with the gravity-fed ball return system.  On their first version, the base and return ramp were made out of plastic.  It had a good weight to it and I had no complaints.  On their newest model, they made some upgrades to the base material.  Namely, it is now made of wood instead of plastic, there is an insert-able backstop to catch putts hit with too much gusto, extra space behind the holes to catch balls, and the return ramp has magnets to connect the pieces.  Each of these upgrade adds much more “high quality” feel to the overall product.  They did not change the crystal velvet putting surface, and in my opinion they didn’t need to.  It’s great as is.

      With the original version, my kids had a tendency to hit the ball past the holes and off the mat.  They were more than happy to chase the balls down the hallway, but it was a bit of an oversight in the original design.  This has been fixed in the newest version.  It would take a freaking missile launch of a putt to blast it off the mat now.

      For the price, I’d be hard pressed to find a better putting training aid.  At just over $100, you get a high quality putting surface and the mental boost of seeing a ball fall into a hole over and over and over again.  You can roll it up, stick it under your bed, and putt every single day, rain or shine, all from the comfort of your home. 

      This thing rolls fast and true.  They claim it rolls up to a 14 on the stimp if you put it on hard floors (think wood floors or concrete), and you can slow it down by putting it on carpet.  When I put it on my bedroom carpet, it is noticeably slower than when it is on the tile floor.

      If I were to have a critique, it would be that I wish the mat were just about a 1/4 inch thicker.  I have tile floor in my home and carpet in the bed rooms.  When putting on the tile floor, you can get a bump here or there (due to the gaps in the tiles and grout).  I fixed this by using some runner rugs we have in the hallway and I typically just put them under the mat.  I can’t be too critical, because I know that adding more thickness would increase the price, add to shipping, etc.  Overall it is a solid putting mat well worth the price.  I have hit hundreds of putts on the original model and the newest model and have yet to notice any depressions or grooves in the surface.  I know this is a concern for any putting mat, but so far so good on this one.

      Performance on the course

      For the first few weeks that I had the original Perfect Practice Golf putting mat, I couldn’t get enough of it.  My kids and I would spend hours throughout the day hitting 4 footers, 6 footers, 8 footers, etc.  We even came up with a trick shot and had a blast doing it (see video below)! 
      My son and I came up with other putting games to play on it to keep it fun.  My on the course putting showed definite improvement as well!  I rarely had less than 35 putts per round before and quite often a few three putts.  When I was putting consistently with the Perfect Practice mat, I didn’t have a round over 32 putts.  Those pesky 6-7 foot par save putts were falling with much more consistency.  I felt like I had a real chance to hole everything inside of 10 feet.  Seeing the ball fall into a hole over and over and over while practicing at home is such a mental boost for my game.
      I haven’t played golf in over a month, much less practiced on my mat (life just got very very crazy in the Chasing Scratch home).  I want to make myself a personal goal of hitting 50 putts per day to see how good I can get.  Since I have a solid mat in the comfort of my own home, there really is no excuse.  If I want to get to scratch golf, I need to get those putts per round down to 30 or under consistently.  The only way to get better is to practice.  I’ve got a great practice aid to do it, now I just need the determination and dedication.
      At $130, I don’t think you can go wrong with this training aid.  The upgrades are a nice improvement over the original version, and the putting surface is top notch.  Take a look at their webpage (click here) and consider the Perfect Practice Golf mat if you are in the market for a putting setup for the home, office, or wherever really.  They sell out quickly when they get their shipments in, so they are on pre-order right now.
      I hope you enjoyed this review!  Now I’m off to go work on my putting!

      [/url](Note:  The images used in this review are used with permission from the company's website)
    • By Davis Moes
      I'm getting rid of my seemore pure center blade putter I've owned for 2 years (purchased summer 2017). I am asking $120 OBO including shipping. If I don't have a lot of interest it will go on eBay. 
      Putter is in near mint condition. See actual photos of the putter below. Has additional weighting in the head as well as counterbalancing in the grip, length is 34.5".
      Paypal is my preferred payment method.
      Directly below is a list of the complete specs on the putter when I ordered it. Thanks for looking!



