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Callaway XR16 driver - suggestions for replacing the shaft

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I purchased in February 2016, my new driver Callaway XR16 10.5 ° shaft  Fujikura speeder evolution 565 red graphite 59 gr. flex R - SW D3. Attached the shaft specifications. My swing speed with the new driver (set 12.5 ° draw) is between 90-95 mph with slightly negative angle of attack, smash factor 1.35-1.45, carry about 200-210 y. I hit enough to the center and the ball flight is good enough. I go quite right although I tend sometimes to take the hook. Normaly I use Callaway supersoft or Titleist pro v1.

I am increasingly convinced that the lack of distance depends not only from my swing, but also from the shaft.

Have you to suggest me an alternative shaft that can afford to be longer?

Thanks in advance for your welcome suggestions.

2016 Speeder Evolution Technical Specs.pdf

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This is very tough to answer without knowing some of the other factors like spin and launch angle. I'm assuming you've been on a launch monitor because you posted your smash factor. Do you have any idea on the other numbers with the driver set to 12.5* draw? I'm assuming your spin is high because of your negative angle of attack and the need for high loft on your driver. Their are some good high launch/ low spin shafts out that like the Graphite Design Tour AD-DI but at your swing speed you may need more of a mid spin shaft. The Matrix Red Tie/White Tie and Diamana Blueboard/s+ series are good stable options. Almost every shaft manufacter will have a shaft that will fall into the category you need but the best bet would be looking for a place with a Callaway fitting cart and trying some shafts out.

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I have right around the same swing speed as you. And I had the exact same driver and shaft but in 10.5.


During a fitting for the 917 D3 I tried many shafts and we settled on the Diamama R 50g in stiff.


I was struggly with really high spin numbers in my previous set up and even the forst couple shafts and heads we tried in the 917.


I didn't babe a negative AOA but did have an out to in move that was putting a fair amount of spin on the ball.


Based on you saying you have a NAO and a smash factor that averaged around 140. I'm going to go put on a limb and guess you spin had to be extremely high as well probably pushing 4,000 or over?


What we did to lower my spin was go to a lower spinning head D3 and a stiffer shaft. As a result I picked up 21 more yards with less than 2 mph increase in ball speed. How? My smash went from around 144 to 148 and spin dropped from the 4,000's to 2600.


So I would look at q couple factors not just the shaft. Look at your swing path (which I know you already mentioned) look at the driver head as well as the shaft.


Going to a stiff shaft wasn't fully based on my swing speed as most would put a 89 mph SS in R. But I have a pretty strong transition and by going to a lighter shaft (50g) I've been able to swing jot with good results.


Again everyone is different. So I'll close by giving the standard....get ye-self to a good fitter if at all possible.

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As others have suggested, best to go and get something that "fits" you. One of my friends who used to make driver heads, shafts etc;  and was also a PGA professional had a swing speed of 108 and used an "A" flex because it was what worked best for him. We are all different. Take a look at Accra shafts, very nice and would work well for you.

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In Trackman session (February 2016), I add now the main values that I had not reported, taking into account that the test was done with the driver set to 10.5 ° N:

spin rate between 2400 and 3500 rpm,  attack angle between -0.2 ° / -0.7 °, club path between -0.1 / -0.3 °.

On my own (no other Trackman sessions), since the  attack angle that adversely affecting the flight of the ball and the tendency to hook,  I have set the driver to 12.5 ° D. 

Given that my hcp is high (23) and then I have to improve my swing, my feeling, beyond the Trackman values, it is that the shaft is too heavy (my old driver Cleveland CG Black 265 had a shaft Myiazaki 39 gr. stiff).

I'll have to make a new Trackman session, to test the new values and try other shafts also because I really love my XR-16. 

I'll keep account however of the informations received.

Thank you all.

See you soon.


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If you are looking for lightweight, Mitsubishi makes a Grand Bassara 29 and 39 gram shaft that are supposed to be great for that category, but it's a fairly new, and costly shaft. There's also an affordable Project X PXv 39 Gram shaft that Callaway offers as a free upgrade. Don't be afraid to try several weight categories as it can make a huge difference to how the club feels and where you strike it on the face, as well as affect your swing path. For me a heavier shaft helps me swing more in to out, but for you it may have an opposite reaction and negative reaction.

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I followed the advice of Chersey and, after mounting the Callaway adapter on my old shaft Myiazaki 39 gr. stiff limited edition (removed from Cleveland CG black 265),  I tried it with the head of my driver XR16. I think I've found the solution.

Thank you.


Aurelio Giacomelli

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