    • By FromRightToLeft
      Hello all! Thought I would chime in on this putter since I've owned it for a few months now.
      I had been using a Ping Ketch mallet putter since the beginning of the year. (I am relearning the game left handed this year due to a back issue and decided to do so with the putter as well) I had been putting fairly well with it but found it a bit hard to line up and I didn't love it, like all putters I have owned. I saw the testing and reviews on this putter and decided to buy it online sight unseen.
      I tend to like a longer putter and got it in the 35” model.
      (Aside: A member of the forum let me know that it could be bought here in Canada on golfworks.ca as we don't have Dick's here, so thank you whoever you were. It was $130 Canadian. It arrived super well packed, maybe better than any other golf club I've ever gotten in the mail. There were two small scratches on the putter shaft. I decided to email golfworks and see what they had to say about it. The service was incredible and the best I've ever had online. They got back to me within an hour with an apology and said they would ship out a new one that day and they had a shipping label for me to return mine with. For me the scratch's weren't a big deal and I offered them to refund me $15-20 and I'd keep it. They did me even better and gave me their cost on it and refunded the difference! Unreal service. I will buy all my grips etc. from them going forward.)
      Ok, back to the review!
      The putter fit my eye immediately. I have only ever had one other golf club where I just knew I was going to hit it well and that I'd love it at first sight. It was a Cobra knockoff driver I won in the 90's in a closest to the pin contest. This putter was the same way. I just knew I was going to love it and play well with it. I have played ten rounds so far and only six three putts. My first round with it I swooped and won three skins with a twenty foot putt and did it again later in the round with a thirty five foot putt for three more skins (The guys weren't mocking me anymore for having a Tommy Armour putter after that haha)! I do not normally sink many long putts. My longest previous this year wouldn't have been any longer than fifteen feet.
      It is really well balanced, the pistol grip is actually very comfortable (I may replace it with something different down the road, we'll see) and I think it looks good. The head cover I can't say the same for, it's pretty ugly and doesn't fit on that well. That's a fairly minor issue, especially considering the price and performance of this putter. 
      On long putts I can easily line it up and it's no different on the short ones. The feel is just right for me, not too firm and not too soft, so they got the insert just right.  I just have so much confidence with this thing that I can't say enough about it. I would have paid five times as much if I knew it was going to make this kind of difference in my game. My putting stats show that I've dropped almost four strokes off my rounds. I was averaging thirty six PPR and now it's down to thirty two I took no lessons and used no training aids. It was all the putter. If someone would have told me a putter would shave three to four strokes off my game I would have laughed at you! 
      Bottom line is I love this putter. What a value the guys at Dicks have come up with....they made a world class putter for the $100 range. Thank you MY GOLF SPY, without this site I would never have given this a chance. You saved me spending $400+ on an Evenroll, so thank you guys for that.
      Looks – 7/10
      Feel – 9/10
      Alignment – 10/10
      Value – 11/10
      Overall – 9/10 – I highly, highly recommend this putter.


    • By Kambeau
      Before I dive into my review, here is a background as to what made me switch putters :

      In early August I started with an awesome putting coach. Before I started working with him I was missing everything and recently came off a tournament with two 4 putts in the round. As I’m beginning to enjoy and play tournament golf making putts was about to become really important to me. I used a Taylormade Spider Tour Red for about 9 months, but the look killed me. found it so irritatingly huge and wanted something a little slimmer. I then decided to switch to an OdysseyWorks #7 for 6 months. Was overall positive about it, but as my stroke got sloppy my confidence decreased and I pulled putts endlessly. I went into my first putting session with my Odyssey. By the end of it my stroke and set up were pretty pure. But I was still pulling putts. I aimed down my line and my coach looked from behind me, laughed and said “where are you aimed?” And I said “dead straight!” And he goes “nope your way open.” I set up again and wham. Same thing. We then found out that I am left eye right hand dominant or “Cross Dominant.” The double bend shaft style was causing me to aim left, when my eyes thought I was straight. Then he broke the news to me ... “yeah, uh, you need a new putter.” He then slapped a center shafted putter in my hands and I was dead on. The search for a new flatstick began. 
      My review of the Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 :

      I came away from my fitting with a Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 CS Slotback. My heart had wanted a Scotty Cameron for so long, I bought the marketing hype, and wanted to have one as a golf status symbol. But the results were over and over again showing that the Betti was a beast. The milling is masterful, the feel off the face is very very soft which suits my style. The look over the ball is simple and elegant. Plus the center shaft style has helped me greatly with my alignment. It’s similar to an ER2 in that it’s a blade style with some extra meat on the back which I like. It also gives the look of a blade with the forgiveness of a mallet. Overall very happy with this flat stick. Putting is now night and day compared to what it was. I will say, if I have to reach a little bit and find one flaw with it I wasn’t a fan at all of the standard grip, I use a SS Flatso 1.0 so the stock grip wasn’t my taste. But that’s my only gripe. I’ve now been converted to a huge Bettinardi Fan, and don’t see myself changing the flat stick for a long, long time. 

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